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Langworthy Cemetery
Wayne Township
Section 7

Photo: Jim Christianson

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I received this note from Nina Martin:

"Let me commend Mereda Pierce who owns the farm on which the Langworthy Cemetery is located. On a hot, hot Sunday two weeks ago Mereda and her son were there with lawnmower and weed-eater tending the cemetery. According to a neighbor she performs this task regularly. Everyone in Jones County should appreciate her!

Thanks again,

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading was completed in September 2006 by Dale & Joanne Wilken. Joanne says, "There are 4 or 5 broken/unreadable stones that we could see. We have tried for years to locate cemetery records for Langworthy Cem. No one appears to have them. So this listing is purely a tombstone reading."

AckermanAndrew 09/09/1873 8 Mos or Daysós/o A L & Rosa (Forsyth) E Ackerman Photo: Nina Martin.
AckermanBetsy (Brundage) 03/15/1864 73 yrs Photo: Nina Martin.
AckermanElisha179102/09/1883 92 yrsóWar of 1812 Photo: Nina Martin.
AckermanIsaac05/20/181002/28/1871 Photo: Nina Martin.
AckermanRachel12/04/181107/18/1898d/o Elisha & Betsey (Brundage) Ackerman
AckermanWilly C 02/26/1873 8 mos & 3 daysós/o S M & A Ackerman Photo: Brenda Hare
AlbertsonC R 10/11/1871 85 yrs 9 mos 3 days Photo: Brenda Hare
AlbertsonElenor L 10/29/1856 62 yrs 6 mos 15 daysów/o C R Albertson Photo: Brenda Hare
AlbertsonHenry02/09/18223/28/1908 Photo: Brenda Hare
AlbertsonIsabella 05/18/1887 3 yrs 2 mos 7 daysód/o H & J Albertson Photo: Brenda Hare
AlbertsonJacob D 04/23/1868 18 yrs 1 dayós/o Henry & Jane (Dunmer)Albertson Photo: Brenda Hare
AlbertsonJane (Dunmer)12/22/18202/16/1905 w/o Henry Albertson Photo: Brenda Hare
AlbertsonLizzie10/02/184811/14/1906 d/o Henry & Jane (Dunmer) Albertson Photo: Brenda Hare
AlbrightMary A 01/10/1868infantóUNREADABLE
BatchelderBenj. 10/11/1863 36 yrs 8 daysóCivil War, Co. H 31st Iowa Vol. Photo: Brenda Hare
BatchelderHannah (Dickinson/ Dickerson) 02/22/1862 19 yrs 6 mos 25 daysów/o Benjamin Batchelder Photo: Brenda Hare
BatchelderHarriett C (Spenser) 3/19/1868 35 yrs 6 mos 19 dysów/o R(omantis) Batchelderóp/o John Henry Batchelder Photo: Brenda Hare
BatchelderHarriet (Hunter)05/01/184411/25/1906w/o Albert Batchelderóp/o Lewis, Charles & Minnie
BatchelderAlbert08/03/183111/24/1890 s/o Nathaniel & Julia Batchelder Photo: Steve Hanken
BatchelderMary Lenore (Glass)06/04/186312/04/1896 w/o John Henry Batchelderód/o Nelson C & Mary E (Rollins) Glass Photo: Brenda Hare
