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Photo: Jim Christianson

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Inscription on the gate of Holy Cross: In Memory of Our Families the Conmeys and McNameras. Donated by Larry J. and Kathleen M. Conmey. 1986. Photo: Jim Christianson

Inscription on the cross: In Memory of the S. T. McLaughlin Family. Donated by Rota A. McLaughlin. 1989. Photo: Jim Christianson


Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society. It includes only burials before 1980. Contact JCGS for information on more recent burials. If you have more recent informtion that you would like to see added to the list, contact Richard Harrison

ADLloyd EHayden12/9/19233/15/1944WWII
ADLloyd EdwardHayden04/07/189610/25/1942WWI
ADMargaret (McGovern)Hayden18991938 
ADRose BMarek18641942w/o Martin Marek
ADJoan EdnaMcGreevy19321933 
ADLula EMcGreevy18881940ss as Thomas McGreevy
ADThomas VMcGreevy18741956 
ADDwayne JStickley19171964 
AEMaury RussellBetzer8/2/19602/15/1963s/o Deane W & Irene L Betzer
AERaymond AllenDoran05/04/18866/30/1937 
AEAnastasiaKambersky18771960w/o August J Kambersky
AEAugust JamesKambersky187408/07193459 yrs
AECaroline HKambersky18831959w/o Frank Kambersky
AEFrank JKambersky18731954 
AEEvelynRushford12/16/18968/31/196366 yrs-ss as William J Rushford
AEWilliam JRushford10/18/18967/1/195457 yrs
AELeonard Wells19031969 
AECharles WWinans18981979 
AEVernon JWoodward19078/12/1974 
AFEdward JBarnes18881964ss as Paulina K & Kathryn S Barnes
AFKathryn SBarnes18941965ss as Paulina K & Edward J Barnes
AFPauline KBarnes19151915 
AFKatherine MarieEngelbart5/22/19745/23/1974d/o Ed & Connie (May) Engelbart
AFEdward LeeFrasher01/05/187409/071934 
AFFrancesFrasher18601937ss as George Frasher
AFThomas FFrasher18901966 
AFWilliam JFrasher18941964p/o Bill, Mary, Jim, Dick, Betty, Kate, Ed, Bob, Dave & John
AFEdward LFrasher10/30/18964/3/1969WWI
AFMildred MFrasher19188/29/1972ss as William J Frasher
AFPatrick WilliamFrasher 1961ss as William J & Patrick William-Birth or Death
AFSandra SueHaas1/15/19562/22/1964 
AFSteven LeeHaas12/11/195412/15/1977Vietnam
AFMichael LouisOnken1/17/19509/27/1970Vietnam
AFMichael JRushford18634/2/1949 
AGJohn PhilipFrasher18921964 
AAADennisBolan 11/07/188888 yrs - of Co Kerry, Ireland
AAAMary A (Butterfield)McGreevy05/06/187803/10/1899w/o Wm McGreevy-19 yrs - born IL
AAABridgetEnglish183104/01/1898Mother - ss as Andrew & Thomas English-This person has two gravestones
AAABridgetEnglish 04/01/189867 yrs -w/o Thomas English-This person has two gravestones
AAABridget (Jr)English18731950ss as Thomas (Sr), Thomas, Andrew & Bridget (Sr) English
AAAMary AEnglish18641936ss as Thomas, Thomas, Andrew & Bridget English
AAAThomasEnglish18691938ss as Andrew, Thomas, Bridget, & Mary A English
AAAThomasEnglish182612/12/1906Father - ss as Bridget, Andrew & Thomas English-This person has two gravestones
AAAThomasEnglish182612/6/190680 yrs 9 mos 20 days-This person has two gravestones
AAACatherineHayes08/08/182712/10/1880w/o James Hayes
AAAEmma CHayes18781911ss as Sarah, Catherine, Lyle W, James (Jr), & James Hayes
AAAJames/JohnHayes04/13/183012/17/187748 yrs 7 mos 18 days-This person has two stones
AAAJamesHayes 10/23/189636 yrs - ss as Sarah, Catherine, Lyle W, Emma C & James Hayes
AAAJamesHayes04/13/183012/12/1877ss as Sarah, Catherine, Lyle W, Emma C & James Hayes-James Hayes has two stones
AAALyle WHayes18901921WW Vet - ss as Sarah, Catherine, James (Jr), Emma C & James Hayes
AAAM CeliaHayes18831976 
AAASarahHayes01/06/186209/26/1894w/o James Hayes
AAAWinifred (McGreevy)Henley01/01/182401/10/1892w/o John Henley
AAAJohnMcGreevy06/1/186702/26/1888s/o Hugh & Maria (Henley) McGreevy
AAAKateMcGreevy08/26/186912/20/1871d/o Hugh & Maria (Henley) McGreevy
AAAMaria (Henley)McGreevy03/08/18453/11/1927w/o Hugh McGreevy
AAAMargaretMcKeone18311873ss as Patrick McKeone
AAAMary AnnMcKeone18631895ss as Patrick & Margaret McKeone
AAAFarrellO'Rourke  Small metal marker has disappeared since 1990.
AAACatherine (O'Donnell)O'Rourke  Small metal marker has disappeared since 1990.
AAAThomasO'Rourke186209/12/1888 26 yrs 18 days. Tall square-based stone on a large rectangular foot stone, plus a smaller stone (no writing on small stone). He was the son of Farrell and Catherine O'Rourke
AAAEugeneWesley 07/06/18803 mos—small metal marker, grandson of Farrell and Catherine O'Rourke. Thanks to Patrick McDonnell for help with these O'Rourke entries.
AAAJohn ERhody18701956Span. Am War
AAAMargaretSpellman18431930ss as James Spellman
AAAMargaret (Jr)Spellman18731962ss as James & Margaret Spellman
AAAMary ESpellman18691958ss as James & Margaret Spellman
AAAHannora "Hannah"Flannery 11/18/188984 yrs
AABHannah/JohannahJackman 01/10/188640 yrs -w/o H Jackman
AACJohnCash1831 Co G 145 NY Inf-wife: Katherine O'Brien d 1883
AACJohn JCash18791933 
AACMaryCash02/29/18685/14/1912d/o John & Katherine (O'Brien) Cash
AACStephen JCash18811953s/o John & Catherine (O'Brien) Cash
AACWilliamCash03/01/18614/2/1901s/o John & Catherine (O'Brien) Cash
AACEdwardCash1867aft 1910locomotive engineer in New Orleans
AACMichaelConlin 09/21/188817 yrs--ss as Thomas Conlin
AACThomasConlin 03/08/187660 yrs
AACMichaelDunn03/18/181801/20/1886Co Lemerick, Ire
AACThomas FDunn18751906 
AACJohnMcKeone18751943ss as Michael, Julia & M James McKeone
AACJuliaMcKeone18381909w/o Michael McKeone
AACM JamesMcKeone18771963ss as Michael, Julia & John McKeone
AACNellie (Purcell)Neville18801908w/o Barthlomew Neville -d/o Martin & Mary Ann (Gallagher) Purcell
AACMary Ann (Gallagher)Purcell18543/22/1927w/o Martin Purcell-d/o Patrick & Mary (Moran) Gallagher
AACMartinPurcell06/13/1828 05/00/1892GAR
AACWilliePurcell 04/12/188912 yrs - s/o Martin & Mary Purcell
AACMary ESpencer08/02/187008/06/1888d/o Albert & Bridget Spencer
AACFreddieBauer/Bower 01/10/1899 
BACharles JosephCash187012/22/19381st wife: Margaret Kennedy -s/o John & Katherine (O'Brien) Cash
BACharles Joseph (Jr)Cash19799/1/1977WWII--s/o Charles J & Josephine (Shaffer) Cash
BAJosephine (Shaffer)Cash186419322nd w/o Charles Joseph Cash-d/o Nicholas & Margaret Shaffer
BAPaul JosephCash1/26/19001947WWI - s/o Charles J & Margaret (Kennedy) Cash -Margaret died Sioux City in 1900
BADavid RDoyle18951971WWI
BAEdward FFitzpatrick18851927 
UnkUnkMichaelFitzpatrick 05/21/187964 yrs - b Co Tipperary, Ireland
BAFranklin L (Dr)Griffin18821957 
BAMary (G or C)Griffin1883 or18861958ss as Dr Franklin L Griffin-check death cert
BAHanor McLaughlinHenderson18831975 
BAHarold JKirchen3/6/19101/2/1974WWII
BAJohn PKirchen18761951 
BAMary AKirchen18791935ss as John P Kirchen
BALeo W JLohr19231945WWI -lost on USS Indianapolis
BAMary EllenLohr18861/24/1974ss as Leo W J Lohr
BAWilliam HLohr18841952ss as Mary Ellen & Leo W J Lohr
BADavid LouisMcDonnell18761927 
BANellie VMcDonnell18781958ss as David Louis McDonnell
BAMargaret EllenMcLaughlin18561939ss as Francis McLaughlin
BAAnne MMcNamara19777/31/1975ss as Rose E, Thomas E, Catherine, Frank P, &William J McNamara
BACatherineMcNamara18761937ss as Rose E, Thomas E, Frank P, William J, & Anne M McNamara
BAFrank PMcNamara18661925ss as Rose E, Thomas E, Catherine, William J, & Anne M McNamara
BAJohn WMcNamara8/8/18972/27/1973 
BARose EMcNamara03/25/189511/10/1975ss as Thomas E, Catherine, Frank P, William J, & Anne M McNamara
BAThomas EMcNamara18961939ss as Rose E, Catherine, Frank P, William J, & Anne M McNamara
BAWilliam JMcNamara19001968ss as Rose E, Thomas E, Catherine, Frank P, & Anne M McNamara
BAEdward E "Edwin"Plamadore18731910p/o Mary, Raymond, Edward, & Clement
BAHannah M (Bruce/Burke)Plamadore18725/13/1925ss as Edward E Palmadore-maybe "Hanora"--
BAMary CeciliaPlamadore191010/19/1975 
BAGlendon LRemington 19167/12/1958WWII - p/o Glenlee, Caril, Glenda, Glendon Gerald, & Larry
BAEleanor LWunder8/31/191012/26/1978ss as Bill H Wunder
BAMary CZubrod18861934ss as Jacob Zubrod
BBFrank PDonnelly18671934Where is Mary A (Neville) Donnelly buried?
