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Merritt Cemetery
Rome Township
Section 3

Merritt has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery

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Photos: Jim Christianson who says "Merritt is one of the best kept cemeteries in Jones County!

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed by Jim Christianson and proofread by Joanne Wilken. Tombstone photos by Jim Christianson, except where noted.

1Leonard RoyMerritt4-4-18935-18931m 5d Son of G. W. & Mary Merritt
2HarrietCuldice 2-21-185733 y Wife of Josiah/Jonah Culdice
2J. EloiseCuldice 12-1-187018 y
2Jonah/JosiahCuldice 12-4-187148 y Son of Johann Henry and Margaret (Davison) Goldizen
2Chas. LeeWalston12-06-18835-30-1886  Son of Charles E. & Mary (Merritt) Walston
3Elmer F.Coppess2-3-18881-29-1949  Son of Noah L & Syretta Coppess—Ia Pvt, 142 Inf, 36 Div, WW2
3Edyth E. Coppess18971984 
3LucillaByerly 8-11-18853y 1m 7d Daughter of Frank A. & Malinda (Merritt) Byerly
3InfantMerritt 6-2-1887  Son of H. S. Merritt
3Harold BallParker3-20-1904  
3Rebecca MerrittParker6-11-19104-2-1984  Parents of John—marr. 9-21-1930
3Allison JaneArp9-10-19637-5-1983  Daughter of Merl & Jean (Williams) Arp—b Nairobi, Kenya, d Washington, D.C.
4HughAfe  1y 3d  
4William Houstman12-10-18553-1-1857  Son of Mathias H. & H. A. Houstman. Thanks to Ron Siebels help with this entry.
4Hugh Houstman11-21-186411-30-18649d Son of Mathias H. & H. A. Houstman. Thanks to Ron Siebels for photo and help with this entry.
4Cloey Houstman11-3-185711-10-18577d Daughter of Mathias H. & H. A. Houstman.
4Catherine (Culp)Merritt4-15-180012-14-1855  Wife of John Merritt
4John Merritt2-23-180612-1-1886  to Iowa Jan 1837
4CarolineMerritt10-20-18272-16-1904  Wife of John Merritt
4Elanor (Merritt)Hicks 3-28-187574y 3m 21d Wife of Lawson Hicks
4AndrewHicks7-17-18444-3-1898  Death certificate says Center cemetery, but reading places him here w/mother.
4AugustaMerritt 4-15-187813y 8m 3d Daughter of John Jerome & Rebecca (Blayney) Merritt—twin of Gus Merritt
4MarandaMerritt 08-30-189132y 6m 19d Daughter of John Jerome & Rebecca (Blayney) Merritt—twin of Gus Merritt
4John JeromeMerritt12-4-18339-8-1919  b Niagra Co NY
4Rebecca (Blayney) Merritt6-25-18375-30-1905  Wife of John Jerome Merritt
4William Delos "Dell"Merritt6-6-18747-27-1952  Son of of John Jerome & Rebecca (Blayney) Merritt
4Maude (McKean)Merritt2-23-18761-21-1949  Wife of of William Delos "Dell" Merritt
4Sydney AllynStory4-24-192209-00-1944  Lt. killed in line of duty—Son of Oscar Horace & Bessie E (Merritt) Story
4Bess Elizabeth (Merritt)Story1902   Wife of of Oscar Horace Story-Daughter of Dell & Maude (McKean) Story
4Oscar HoraceStory9-18-18971-7-1965  Son of Horace & Emma (Stivers) Story—WW1
4C. Merritt    GAR
4Elizabeth (Newell)Merritt18401911  Wife of Cornelius Merritt
4CorneliusMerritt18411911  Co E, 31st Reg, Ia Inf, Civil War
5Clayton O.Blood12 Feb5-1895  Son of Clarence and Caroline Leona "Carrie" (Houstman) Blood. Thanks to Ron Siebels for help with this entry.
5John C.Merritt 11-29-186111m 15d Son of John & Rebecca A. (Blayney) Merritt
5Cornelyous M.Lyon2-6-186311-11-1919  Son of John W & Dolly (Merritt) Lyon -wife: Caroline Sherman -Ia Pvt 32 U.S. Vol. Inf
5Dolly (Merritt)Lyon 4-29-186321y 3m 20d Daughter of John & Catherine (Culp) Merritt
5Mattias H.Houstman11-22-18261-14-1900  Son of Henry and Catherine (Heister) Houstman.
5Agnes (Merritt)Houstman5-17-18302-25-1903  or died 1906. Wife of Mattias Henry Houstman, daughter of John and Catherine (Culp) Merritt
5CelestaHarvey 1872 or 18922m 2d Daughter of G. W. and C. A. Harvey. (G. W. Harvey married a Cora Williams in Anamosa, 08-9-1871.) Thanks to Ron Siebels for photo and help with this entry.
6FlorenceHoustman 10-18-1899  Daughter of Jerome Raleigh & Blanche (McDaniel) Houstman. Florence died as the result of a miscarriage when a barn door fell on her mother during a storm, and Blanche, almost full term, lost the baby girl. Thanks to Ron Siebels for help with this entry.
6Joseph AlbertRobins 4-30-18985h
6J. A. Robins6-5-18607-14-1902  Father
6Hulda M.Robb 11-24-18774y 1m 27d Daughter of Ben & Catherine (Munsinger) Robb
6JohneyRobb 10-7-18843y 3m Son of Ben & Catherine (Munsinger) Robb
6William E. Merritt18701958 
6John C. Merritt18831948 
 Mercy E.Houstman 9-22-1882  This stone is located by the fence in the far right corner area next to Mary F. Houstman. That whole n/e corner of Merritt cemetery is almost entirely (with the exception of J. A. Robins Sr) children and infants, and all are closely related. Mercy Ellen was a young daughter of Merritt and Clara Jane (Shields) Houstman. Merritt Houstman moved on to Minnesota and North Dakota and is buried in the Turtle Lake cemetery by Turtle Lake, ND. Thanks to Ron Siebels for help with this entry and for the photo.
 Mary F.Houstman 2-12-187912y 11m 1d Mary was a daughter of Mathias and Agnes (Merritt) Houstman, and an aunt to Mercy (above). Thanks to Ron Siebels for help with this entry.
 Faith MerrittWilliams7-190612-199712y 11m 1d

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