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Photo: Tom Myles

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11Francis JRudisel 04/28/187856y 
12Asel SMershon 12/22/186552y 9m 16d 
13DellaIngram 08/12/1860 dau of C M & S A Ingram
14JoellaIngram 10/06/1859 infant dau of C M & S A Ingram
15JosephIngram 05/04/186352 y 
16ElendarIngram 12/02/186353 y w/o Joseph Ingram Photo: Steve Hanken
17Susan GIngram 2/05/185522y 9m 8dw/o John Ingram
18Charles EIngram 07/25/18555m 27dson of L & S Ingram
19Mary GIngram 12/10/186923y 8m 17dw/o R H Ingram
110Joseph WTaylor06/13/182907/06/1896 son of Tarpley D & Lydia (Secrist) Taylor
111Amanda E (Ingram)Taylor 02/14/187437y 9m 24dw/o Joseph Taylor
112Lydia E Taylor 06/28/18637y 3m 26ddau of Joseph W & Amanda (Ingram) Taylor
21John AMershon 01/11/18598y 1m 23dson of T O & S J Mershon
22Mary AMershon 01/17/1868?10y 10m 2ddau of T O & S J Merson
23CapitolaMershon 05/01/18592m 17d 
24Noble StockwellMershon 10/05/187256ywife: Mary A Bancroft
25John WMershon 12/16/187564y 4m 2d 
26ThiessaMershon 05/26/18624ys 8ddau of J & H Mershon
27Elias MMershon 08/06/18601y 3m 3d 
28LouannBrown 03/12/186060y 4m 21dw/o James Brown. Belva Vestal, "Louann also went by Susan and is listed with her husband James Brown in the 1860 Jones Co. IA census listed as taken June 8, 1860 on page 589, Fairview Township, city of Anamosa, dwelling 244, family number 250. The death date I have is Sept. 3 1866 in Jones Co."
29Lucinda JBrown 08/01/186523y 11m 2ddau of James & Louann Brown
31Harriett L (Sherman)Taylor09/28/183301/07/186127y 3m 3dw/ of John Clark Taylor–dau of Joshua & Mary Ann (Hickox) Sherman
32Pleasant MTaylor 09/25/18533y 11m 9mson of John Clark & Harriet L (Sherman) Taylor
33Lydia (Secrist)Taylor 04/18/187162y 8m 4dw/o Tarpley Taylor–dau of Joseph & Sarah A (Mershon) Secrest
34AmeliaRichtstine 12/12/185437y w/o Jacob Richtstine. Name is often spelled "Richstine." Photo: Steve Hanken
35William Richstine 07/23/18555y 22dson of Jacob & Amelia Richstine
36JacobRichstine 07/27/186511 mos 21 daysson of Jacob & Amelia Richtstine
37 Richstine 11/18/1859 infant dau. of Jacob & Amelia Richstine
38JamesShearman06/18/183505/19/1884 son of Joshua & Mary (Meeker Hickox) Sherman
39Eliza C (Taylor) ShermanBowen04/27/18421/25/1913 dau of Tarpley D and Lydia (Secrist) Taylor
310Ida MeekerShearman/Sherman 09/19/18641y 9m 23ddau of James & "Ella" C (Taylor) Shearman
311 Shearman/Sherman 09/10/1863 infant dau of James & "Ella" C (Taylor) Shearman
312Mary AShearman/Sherman 12/06/18666m 2ddau of James &" Ella" C (Taylor) Shearman
313James OvidShearman/Sherman 12/29/18723m 6dson of James & "Ella" C (Taylor) Shearman
314Hiram LSteward 12/01/187542y 10m 11d 
315Joshua ESteward 02/08/18664y 5m 18dson of H L & A Steward
316EllaSteward 07/01/18662y 2mdau of H L & Ann Steward
41SamanthaLittlefield  16y 6(?)m Thomas—; Samantha—, dau of Thomas & Maria Littlefield; died in OH Photo: Steve Hanken
42ThomasLittlefield 11/13/186168y 6m 28d
43AlbertLittlefield 06/03/185913y 1mo 27dson of Thomas & Maria Littlefield
44ClarkLittlefield 03/20/186321 yrs 
45Wm HNorton 04/25/185041y 7m 24d 
46Lucinda (Ireland) Claflin02/22/18388/27/1902 w/o 1)Andrew Stingley 2) Alexander Long 3)David Robinson & 4) Collins M Claflin - dau of William & Catherine (Lee) Ireland
46ZachariahNorton06/15/18413/25/1911 wife: Alma (Robinson) Henry Norton Van Voltinburgh
47James WLong 12/30/18594yson of Alexander & Lucinda (Ireland) Long
48CorneliusMershon 12/21/186379y 