BBJohn GEden3/13/19166/4/1974 
BBFred WHein02/10/18907/9/1959WWI
BBIoneHein10/20/189510/03/1877ss as Fred W Hein
BBJohn BartowJackson19171963p/o Joe, Judith, John, James, Joann, Jane & Jacqueline
BBAlbert JKula18951947 
BBMarie LKula19001949ss as Albert J Kula
BBM JeanetteMcNamara19091946ss as Michael F McNamara
BBMaldean MMcNamara19051972ss as Emlin A & Ruth M C McNamara
BBRuth M CMcNamara19031940ss as Emlin A & Maldean M McNamara
BBMarciaSchmanjohn19561957d/o Larry & Barbara Schmaljohn
BBMichaelSchmanjohn19601970s/o Larry & Barbara Schmaljohn
BBDarlene MaeSchone19261947ss as Robert J Schone
BBJohn HSchone8/12/19029/28/1976 
BCFlorence CAlthen18901978born Marshall Co., IA -d/o John & Mary C (Doran) Althen
BCFred CAlthen18851949born Marshall Co., IA -s/o John & Mary C (Doran) Althen
BCJohn FAlthen18631950 
BCMary M(or C) (Doran)Althen18651949w/o John F Althen
BCAlvina (Marek)Boos4/16/19168/17/1965Mother-w/o Leonard Boos
BCDavid PBoos8/23/19587/15/1976Son
BCLawrence JBoos 10/29/1935WWI - ss as Thersa & Michael Boos
BCMary IBoos18941940ss as Thersa & Michael Boos
BCThersa (Bruening)Boos18651933w/o Michael Boos
BCClara AlbertaChesire19094/24/1916d/o John T & Ella (McNamara) Chesire
BCEsther EChesire19021976d/o John T & Ella (McNamara) Chesire
BCFlorence JuliaChesire19121921daughter -ss as Esther E, John T & Clara Alberta Chesire
BCJohn TChesire18741938s/o Mathew & Margaret (Hier) Chesire
BCMilton MathewChesire190310/20/1970 
BCElla (McNamara)Chesire18731918w/o John T Chesire
BCG Franklin Dearborn18861955 
BCE TressaDearborn18871951w/o C Franklin Dearborn
BCJoan/Jean MDearborn01/00/1865 ss as Robert J & David W Dearborn-d/o Pat & Virginia (Morrissey) Dearborn
BCRobert JDearborn192311/6/1926ss as Joan M & David W Dearborn-s/o Pat & Virginia (Morrisey) Dearborn
BCCatherine BerniceDunn 8/13/1965d/o Edward J & Mary E (McDonnell) Dunn
BCEdward JDunn09/27/18532/22/1935s/o Henry & Bridget (Mcrans) Dunn
BCEdward LeoDunn4/23/19004/6/1936s/o Edward J & Mary E (McDonnell) Dunn
BCMary ADunn18601929ss as Mary Lillian Dunn
BCMary E (McDonnell)Dunn03/01/186611/30/1936w/o Edward J Dunn -d/o Michel & Margaret (Heffron) McDonnell
BCMary LillianDunn19051947ss as Mary A & Mathew E Dunn
BCMathew EDunn18621917ss as Mary A & Mary Lillian Dunn
BCAmy LFlaherty18771960Mother
BCWilliam JFlaherty18721932Father
BCMartinHudachek19171935He was moved to Lisbon cemetery
BCRalph TKehoe11/19/19092/17/1974WWII-s/o Wm & Angela (Fagan) Kehoe
BCEdna Christine (Kehoe)Knight1905 w/o Victor M Knight -p/o John, William, Barbara, Keeran, Rosann, Michael & Keith-d/o Wm & Angela (Fagan) Kehoe
BCMichael EdwardKnight12/11/193912/11/1939 
BCVictor MKnight3/27/19096/4/1971p/o John, William, Barbara, Keeran, Rosann, Michael & Keith
BCJoan (Knight)Herren8/30/1932  
BCElizabethMorrissey18561937ss as John T Morrissey
BCJames PMorrissey18721939 
BCJennie MaryMorrissey18671935ss as William P Morrissey
BCJohn TMorrissey18641936 
BCWilliam PMorrissey18651936 
BCFrancis JNeville18691945 
BCJennie KNeville18761925 
BCGenevieve (Boos)Tarpy19001952 
BDHermanBrockman18561931s/o Herman & Francis (Barconnen) Brockman- wife: Augusta Zachery?
BDMary MBrockman19001922ss as Herman Brockman
BDKatherine Brockman 18531923d/o Herman & Francis (Barconnen)
BDJosephene (Brockman)Cash18651928sister of Herman & Katherine Brockman
BDKatherine (O'Brien)Cashca 183018831st w/o John Cash
BDGrover CStroud06/28/18921/13/1975 
BEPatricia (Dearborn)Kehoe   
BFIrene LorettaFinn9/14/1916 ss as William R Finn
BFWilliam RFinn10/1/19161992WWII
BFGregoryNorlin1949 p/o Katherine & Ryan
BFNancy KNorlin1952 p/o Katherine & Ryan
BabySteven JBalster 1/20/1960 
BabyRobert ABickford12/12/19694/14/1969 
BabyJames AaronBonifazi 11/8/1969 1 mo 15 days. Photo: Joe Bonifazi
BabyFrancesCarolan 4/10/1937Infant twin of Thomas Carolan
BabyThomasCarolan 4/10/1937Infant twin of Frances Carolan
BabyShirley IreneEye19451945 
BabyDanny JFinn12/28/19561/27/1957 
BabyGeorgeFluckiger 3/29/1955 
BabyBrenda LeeFrasher1/7/19592/22/1959 
BabyEdward JFrasher   
BabyBrett AlanGoldsmith12/28/19734/29/1974 
BabyGary EHeasty 8/13/1951 
BabyDenise MariaHinz4/9/19554/19/1955 
BabyElizabethHinz3/2/19313/9/1931d/o Paul & Esther Hinz
BabyLarry LeeKula19511951s/o Bernard & Elen (Fousek) Kula
BabyMartyPetersen 6/27/1961s/o John & Marie Petersen
BabyGlendon Lee (Jr)Remington19351935 
BabyJeffrey ASecrist 1970 
BabyMarsha KaySmith 1/23/1958d/o Harold & Edna Smith
BabyAngela LynnStrother3/30/19774/1/1977d/o Allan & Mary Lou Strother
Baby Trejtnar19231923infant boy
BabyRalphWalderbach 1949 
BabyMargie AWalkner19451946 
Baby?Linda MHeeren 1959 
BabyMaryDoyle  d/o Gerald & Adeline Doyle
BabyWm JFoarde   
BabySara ChristineGehl   
BabyLarry FrancisHaas   
BabyLinda MHerren   
BabyVadaena FMere   
BabyKaren EPostel   
BBABarbaraBetz18591925ss as Matthew Betz
BBAJohnBetz06/24/186208/02/1883Hierruhet Susana Germanlin Von Peter--ss as Peter Betz
BBAMary (Green/Zeien)Betz18441924wife - ss as Michael & Matthew Betz
BBAMatthewBetz18861907s/o Michael & Mary (Green) Betz
BBASusana Germalin (von Peter)Betz05/18/181802/16/1896 
BBAMaryGallagher 7/31/1912w/o Patrick Gallagher
BBAPatrickGallagher 10/11/189168 yrs 4 mos 12 days
BBAAnnHoughton18204/12/190277 yrs - ss as Wm Houghton
BBAWilliamHoughton180510/11/188975 yrs
BBACorneliusMahoney 06/16/189272 yrs
BBAHelenaMahoney 07/27/187536 yrs - w/o Cornelius Mahoney
BBAMaryMonahan18651951ss as John Monahan
BBAJames BernardRhatigan18831947ss as Annie L Rhatigan
BBAEdmundRhatigan18491913ss as Thomas & Laura F Rhatigan
BBALaura FRhatigan18571942ss as Thomas & Edmund Rhatigan
BBAAnnie LRhatigan03/02/188511/21/1892d/o E & L Rhatigan
BBBClarenceMaine19061964Thanks to Denise Maine for help with this entry.
