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Four Horn Cemetery
Wayne Township
Section 24
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Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogical Society, was transcribed by Joanne Wilken who says, "Apparently some lot owners 'reserved' their particular lot in the section (6 lots) they owned, but changed their minds and were buried in another cemetery. I can recognize some. For the others I have noted that the person 'may be the lot owner.'"

1162KairnsNellie Ellen03/17/187309/11/1897d/o John & Agnes (Milne) Kairns
1162MilneElizabeth (Booth)02/18/179810/07/1889w/o Joseph Milne; north of Aberdeenshire, Scotland
1264FrazierJohn 07/23/187659 yrs GAR; born Ireland; lived MO; There was a John T Frazier in the Confederate MO 5th Inf Co. H; suicide by poison
1355MoncriefThomas, Jr18731916 
1355 or 66MoncriefElizabeth 12/03/188419 Yrs 2 Mos 11 Days; d/o T & R Moncrief
1366MoncriefMattie 01/26/18739 mos 23 days; d/o Thomas & Rachel Moncrief
1366MoncriefThomas, Sr 07/08/188764 yrs
1366MoncriefRachel 03/13/187934 yrs; w/o Thomas Moncrief
1366MoncriefSarah 08/07/187395 yrs; w/o Charles Moncrief
  66Moncriefinfant 2/00/1879child of Thomas & Rachel Moncrief
1454AitkenChristiania (Mrs)10/05/182109/19/1888born Auchieranden, Perthshire, Scotland
1454AitkenWilliam 01/03/189270 yrs; north of Muckhark, Perthshire, Scotland
1468BrownJames G04/03/18921/17/1909s/o James Brown
1469BrownJohn F07/25/181010/10/1891 
1469BrownMargaret (Lockie)08/17/181202/28/1889w/o John Brown of Berwickshire, Scotland
1553McNeileyKatie M 03/12/188823 yrs; w/o M J McNeilly
1568BrownMary (McBride) 05/27/188835 yrs 21 days; w/o James Brown
no stone132BrownJanet/Jennet (Colville) 1/30/190964 yrs 2 mos 29 days; born Banockburn, Scotland
no stone132BrownHenry D 07/30/18814 mos 1 day; s/o John Y Brown
no stone132BrownWm L01/15/18792/14/1906s/o John F & Jenette (Colville) Brown
no stone132BrownJohn F, Jr04/25/188111/04/1884infant; s/o John F & Jennet (Colville) Brown
1669McBrideJohn Rollie18815/31/1950bachelor farmer
1771CarsonJimmy Boyd189403/15/18961 yr 5 mos 10 days; s/o Henry & Mary Carson
no stone72CarsonLavina (Eby) 12/3/1904w/o James Carson; Lavina was moved to Scotch Grove Cem. "According to the Monticello Express, December 1, 1904, Page 4, "Center Junction," Mrs. James Carson, who died November 26 1904, was buried at Four Horn cemetery." Steve Hanken
1872CarsonAsy M 02/05/188719 yrs 8 mos 24 days; d/o James & Lavina (Eby) Carson
1872CarsonLewis E 04/18/188711 yrs 11 mos 16 days; s/o James & Lavina (Eby) Carson
1969RobertsonLouis 5/25/1903s/o C(larence) A & M(argaret) [Taylor] M Robertson; Lot owned by Alexander Robertson
1969RobertsonGrace 02/07/1898d/o C(larence) A & M(argaret) [Taylor] M Robertson; Lot owned by Alexander Robertson
2190Ingram/Ingraham(infant) no dated/o John & Isabella Ingram
2190Ingram/IngrahamJohn08/00/182409/21/1898Cvil War; Co H Reg 31 IA Inf
2181Ingram/IngrahamIsabel06/25/18234/3/1904( or died 04/08/1903)
2191RobertsonAdam  child of Alexander Robertson
21120WoodworthLewis H (or Henry Lewis) 08/10/18921 yr 5 mos 15 days; s/o B A & M J Woodworth
21121AchesonCatherine (Heasty) 05/14/187038 yrs; born Muskigum Co, OH; w/o John L Acheson
no stone121Achesoninfant son no dates/o John L & Catherine Acheson
no stone121Achesoninfant dau. no dated/o John L & Catherine Acheson
2289Carrsen/CarrJoseph 04/16/186777 yrs 1 mo 4 days; War of 1812
no stone89CarrInfant Dau  d/o Josiah Carr
2292HimebaughRobert A 09/05/18705 mos; s/o George L & A Mary Himebaugh
22119HeastyMary (Larkey)01/21/180907/20/186960 yrs 5 mos 20 days; w/o Robert Heasty
22119HeastyRobert Mitchellca 07/14/180304/29/188379 yrs 9 mos 15 days
no stone119Heastyinfant   
2388NelsonJames  09/22/187674 yrs 6 mos 22 days; War of 1812; fell from load of hay
2487Ralston(infant) 11/17/1865s/o Rev. W D & C M Ralston
2494HumphreyMary L 08/28/186816 mos; d/o John K & Caroline S (Heasty) Humphrey; Caroline is the dau of Robert Mitchell & Mary (Larkey) Heasty
no stone93HumphreyMary Elizabeth 03/23/186611/09/1868d/o John E & Mary M Humphrey
24117RossAnn (Heasty)05/04/18302/9/1907same stone as Absolem C Ross; d/o Robert Mitchell & Mary (Larkey) Heasty
24117RossAbsolem Commodore Perry 01/24/187950 yrs 8 mos 20 days Civil War Co C 2nd IA Inf; same stone as Ann Ross
24124BrushGeorge E 09/25/18685 mos 16 days; s/o Babtist & Mary Ann Brush
24124BrushJoseph  11/05/185872 yrs; same stone as Jane Brush
24124BrushJane (Hoy) 01/20/188181 yrs; same stone as Joseph Brush; b Westmoreland Co., PA
no stone124BrushElmer Vincent  09/04/18742 mos 27 days; s/o Babtist & Mary Ann Brush
no stone126BrushWm H  probably lot owner; See Wyoming Cem.
