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Forest Hill Cemetery
Fairview Twp.
Section 25

AKA Chapel Hill, Forest Chapel

Photo: Tom Myles

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Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. The reading of the cemetery and the cemetery plan were submitted by J. J. Lash

Nall, Charles19051968New 24 
Nall, Mollie C.18691947New 24 
Nall, Susan Klinefelter19021997New 40 
Nall, W. W.18811967New 24 
Newhard, Eunice19001982Old 107 
Newhard, Ida18671959Old 107 
Newhard, Marcus18651950Old 107 
Newhard, Marvin19011984Old 107 
Newman, Ada 1876Old 32Born 18 Nov 1864. Died 28 Oct 1876. Daughter of Carey & Catherine Newman.
Newman, Angelo Carl18801903Old 32Son of Stephen A. Douglas Newman & Samantha Tallman. Jean Kyle
Newman, Carey A. 1893Old 32Born Jul 23, 1832 in Richland Co., OH. Died Feb 04, 1893 in Jones Co., IA. Son of Jacob & Catherine Newman. Husband of Catherine Stover. Jean Kyle
Newman, Catherine 1881Old 32Ne Stover. Born May 20, 1837 in PA. Died May 30, 1881 in Jones Co., IA. Wife of Carey Newman. Jean Kyle
Newman, Emanuel18331906Old 17Born Apr 3, 1830 in Richland Co., OH. Died Mar 30, 1906 in Jones Co., IA. Husband of Elizabeth Spade. Jean Kyle
Newman, Mrs. Emanuel18331904Old 17Elizabeth Spade. Born Mar 11, 1833 in OH. Died Jan 30, 1904 in Jones Co., IA. Jean Kyle
Newman, Jacob 1881Old 17Son of John and Catherine Newman (Nuhman). Born August 11, 1801 in Upper Strasburg, Franklin Co. PA. Died Aug. 19, 1880 in Lisbon, Linn Co. Iowa. The WPA record says 7/14/1800-8/19/1881, but the 1801 date is from his baptismal certificate and as his obituary was published in the Oct 27, 1880 newspaper, he must have died in 1880, not 1881. Jean Kyle.
Newman, Mrs. Jacob  Old 17Catherine Washington Ahl. Born March 20, 1802 in Cumberland Co. PA. Died December 31, 1872. Daughter of John Alexander Ahl and Nancy Ellen Vaughn. Jean Kyle.
Newman, Ruth 1876Old 112
Newman, S. A. D. 1884Old 32 Stephen A. Douglas Newman. Age 23. Son of Carey & Catherine Stover Newman.
Northrup, Velma A.19211996New 25 
Norton, Amanda18541917Old 52 
Norton, Charles18721957Alley 23 
Norton, Dwain19061978Alley 27 
Norton, Lewis C.18471930Old 52 
Norton, Nanna18841950Alley 23Mrs. Charles
Olsen, Elmer18891964Old 95 
Olsen Minnie18861956Old 95 
Parmenter, Infant 1922Old 79 
Pavin Baby  Old 105 
Pavin, Emma E.18891951Old 105 
Pavin, Infant  Alley 7 
Pavin, Julius18891958Old 105 
Pavin, Peter18531904Old 105 
Pavin, Ruth19191952New 6 
Pavin, Willis Wayne19161980Old 98 
Payne, Julie 1973New 28Infant
Payne, Travis J. 1971New 28Infant
Peck Leone K.19151991Old 106 
Perego, John18691951New 7 
Perego, Lana D.18281920Old 87 
Perego, Sina18691935New 7 
Perego, Wm.18271880Old 87 
Petersen, Mrs. Anna&18701935Old 70Lucille
Petersen, Fred18601951Old 70 
Petersen, Infant  Old 70 
Phillips, Mildred Meeks19061991Old 96 
Plummer, Mary  Old 30 
William Paulison 185003/09/1868Old 6Born OH; brother of Mary E (Paulison) Bixler; s/o John & Elizabeth (Van Camp) Paulison.
Potter, Etta19001989Old 51 
Powell, Curtis E.19321997Old 43 
Powell, Hazel19321988Old 43 
Preston Baby 1954New 12 
Preston, David 1944New 12 
Preston, George D.19131981New 12 
Preston, George H.18831969New 12 
Preston, Jessie18861968New 12 
Preston, Susan 1950New 12 
Pugh, Barbara17841872Old 36 
Pugh, Easter  Old 57 
Pugh, Infant  Old 57 
Pugh, Jerome  Old 57 
Pulver, Dwight18981970Old 54 
Pulver, Fred18891970Old 97 
Pulver, Harmon18591914Old 97 
Pulver, Jennie18671956Old 97 
Pulver, Mrs. Josie18961968Old 97 
Pulver, Lois18981972Old 54 
Ransford, Dorothy E. 1989New 33 
Ransford, John E.19541954Alley 19 
Reese, Infant 1912Old 8 
Remington, Caroline C.19162000New 1 
Remington, Dora18891975New 1 
Remington, Howard19131965New 1 
Remington, James18801958New 1 
Remington, Leslie Lee19211933New 1 
Risinger, Teresa M. 1996Old 98Nee Pavin
Robbison, ______  Old 83 
Rudolph, Fred G. (Fritz)19041969New 28 
Rudolph, Velma19071972New 28 
Ruhl, Donald S.19121999New 17 
Ruhl, Emma 1878Old 7 
Ruhl, Gregory Allen19641980New 17 
Ruhl, Infant 1870Old 7 
Ruhl, Lydia 1882Old 7 
Ruhl, Margaret18821964Old 84 
Ruhl, Seth18701958Old 84 
Ruhl, Virginia S.19471956New 17 
Ruhl, W. G.18391930Old 7 
Russell, Alfred L. 2000Old 103 
Russell, Elmer18921974Old 103 
Russell, Idell18921974Old 103 
Russell, Lorenzo D. 1951Old 116 
Russell, Phyllis Ann19341996Old 103 
Russell, Sarah18601928Old 116 
Russell, Walter Verlon19201937Old 103 

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