BBBEvelyn MMarek18961966ss as Frank R Marek
BBBFrank RMarek18991971 
BBBElizabethWhite 10/13/188084 yrs - mother of Henry White
BBBHenry AWhite 3/7/190790 yrs
BBCDavid AAppleby19121912s/o Amos H & Elsie M (Sampica) Appleby
BBCElsie M (Sampica)Appleby18881916w/o Amos H Appleby-d/o Edward & Sophia Sampica
BBCMaryPerifield18331905ss as Patrick Perifield
BBCLenore VRyan18851959 
BBCCaroline (Brabender)Streeter18271899w/o Lemuel L Streeter
BBCLemuel LStreeter18231919 
BBCFrancisWalsh18731905ss as Patrick, James, Matthew & Hanora Walsh
BBCHanoraWalsh18521929ss as Patrick Walsh
BBCJamesWalsh18721893ss as Patrick, Matthew & Hanora Walsh
BBCMatthewWalsh18441893ss as Patrick & Hanora Walsh
BBCNan MWalsh18871971 
BBCReginaWalsh18931968ss as Nan M Walsh
BBDEdwardSampica08/28/185311/18/1906s/o William & Louisa (Ashly) Sampica
BBDLucySampica18831895d/o Edward & Sophia Sampica
BBDSophiaSampica18641902w/o Edward Sampica
BBDAddieSampica189811/4/18984 days -d/o Edward & Sophia Sampica(or died 11/24/1898 -listed twice in deaths)
BBDAnnWilkinson18451919ss as Kate & Dennis Wilkinson
BBDDennisWilkinson 09/17/189667 yrs
BBDKateWilkinson 2/1/1895ss as Dennis Wilkinson
CACarl AntonBrunen11/9/18901972ss as John J Brunen
CAJohn BBrunen18661930 
CAMarieBrunen18671923ss as John B Brunen
CACharles MChesire18721931 
CAMarquerite JChesire19081920 
CAMaryChesire18761954ss as Charles M Chesire
CAJulia FConnery18821936ss as William P Connery
CAWilliam PConnery18821920 
CAGeorge JFinn18861942 
CALaura F (Kelly)Finn4/12/189311/22/1972ss as George J Finn-d/o Malachi & Katherine (Lawless) Kelly
CAAnna MFoote18951960Mother -w/o Guy P Foote-lot owner: Elizabeth (Foote) Boots
CAGuy PFoote18721969Father
CAAlliceMcEvoy04/21/18741/18/1964ss as John P McEvoy
CAAnn (Ragan)McEvoy18451920Mother
CAJohn PMcEvoy18691942son -ss as Allice McEvoy
CALukeMcEvoy18381921GAR - Father
CAMary EMcEvoy18661928Daughter - ss as Ann(Ragan) & Luke McEvoy
CANellie (Power)Quigley18601920 
CAFrank JRick18691900 
CAKathryn (McEvoy)Rick18671920ss as Frank J Rick
CBAlvin WRoling6/4/19266/14/1965WWII - ss as Randay & Dell Rose Roling
CBBernell NSchwirtz19075/22/1980original lot owner: Presume B Schwirtz
CBLulu Edna (Leinen)Schwirtz188412/9/1958ss as Nicolas Schwirtz
CBMary ClaireSchwirtz190910/29/1971died in St Paul, MN
CBAlta MarieTaber19361952 
CBHoward ETaber1/21/19019/8/1955 
CCMary A (McLaughlin)Fleming18561881w/o M Fleming
CCMary TGassen19241924ss as Theresa C & William E Gassen
CCTheresa CGassen18881963 
CCWilliam EGassen18841967ss as Theresa C & Mary T Gassen
CCFrances AKula18938/25/1975ss as Louis A Kula
CCFrances EKula18711946ss as Joseph T Kula
CCJoseph TKula18681939 
CCLouis A Kula18901949 
CCBarnardMcLaughlin18261913Father - ss as Hannah & Matilda H McLaughlin
CCBernard IMcLaughlin18671950ss as Lucile & Nellie R McLaughlin
CCHannahMcLaughlin18271878Mother -ss as Barnard & Matilda H McLaughlin
CCLucileMcLaughlin19051925ss as Nellie R & Bernard I McLaughlin
CCMatilda HMcLaughlin18601884ss as Hannah & Barnard McLaughlin
CCNellie R (Cosgrove)McLaughlin18671948w/o Bernard I McLaughlin
CCBernice MSoukup19131954ss as Rudolph A Soukup
CCMary CSoukup18801965ss as Rudolph F Soukup
CCRudolph FSoukup188211/13/1969 
CC Soukup  infant
CCAndrew HWalderbach19451962 
CCJoyce AnnWalderbach19361954 
CCMarsha LeeSmalljohn19571957 
CDMarvin MKula1/30/191710/9/1971 
CDLeonardKula 06/22/1893 
CEWilma EBrady8/21/19284/141978ss as Frances B Brady
CEJames EarlFagen19461970 
CEPeter APazour11/30/189810/30/1977WWI & WWII
CEJeffrey AStickley2/1/19622/2/1980 
CFThomas LFoxen7/6/19395/19/1980Veteran wife: Fran
CFJustin PatrickKehoe7/31/19133/12/1964WWII
CFBradley JTeymer19631964s/o Gary Teymer
CFGlen AWerderman10/27/19161/19/1977Veteran
CGRalph EDitch12/12/19085/16/1955p/o Arnie, Terry, Judy, Connie & Jeff
CGTerry RDitch9/16/193504/18/1899wife: Jo Ann Steffen - s/o Ralph & Florence (Kehoe) Ditch
CGJohnMullins12/28/18597/31/1916s/o Tom & _____ (Kane)Mullins
CGHarry CWheelock19026/29/1971ss as Joseph V, Anna E, & Steven E Wheelock
CGHenryWheelock18731966s/o Henry & Bridget (King) Wheelock
CGJoseph VincentWheelock10/22/190510/24/1972ss as Anna E, Harry C, & Steven E Wheelock
CGNora M (Collins)Wheelock18791946w/o Henry Wheelock - d/o Stephen & Jane (Pierce) Collins
CGSteven EWheelock19081960ss as Joseph V, Harry C, & Anna E Wheelock
CHWilliam LButler18891946 
CHJames TLacy18671950 
CIMary EllenLacy6/13/19316/13/1931 
CIMary JLacy18691965ss as Richard P Lacy
CIRichard RLacy18591918 
CIEthelynMcCarthy18885/2/1961ss as James McCarthy
CIJames AMcCarthy3/27/188812/27/1972 
CIMartinMcCarthy18471931Father -ss as Ethelyn & James McCarthy
CIMaryMcCarthy18521917Mother - w/o Martin McCarthy
CIEdward EPatnode18701955Father -ss as infant & Emma S Patnode
CIEmma SPatnode18761920Mother -ss as infant-w/o Edward E Patnode
CI Patnode 1918Infant Son of Edward E & Emma S Patnode
CIMaryMills  somewhere in Lots 43-48
CCAArdis MargaretGorman12/28/192911/27/1976d/o Mary Emily & John C Gorman, Sr
CCADaniel LouisGorman3/25/19286/24/1928ss as John C (Jr), & Robert J Gorman
CCAGrover MGorman02/06/18874/9/1958ss as John, Mary Ellen, Thomas C, Thomas C & Mary Gorman
CCAJohnGorman18191905ss as Thomas, Thomas G, Mary & Mary Ellen Gorman
CCAJohn G (Sr)Gorman09/02/18842/11/1951ss as Ardis M & M Emily Gorman
CCAJohn G, JrGorman3/13/192312/4/1926 
CCAMary Emily (Power?)Gorman02/06/18944/24/1974ss as Ardis M Gorman
CCAMargaretGorman07/04/185912/17/1928ss as Michael, Grover, John, Mary Ellen, Thomas C, Thomas C & Mary Gorman
CCAMaryGorman18281903ss as John, Mary Ellen, Thomas C, & Thomas G Gorman
CCAMary EllenGorman18731960ss as Thomas C, Thomas G, John, & Mary Gorman
CCAMichaelGorman03/02/18555/15/1931ss as Grover, John, Mary Ellen, Thomas C, Thomas C & Mary Gorman
CCARobert JGorman 5/9/1924infant-ss as John C (Jr), & Daniel Gorman
CCAThomas CGorman18731936 
CCAThomas GGorman19031918ss as Thomas C & Mary Ellen Gorman
CCCJames WCavanaugh18661944ss as Maurice & Mary Cavanaugh
CCCMaryCavanaugh18401915 or 1945 w/o Maurice Cavanaugh
CCCNora ECavanaugh18731960ss as Maurice & Mary Cavanaugh
CCCAnnaHanson 7/27/193249 yrs - d/o Mary (O'Hara) & Timothy Hanson
CCCKathrynHanson18781960ss as Timothy, Mary (O'Hara), & Anna Hanson
CCCMargaret (Gorman)Hanson18761938ss as John Hanson
CCCMary (O'Hara)Hanson 12/25/192483 yrs - w/o Timothy Hanson
CCCTimothyHanson 10/22/190061 yrs
CCCHenry KelsoPatton18751925 
DDJ KasparBaum06/22/18583/9/1902 
DDKunequndaBaum07/25/18595/6/1925ss as J Kaspar Baum
DDDavidGoodrich19111911ss as Owen B, Joseph & Mildred Goodrich
DDDianaGoodrich18881967ss as Rosemary Goodrich
DDJosephGoodrich19121912ss as Owen B, David & Mildred Goodrich
DDMildred JGoodrich19081908ss as Owen B, Joseph & David Goodrich
DDOwen R (or B)Goodrich19201920ss as Joseph, David & Mildred Goodrich
DDMarie AGreen7/22/19014/1/1976ss as William D Green
DDAlbert AHouska01/11/18912/11/1972 
DDNellie FHouska06/20/18945/12/1976ss as Albert A Houska
DDGeorgeKinnan/Kinnen18821972Amber Blacksmith
DDJamesMcGinn/Guinn  Cemetery records only say: ____ McGinn-WPA says James McGuinn
DDJosephPenny18851938from Chicago, IL
DDJamesPenny07/00/183310/19/1910"Presumed to be buried here per church records"
DDElizabeth (Morris)Penny08/21/18367/2/1912"Presumed to be buried here per church records"
DDAgatha (Doran)Smith18591940 
DDElizabeth ISmith18861902ss as John R Smith
DDJohn RSmith18841902 
DEThomas MelvilleBrown08/22/18938/18/1952WWI
DEAnna MNeilly09/22/18745/18/1962d/o Thomas & Bridget Neilly of Buffalo Tsp, Linn Co, IA
DEBridget E (Anglen)Neilly18481905w/o Thomas J Neilly, Sr
DEFrancis/Bridget ANeilly03/09/18783/26/1966d/o Thomas & Bridget Neilly of Buffalo Tsp, Linn Co, IA
DEJames LNeilly18891918WWI-ss as Bridget E & Thomas J Neilly
DEKate IsabelleNeilly12/12/18725/16/1975d/o Thomas & Bridget Neilly of Buffalo Tsp, Linn Co, IA
DEMichael FNeilly10/04/18843/6/1907 
DEThomas Joseph (Sr)Neilly18381932GAR- WPA says 11/26/1938--born Ireland
DEThomas J (Jr)Neilly9/13/188012/18/1971s/o Thomas Joseph & Bridget Neilly of Buffalo Tsp, Linn Co, IA
DELucille NSmith1899 w/o Dilman C Smith
DEFlorence AWillard1893 ss as James B Willard
DEJames BWillard1882  
DFGerald EugeneBlood3/7/19224/27/1923 
DFJohnBrown183212/21/1896Co Kerry, Ireland-ss as John Brown
DFPatrickBrown 02/28/189850 yrs-ss as John Brown
DFPeterByrn  Wooden Cross - no dates
DF(John) BernardGreen18981928 or 1929s/o John J & Mary C (Ronen) Green
DFJohn JGreen04/27/186911/22/1899 
DFMary C (Ronen)Green18751964w/o John J Green
DFBridget (Conroy)Howe18611931w/o William Howe
DFPeter MHowe18851900 
DFWilliam HHowe18791934 
DFHelen MHowe???1882  
DFEarl FrancisMittan7/21/19048/1/1904ss as Robert Leroy, Harry Alva, & Mary Florence Mittan
DFHarry AlvaMittan01/15/18975/21/1907ss as Robert Leroy, Earl Francis, & Mary Florence Mittan
DFMary FlorenceMittan5/11/19066/15/1906ss as Robert Leroy, Harry Alva, &Earl Francis Mittan
DFRobert LeroyMittan7/8/19005/21/1907ss as Harry Alva, Earl Francis, & Mary Florence Mittan
DFAnnaRonen18811941d/o John B & Mary J (Gleason) Ronen
DFCarrie LRonen18721945d/o John B & Mary J (Gleason) Ronen
DFCharles MRonen18841914s/o John B & Mary J (Gleason) Ronen
DFJohn BRonen18461915Co F 7th Reg IA Cav
DFJohn MRonen18781962s/o John B & Mary J (Gleason) Ronen
DFMary J (Gleason)Ronen18481928w/o John B Ronen
DFWalter CRonen04/27/18896/7/1955WWI
DFJerry ERushford18511955w/o Simion & Sally (Sampica) Rushford
DFKathyrnRushford18531924w/o Jerry E Rushford
DFTrifley JRushford18781920s/o Jerry E & Kathyrn Rushford
DFHelen MRushford1882  
DFFranklinSampica19121915ss as Martha Sampica
DFMarthaSampica19081909ss as Franklin Sampica
DGByron ABruce18781927 
DGSusanBruce18811965ss as Byron A Bruce
DGSarah (Mrs.)Burke18681935sister of Mrs. Edward Plamadore
DGFrancesFousek188910/15/1980ss as Albert Fousek
DGEdward PGerst18811968 
DDAJohnChesire 01/15/1887 
DDAMargaretChesire 9/22/1900 Margaret, 58 yrs, w/o Matthew Chesire, 74 years. Photo: Joanie Hanlon
DDAMatthewChesire 2/23/1911
DDAFrank PChesire18801931 
DDAWilliamChesire18761915s/o Matthew & Margaret Chesire
DDAJohn JamesGerrity 10/11/18859 yrs --& Some other children of Lawrence & Maria Gerrity
DDALawrenceGerrity  Also buried here per church records
DDCWinnifred HCarey 08/08/187745 yrs -ss as John Carey
DDCJohnCarey 06/21/186235 yrs - died Conith, Miss.