48BuelWood 12/04/186864y 7m 19d 
49SabrinaWood 03/14/186516y 1m 10ddau of Buel & Keziah (Eperson) Wood
49NathanWood 11/13/187529y 1mson of Buel & Keziah (Eperson) Wood
410Nina LouSecrist? 10/15/18621y 10d 
411R MSecrist 03/11/186152y 2s ?d 
413Kezah (Eperson)Wood04/22/181502/03/1899 born TN married Iowa Co., IA–w/o Buell Wood
414Lucy EllaWood    infant dau of J & ? Wood Photo: Steve Hanken
415CodieLeonard 10/25/18702m 5dson of M & M C Leonard
51James DNorton 07/00/188979y 3m 5d 
52Sarah (Rooney)Norton 02/24/189175y 1m 3dw/o James D Norton
53FlorenceNorton 06/20/185910y 2mdau of James D & Sarah (Rooney) Norton
54ElziraNorton 01/03/186411y 8m 28ddau of James D & Sarah (Rooney) Norton - twin of Elihu Norton
55 Norton   infant dau of S M & M Norton
57 Mershon   infant dau of L & ? Mershon
59WilliamWarrington 12/31/1856  
510Leticia (Mershon)Warrington 05/09/186355y 11m 
511Eleanor JSouthwick 6/1/186431ys 2m 9d 
512BellRomine? 07/06/18609mWm D & Kesiah (Randall) Romine married 11/25/1855-1860 in Benton Co., IA
513Alfred TRomine? 05/21/1860?y 6m 12dWm D & Kesiah (Randall) Romine married 11/25/1855?
514LydiaRomine?   Wm D & Kesiah (Randall) Romine married 11/25/1855?
516Charles EAiler 03/30/18701y 2m 16dson of John L & Matilda (Randall) Ailer
517Rose EAiler    
518Willie EAiler 02/17/187614y 4mson of John L & Matilda (Randall) Ailer
61ThersseHelmick 12/28/187659ys 8m 28dw/o Adam Helmick–mother of Emmaline Barbara Fleming
62AdamHelmick 07/02/18645m 6dson of Adam & Thersse Helmick
64Atkinson TMcConaughy183012/15/1895 s/o of John & Jane (Duncan) McConaughy
65Catherine (Warrington)McConaughy06/12/183803/16/1878  
66 Minter    
67Ora OArnold 04/17/186513ddau of J W & N A Arnold
68 Arnold    
73 Foreman? 06/00/1855 child of J & ? (Foreman?)
74 Foreman? 03/01/????3m 9dinfant son of J & ? (Foreman?)
75 Foreman? 03/00/???? son of J & ? (Foreman?)
76JacobForeman09/02/18143/23/1900 b Mercer Co., KY wife: Jane Rooney
77E JForeman 03/01/1872  
79Jane?Foreman?  02/13/18??17 d 
710Sarah M (Warrington)Simpson18431928 w/o of John Simpson - dau of Wm & Leticia (Mershon) Warrington -died Harlan, Shelby Co., IA
711John CSimpson   Co G 31st IA Inf
712Luella FSimpson10/24/188603/08/1887  
713Aletha HSimpson11/17/187004/10/1871  
714Esther MSimpson07/05/188408/16/1884  
715R SYount   7y 5m 15d 
716(initials F and S on plot map)Yates   Plot map says Mrs. Yates buried here (maybe Libbie A Freeman)
717V GYates 09/14/1872  V. G—., 18y 8m; R. S—., 11ys 7m 9d; sons of Philip C & Libbie A (Freeman) Yates Photo: Steve Hanken
718R SYates 09/14/1872 
719RobertMiller 10/25/186666y 9mWife: Ann
720Wm JMiller 12/03/188524y 11m 24dson of R & D Miller
720William JMiller 12/03/186511y 7m 9dson of Robert & Ann Miller
723Jane (Secrist)McGowan18471917 wife of Calvin McGowan
724Josephine "Josie" (McGowan)Joslin18831942 w/o Lewis Joslin
725Ila LSterner19051944 w/o of Lewis Sterner
726Minie MHays 08/12/1875  Minie age 14 yrs; Maudie age 1 yr 2 mos; daus of H & S A Hays Photo: Steve Hanken
727Maudie BHays 12/12/1874 
81JulenaTaylor?184912/16/18512y 10m 23d 
83GeorgeHotz18201865  Veteran
85Effie A (Hotz)Lindly/Lindley18461933 (Plot map says Mrs. F Lindly) Married W H Hollingsworth in 1873. Married George O Lindly/Lindley in 1883. Mother of George E Munsinger, born 1870.
86Samuel MMiller 03/01/186635y 10m 11d 
87Martha JMiller 10/21/186641y 
88Emma EMiller 10/23/18666ys 1m 15d 
89Hattie EMiller 10/18/18662y 8m 
810 Miller   infant
811PeterKane18431895 Co F 19 Reg IA Vol.
