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Grafft Cemetery
Jackson Township Section 28

AKA Spears, Newport.
Grafft has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery and was restored by the Olin FAA in 2001.

Photo: Jim Christianson

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Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. Carol Wilson and her mother have contributed this reading of the headstones at the Grafft/Spear/Newport cemetery. Additional information by Elizabeth & Lillian Byerly gathered on a walk through the cemetery 23 October 1966, is in this color.

BatesElizabeth J.June 17, 185927 yrs 8 mos 3 dayswife of Ira Bates, M.D.
ByerlyCatherine E.Feb. 20, 1858 Dau of John and Felicia Byerly. Partly buried stone, can't read.
ByerlyDavid F.Jan. 17, 185110 mos 1 dayson of Michael & Elizabeth Jeffries Byerly, b. Mar. 13, 1850 (Died of scarlet fever. RDH)
ByerlyFrancisDec. 17, 186271 yrs 9 mos 9 days"Weep not for me, my friends, Nor shed your tears in vain, My face you never shall see, Till called to rise again." Recorded by Bertha (Mrs. Tom) Stimpson of Anamosa.
ByerlyFrederick186717 yrs ? mos 3 daysSon of Francis & Catherine Byerly, d. March 28, 1847, age 17 yrs, 3 mos, 17 days. Nearby is a broken stone with "?arin?". Frederick's mother, Catherine, who died 26 Sep 1875, is said to be buried in this cemetery, although there is no evidence.
HayElva E.Sept. 17, 18623 mosdaughter of R. & R. Hay
ByerlyMatilda J.Jan. 13, 18512 yr 6 mosDau of Michael and Elizabeth Jeffries Byerly, b. July 12, 1848 (Died of scarlet fever. RDH)
ByerlyMinnieApr. 8, 1871 Dau of Jacob and Phoebe Byerly. Partly buried stone--can't read
HayHarmonno dates son of R. & R. Hay
HottellElizabethJan. 12, 186371 yr 4 mos 16 dayswife of A. Hottell
HottellJacob H.April 14, 1850b. April 27, 1828 
JeffriesAdalineDec. 19, 186255 yr 7 mos 18 dayswife of Wm. Jeffries
JeffriesBryantApril 19,185581 yrs 4 mos 
OverackerAdam G.Nov. 22, 185810 yrs (?)son of A.A. & P. Overacker
OverackerMinerva E.Apr. 7, 186219 yrs 5 mos 7daysdaughter of A.A. & P. Overacker
SpearJohn S.Dec. 17, 185421 yrs 3 mos 19 days 
SpearLovie G.Jan. 8, 18807 mos 15 daysdaughter of J.F. & A.J. Spear
SpearRobinsonDec. 24, 186221 yrs 8 mos 16 days 
SpearSamanthaSept. 22, 186516 yrs 8 mos 8 daysdaughter of S. & J. Spear
SpearSamuelNov. 30, 187570 yrs 4 mos 26 days 
TallmanDavid H.Dec. 19, 18572 yr 4 mos 17 daysson of D.H. & M.T. Tallman
TallmanJohn E.Dec. 12, 18576 yr 3 mos 2 daysson of D.H. & M.T. Tallman
TiceCorneliusMay 21, 18686 yrs 6 mosson of J. & H. Tice
TiceSamuel S.Sept. 18, 18646 mos 13 daysson of J. & H. Tice
This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed by Jim Christianson and proofread by Joanne Wilken.

Iona JaneStevenson 4-5-186319y 5m 12dd/o James L & Rachel Stevenson-1856 census says June J. Stevenson
BryantJefferies 4-19-185581y 4m 
Adaline EJefferies 12-19-186255y 7m 10dw/o Wm Jefferies
John ETallman 12-12-18576y 3m 2ds/o David H & S Matilda Tallman
David Tallman 12-19-18572y 4m 17ds/o David H & S Matilda Tallman
David TByerly 1-17-1851 s/o Michael & Elizabeth Byerly
Matilda JByerly 1-13-18512y 6m 1dd/o Michael & Elizabeth Byerly
FrancisByerly 12-17-186271y 9m 9d 
Catherine Byerly 12-26-187530y 
FrederickByerly 3-28-184717y 3m 17d s/o Francis & Catherine Byerly
Catherine EByerly 2-20-18588wd/o John & Felicia (Alspach) Byerly
Minnie Byerly 4-8-18711dd/o Jacob & Phebe Byerly
Elva E Hay 9-17-18623md/o Rueben & Rachel Hay
HarmonHay 12-18-1848 s/o Rueben & Rachel Hay
Jacob HHottell4-27-18284-14-1850  
ElizabethHottell 1-12-186371y 4m 16d w/o A Hottell
RobinsonSpear 12-24-186221y 8m 16ds/o Samuel & Jane Spear
John SSpear 12-17-185421y 3m 19ds/o Samuel & Jane Spear-should be 11 yrs
SamuelSpear 11-30-187570y 4m 26d 
Elizabeth J (Spear) Bates 6-17-185927y 8m 3dw/o Ira Bates MD
Jane (Bryan) Spear18121888 w/o Samuel Spear
Lovie C Spear 1-8-18801y 7m 15dd/o A J & J F Spear
InfantSpear 3-25-18537dd/o Samuel & Jane Spear
Samuel S Tice 9-18-18646m 13ds/o John & Hannah Tice
Samantha (Spear) Tice 9-22-186516y 8m 8dd/o Samuel & Jane Spear
Cornelius O Tice 5-24-18686y 6ms/o John & Hannah Tice
Adam C Overacker 11-22-185723ds/o Adam A & Phebe (Kramer) Overacker
Minerva EOveracker 4-7-186219y 5m 7dd/o Adam A & Phebe (Kramer) Overacker

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