DDCCatherine (Green)Connell18421902w/o Peter Connell
DDCChristopher HDunn18631935ss as Mary A Dunn
DDCHarry TDunn18931923 
DDCMary ADunn18691968 
DDCAngelina M (Arella)Frasher19002/7/1926 
DDCMariaGreen 03/07/188539 yrs
DDCEdwardHennessey 1/13/190436 yrs 6 mos 17 days
DDCMargaretHennessey 10/26/189157 yrs
DDCThomasHennessey 8/26/192390 yrs 7 mos 8 days
DDCCeciliaMcGovern  baby-ss as Lucy & Thomas V McGovern
DDCJosephMcGovern 1908baby
DDCLucy (Sampica)McGovern12/31/18749/16/1916w/o Thomas V McGovern
DDCMargaretMcGovern18331897ss as Terrence McGovern
DDCThomas VMcGovern18721952 
DDCAnnaSoukup18661957ss as Waclav Soukup
DDCWaclavSoukup18611935Elizabeth (Foote) Boots' granddaughter - Elizabeth is dau/o Guy Foote
DDEBarbaraAnkney18761950sister of John Wolfe
DDEEsther MDudley1910 w/o Vernon Dudley
DDEAnnFay18801958ss as Maurice Fay
DDEMargaretFay09/30/183002/08/1897ss as Edward Fay
DDEEllenGreen02/19/188302/23/1883twin of James
DDEEllen Green01/14/18513/14/1927Mother (or 3/14/1937)
DDEJamesGreen02/19/188303/26/1883twin of Ellen
DDEJohn AGreen12/10/18442/25/1920Father-s/o John & Bridget (Kenny) Green -Parish Moore, County Roscommon, Ireland
DDEJoseph HGreen10/06/187903/22/1882 
DDEJosephine AGreen09/05/18919/25/1969 
DDELeo(Lee?) MGreen05/14/18841912 
DDERobert PGreen05/01/189012/25/1943 
DDERose BGreen04/28/188602/26/1893 
DDEChristina (Hipp)Wolfe10/19/18412/10/1913 
DDGMary A (Whittaker)Corcoran18321871w/o Michael D Corcoran-settled in Jones Co. in 1856
DDGMichael DCorcoran18241918settled in Jones Co in 1856
DDGDanielFallon 02/16/188145 yrs
DDGJohn DFallon 11/18/189227 yrs - s/o Daniel & Catherine Fallon
DDGThomasKenney182312/13/189067 yrs - b Keloques Parrish Baliney Koll Co Calway
DDGBridgetKenney 02/14/187945 yrs - w/o Thomas Kenney
DDGMary Quigley09/07/18493/17/1903Daughter
EACaroline K (Walderbach)Barlon18902/4/1977d/o Chris (Sr) & Caroline (Schleuter) Walderbach
EAJosephDenio 08/29/189677 yrs 8 mos
EAJames PDougherty07/09/1871(07/31)/1941s/o John & Anna (Hayes) Dougherty
EAMary L (Foarde)Dougherty18791962w/o James Dougherty
EAJames IKairn 10/11/1918WWI-died Fabauch LeHaut, France 25 yrs 10 mos
EAJoanna (Dougherty)Kairn18681928 
EAEva MaeLabarge10/07/188501/01/1886d/o M & M Labarge
EAMary EllenLabarge01/03/188901/22/1889d/o M & M Labarge
EAFrankLabarge 2/1/1902s/o M & M Labarge
EAAlbert JamesLabarge07/25/188208/25/1894 
EAMary E (Walderbach)Morey18771972ss as William A Morey
EAWilliam AMorey18751936 
EAEllenO'Connor18161887ss as Maurice O'Connor
EAJoseph LO'Connor18951920WWI - ss as Thomas & Patrick O'Connor
EAPatrickO'Connor18501928ss as Thomas & Jospeh C O'Connor
EAThomasO'Connor18821898ss as Patrick & Joseph C O'Connor
EAThomas O'Connor 12/29/187022 yrs 6 mos 28 days
EAAdolphusPatnode18731948ss as John Patnode
EADominoPatnode18811899ss as Augustine & Martha (Roberts) Patnode
EAJohnPatnode18751900ss as Adolphus Patnode
EAMartha (Robare)Patnode1846 6/9/1893w/o Augustine Patnode
EAEdward EPostel19351938on Patnode lot
EACleoRushford18741879d/o Nelson & Octavia (Discarna) Rushford
EAMaryRushford18701879d/o Nelson & Octavia (Discarna) Rushford
EAOctavia (Discarna)Rushford18351905w/o Nelson Rushford
EAFrancis "Frank"Sampica 06/11/187468 yrs
EAJulia(Denio?)Sampica18571921ss as Joseph Sampica
EAFrankSampica11/19/18592/1/190747 yrs -s/o of Frank & Lena Sampica
EAAnnaWalderbach18821885d/o Christopher & Caroline Walderbach
EACaroline (Schleuter)Walderbach18441891w/o Christopher Walderbach
EACharles RWalderbach11/25/187312/6/1936s/o Chris (Sr) & Caroline (Schleuter) Walderbach
EAEdith Mae (Farnham)Walderbach9/13/18815/21/1944ss as Charles Walderbach
EAHelena MaryWalderbach18701957d/o Chris (Sr) & Caroline (Schleuter) Walderbach
EAJohn LewisWalderbach19111933ss as Robert Leo Walderbach
EARobert LeoWalderbach19171933ss as John Lewis Walderbach
EBAnnie N (Taylor)Callier18699/27/1931w/o Antonio Callier, Jr -d/o Zachery & Nancy (Anderson) Taylor-also infants buried here
EBColman/ColemanCallier18971954s/o Antonio (Jr) & Annie (Taylor) Callier-also infants buried here
EBJoseph A(ntonio) (Jr)Callier18681921s/o Antonio & Phebe (Isro) Callier-also infants buried here
EBJoseph ACallier 02/26/1890s/o Antonioa & N Annie Callier
EBNancy (Callier) OlsenGraham18931967d/o Antonio (Jr) & Annie (Taylor) Callier
EBChilistine (Jennie Rushford)LaBarge06/29/186611/20/1955w/o Denis LaBarge -d/o Nelson & Actavia (Bescarna/Kaga) Rushford
EBDenisLaBarge18601929s/o Moses & Lizzie (Moniche) LaBarge
EBHerbert HLaBarge18901953s/o Dennis & Jennie (Rushford) LaBarge
EBJoseph ALaBarge18861895 
EBAntoineParker03/19/18476/16/1923Co B 118 Regt NY Inf
EBMelvinaParker02/14/184811/23/1914ss as Antoine Parker
ECElizabeth GDoran18611888ss as John & Mary J Doran
ECMary JDoran18341906w/o John Doran (or 1905?)
ECLillianVickey18641933on Doran lot
ECFrankieKaufman02/28/188001/04/1881s/o J L & J Kaufmann( I believe this is Johanon L & Justena (Hersh) Kaufman)
ECGeorgeLavey18881888ss as Rosanna Lavey
ECRosannaLavey18531893ss as George Lavey
ECBO'Toole 1880w/o P O'Toole
ECE JO'Toole18741902son - ss asThomas & N P O'Toole
ECElizabethO'Toole18511916w/o Michael O'Toole
ECMargaretO'Toole18811920d/o Michael & Elizabeth
ECN PO'Toole18851903son - ss asThomas & E J O'Toole
ECThomasO'Toole 1894ss as E J & N P O'Toole
ECAnnie LaurieWallace18721941ss as William A Wallace
ECWilliam AWallace18611935 
ECEster EWallace04/23/186907/04/1869 
ECHanoraWallace02/01/188209/21/1882d/o P M & M A Wallace
ECJosephFichte 11/03/18853 yrs 10 mos 5 days-b Dubuque d Stone City
ECMaryFichte  No more information- No death certificate
ECH WDenio07/16/188209/23/1882 
ECSarah ADenio09/14/188505/26/1887 
ECPeterDenio  Co D 98th NY Inf
EDMary JMiner18531924w/o Louis Miner
EDAddieRoberts18791947WWI - d/o Peter & Emily Roberts
EDEmilyRoberts18381895w/o Peter Roberts
EDJamesRoberts18681899s/o Peter & Emily Roberts
EEAnna Marie (Kosta)Marek7/21/18909/12/1977ss as Michael R Marek
EEMichael RMarek18911/29/1980 
EEPeter JohnStoll1/18/19571/26/1975s/o Louis & Marquerite Stoll
EEJohn HTjaden19198/13/1977 
EFEverett AFrimml19169/3/1975WWII
EFGerald GuyLawrence2/22/194010/29/1977Vietnam Vet
EFEdnaSievers10/18/19192/14/1976ss as Edwin Sievers
EFGerald ASievers19401973p/o Todd, Angelia & Rickey
EFHelen MStoll8/15/192910/27/1972ss as Andrew P Stoll
EEAJohn FHuerter2/17/1917 p/o Malinda & Thomas
EEAThomas JohnHuerter11/19/19494/24/1971 
EECMary Patrica (O'Brien)Beisell5/9/19275/3/1972w/o Earl Beisell-d/o Emmett & Raye (Gavin) O'Brien
EECDoris M (Dolan)Gorius19185/18/1970ss as Harry G Gorius
EECHarry GGorius9/13/19155/14/1976WWII-s/o Joseph & Rose (Jasper) Gorius
EECMarjorie KMcAleer19161967ss as Edward M McAleer
EECJohn SMcQuaid19001976 
EECRose BMiller19051966ss as Fred F Miller
EECHelen LStrother19251971ss as Louis G Strother
EECLouis GStrother1926  
EEDLucea MBetzer19031969ss as Willis I Betzer
EEDElizabethDerga10/20/18935/13/1970ss as Henry D Derga
EEDHenry DDerga03/02/18959/1/1964WW Vet
EEDHerbert HDerga4/11/19299/5/1976Korean War
EEDHenry F (Dr)Dolan 1956 
EEDCatherineHayes18841947w/o Frank Hayes
EEDEsther EHinz09/28/18995/4/1970ss as Paul C Hinz
EEDPaul CHinz09/28/18985/4/1970 
EEDIdaLisek7/11/188812/20/1977d/o Francis & Sophia (Triebl) Lisek
EEDDelores JeanMcGovern 7/30/1948d/o William & Dora McGovern
EEDPhillipMcGovern 7/12/1954buried at Rogers, Ark.