Batchelderchild18971897 children of C(harles) E & L(ucy) M (Wooster) Batchelder Photo: Brenda Hare
BatesElizabeth 10/04/1870 72 yrs 2 mos 20 daysów/o Thomas Bates Photo: Brenda Hare
BatesThomas 02/28/1871 73 yrs Photo: Brenda Hare
BenjaminLewis A 12/28/187? 28? Yrs 8 mos 11 daysós/o Joseph H & ? R Benjamin Photo: Brenda Hare
BigleyNarcissa (Batchelder) 04/22/1858 18 yrs 5 mos 17 daysów/o Noah Bigleyód/o Nathaniel & Julia Batchelder Photo: Brenda Hare
BonewitzAgness G 08/15/18634 yrs 27 daysód/o P G & Mary A BonewitzóIn 1880 in Barton Co., KS
BonewitzIda B 09/28/18599 yrs 6 mos 20 daysód/o P G & M A BonewitzóIn 1880 in Barton Co, KS
BonewitzVictor E 08/30/1859 2 yrs 22 daysós/o P G & M A Bonewitz Photo: Brenda Hare
BoydFlorence E (Perrine)11/01/187512/27/1901 d/o Henry Walker & Anna J (Allen) Perrine Photo: Brenda Hare
BunceElizabeth M (Spencer)06/21/181802/18/1857 w/o Rueben Bunceód/o James & Eliza Spencer Photo: Brenda Hare
ByersLulu E M 07/12/1865 LuLu E. M., 5 mos 12 days & Cynthia A., 2 mos 19 daysóds/o John & Mary(Graham) Byers Photo: Brenda Hare
ByersCyntha A 08/12/1878
CharlesNewton 04/16/1873 32 yrs 4 mos 16 daysówife: Sarah C Photo: Brenda Hare
ChaseAdella F 04/08/1870 Adella, 14 yrs 3 mos 15 days & Franklin, 13 years 10 mos ? daysóc/o John & Mary M Chase Photo: Brenda Hare
ChaseR Franklin 04/08/1870
ClarkBulah A (Turner) 09/19/1878 47 yrsów/o James Clark Photo: Brenda Hare
ClarkNancy Delia18271910 Photo: Brenda Hare
CookGeorge Edward 02/21/1862 12 yrs 7 mos 3 daysós/o M W & M J Cook Photo: Brenda Hare
CookSallie 06/07/1867 52 yrs 9 mos 29 daysów/o George Henry Cook. After her death he moved to Harvey county, Kansas. He died in 1877. Photo: Brenda Hare
DailyCarry 3/7/1906 4 daysós/o J W & L Daily Photo: Brenda Hare
DarrowAda Edmyer07/12/187103/17/1876 Photo: Brenda Hare
DarrowAmanda 06/17/1864 55 yrs 4 mos Photo: Brenda Hare
DarrowDaniel P 04/29/1872 71 yrs 6 mos 3 days Photo: Brenda Hare
DarrowGeorge W09/19/18292/10/1906 GAR Photos: Brenda Hare
DarrowLouisa P (Smith)09/01/18459/22/1926 w/o George W Darrow Photo: Brenda Hare
DarrowGeorge10/24/191011/1/1910s/o J L & R Darrow
DarrowWilson9/28/191211/5/1912s/o J L & R Darrow
Darrowinfant son 01/17/1871s/o B(enjamin) I & E(mma) A (Bonewitz) Darrow
DavisDelcena E 09/05/18816 mos 22 daysód/o M T & E Davis
DavisMary A05/31/182705/03/1898 Photo: Brenda Hare
DavisNellie02/25/187503/04/1890 d/o C H & M E Davis Photo: Brenda Hare
 (stone only)  C D (near Davis tombstones)
DavisStephen05/18/186009/28/1860 s/o Minor & Mary Davis Photo: Brenda Hare
DickersonLewis 01/11/1873 8 yrs 9 mos 19 daysós/o J & E A Dickerson Photo: Brenda Hare