812Lydia H (Wood)Kane 02/04/188631y 20dw/o Peter Kane
813AbrahamKane  1y 
814 Kane? 00/15/1850 infant dau.
815Benjamin FranklinIreland18341909 son of James Wood and Deborah (Birch) Ireland
816Catharine (Lyon)Ireland18421921 w/o of Benj F Ireland (no stone for Catherine)
91CommodoreSunday 01/13/187828y wife: Mary Catherine Miller (remarried to Edward E Sawyer) Photo: Steve Hanken
92Barbara SSunday 07/19/18395y 7m 15ddau of Andrew & Saloma (born 1820) Sunday–this child could not have been born in 1834 and buried in this cemetery. The death date must be 1859.
93Elizabeth (Foreman)Sunday 04/08/186622yw/o of John Tyler Sunday
94George SBates 09/02/18651y 5m 9d 
95Emily F (Spear)Bates18371865 w/o of Ira Bates, M.D.
96IraBates01/30/182201/10/1896 wives: Emily F Spear, Elizabeth Spear (died 1865) and Mary Ganser (buried Center Cem)
97GydaBates18251924 This birthdate must be 1875–dau of Ira Bates and Mary Ganser
98Barbara AnnaWest 03/07/187514y 6m 2ddau of Jonathan and M A West
9 CatherineAtkinson18381875  
9 JAtkinson18301895  
101John BPorter08/20/182303/08/1892  
102Julia APorter 06/09/187443yw/o John Porter
103John JacksonPorter 07/29/18795y 6m 7dson of John and Julia Porter
104George FairchildPorter 08/15/18796y 6dson of John and Julia Porter
105JosieMuck 12/19/18664m 8ddau of Alex H & E Muck
106HenryMuck 09/24/186972y 9m 23dwife: Maria Harrison
107Elmer FloydBiggart11/02/188501/20/18872y 2m 18d 
108 Pierce   infant
109Pauline?Pierce 1924  
1010Sibby (Sylbia) JaneEvertson4/22/1853pre 1873  
1011 Evertson 09/16/1865 infant son
1012Tarpley LEvertson09/24/185803/23/187011y 5m 29dson of Lewis & Mary Ann (Taylor) Evertson
1013LewisEvertson 11/07/187351y 8mCivil War
1014Mary A (Taylor)Evertson05/02/182806/23/189062yw/o of Lewis Evertson–dau of John Clark &Rachel (Cole) Taylor
1015Rebecca JEvertson 12/31/187229y 9m 20dw/o John James Evertson
1016John JamesEvertson 12/30/187326y 9m 19d 
1017George E WScott18311911  
1018Eliza Scott   w/o George E W Scott
111John BMurfield18651920  
112Minnie M (Mohn)Murfield18661907  
113Jerald SMurfield18961904 son of John B & Minnie (Mohn) Murfield
114 Murfield 1907 infant dau of J B & M L Murfield
115Joseph ECook 07/10/187058y 5m 
116J CCook    
117Elizabeth (Niles)Cook 02/27/188973yw/o of Joseph E Cook
118E CCook    
119J LCook    
1110JosephCook18621946 son of Joseph E & Elizabeth (Niles) Cook
1111Nancy Ella (Reed)Cook18671946 w/o of Joseph Cook - dau of David & Mary (Schriven) Reed
1112James Dale KentTaylor 05/29/187053y 2m 9d 
1113Lodie RTaylor 11/22/18704y 3m 8ddau of James Dent Kent & Sarah A (Mershon) Taylor
1114Mary Elizabeth (Taylor)Strode 12/03/187022y 5mw/o Newton J Strode - dau of James Dale Kent & Minerva (Lindley) Taylor
1115Ambrose DTaylor 11/11/186815y 1m 21d 
1116 Taylor? 03/30/18694y 4mon stone with Ambrose D Taylor
1117MarthaLindly 03/12/187976y 8m 10d 
1119Elizabeth (Bancroft)Murfield01/02/182704/29/1887 w/o of Joshua
1120 Murfield 1898 Infant son of J B & M L Murfield
1121Charles WMurfield18511919  
1122Possay (Newman)Murfield18531923  
121Isabel (Ireland)Rooney 03/23/189576y 1m 7dw/o Michael Rooney - dau of William & Catherine (Lee) Ireland
122MichaelRooney 07/10/188465y 10m 23dson of James & Rhoda (Smith) Rooney
123Gerome BRooney 12/27/186113y 8m 1d son of Michael & Isabel (Ireland) Rooney Photo: Steve Hanken
124 Rooney   Infant dau of Michael & Isabel (Ireland) Rooney
125Rhoda (Smith)Rooney 04/09/186676yw/o James Rooney - dau of Alexander Smith
126Mary (Rooney)Fall 04/00/184827ywife of George Fall
127Charles ETorrance 02/21/187810m 17dson of Adam G & Almira (Rooney) Torrance
129Jane (Rooney)Foreman1817   
1211 Foreman 08/05/18591y 4m 13dson of Jacob & Jane (Rooney) Foreman
1212MerrittMershon 10/03/186010m 15dson of M G & M E Mershon. **This may be Henry C & Mary Elizabeth (Biggart) Mershon. This child would be a twin of Hubert.