EEDLawrence JPearson6/2/193911/7/1965ss as John August Pearson
EEDMartha ARawson18891961ss as Merrill Rawson
EEDElla (Aslin)Sampica11/02/18824/24/1975w/o Levi Gerald Sampica - d/o John & Libbie (Filion) Aslin
EEDLevi GeraldSampica06/18/189210/31/1964Ia Pvt Co E 164 Inf - WWI-son of Joseph and Julia (Denio) Sampica
EEDMark EWeber10/31/194211/7/1965 
EEDIda C (Heinen)Wegman07/17/18759/29/1963ss as Leo J Wegman
EEDLeo JosephWegman05/17/18752/13/1961 
EEEAlbert JAment11/6/18935/31/1972WWI-s/o Theo & Elizabeth (Werdel) Ament
EEELaura M (Murray)Ament18973/26/1978w/o Albert J Ament
EEEDonna I (Dreibelbis)Conmey19201972w/o Lawrence J Comney
EEEJames WConmey 05/17/188469 yrs 10 mos
EEEJames WilliamConmey18641934WWI-This person has 2 stones
EEEJames WilliamConmey18641934ss as Laura (Wilson), James Joseph & Mary (McNamara) Conmey-This person has 2 gravestones
EEELawrence JConmey10/22190910/7/1975 
EEEMary (McNamara)Conmey18721937ss as Laura (Wilson), James Joseph, & James William Conmey-This person has two gravestones.
EEEMary R (McNamara)Conmey18721937ss as James William Conmey-This person has two gravestones
EEEAgnessDorsey19041908ss as baby Dorsey & Hellen Dorsey
EEEAnnaDorsey18761944 Mother -ss as George & Margaret Dorsey
EEEGeorgeDorsey18671946Father - ss as Anna & Margaret Dorsey
EEEHellenDorsey19001912ss as baby & Agness Dorsey
EEE Dorsey19051905baby - ss as Hellen & Agness Dorsey
EEENorahKilleen 5/7/191280 yrs - w/o Patrick Killeen --d/o ___ & Ellen (Green) Kinney
EEEPatrickKilleen04/26/18272/6/191886 yrs-born Ireland
EEEAlfred HLe Resche18641928 
EEEElizabeth MLe Resche18781927ss as Alfred H Le Resche
EEEJames MMorrissey18621908 
EEEJoanne B (Lamey)Morrissey19261971w/o Leo J Morrissey
EEEJohn EMorrissey18571934s/o Patrick Morrissey
EEELeo AMorrissey8/18/18938/19/1963WW Vet
EEEMargaret (Jordan)Morrissey18311909w/o Patrick Morrissey
EEEMary EllenMorrissey18611954d/o Patrick Morrissey
EEEMary Frances (McGinnis)Morrissey12/31/18931/26/1976w/o Leo A Morrissey
EEEPaul PMorrissey18991916ss as Mary Ella, John E, Margaret, & Patrick Morrissey
EEEFrankWalsh18821931s/o John & Margaret (Green) Walsh
EEEMargaret (Green)Walsh08/01/18429/6/1906w/o John Walsh
EEETheresaWalsh18771948d/o John & Margaret (Green) Walsh
EEGAnna FrancesCruikshank04/04/18783/27/1963ss as Lewis Robert & Charles Malcom Cruikshank
EEGCharles MalcomCruikshank12/16/18773/20/1954ss as Lewis Robert & Anna Frances Cruikshank
EEGLewis RobertCruikshank2/22/19138/3/1913ss as Anna Frances & Charles Malcom Cruikshank
EEGJulia ADunn18631939 
EEGJasFarrell  Co A 45 Ill Inf.
EEGBridgit F (Whalen)Farrell18651951w/o W Irvin Farrell -d/o Michael & Winnifred (Cleary) Whalen
EEGJohn MFarrell19041940ss as Wm Irvin & Mary E (Fisher) Farrell
EEGJoseph JFarrell18971902s/o Wm Irvin & Bridgid F Farrell
EEGWm IrvinFarrell18701951s/o James & Mary E (Fisher) Farrell
EEG Farrell19031903child of Wm Irvin & Bridgid F Farrell
EEGJoseph LewisFay19181979ss as William Cleary Fay
EEGWilliam ClearyFay7/8/19145/2/1968WWII
EEGBridget FayFogarty18581943w/o William Fogarty
EEGMary Alice (Dunn)Hayes18651912w/o William Hayes -d/o Michael & Mary (Monaghran) Dunn
EEGEdward WMcNamara18631944s/o John & Ann (Mahoney) McNamara
EEGElla Agnes (McGirl/McGuire)McNamara02/22/186611/18/1935w/o Edward W McNamara -d/o Dennis & Mary Ann (McKewn) McGirl
EEGJohn MMcNamara02/23/189311/5/1969WWI - s/o of Ella A & Edward McNamara
EEGThomas VMcNamara19001938son - ss as John M McNamara
EEGRaymondMcNamara10/8/191010/12/1910s/o Ed & Ella McNamara
  Isadore, JrMere 4/2/1955 
EEGFrancis TMere19031964 
EEG(Joseph)HenryMere11/28/18916/7/1948WWI-s/o Isadore & Philomene (Sampica) Mere
EEGIsadore, SrMere18501926s/o of Michael Mere-where is Philemena (Sampica) Mere b 1859 buried?
EEGEmmaSampica04/29/18689/8/1916d/o Ludgar A & Joset (Durencian) Sampica
EEGEveline BSampica18681947ss as Patrick Sampica
EEGPhilomene Josephine "Joset" Loretta (Durancfan/ Durencean)Sampica12/26/18366/10/1906w/o Ludgar Sampica
EEGAlice MWhalen18611929ss as Michael & Winnifred Whalen
EEGCatherineWhalen18721951d/o Michael & Winnifred (Cleary) Whalen
EEGJerimahWhalen18591913ss as Michael & Winnifred Whalen
EEGJohnWhalen18711925ss as Michael & Winnifred Whalen
EEGMichaelWhalen18341905ss as Michael & Winnifred Whalen
EEGMichaelWhalen18671935ss as Michael & Winnifred Whalen
EEGWinnifredWhalen18381924w/o Michael Whalen
EEIJohn EDickson18841965 
EEIJosephineDickson18851/10/1979ss as John E Dickson
EEIAnnaFlaherty18681937ss as Kate, Hugh, John & Ella Flaherty
EEIEllaFlaherty18611937ss as Kate, Hugh, John, & Anna Flaherty
EEIHughFlaherty18671925ss as Kate, Anna, John & Ella Flaherty
EEIJohnFlaherty18491929ss as Kate, Hugh, Anna & Ella Flaherty
EEIKateFlaherty18661946ss as Hugh, John, Anna & Ella Flaherty
EEISusanFlaherty18531934ss as Frank Flaherty
EEIM ChauncyGreen18821940s/o Michael Edward & Sarah (Mines) Green
EEIMichael EdwardGreen18361924 
EEIW EdwardGreen18831939s/o Michael Edward & Sarah (Mines) Green
EEIRose AnnGreen 1980 
EEISarah A (Mines)Green18491922w/o Michael Edward Green previously of Lake Co., IL
EEIJohn MHayes18771960s/o Patrick & Nancy (Kairn) Hayes
EEILeo AHayes18901914s/o Patrick & Nancy (Kairn)Hayes
EEINancy (Kairn)Hayes18501928w/o Patrick Hayes
EEISusan HHayes18741955d/o Patrick & Nancy (KAIRN) Hayes
EEIWilliam PHayes18761952s/o Patrick & Nancy (Kairn) Hayes
EEIC GilbertLoehr19051971 
EEIJohn TMcGuire18891970 
EEIEllen (Brophy)Murphy18341912w/o Patrick Murphy
EEIAnna GertrudeShanney19121963 
EEIElizabeth AnnShanney19451945ss as James Michael & James Edward Shanney
EEIEllen (Dunning)Shanney18781952w/o Michael Shanney - d/o of James & Anna Dunning
EEIJames EdwardShanney19081914ss as James Michael & Elizabeth Ann Shanney
EEIJames MichaelShanney19461946ss as James Edward & Elizabeth Ann Shanney
EEILawrence FShanney5/2/19079/28/1977s/o Michael & Ellen (Dunning) Shanney
EEIGlen LThompson18741/21/1964 
EEIJoseph MThompson19241924 
EEIMary M (Parker)Thompson3/19/188312/5/1974w/o Glen L Thompson
EEIMyrtle EThompson19071918ss as Joseph H Thompson
EEIEllenWilliams18681958ss as John Williams
EEIClarence JWolfe1/14/190511/16/1967 
EEIGladys IonaWolfe19031918ss as Frank & Mary Jane Wolfe
EEIMary JaneWolfe18791938w/o Frank Wolfe
EEIRussell GeorgeWolfe19211921ss as Frank & Mary Jane Wolfe
EEIThomas JWolfe3/30/19401/30/1960Brother
EEJClarissaBlank18711917ss as Joseph Blank
EEJMinnie G (Green)Weaver18761962w/o Porter S Weaver-d/o Michael Edward & Sarah A (Mines) Green
EEJPorter SWeaver18631950s/o John Cyrus & Lavina (Biggerstaff) Weaver
EEJHerbert RThompson9/15/190310/8/1993s/o Glenn & Mary (Parker) Thompson
FAEllenConnery18391904ss asThomas, John, Henry. & Michael Connery
FAEllen AConnery18741908ss as Kathryn T, Margaret, & Mary E Connery
FAHenry FConnery18701903ss asThomas, Ellen, John. & Michael Connery
FAJohnConnery18321895ss asThomas, Ellen, Henry. & Michael Connery
FAKathryn TConnery18831966ss as Margaret, Mary E, & Ellen A Connery
FAMargaretConnery18691940ss as Kathryn T, Mary E, & Ellen A Connery
FAMary EConnery18621932ss as Kathryn T, Margaret, & Ellen A Connery
FAMichaelConnery18671956ss asThomas, Ellen, John. & Henry Connery
FAThomas LConnery18721903ss as Ellen, John, Henry. & Michael Connery
FAMary Agnes (Foley)Dower07/23/18738/14/1906w/o James M Dower -d/o William B & Anne B (Welch) Foley
FAMary ADoyle 09/20/187235 yrs -w/o Michael Doyle
FAMichaelDoyle 03/17/188858 yrs 6 mos 12 days
FAFrancisFlaherty18651881s/o Thomas & Johanna (Boland) Flaherty
FAJohanna (Boland)Flaherty18381914w/o Thomas Flaherty
FAJohnFlaherty18691926s/o Thomas & Johanna (Boland) Flaherty
FAMaryFlaherty18661945d/o Thomas & Johanna (Boland) Flaherty
FAPatrickFlaherty18751948s/o Thomas & Johanna (Boland) Flaherty
FAThomasFlaherty18741950s/o Thomas & Johanna (Boland) Flaherty
FATimothyFlaherty18731953s/o Thomas & Johanna (Boland) Flaherty