DickersonFrankey 10/23/1877 s/o Chas. & Alice (Lorener?) Dickerson Photo: Brenda Hare
DunningDrusilla Van Tassel (Ackerman)18341914 Born 20 July 1834, New York. Died 2 November 1914. Daughter of Isaac and Rachael Ackerman. Wife of Zadoc Dunning. Mother of Mary Elva, Alphretta, and Jesse. Photo: Brenda Hare
DunningZadock 05/06/1887 Born 1825, Malta, Saratoga County, New York. 61 yrs 8 mos 28 days. Photo 1: Nina Martin. Photo 2: Brenda Hare
GlassMargretta E (Rollins)04/09/18378/23/1905 w/o Nelson S Glass Photo: Brenda Hare
GuilfordJoseph B08/19/181910/08/1865 Civil War Photo: Brenda Hare
GuilfordPeninah Ann (Spencer) 08/31/1878 51 yrsów/o Joseph B Guilford Photo: Brenda Hare
HallElla H07/10/186402/24/1888 d/o R & H C Batchelderów/o Smith Hall, Jr Photo: Brenda Hare
HannanSarah J02/14/182704/16/1899 w/o Joseph Hannan Photo: Brenda Hare
HitchcockHenry 08/22/1863 68 yrs 5 mos 3 days Photo: Brenda Hare
Hitchcock    infant son of L & A Hitchcock Photo: Brenda Hare
HughesMartha A (Cook) 07/19/1871 32 yearsów/o W H Hughes Photo: Brenda Hare
HughesJohn M   s/o William & Martha Hughes Photo: Brenda Hare
HughesAnna Isabelle 05/10/18?? 1 yr 8 mos 6 daysód/o William & Martha Hughes Photo: Brenda Hare
HughesWilliam A 10/22/188421 yrs
HumphreysMary Louisa 10/06/1895 36 yrs 11 mos 20 daysów/o Charles Humphreys Photo: Brenda Hare
HutchingsJennes 04/18/189266 yrsóUNREADABLE
HutchingsHannah 12/31/1902 76 yrsóUNREADABLE Photo: Brenda Hare
LeakeSarah J 08/16/1883 53 yrs 3 mos 10 daysów/o C H Leake Photo: Brenda Hare
MauriceSarah (Albertson) 06/19/1873 29 yrsów/o Zebulon Maurice Photo: Brenda Hare
MillerEliza (Cook)18441919 w/o Perry W Miller Photo: Brenda Hare
MillerJohn Wesley18631917 s/o Perry W & Eliza (Cook) Miller Photo: Brenda Hare
MillerPerry W04/03/18335/29/1909 Photo: Brenda Hare
MillerP 03/11/1884? Infant Photo: Brenda Hare
MillerSidney Welcom 10/29/1872 1 yr 9 mos 4 daysóchild of J R & S M Miller Photo: Brenda Hare
 (small stone only)  near Miller gravesó"EWM"
PenoyerC 03/22/1880 Son of Ira C & Josephine Penoyer, 2 yrs 16 days Photo: Brenda Hare
PenoyerJosephine 01/20/1892 56 yrs 10 mos 17 daysów/o Ira C Penoyer. Died of "La Grippe." Brenda Hare Photo: Brenda Hare
PenoyerMinnie 08/27/1872 d/o C? & ? Penoyer Photo: Brenda Hare
PerrineLanning 1862?9 yrs; s/o Henry Walker & Hannah (Zinn) Perrine
Perrine(Samuel W) 1862?7 yrs; s/o Henry Walker & Hannah (Zinn) Perrine
PerrineCharles L. 05/01/1878 20 yrs; s/o Henry Walker & Mary H. (Randall) Perrine Photo: Brenda Hare
PerrineF? E 12/09/18793 mosóchild of Henry Walker & Anna J (Allen) Perrine
PerrineMary H. (Randall) Baker 05/03/187240 yrs; 2nd wife of Henry Walker Perrine; widow of Simeon L. Baker.