25125AlbertsonMinnie 10/21/18683 yrs 3 mos 14 days; d/o William V & Rebecca (Brush) Albertson
2685MilneElizabeth Ann10/16/186302/151883d/o James & Hellen (Hunter) Milne
2685Milnelittle James   
2685MilneHellen (Hunter) 12/25/186842 yrs 4 mos 6 days; born Linlistgow, Scotland; w/o James Milne
2685MilneJames183010/13/1904died Monmouth, IL
2685MilneElizabeth (Barr)12/02/18376/2/1911w/o James Milne
263 or 96Bearinger/ BerringerMary M 04/21/18632 yrs 4 mos 10 days; d/o Henry & Charlotte (Schroeder) Bearinger (Church records say Lot 3 but there is no Lot 3
no stone96Bearinger/ BerringerHenry H 10/21/188325 yrs; s/o Henry & Charlotte (Schroeder) Bearinger. Murdered.
2696DennisJohn(10/10/1818)11/08/1867wife: Nancy Dodd children: Lewis, John, Mary E, Absolom, Penelope, Rebecca, Alfonso, & Alonzo; s/o Samuel and Elizabeth (Monroe) Dennis; (Alphonso Dennis marrried Sarah L Barringer/Bearinger in 1880) (Nellie Dennis married Joseph Knox in 1870)
no stone96DennisInfant  08/30/1881infant of A Dennis
no stone96DennisRebecca J06/03/185303/16/1879d/o John & Nancy (Dodd) Dennis
26115HitchcockAlice Blanche 05/28/18794 yrs 3 mos 25 days; d/o Leonard & Arvilla Hitchcock
26115HitchcockAlbert Clyde 04/02/18794 yrs 1 mo 29 days; s/o Leonard & Arvilla Hitchcock
26115Hitchcocklittle (Leonard) Clair02/03/188009/13/1880son of Leonard & Arvilla Hitchcock
26115HitchcockLaura M07/27/187205/19/1891(Louisa on 1880 census) d/o Leonard & Arvilla Hitchcock
27114GrimmGladys Lena04/15/18984/8/1900d/o Edgar & Emma Grimm
27114WhiteThomas 03/20/18338/21/1905husband of Catherine Reed; born Munnehan, Ireland
27114WhiteCatharine (Reed)03/15/18274/18/1901 
27113WhiteThomas D02/23/185512/26/1881same stone as Thomas and Catharine (Reed) White
27127McDonaldWilliam 03/15/187741 yrs 10 mos 24 days; Co H 14th IA Infantry
2883McBrideAnnot J 02/11/186320 mos 11 days; d/o John & Mary J McBride (age difficult to read)
2898HeastyWilliam Elmer 08/26/18845 yrs 10 mos 1 day; s/o Alexander M & Margaret C Heasty
2898HeastyJohnnie C 12/28/187228 days; s/o Alexander M & Margaret C Heasty
2898HeastyJames M 06/16/1870 1 yrs 1 mos 17 days; s/o Alexander M & Margaret C Heasty
28128McDonaldMargaret Helen 07/27/18715 weeks 1 day; d/o Andrew & Margaret McDonald
2982PlatnerJohn 01/06/188148 yrs 6 mos; "steward" at Jones Co. Poor House
no stone81Platnerinfant 11/07/1871d/o Tice I Platner
no stone82PlatnerMartha (Kimball) 5/23/1903w/o John Platner
2982KimballSylvenus/Sylvester 04/03/187776 yrs 23 days; ( recently from state of NY)
2999SmithWilliam Guy18771943grandson of Wm & Catharine (Bray) Smith
no stone99SmithJessie W 06/30/187928 yrs; d/o Will Smith; grandaughter of Wm Guy Smith
29 SmithWilliam09/15/182204/25/1898born Bendocky, Perth, Scotland; wife: Catharine Bray
no stone Smith(Catherine) Bray 1900Notation in cemetery records only; does not even give her first name
no stone Smith(Elizabeth)  Notation in cemetery records only; no date; granddaughter of Wm Smith
no stone128SmithJames M 09/12/187924 yrs 6 mos 4 days
no stone113SmithRobert 02/28/187347 yrs; born Perthshire, Scotland
no stone113SmithEllen 02/14/186916 yrs; d/o Robert & M A Smith
29112MiellHelen "Ella" (Robertson)03/24/186103/20/188621 yrs 11 mos 27 days; w/o R H Miell
29112RobertsonMary Ann186910/28/18778 yrs 5 mos 4 days
29112RobertsonElizabeth (Smith)183312/12/1908Mother; w/o James Robertson; d/o James & Helen (Munro) Smith
no stone112RobertsonJames  The cemetery records show that there are two James Robertsons here (?)