FAAnn B (Welch)Foley18541925w/o William B Foley
FAEugeneFoley18931893ss as Francis E Foley
FAFrances EFoley18781899ss as Eugene Foley
FAJanette/JeanetteFoley18966/9/1943d/o William B & Ann (Welch) Foley
FAWilliam BFoley18451911Civil War
FAMargaret (Foley)Fredell187610/9/1929 
FAJohnHanlon18351907 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
FAJohn PHanlon18741963 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
FAKathryn AHanlon18811963 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
FAMaryHanlon18431903 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
FAThomas LHanlon18761951 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
FAWalterHanlon18301880 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
FAHanlon family stone   Photo: Joanie Hanlon
FACatherine (Doyle)Lynn18611921ss as Richard Lynn
FAMaryMcElin  03/12/188048 yrs - w/o Thomas McElin
FAMary FMcElin18721942d/o Thomas & Mary McElin-contract nurse Spanish American War
FAThomasMcElin 2/28/190374 yrs
FAMaryPower 01/25/1878 
FAJohn DavidPowers18681912ss as Jeffery & Mary Powers
FAMaryPowers18341922w/o Jeffery Powers
FAPauline/AnnaQuigley18931918died Battle Creek, MI -d/o Wm F & Stacia(Power) Quigley--Mrs. Francis (Quigley)Loder of Great Falls, MT pays perp care
FAStacia (Power)Quigley18651941w/o Wm F Quigley
FAMaryWelch09/16/182112/25/1893w/o Richard Welch
FAJohnWelsh 03/02/187019 yrs 6 mos
FCAliceCartano18751965ss as Guy Cartano
FCRita Ann (Brady)Cunningham11/1/19352/15/1962w/o Donald Cunningham - d/o Bernard & Stella (Mcrea) Brady
FCAlbert MDoyle18911969 
FCBelle WDoyle19031964ss as Albert M Doyle
FCCatherine (Power)Doyle18511881ss as Julia, Elizabeth (Quigley), & David Doyle
FCDavidDoyle18521925ss as Julia & Elizabeth (Quigley) Doyle
FCDonald DavidDoyle 9/14/1934infant
FCElizabeth (Quigley)Doyle18661902ss as Julia & David Doyle
FCJuliaDoyle18991913ss as Elizabeth (Quigley) & David Doyle
FCMargaretDoyle182001/20/1896w/o William Doyle
FCWilliamDoyle03/17/18213/9/1907born Waterford Co., Ireland
FCWilliam LDoyle18761950 
FCRose (Hall)Elliot18441924ss as Charles Elliot
FCJohanna FFlaherty18141895ss as John, Thomas, Timothy, Timothy P, & Patrick Flaherty
FCTimothy PFlaherty18781911Father -wife: Johanna Tobiasson -s/o Timothy & Johanna (Donovan) Flaherty
FCMaryKellany  Old Cem. Records show this burial
FCF CKellany  Old Cem. Records show this burial
FCCatherine (Brady)Power/Powers18641931ss as Thomas & Margaret Anne Power
FCD LouisPower/Powers18921962 p/o Catherine M, Margaret A, Thomas L, Robert M & Daniel L
FCDavidPower/Powers 186640 yrs - born Co Waterford, Ireland
FCE AlfredaPower/Powers18911979 p/o Catherine M, Margaret A, Thomas L, Robert M & Daniel L
FCMargaretPower/Powers18151885w/o David Power (researching this family: Betty Patterson, 4801 Sheboygon Ave, Madison, WI 53705)
FCMargaret AnnePower/Powers19261929ss as Thomas & Catherine (Brady) Power
FCThomas LPower/Powers18541939ss as Margaret Anne, Catherine (Brady) Power
FC Power/Powers   
FCAnn (Foley)Troy03/04/18405/29/1912ss as William & Maggie Troy
FCMaggieTroy05/27/187108/26/1871ss as William & Ann (Foley) Troy
FCWilliamTroy05/09/18388/15/1921GAR marker
FCGerald PWashington18941897 
FCMaryWashington18421894ss as Robert J & Patrick Washington
FCPatrickWashington18431894ss as Robert J & Mary Washington
FCRobert JWashington18691902ss as Mary & Patrick Washington
FCHannah B (McLaughlin)Washington18651937no stone-w/o J Robert Washington - marr 1893
FDMichaelFitzpatrick 05/21/1879 
FEBernard FBrady18981950 
FEEllenConnell18811945ss as John Connell
FEMary EllenCrowley18851967ss as Maurice J Crowley & Rev Clarence J Crowley
FEMaurice JCrowley18811951ss as Mary Ellen & Rev Clarence J Crowley
FEL AldoraDonnelly19051945ss as William G Donnelly
FEMary ADonnelly19001940d/o Francis Paul & Mary (Neville) Donnelly
FEPaul FrancisDonnelly18971968WWI-s/o Paul Francis & Mary (Neville) Donnelly
FEWilliam GDonnelly18931960WW Vet
FEAgnes (Benson)Flaherty18891965ss as Eva, Edward, & John E Flaherty
FECatherineFlaherty1925 ss as Frank E, Irene (Leonard), Eugene C, & Eva C Flaherty
FEEdwardFlaherty18561925ss as Eva, John E, & Agnes Flaherty
FEEugene CFlaherty11/8/190210/6/1977ss as Catherine,Frank E, Irene (Leonard), & Eva C Flaherty-s/o Edward & Eva (Foxall) Flaherty
FEEva (Foxall)Flaherty18601936w/o Edward Flaherty
FEEva CFlaherty8/2/19008/12/1965ss as Catherine,Frank E, Irene (Leonard), & Eugene C Flaherty
FEFrank EFlaherty7/5/18862/6/1963ss as Catherine, Irene (Leonard), Eugene C, & Eva C Flaherty
FEIrene (Leonard)Flaherty1/25/18893/19/1973w/o Frank E Flaherty-d/o John & Bridget (Kelly) Leonard
FEJohn EFlaherty18851946ss as Eva, Edward, & Agnes Flaherty
FEJohn DMcCrea18871950 
FEDonald JSchaffer19501951 
FEJohn HSchaffer19281964 
FEIda PearlWolfe18871953ss as Peter Wolfe, Jr
FEJames JeraldWolfe190711/1/1971 
FEPeter, JrWolfe18801963 
FERobert LWolfe2/26/192210/30/1975WWII - s/o Frank & Mary Jane (Frazer) Wolfe
FE Wolfe pre 1863Baby
FFLloyd MAller1926  
FFLeo HerbertBrady03/07/18968/5/1962WW Vet
FFF WilfredGorius8/25/191711/12/1944WWII
FFJoseph DGorius18871964 
FFRose C (Jasper)Gorius18861973w/o Joseph D Gorius-d/o Bernard & Mary (Steger) Jasper
FFJohn FHinz18971946 
FEBessie (Flaherty)Lundon18921925ss as Velma C, Frank E, & Frank Lundon
FEFrankLundon18891968ss as Velma C, Frank E, & Bessie Lundon
FFWilliam JMcNamara18971952wife: Angela
FFDorthy MMullen1916 w/o Neil G Mullen
FFNeil GMullen10/6/19032/13/1978s/o Wm & Nora (Duncan) Mullen
FFNora Mullin18811953w/o William Mullen
FFWilliam HSeehusen19041966 WWII
FFJames EdwardWolfe19115/31/1955s/o Frank & Mary Jane (Frazer) Wolfe
FGDominickBoyle18388/27/1890Father-born Syracuse, NY
FGJaneBoyle18471902ss as Lucy Boyle
FGJulia (Halligan)Boyle18511925w/o Dominick Boyle - Mother
FGLucyBoyle 05/25/188577 yrs 3 mos 27 Days - Mother - ss as Jane Boyle
FGEugene BBrickley18791934s/o John W & Mary (Thompson) Brickley
FGLeo WBrickley1/3/18948/24/1947WW Vet -s/o Philip B Aubrey and Tess Brickley???
FGMartha Ellen "Nell" (Dearborn)Brickley12/14/18911972w/o Leo W Brickley-d/o Henry & Anna (Farrell) Dearborn
FGMary AnneBrickley 11/17/18849 mos 22 days
FGTessBrickley18731956d/o John W & Mary (Thompson) Brickley
FGVeronicaBrickley18771960d/o John W & Mary (Thompson) Brickley
FGAuntyBurns 1920 
FGMartinColeman 01/11/187363 yrs - Father-(church records say not a relative of Brickley family
FGCatherineFoley04/04/18425/29/1917d/o Mary & Thomas Foley
FGMary (Doyle)Foley08/15/181811/17/1889w/o Thomas Foley -born Bursosokane Parish, Tipperary County, Ireland
FGThomasFoley03/10/18126/22/1900ss as Catherine & Mary Foley
FGElizabeth JSmeltzer18811955ss as Samuel Bert Smeltzer
FGSamuel BertSmeltzer18831924 
FG Smeltzer 11/21/1942child of John Smeltzer
FGCharlotte ETracy18521931ss as John Tracy
FGElizabethTracy18791909ss as James P & Margaret Tracy
FGJames PTracy 12/25/18853 yrs 4 mos 5 days - s/o Michael & C E Tracy
FGMargaretTracy18851898ss as James P & Elizabeth Tracy
FGMichaelTracy18441926ss as John & Charlotte E Tracy
FIJane (Molloy)Daly17971872w/o Thomas Daly
FIJohn PDaly18641903ss as Joseph J, Mathew T, & Jane (Molloy) Daly
FIJoseph JDaly18591924ss as John P, Mathew T, & Jane (Molloy) Daly
FIKatherine (Foley)Daly18431932ss as Phillip Daly
FILena J (Bradley)Daly18821950ss as Phillip B Daly
FIMargaretDaly18691947ss as William E Daly
FIMathew TDaly18611943ss as John P, Joseph J, & Jane (Molloy) Daly
FIPhillipDaly18361911"In Phillip Daly's plot at Holy Cross Cemetery in Anamosa, there is a stone for his mother, Jane Molloy. Someone reported in 1997 that a second stone for her was found in a ditch 1/2 half mile from the cemetery. The second stone read: Jane, wife of Thomas Daly, died 18 Dec 1873, age 75, Parish of Kilcloon, County Meath, Ireland. I wonder if anyone knows what happened to the second stone." (Submitted by Joanne Wilken from a query by Mary Kay Kuhfittig.