RaceMary 02/03/1872 67 yrs 2 mos 7 daysów/o Alvin W Race Photo: Brenda Hare
RathbunAdelaide (Bennett) Knapp03/03/185102/27/1897 w/o James H Rathbunód/o James & Rachel (Moriarty) Bennett Photo: Brenda Hare
RathbunJames H  s/o Anson & Millie (Nettleton) Rathbun
ReedDavid 05/19/1880 56 yrs 6 mos 14 daysówife: Mary C Scriven Photo: Brenda Hare
RicklefsJulia04/28/187601/26/1877 Photo: Brenda Hare
ScrivenJane Annca 1840ca 1856 16 yrsód/o Oliver G Scriven Photo: Brenda Hare16 yrsód/o Oliver G Scriven
ScrivenJoseph L 07/28/1861 23 yrs 9 mos 5 daysós/o Oliver G & C Scriven Photo: Brenda Hare
ScrivenWilliam H 01/23/188224 yrsós/o Oliver G & Clarinda (Wiggins) Scriven
ShermanMiles Edward 10/05/1870 s/o Perry and Jerrisphine Sherman. He was 1 month old in the 1870 census. Photo & additional info: Brenda Hare
ShermanJames18091891 Photo: Brenda Hare
SlaterAaron D04/04/182402/15/1885 Photo: Brenda Hare
SlaterEdwin Burton 12/25/1870 s/o A D & D Slater Photo: Brenda Hare
SmithDaniel 02/28/179907/03/1878 same stone as Polly Smith Photo: Brenda Hare
SmithEarl F19021905 s/o H L & J Smith Photo: Brenda Hare
SmithElla M01/08/18542/17/1930 d/o John G & Eunice W Smith Photo: Brenda Hare
SmithEunice W10/05/18233/26/1904 Photo: Brenda Hare
SmithJohn G11/18/181203/17/1881
SmithLydia 11/16/1862 70 yrsów/o John W. Smith Photo: Brenda Hare
SmithPearl18931893d/o H L & J Smith
SmithPeter 10/13/1873 61 yrs 5 mos 25 days Photo: Brenda Hare
SmithPolly10/07/180205/08/1877 same stone as Daniel Smith Photo: Brenda Hare
SpencerJames 04/02/186168 yrsówife: ElizaóUNREADABLE
SpencerEliza01/18/179906/19/1883 d/o John M McMahan, w/o JAmes Spenceróborn PA Photo: Brenda Hare
StevensIda 03/30/188? 8 yrsód/o L & B? Stevens Photo: Brenda Hare
ThompsonGrant E18481905 Photo: Brenda Hare
TippenSarah A (Wilkins) 09/06/1871 32 yrs 9 mos 26 days -d/o Michael & Catharine Wilkinsów/o Levi D Tippen Photo: Brenda Hare
WalkerEarnest N 03/06/18881 yr 3 daysós/o P J & Jane Walker
WilkensAmous V 05/02/186366 yrs 3 mos ? DaysóUNREADABLE
WorsterEmory11/07/180703/12/1858wife: Almyra
WorsterLily S (Bonewitz) 04/11/187219 yrs 4 mos 16 daysód/o P G & Mary A Bonewitzów/o Waldo Worster/Woorster
The following individuals are buried in Highland Grove per the WPA Gravestone Record, but no stones can be found:
AlbertsonCarl G 07/07/1876s/o William & Rebecca (Brush) Albertson
AlbertsonSusie 05/02/1871 
HannanJoseph18361876-188031 yrs (His youngest born 1876)
PenoyerIra C 01/19/189260 yrs of "La Grippe." Brenda Hare
The reading below was transcribed by Jim Christianson from the WPA Gravestone records.

