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Johnsontown Cemetery
Scotch Grove Township
Section 26

AKA Johnstown.
Johnson Town has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery.
USGS lists two adjacent cemeteries Johnstown & Johnson Town, but people who have been there assure me there is but one cemetery.

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Photo: Tom Myles

Howard Andrews (Center Junction), Herb Rehmke (Oxford Junction), and Connie Humpal (Anamosa), members of the Jones County Cemetery Commission survey the Johnson Town Cemetery in Scotch Grove Township along with Craig Neises, reporter for Monticello Iowa Express in March 1997.

Dean Gipple, from Columbus Junction, who is in the picture below, is the person who was responsible for getting the bill passed in the Iowa Legislature in 1996 that allows each county to establish a county cemetery commission. The commissions' main purpose are to preserve pioneer cemeteries (those with six or fewer burials within the past fifty years).

Dean, who is past 80 years, came to Jones county the day Pat Shaw presented the proposal to create a cemetery commission to county supervisors. He made the two-hour drive from his home to work on the restoration of Johnson Town Cemetery. He did the same for the Mahaska County Cemetery Commission in southeast Iowa. He recently had quadruple-bypass heart surgery, but is planning to continue his work in cemetery restoration in Louisa county this summer.

Steve Stary (West Union), Betty Ganfield (Cascade FFA member), Dean Gipple (Columbus Junction), and Spot the Dog work at Johnson Town Cemetery.

Julie Delaney (Cascade FFA member) and Ron Ruess (Anamosa, Olin FFA Advisor) repair gravestone.

August 13 workday: LaVerta Langenberg from Mechanicsville, IA, using a probe to locate underground bases (She is the Jones County Genealogist who has provided many cemetery records.); Evelyn Stoll from Cascade, IA (bending over), daughter of Jones Commission Member Howard Andrews; Sara Stoll, FFA Member from Cascade and daughter of Evelyn Stoll; Margaret Tallman from Morley, IA holding the level; son of Evelyn Stoll; Steve Story from West Union and native of Olin in Jones County. (Steve and his wife, Donna, both retired educators, train and work well with volunteers.

Julie Delaney and Betty Ganfield, the FFA Chapter members in the photos above, will be on a panel discussing their restoration efforts at the Expo Conference in Des Moines on June 13. Other persons on the panel will be Tom Andrews, Sara Stoll and Travis Anderson from Cascade, and Nick Balichek and Brad Lasack from Oxford Junction.

August 1997.

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed and proofread by Joanne Wilken.

1Orson J.Crane1818(after 1856) wife: Louise N
1Annie A. Sayer/Sayre 2-24-186737y5m15dw/o P. O. Sayer/Sayre
1Alice (Sayre)Titus 6-28-187119y7m8dw/o James Wm Titus
1Edgar E.Hibler 9-21-18657m6ds/o D. G. & G. Hibler
1Sarah L.Hibler 5-4-187674y1m7dw/o Daniel Hibler
1A. L.Titus 11-7-187857y8m23d 
1Lawrence E. Austin 12-13-18602y2m11ds/o B. F. & P. J. Austin
1W. B. F.    
2Georgia EMHPutnam 11-23-18655y1m10d d/o George E. & Susan Harriet (Hibler) Putnam
2George E.Putnam 9-1-186027y1mwife: Susan (Harriet) Hibler
2Susan Harriet (Hibler) Putnam 5-23-186223y1m13d w/o George E Putnam - d/o of Daniel & Sarah Hibler
3EmelineFilson 1-19-185611y7m15d d/o John & Jemina F. Filson
3HenryCarter 8-21-186851y10m4d 
3James StewardCampbell 3-1-188244y?m2d
3Sarah E Campbell 5-10-187939y7m2dw/o James Steward Campbell
4Carrie MyrtleCarter 3-15-18739m13dbabe of James F. & S.Ellen (Wertz) Carter
4ElizabethCarter 9-22-186541y10mw/o of Henry Carter
4LucindaArnold 2-23-185910y5m15dd/o G. B. & M. R Arnold
5Mary (Manes)Barnhill 4-15-187027y6m w/o J. W Barnhill
5Daniel EBarnhill 5-13-18631y6m11ds/o J. W. & Mary (Manes) Barnhill
5CynthaBarnhill 5-23-185953y2dw/o Daniel. K Barnhill
5ElizabethBarnhill 1-30-185755yw/o Daniel K Barnhill
5Lizzy J. Barnhill 4-22-18631y3m2dd/o Wm & Johanna (Overly) Barnhill
 MinaBarnhill 04/26/187822 yrsper WPA
5G. B.    Is this the G B Arnold listed above?
5John D.Barnhill 9-8-188246y5m8d son of Daniel K & Cynthia Barnhill
5MargaretteOverly 12-10-186569y11m w/o Wm Overly
5James FOverly 1-31-186223y7m13ds/o Wm & Margarette Overly-Civil War
5Sarah JaneBaysenger 9-13-18707m16dd/o F. G. & L Baysenger
6CaryBarnhill 12-12-18652m6dd/o J. D. & L. A Barnhill
6WilliamHawley 6-9-186169y3m14d
6W. Edwin Harvey 01/12/1863 Co H 14th Iowa Inf
7Joseph PAmes 08/15/188773 yrs 2 mos 14 dayswife: Lydia A Piper
7America A.Campbell 1-18-18594m18dd/o John. & Melvina Campbell
7Harriet (Jewett)Fadley 7-6-187725y8m23dw/o John Fadley(Bro of Jonathon Fadley)
7Ettie J. Fadley 7-14-18783dd/o Jonathon & Loretta (Jewett) Fadley
7Levi ElmerFadley 11-25-18794y1m24ds/o Jonathon & Loretta (Jewett) Fadley
7PearlyFadley 2-22-18831y4md/o W. & H. P. Fadley
8George C.Corbett 7-27-18601y10ds/o Miles & Jane G. Corbitt-(Miles died Civil War)
8John H. Smith 9-2-186337y1m4d born Scotland --wife: Eliza Emerson
8SarahRodman 7-27-186852y6m26d w/o Wm Rodman
10AngelineWescott 3-6-186716y6md/o (James F.?) & Elizabeth. J (Leggett) Westcott
10Orsen E. Wescott 3-26-186214y6m2ds/o (James F.?) & Elizabeth. J (Leggett) Westcott
10Joseph H.Cockill01/14/182711-26-187447y8m12dwife: Hannah Permelia Leggett
10Mattie J.Cockill 1-21-18723y6m5dd/o Joseph & Hannah Permelia (Leggett) Cockill
10Carrie B.Cockill 2-16-18763y1m26dd/o Joseph & Hannah Permelia (Leggett) Cockill
10EmeryLeggett 9-7-187878y6mwife: Hannah Fadley

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