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Hazel Green Cemetery
Jackson Township Section 14

AKA Isabell, Ellis. Hazel Green has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery.

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Photo: Jim Christianson

Photo: Jim Christianson

Photo: Tom Myles

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed and proofread by Joanne Wilken.

Clarissa Curtis 10-15-1866 w/o Wm Curtis
Arthurene Hinds 5-11-18693y 3m 7dd/o Joseph & Mary Hinds
JosepheneHinds 6-12-18732m 26dd/o Joseph & Mary Hinds-bible says 1878 death
FrankeyHinds 9-5-18651y 7m 7ds/o Joseph & Mary Hinds
AurtherHinds 4-2-18653y 7m 23ds/o Joseph & Mary Hinds
Charles Colby  8-29-1863 24y  
FarnumEllis 11-4-18631y 2m 26d s/o Jason & Mercy Ann (Colby) Ellis
ElishaEllis 9-13-18613y 3m 12ds/o Jason & Mercy Ann (Colby) Ellis
Charlotte (Arnold)Ellis8-11-18023-22-1860 w/o Benjamin Ellis
BenjaminEllis10-25-17947-17-1878 War of 1812
Ezra MDenison11-2-18269-12-1886  
Julia ADenison 2-11-188182y 5m 23dw/o Albert Denison
AlbertDenison 10-17-187678y 11m 13d 
SamuelKnapp 9-28-187861y 8m 1dWife's parents are Albert & Julia Ann (Miller) Denison.
Ella Witham 9-19-187510y 8m d/o Martin V & Elizabeth Witham
SophroniaAnnis08/07/18058-29-1888 born in Springfield Mass
CodieBrady 12-8-18771y 6m 14d 
LumanAnnis7-22-18054-10-1888 born in Nelson, Madison Co NY
Florence IBelknap 9-18-1864 infant d/o Cable & Elizabeth Belknap
Ruth P Bissell 10-15-186731y 8m 8dw/o L C Bissell
Jean MaxineTrumpower7-19-192410/17/1998  PH3 US Navy WWII Photo: Jim Christianson

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