1213Hattie (Murfield)Miller18621924 w/o Oliver P Miller
1213Adam?Mershon   **This may be son of Henry C & Mary Elizabeth (Biggart) Mershon.
1215Ray Miller18881899  
1218Oliver P Miller18591951  
1219Milla MMurfield18761877 dau of Charles W & Passay (Newman) Murfield
1220Lulu EMurfield18781883 dau of Charles W & Passay (Newman) Murfield
1221Tracy DMurfield18821883 dau of Charles W & Passay (Newman) Murfield
1222ElvaMurfield18911891 dau of Charles W & Passay (Newman) Murfield
1223Ada GraceMurfield18731893  
1224AvanelMurfield18951895 dau of Charles W & Passay (Newman) Murfield
131RichardBancroft08/11/179708/22/188083y 11dborn Walrifield, Eng–perhaps the parent of Mary (Bancroft) Mershon & Elizabeth (Bancroft) Murfield
132Mary (Graham)Bancroft12/30/180207/12/188178y 6m 12dw/o Richard -born Seneca Derry, NY–perhaps the parent of Mary (Bancroft) Mershon
133R CLindley   (Possibly Rily Lindley–child of Amza and Nancy (Bickerstaff) Lindley
134M CLindley(1823)(1855) Possibly Mary (Garrison) Lindley–1st w/o Amza Lindley
135Rhoda (Foreman)Harrison18351909 Daughter of Jacob and Jane (Rooney) Foreman. b. 22 Sep 1835, Indiana, d. 11 June 1909.
136WilliamHarrison18341906 Son of Abraham and Mary Barnhart Harrison. b 18 Nov 1834, Ohio, d. 1 Dec 1906.
137RosaHarrison 09/06/18672y 2m 14ddau of Wm & Rhoda (Foreman) Harrison
138ReubenHarrison 03/19/187111m 16dson of Wm & Rhoda (Foreman) Harrison
139Thomas JElliott 01/17/186920y 8m 19d; son of D M & M (?) Elliott Photo: Steve Hanken
1310Clara PSeale 10/11/1869 dau of V & R Searle
1311SusanElliott 07/21/18706m 13ddau of E H & S C Elliott
141SidneyBills 03/16/188661y 
143 Bills   (possibly an infant)
144Benjamin CBrownell10/23/18313/25/1908 b Chautauquea Co., NY
145Ammie HenryNewman18611935  
146Jennie (Bates)Newman18631927 w/o A H Newman - dau of Ira Bates
147Arrabell G (Gregory)Murfield18561935  
148Claudius JamesMurfield18571941  
149Mary "Lib" (Murfield)Holden18601937 w/o Benjamin Percy Holden who died St Louis, MO
1410D FMurfield18491928  
1411Reeves WHarrison18624/19/193168yson of William and Rhoda (Foreman) Harrison (RH)
1413John ClintonMcConaughy02/01/187510/26/1939 son of Ard Duncan & Minerva (Ernsbarger) McConaughy
1414Cleo (Murfield)McConaughy03/02/18844/13/1945 dau of Charles W & Passey (Newman) Murfield
151Richard LynnMurfield 6/16/1930  
152Ellis AlfredMcConaughy18621949 son of Atkinson T & Catherine (Warrington) McConaughy
153Dora A (Decious)McConaughy18681953 wife of Ellis Alfred McConaughy - dau of Amos & Rosanna (Gilkinson) Decious
161EdwardBates18791954 son of Ira and Mary (Ganser) Bales
163AmyHolcomb18801948 married 1899 - parents of Chester & Byron
164JoyHolcomb18761950 married 1899 - parents of Chester & Byron
165Walter JBishop18771948  
166Mabelle EBishop18891945  
The following individuals are buried in Highland Grove per plot map, but no stones can be found:
  Martha ARudisill18451857-1860  
  C Henderson Rudisill18521860-1870  
  JohnRudisill1817after 1885 husband of Francis J Rudisill
The following individuals are buried in Highland Grove per the WPA Gravestone Record, but no stones can be found:
  JosephSherman06/18/183111/19/1887 Wife: Clarice E Reed buried Madison Village Cem
  Lucy EEngren 10/10/1867  
  DanielKane 04/13/1880  

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