The W.P.A. cemetery records were created by the Works Project Administration, Graves Registration Project. The Works Project Administration was a relief program created during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1930s. The program provided employment for millions of people during the Great Depression.

The records are an excellent source for information about stones that existed 70 years ago, but have since disappeared. These records are not complete nor are they always accurate. Be sure to check for misspellings and try to confirm the information through another source.






Betsey (Brundage)Ackerman 3-15-186473 yrs 
ElishaAckerman17912-9-185592 yrsWar of 1812
RachelAckerman12-4-18117-18-1898 d/o Elisha & Betsey (Brundage) Ackerman
WillyAckerman 2-26-1873 infant
C. B. Albertson 10-14-187185 yrs 
Carl G.Albertson 7-7-1876 son of William & Rebecca (Brush) Albertson
Elenor L.Albertson 10-29-185656 yrs 
Jane (Dunmer)Albertson12-22-18202/16/1905 w/o Henry Albertson
SusieAlbertson 5-2-1871  
Mary A.Albright 1-10-1868 infant
Benjamin JBachelder 10/11/186336 yrsCivil War-Co H 31st Iowa Vol
Hannah (Dickinson)Batchelder 2-22-186219 yrsw/o B Batchelder
Harrett C (Spenser)Batchelder 3-19-186835 yrsw/o Romantis Batchelder-p/o John Henry Batchelder
Harriett (Hunter)Batchelder5-1-184411/25/1901 w/o Albert Batchelder-p/o Lewis, Charles & Minnie
AlbertBatchelder8-3-183111-24-1890 s/o Nathaniel & Julia Batchedler
Mary Lenore (Glass)Batchelder6-4-186312-4-1896 w/o John Henry Batchelderód/o Nelson C & Mary E (Rollins) Glass
Elizabeth Bates 10-4-187072 yrs 
Thomas Bates 2-28-????73 yrs 
Narcissa ( Batchelder)Bigley 3-22185818 yrsw/o Noah Bigley -d/o Nathaniel & Julia Batchelder
Florence E.Boyd11-1-187512/27/1901  
Elizabeth M. (Spencer) Bunce6-21-18182-18-1857 w/o Rueben Bunce
NewlonCharles 4-16-187932 yrs 
Abella F. Chase 4-8-187014 yrs 
Bulah AClark 9-19-187847 yrs 
SallieCook 6-7-186752 yrs 
AmandaDarrow 6/27/186455 yrs 
Daniel P.Darrow 4-29-187271 yrs 
George W. Darrow9-19-18292/10/1906  
Louisa P (Smith)Darrow9-1-18459/22/1926 w/o George W Darrow
Mary A.Davis5-31-18275-3-1898  
Drusilla (Ackerman)Dunning18341914  
ZadockDunning 5-6-188761 yrs 
Margretta E.Glass4-9-18378/23/1905  
Joseph B.Guilford8-19-181910/08/1865 Civil War
Penervah Ann (Penorah)Guilford 8-31-187851 yrs 
Ella H.Hall7-10-18887-24-1888  
JosephHannan18361876-188031(?) yrsyoungest child born 1876
Sarah J.Hannan2-4-18274-18-1899 w/o Joseph Hannan
HenryHitchcock 8-22-186368 yrs 
Martha (Cook)Hughes 7-19-187132 yrs 
Wm A.Hughes 10-22-188421 yrs 
Mary LouisaHumphrey 10-6-189536 yrs 
JennesHutchings 4-18-189266 yrs 
Hannah Hutchings 12/13/190276 yrs 
Sarah (Albertson) Maurice 6-19-187329 yrsw/o Zebulon Maurice
Eliza (Cook)Miller18441919 w/o Perry W Miller
John WesleyMiller18631917 s/o Perry W & Eliza (Cook) Miller
Perry W.Miller4-3-18335/20/1909  
Ira C.Penoyer 1-19-189260 yrs 
Ira C.Penoyer 3-22-1880 infant
JosephinePenoyer 01/20/189256 yrsw/o Ira C Penoyer
C. L. Perrine 5-1-187820 yrs 
MaryRace 2-3-187267 yrs 
Adelaide (Bennett) KnappRathburn (Rathbun)3-3-18512-27-1897 w/o James H Rathburn--d/o James & Rachel (Moriarty) Bennett
James H. Rathburn   s/o Anson & Millie (Nettleton)Rathburn
David Reed 5-19-188056 yrswife: Mary C Scriven
Mary H.Renine 5-3-187260 yrsWPA says 40 yrs
Joseph L.Scriven 7-28-186123 yrs 
Wm H.Scriven 1-23-188224 yrss/o O G & Clarinda (Wiggins) Scrivens
Aaron DSlater04/04/182402/15/1885  
Ella M Smith1-8-18542/17/1930 d/o John G & Eunice W Smith
Eunice WSmith10-5-18283/26/1904 w/o John G Smith. Annette Baker writes that Eunices' stone actually reads "Eunice His Wife," and that the correct birthdate is 10-5-1823.
John G.Smith11/18/18123/17/1881 Thanks to Annette Baker for help with this entry.
LydiaSmith 11/16/186270 yrs 
James Spencer 4-2-186168 yrswife: Eliza
Sarah J. Leake 8-16-188756 yrsw/o Charles H Leake
Grant E.Thompson18421905  
Sarah A.Tippen 9-6-187132 yrsd/o Michael & Catharine Tippen
Lily S.Webster 4-11-187219 yrs 
Amous V.Wilkens 5-2-186366 yrs 
EmoryWorster (Wooster)11-7-18073-12-1858 wife: Almyra

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