29129Livingston(infant) 07/30/1875d/o Robert & Celia A (Cline) Livingston
29129LivingstonCelia A (Cline) 04/27/189039 yrs 3 mos 27 days; w/o Robert Livingston
29129LivingstonRobert11/20/184611/19/1913same stone as Celia A (Cline) Livingston
no stone129LivingstonRobert C 03/23/18965 yrs 11 mos 24 days; s/o Robert & Celia A (Cline) Livingston
21081RankinMatthew H 08/25/186348 yrs; Civil War Co H 31st Reg IA Inf.; Buried near Scotch Grove but grave could not be located; so tombstone erected here
210100SeeWilliam Arnold09/20/187209/26/18726 days; s/o William E & E L See
210100SeeElla 05/04/18725 yrs 6 mos 24 days; d/o William E & E L See
210111WilliamsonSamuel 01/10/188420 yrs 1 mo 29 days; s/o Robert & Mary Williamson; killed by tree falling on him
210111WilliamsonAlice A 07/08/18826 yrs 5 mos 8 days; d/o Robert & Mary Williamson
210111WilliamsonThomas C 11/08/18701 mo 28 days; s/o Robert & Mary Williamson
210111WilliamsonMary J 09/27/18631 yr 6 mos 1 day; buried at Cascade, Dubuque Co., IA; d/o Robert & Martha Williamson
210130HallJosephine M (Livingston)12/24/185208/28/188123 yrs 8 mos 4 days; w/o F D Hall; d/o John F Livingston; native of Crieff, Scotland
210130LivingstonMargaret F 08/18/189376 yrs 9 mos 7 days; w/o J F Livingston
210130LivingstonJohn F 12/28/187457 yrs 10 mos; native of Perth, Scotland
211110CourtneyMary E (Gardner)09/15/184403/05/188136 yrs 5 mos 20 days; w/o Jacob Courtney
211102HughesElizabeth (Mrs)1804 67 yrs 8 mos 28 days; w/o J Hughes
  102HughesInfant no dated/o Jonathon/John & Selina " Lena" (James)Hughes
211109GantJoseph Z 08/11/187011 yrs 10 days; s/o Joseph & Caroline Gant; struck by lightening
212133OverlyMarta E 08/16/18834 mos 18 days; d/.o C(harles C) & J(ohanna) Overly
21377ApplegateFreddie C 03/28/1876s/o Charles R & E Applegate
213104CushmanMary 09/01/187372 yrs 1 mo 20 days; w/o M Cusman
213108SanfordWilliam Payne01/09/18309/7/1900same stone as Elisabeth (Espy) Sanford; s/o Wm & Lydia (Ham) Sanford
213108SanfordElizabeth J (Espy)05/15/182901/21/1889same stone as William P Sanford; married 02/27/1855
213108SanfordMeade  maybe lot owner; see Oakwood Cem., Monticello
no stone108Sanfordinfant 02/25/1892d/o Meade Sanford
no stone103SanfordAlbert Clyde 12/27/1908moved to Monticello Cem.
no stone83McBrideMary Jane 08/06/188363 yrs 4 mos 27 days
no stone83McBrideJohn I 12/30/189175 yrs
no stone83McBrideMary 05/27/188835 yrs
no stone79AllenWilliam08/07/185410/25/1873recently from England
no stone79AllenEsther 08/23/185901/18/1877sister of William Allen
no stone80Eubanks/EubankMary 08/17/187480 yrs; w/o John Eubanks
no stone73HalladayJames(1866 in PA)9/1/1907s/o Joseph & Mary M Halladay
no stone80KnoxJoseph (sometimes called John)184206/30/1889born NY; married Nellie Dennis in 1870
no stone80Knoxinfant09/10/187710/02/1877d/o Joseph & Nellie S/P (Dennis) Knox
no stone77McLaud/ McLandF John N 02/13/187627 yrs; married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Allen in 1874 (she remarried to Calvin R Schofield)
no stone56PayneJennie May05/22/187904/15/1881d/o George S & Christina E (Kenison) Payne (parents died Blackhawk Co., IA)
no stone122MoncriefMiriam08/02/188705/01/1891moved on 09/09/1925
no stone69McDonaldFindley 11/29/1917See Oakwood Cem., Monticello, IA
no stone69McDonaldJohn 10/17/1908See Oakwood Cem., Monticello, IA
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