FIPhillip BDaly18691957s/o Phillip & Katherine (Foley) Daly
FIWilliam EDaly18731936 
FIAlberta MFoley18801957ss as Charles T Foley
FICatherineFoley18901968ss as Edmond John, Mary Agnes, Mary J (Perrymen) & Edward Foley
FICharles TFoley18811951 
FIEdmond JohnFoley18831957ss as Catherine, Mary Agnes, Mary J (Perryman) & Edward Foley
FIEdwardFoley3/1/18482/00/1935ss as Catherine, Edmond John, Mary Agnes & Mary J (Perrymen) Foley
FILillian MFoley18781945ss as William E Foley
FIMary AgnesFoley18731939ss as Catherine, Mary J (Perrymen), Edward & Edmond John Foley
FIMary J (Perryman)Foley18551930ss as Catherine, Edmond John, Edward & Mary Agnes Foley
FIWilliam EFoley18751943 
FIAnthonyHalligan 12/10/188580 yrs - ss as Mary (McKenny) Halligan-stone unreadable
FIBridgetHalligan18351912Mother - ss as Mary (McKenny) & Anthony Halligan
FIMary (McKenna)Halligan 02/17/187356 yrs -w/o Anthony Halligan
FIPatrickHalpin/Holpin 10/15/188160 yrs-1880 Buchanan Co., IA census - wife: Mary
FIEdward JLavey18751946 
FILucy ELavey18741953ss as Edward J Lavey
FIMaryLavey19051906d/o E J & L E Lavey
FIMargaret EMartin18771959ss as Michel E Martin
FIMichael EMartin18711950 
FICatherine HMcCarthy18381895ss as John C McCarthy
FIJohn CMcCarthy18381909 
FIElizabeth (Boyle)Shuflin18361879w/o James Shuflin
FIMary JaneShuflin18781962 
FISarah S (Halpin)Stafford12/07/182501/13/1895w/o John Stafford -- born Cicero, Onondaga Co., NY-sister of Patrick Halpin
FIGregoryStafford  Is this John Stafford(died 09/06/1900-81 yrs)? Born Cicero, NY 2nd wife: Mary Brickley--There is also a unreadable marker here- "GROVE __________"
FIBridget (Dunn)Sullivan18561940 
FIEllenSullivan 06/26/189080 yrs -Co Kerry, Ireland -w/o Michael Sullivan
FIJulia (Sullivan)Thomas18861928 
GAMark EBreiholz8/1/19648/8/1964grandson of Edward & Christina Hughes
GAGertrude M (Kissling)Denio19111932ss as Joseph A & James J Denio
GAKatharine (Wolfe)Denio18721955ss as Theodore Denio
GAJoseph ADenio19091979p/o James, Jack, Mary & Margaret
GADonald AllenHughes7/4/193111/22/1973s/o Edward & Christina (Denio) Hughes -born Duquoin, IL
GAEdward AHughes18911957 
GAJoanne Marie (Knight)Hughes4/14/193911/22/1973w/o Donald A Hughes-d/o Carl E & Rosemary (Johnson) Knight
GAMary LucilleHughes10/13/1913  
GADiana MayMally19641964 
GALuella MaySpicer19611963 
GAElise (Joslin)Walsh18951957 
GAHelen CeciliaWhalen10/20/189210/22/1900d/o J F & Cecilia Whalen
GAJames FrancisWhalen18586/14/193779 yrs
GBJWhalen 06/04/189141 yrs
GBVona K(Vaughn)_Whalen18901978Mother - w/o William P Whalen
GBWilliam PWhalen18791937Father
GCMathiasBaldes 7/6/192875 yrs
GCClara(Weldon)Couser18871953ss as William H Couser
GCWilliam HCouser18721921 
GCBridget (Conlin)Gogarty01/12/18253/12/1914w/o Henry Gogarty
GCTKelley/Kelly 2/16/190078 yrs
GCJohnKinley 11/13/191153 yrs
GCJamesMorrison 1/19/192530 yrs
GC Norte??  Lot 37
GCRobert ARichardson7/19/19425/20/1978Vietnam War -p/o Kimberly & Chad-wife: Linda Tabor
GCFrank BRushford18951950 
GCLenaRushford18661902w/o Frank Rushford
GCLillie LRushford18981978ss as Frank B Rushford
HAMary Frances (Maudsley)Brady192619751st w/o Donald J Brady
HANicolasNeir?  no dates-on lot owned by: ____Brown
HAMaryEubank/ Eubanks 12/29/1876 46 yrs 1 mo 11 days-w/o Chastine Eubank-surviving family in Crawford Co, IA in 1880
HAIone L (Koppenhaver)Haun19091951 
HAAnna T(Foarde)Koppenhaver18831974w/o G Ellis Koppenhaver-d/o Thomas & Elizabeth (Foley) Foarde
HAG EllisKoppenhaver18811961 
HAMarvinKoppenhaver19251926s/o G Ellis & Anna T (Foarde) Koppenhaver
HAThomasKoppenhaver19221927s/o G Ellis & Anna T (Foarde) Koppenhaver
HAKath……ing  no dates-on lot owned by C Mahoney
HA …ver4/12/18609/12/18??on lot owned by C Mahoney
HAEllen (Neville)Maudsley12/09/18660202/1939ss as William, Francis L, & Celestina A Maudsley
HAFrancis LMaudsley11/19/189212/13/1959WWII -ss as William, Ellen, & Celestina A Maudsley
HAMaryMaudsley 02/25/188620 yrs 4 mos- d/o Christopher W & Ellen J Maudsley
   Maudsley 11/11/1891Cemetery records do not give first name
HAWilliamMaudsley06/22/185912/31/1946ss as Ellen, Francis L, & Celestina A Maudsley
HACatherine McNally18321907 
HAEC…ren  no dates
HAThomas O'Connor 12/29/187022 yrs
HA(Elizabeth) "Lizzie"O'Meara08/03/187603/29/1892d/o Michael & Mary Jane O'Meara
HAJohnO'Meara04/28/187807/17/1880s/o Michael & Mary Jane O'Meara
HAMichaelO'Meara12/05/184301/14/1899s/o John O'Meara
HAMary Elizabeth (Bluski)Rick2/26/18829/1/1976w/o Michael F Rick-d/o Anton & Rose (Svoboda) Bluski
HAMichael FRick18361900 
HATheressaRick18421887w/o Michael F Rick
HAWilliam FrancesRick18771945s/o Michael F & Theressa Rick
HAJerre/JonneSweeney 1/25/18922 yrs - s/o W A & M C Sweeney
HBJames HBrown 02/02/189164 yrs-wife: Ellen
HCElizabethBrady18351912 w/o Andrew Brady Photo: Joanie Hanlon
HCJohnBrady18651896 s/o Andrew & Elizabeth Brady Photo: Joanie Hanlon
HCAndrewBrady18401880 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
HCAndrewBrady 10/04/1879 40 yrs Photo: Joanie Hanlon
HCCatherineCasey18581934d/o Martin & Julia Casey
HCJuliaCasey18301895w/o Martin Casey
HCJulia TCasey18681897d/o Martin & Julia Casey
HCMartinCasey 10/18/187864 yrs-2 gravestones for this person
HCMartinCasey18141878ss as Catherine, Thomas J, Julia & Julia T Casey-2 gravestones for this person
HCThomas JCasey18601873ss as Catherine, Martin, Julia & Julia T Casey
HCJohnDorsey18611871son - 10 yrs
HCMaryDorsey18371918w/o James Dorsey
HCAnna (Hayes)Dougherty18441917w/o John Dougherty
HCBernard HayesDougherty08/13/187612/1/1955ss as John & Anna (Hayes) Dougherty
HCJohn MichaelDougherty10/31/18642/3/1937ss as John & Anna (Hayes) Dougherty
HCEllen (Lynch)Gavin 01/29/189697 yrs -ss as Mary (Root) & Sarah A & Malachi Gavin
HCClement PatrickGavin  no dates
HCMalachiGavin05/00/18489/1/1917s/o Patrick & Ellen (Lynch) Gavin-b Tipperary, Ireland-2nd marr. To Sarah Casey in 1878
HCMary (Root)Gavin 12/27/187521 yrs - 1st w/o Malachi Gavin
HCMaryGavin  This may be a second stone for Mary (Root) Gavin
HCPatrickGavin 05/06/187065 yrs - ss as Mary & W M Gavin
HCSarah A (Casey)Gavin06/00/1854aft 19002nd w/o Malachi Gavin
HCWilliam MGavin 04/05/186857 yrs - ss as Mary & Patrick Gavin-WPA says 37 yrs which makes more sense???
HCJohannaMcCann 05/04/186947 yrs - w/o Patrick McCann
HCPatrickMcCann 12/22/187059 yrs
HCAliceMcKenna18501900ss as Thomas McKenna
HCDennis PMurphy18671921 
HCMargaret JosephineMurphy18701929w/o D P Murphy
HCJames Oakley 05/26/188560 yrs-wife: Catherine
HDAgnes Catherine (Donahoe)Keating3/17/18863/6/1974w/o William H Keating - d/o William & Mary Agnes (Finn) Donahoe
HDVincent LeoKeating2/14/19141/28/1978WWII - s/o William & Agnes (Donahoe) Keating
HDWilliam HKeating18811958s/o of William & Fannie(Supple) Keating
IAAlice (McDonnell)Dunn18701907w/o A E Dunn
IAAgnesFoarde18911962ss as Helen & James Foarde
IAHelenFoarde18981945ss as Agnes & James Foarde
IAJamesFoarde18771932ss as Agnes & Helen Foarde
IAMargaret MFoarde18531935ss as Thomas L Foarde
IAThomas LFoarde18481930 
IAThomas Francis Foarde 06/11/18993 yrs-s/o Thomas & Margaret Foarde
IAAnnaFoley18771948ss as Edward Foley-lot owner: Tim Foley
IADennisFoley18581940lot owner: Tim Foley
IAEdwardFoley18731940lot owner: Tim Foley
IAHannahFoley18411920ss as Dennis Foley-lot owner: Tim Foley
IACathrine (McDonnell)Hahn1865192970 yrs -w/o Clarence Hahn
IAClarence EHahn18581928ss as Cathrine (McDonnell) Hahn
IAMary A (McDonnell??)Hahn18581940 
IAMargaret MHealey18681940 
IACatherineHealy 01/30/1868 or 06/30/186856 yrs - w/o Denis Healy of Co. Cork, Ire.
IACathrineHennessey18421916ss as Patrick Hennessey
IAJacob CManstrup18651944 
IAEllenMcDonnell18621901d/o John & Margaret (Lynch) McDonnell. Thanks to Patrick McDonnell for assistance with these McDonnell entries.
IAJohnMcDonnell18301907ss as Lucy & William McDonnell
IALucyMcDonnell18741948ss as John & William McDonnell
IAMargaret (Lynch)McDonnell18371891w/o John McDonnell
IAMaryMcDonnell18581940d/o John & Margaret (Lynch) McDonnell
IAThomasMcDonnell18661895s/o John & Margaret (Lynch) McDonnell
IAWilliamMcDonnell18601889ss as John & Lucy McDonnell
IAEllenNeville18741929ss as Michael H Neville
IAKathleenNeville  d/o Michael & Ellen Neville
IAMichael HNeville18561940 
IAPatrickNeville  s/o Michael & Ellen Neville
IAEmma C (Perryman)Overfield 08/12/189834 yrs - w/o S D Overfield
IACathrine (Phalen)Perryman18321911Mother - w/o Patrick Perryman
IAJohnPerryman18601904s/o Patrick & Cathrine (Phalen) Perryman
IAMichaelPerryman18621918ss as Patrick & Cathrine (Phalen) Perryman
IAEstelle MScott1896 ss as Francis E Scott-lot owner: P Perryman
IAFrancis EScott1895 lot owner: P Perryman
IAJ FrankScott18721932lot owner: P Perryman
IASadieScott18721947ss as J Frank Scott-lot owner: P Perryman
ICJames FConway19011941ss as James M & Mary F Conway
ICJames MConway18791955ss as James F & Mary F Conway
ICJohn R(or E)Conway04/28/188312/28/1885 
ICM PConway18471887 
ICMaryConway18811940ss as Neil P Conway
ICMary FConway18781967ss as James F & James M Conway
ICNeil PConway18841956 
ICM JDonohue 03/25/188642 yrs -Co B 2nd IA Regiment
ICBridgetMcGuire18541940ss as Thomas McGuire
ICHubertMcGuire18911947WWI-ss as Joseph McGuire
ICJoseph WMcGuire18931923WWI-ss as Hubert McGuire
ICThomas McGuire18501918 
ICNellieNeville10/25/18869/19/1900d/o Nora & John Neville
ICMichaelNeville18781912ss as Nora & John Neville
ICNoraNeville18511931w/o John Neville
ICThomasNeville18801915ss as Nora & John Neville
ICMaryO'Donnell  02/01/1892 75 yrs, Mother, of Co Mayo, Ireland. WPA says James O'Donnell also buried here (b 1803, d after 1880) Photo: Joanie Hanlon
IDRosemary (Neville)Laufer19141948 
IDFrancesNeville18921963ss as John Neville
IECatherine (McDonnell)Anglum02/13/18182/20/191395 yrs 7 days - w/o Patrick Anglum
IEMaryBoyle03/10/182001/29/1875 Mother, w/o Michael Boyle?? Photo: Joanie Hanlon
IEEdwardBoyle 1913???or 1915
IEMichael LouisDunn19071928 
IEMary M (Dunn)Eiben19041977ss as Garret Eiben
IEJames HFinnegan11/11/18994/11/1900 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
IEMargaretFinnegan183912/30/1883 43 yrs, w/o Joseph Finnegan Photos: Joanie Hanlon
IEMary (Boyle)Finnegan18831921 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
IEPeterFinnegan18371901 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
IEWilliamFinnegan18651933 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
IEJoseph RFoarde10/03/18988/31/1975 
IEMary JFoarde18791949ss as Patrick J Foarde
IEPatrick JFoarde18581927 
IEJulia SForde18961980 
IEEllenMcDonnell186804/18/1895d/o Michael & Margaret McDonnell
IEBridgetMcDonnell179507/24/187479 yrs -w/o John McDonnell
IEEllenMcDonnell07/21/186804/10/1895This person has two gravestones
IEJohnMcDonnell17991883ss as Margaret, Michael, Ellen & Bridget McDonnell
IEMargaret (Heffron)McDonnell18291897Mother - w/o Michael McDonnell
IEMichaelMcDonnell18701905s/o Michael & Margaret McDonnell
IECathrin JNeville 09/07/1878 24 yrs(21 yrs per cem rec.)d/o Michael & Ellen (Bowes) Neville
IEEllen (Bowes)Neville2/2/18336/14/1904w/o Michael Neville
IEHarry JNeville10/23/1874 02/27/1901s/o Michael & Ellen (Bowes) Neville
IEMaggie HNeville 06/11/18783 mos.-d/o Michael & Ellen (Bowes) Neville
IEMichael, SrNeville04/15/182907/06/188657 yrs 2 mos 21 days
IEPatrick Neville18751918s/o Michael & Ellen (Bowes) Neville
IERobert GNeville 08/11/188628 yrs 11 mos 16 days-s/o Michael & Ellen (Bowes) Neville
IEThomas JNeville 08/24/188223 yrs 4 mos 11 days-s/o Michael & Ellen (Bowes) Neville
IEBridgetSupple18431904ss as Francis & Francis Supple
IEFrancisSupple18691929ss as Francis & Bridget Supple
IEMary (Finnegan)Supple18771916 Photo: Joanie Hanlon
IGHenryHart 03/02/188477 yrs
IGJohnannaLynch 03/05/188224 yrs - w/o J W Lynch
IGAliceMcDonnell08/14/18303/12/1918Mother -w/o David McDonnell
IGCatherineMcDonnell 04/10/187721 yrs
IGDavid?McDonnell  Cannot read stone. May be same David listed as d 1884-ss as David & Alice McDonnell
IGDavidMcDonnell 04/03/188462 yrs. Husband of Alice (Lynch) McDonnell. Born Ireland in 1822. Wording near the base of the stone said he was "a loving husband and father and a friend to all, etc." Thanks to Patrick McDonnell for help with this listing.
IGDavidMcDonnell 08/26/188418 yrs
IGDavid LeoMcDonnell19041926s/o John & Isadore McDonnell
IGIsodoreMcDonnell18821968w/o John McDonnell
IGJamesMcDonnell18571929s/o David & Alice McDonnell of Brown Tsp, Linn Co, IA
IGJohnMcDonnell18741949s/o David & Alice McDonnell of Brown Tsp, Linn Co, IA
IGMary EMcDonnell18721924d/o David & Alice McDonnell of Brown Tsp, Linn Co, IA
  WilliamSampica185805/15/1891per cemetery records-look at DC-could be Jerry?
  WilliamSampica18366/18/1912per grandson - Ernest Appleby--wife: Elizabeth Sampson
IGLouisaSampica18351909w/o William Sampica
IGLucySampica18291869w/o William Sampica
IHMary (Jordan)Conmey18261911w/o of James Conmey
IHAnna CCorcoran18671946ss as Augustine & Margaret Corcoran
IHAugustineCorcoran12/17/18581943ss as Anna C & Margaret Corcoran
IHMargaretCorcoran19081925ss as Augustine & Anna C Corcoran
LAAnna B (Bisesi)Lazio18871965w/o Charles Lazio
LASalvadoreoLazio19101941s/o Charles & Anna (Bisesi) Lazio
LBMarcella "Cel" (Westerfelhaus)Loyet8/24/19082/16/1973w/o Leo Frank Loyet-d/o Henry & Mary (Coch) Westerfelhaus
LCAgnes GBrady18741962ss as Geraldine, Daniel & Danileta A Brady
LCDaniel (Jr)Brady18741921 
LCDanileta AgnesBrady19111921d/o Daniel & Agnes (Coakley) Brady
LCMary EBrady18801969d/o Daniel & Mary (Coakely) Brady
LCNellie CBrady18761950d/o Daniel & Mary (Coakely) Brady
LCGrace AMcLaughlin18741932Mother - w/o Simon T McLaughlin
LCMary EileenMcLaughlin19181918ss as Rita Agnes, Simon T, & Grace A McLaughlin
LCSimon TMcLaughlin18631942Father
LCMargaret AMurphy18661966 
LEEdward G Brady18971918WWI-son of John A & Julia E (Chesire) Brady
LEJohn ABrady18691940s/o Daniel & Mary (Coakley)Brady
LEJulia E (Chesire)Brady18651940w/o John A Brady -d/o John & Mary M (McDermott) Chesire
LEMary (Coakley)Brady4/25/184512/22/1932w/o Daniel Brady
LEAnnaMcDonnell06/27/18643/2/1927w/o William McDonnell
LEWilliamMcDonnell07/29/186405/131906s/o David & Alice McDonnell of Brown Tsp, Linn Co., IA
LFRoy JDolan19001957 
L ECornelius RBrady1877after 1925s/o Daniel & Mary (Coakley) Brady
PriestsJoseph (R T Rev Msgr)Gregor18711970 
PriestsJ I (Father)Patnode18851977 
PriestsRobert (Rev)Power/Powers18511925 
PriestsFrancis L (Father)Wolfe19051960 
PriestsLouis W (Rev)Wunder1/12/19361/28/1990 
The following individuals are buried in Holy Cross per the WPA Gravestone Record, but no stones can be found:
  PBurke  Maybe Patrick Burke d 1/05/1900 76 yrs
 189132 yrs
  Peter (Mrs)Garety   
  MaryGillen  Daughter of O. E. Gillen and Margaret Milligan and buried in Riverside Cemetery. Thanks to Tom Sutton for this information.
   Gillen 05/15/1884Schoolboy. Son of O. E. Gillen and Margaret Milligan and buried in Riverside Cemetery. Thanks to Tom Sutton for this information.
  JosephGorman 2/25/1925 
  Robert THealey181006/21/1889lived in Iowa for 39 yrs.
  Mary/Marion AKing 11/12/18842 yrs 4 mos-d Stone City
  Francis GeneMcNamara4/11/19354/11/1935 
  HarvMere04/00/1889pre 1955s/o Isadore & Philomene (Sampica) Mere
  HellenMere  possible Mary Helen (Mere) Lathrop 1900-1967 d/o Isadore & Philomene (Sampice) Mere
  V…fannigMere3/22/19363/22/1936Since month & day same, is this baby Vedaena F Mere?
From Jackie"Yes, however my records show Vedaena F Mere located in the Baby Section between Goldsmith & Hinz babies located to the right of Section A and below Section D."
  JMurphy  Maybe James H Murphy died 3/8/1899 50 yrs - born PA
  George WPowers 08/08/18741 yrs
  GlendeneRemington 7/9/1936 
  JerrySampica08/00/1858 Wife: Adeline Juno. Son of Jean Baptiste (Jr) & Salome (Asselin) Sampica. Parent of Mary, Marquerita, Isabel, Ellen & Agatha. Sherry Brown writes, "I show his death year as 1859."
  Mary LSampica18741935Sherry Brown writes, "This is my maternal great grandmother, Mary Louise Denio Sampica, wife of Levi Gerald Sampica of Stone City. She was born 4 Jul 1874 in Ellenburg, NY, and d. Feb 1935 in Cedar Rapids, IA. Her husband, Levi Gerald, was a superintendant at one of the quarries and was killed in an accident in 1920 at age 49. His son Ernest Peter was my mother's dad, he also died at age 49." Mary's death certificate says she is buried in Holy Cross. This makes sense because her husband, Levi, and their two infant children are buried in Section D, Row F.
  W EThornley   

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