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Section 3
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This reading was provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society.

1SmithBetty J5/28/19262/1/1984same stone as John P Smith
1OstrangerEdna Mae10/9/19225/6/1996same stone as Guy Noel Ostranger
1OstrangerGuy Noel6/29/192412/4/1985same stone as Edna Mae Ostranger
1PriceA Ray18921956same stone as Ida M Price
1PriceIda M18841969same stone as A. Ray Price
1GrayJohn K12/3/191311/10/2004same stone as Mary L (Eggers) Gray - married 06/22/1937
1WinnerMargaret 06/26/1885no stone
1WinnerGarrett V03/22/18344/22/1902death date per WPA - unreadable
1FickleAlfred Y10/28/19106/9/1984Cpl US Army WWII
1FickleEliza Mary18701937Wife - same stone as Alfred Baton Fickle
1FickleAlfred Baton18621955Husband-same stone as Eliza Mary Fickle
1YoungJames18411921born in PA -same stone as Amanda (Printz) Young
1YoungAmanda (Printz)18431910born in VA-same stone as James Young
1BerryLuncinda Isabell18561950 
1DixonDonald Edward19121934son of Clarence & Ruby Dixon
1DixonSusan Isabel19161919dau. Of Clarence & Ruby Dixon
1YoungRoy Dawson19041935son of James & Alice (Dawson) Young
1YoungAlice (Dawson)18801933w/o James Myron Young
1YoungJames Myron18751928Physician
1TomlinsonJesse 12/17/189474 yrs 2 mos 27 days
1TomlinsonMary A 7/23/194883 yrs 19 days - same stone as Jesse Tomlinson
1CourtneyEthel R18901982same stone as Leo H Courtney
1CourtneyLeo H18841924same stone as Ethel R Courtney
1CourtneyCapitola18591952same stone as George Courtney
1CourtneyGeorge18521930same stone as Capitola Courtney
1DixonRuby J18921974same stone as Clarence H Dixon
1DixonClarence H18911985same stone as Ruby J Dixon
2SmithSamara P18991982same stone as Paul N Smith
2SmithPaul N18981974same stone as Samara P Smith
?NorrisBlanch18861913no readable stone-father: T F Norris
2NorrisLillian M18881976same stone as Frank H Norris
2NorrisFrank H18871960same stone as Lillian M Norris
2NorrisLewis F19341981same stone as Kathryn A Norris - parent of Cindy & Susan
2LivingstonMary J18641953same stone as Wm David Livingston
2LivingstonWm David18541932same stone as Mary J Livingston
2DietakerSelma K19132008same stone as Paul B Dietaker
2DietakerPaul B19142004same stone as Selma K Dietaker
2YoungCecil G19091938 
2YoungMargaret A18751939same stone as Edw. Ray Young
2YoungEdw. Ray18721939same stone as Margaret A Young
2YoungWilliam H H18401921 
2YoungMargaret E18431930 
2Reade(baby) 11/11/1882dau of Mr. & Mrs Wm H Reade
2CourtneyJames 07/31/188457 yrs 7 mos
2CourtneyDiantha 09/22/187558 yrs 4 mos 4 days - w/o James
2OverlyLucinda 07/07/189174 yrs 7 days - wife of John C Overly
2OverlyJohn C 4/30/190388 yrs 3 mos 10 days
2UnderwoodCapt. S(lyvester) W. 05/28/189069 yrs
2UnderwoodMargaret B(ridget) 05/29/189056 yrs - w/o S W
2UnderwoodSamuel H 05/17/189134 yrs - same stone as S. W.& Margaret
2UnderwoodJohn R 05/20/189226 yrs - same stone as S. W. & Margaret
2PerryFred J 01/10/189416 yrs 7 mos 23 days - s/o J N & M A Perry
2PerryMargaret A 05/05/189444 yrs 28 days -w/o Dr. J N Perry
2UnderwoodHenry  ( no date - WPA says died 12/10/1914 at age 59 years)
2LewisPhineus B07/31/18292/29/1904 
2LewisSarah M (Patterson)03/27/18324/17/1914w/o P B Lewis
2LewisZera M11/15/185910/22/1907 
2StraitChad L1/17/19753/27/2007 
3FrostGhita (Preston)18851969 
3NorrisJudson Pierce09/24/18947/2/1958Pvt 63 PW Escort GD CO ASC WW I
3NorrisGeorge Anna18641942same stone as Ethel Belle Norris
3NorrisEthel Belle18921967same stone as George Anna Norris
3Michels(baby) 3/7/1900dau. of J C & A C Michels
3Michels(baby) 3/9/1905son of J C & A C Michels
3MichelsJulius18731939sames stone as Amelia C Michels
3MichelsAmelia C18761946sames stone as Julius Michels
3SmithRachel (Nichols)18641954same stone as John Newton Smith
3SmithJohn Newton18641940same stone as Rachel Smith
3NicholsE A08/05/182205/11/1898same stone as Nancy Jane Nichols
3NicholsNancy Jane 05/27/183906/28/1874same stone as E A Nichols
3NicholsMary Esther09/13/186007/26/1862same stone as E A and Nancy Jane Nichols
3Overly(Unknown) 06/22/18708 yrs
?OverlyWilbur 06/30/18716 yrs - s/o Isaac & Mary E (Krouse) Overly - no readable stone
3OverlyMary E (Krouse)  4/25/190164 yrs 8 mos 2 days - w/o Isaac Overly
3OverlyIsaac07/01/18273/18/190476 yrs 8 mos 1 day- b Fleming Co., KY
3OverlyW Frank18651919 
3OverlyJ A04/06/18519/6/1905 
3OverlyMartin S 07/26/18832 mos 22 days - s/o J A & E D Overly
3CourtneySimeon04/08/180403/08/1883same stone as Mary Courtney
3CourtneyMary10/00/180810/07/188072 yrs - w/o Simeon
3WoodHiriam F18761924 
3LyonW J18591938 
3LyonDavid G18291916Father
3CourtneyJacob H18371918Civil War
3CourtneyAlice V18481921w/o J H Courtney
3IostyMildred E3/29/19177/13/1998same stone as Lloyd L Iosty
3IostyLloyd L19121975same stone as Mildred E Iosty
3MeadBlanch C18951984same stone as William T Mead
3MeadWilliam T18901973same stone as Blanch C Mead
3MeadBerneice19181980same stone as Dean C Mead
3MeadJennie R4/7/19241/21/1989same stone as Myron G Mead
3MeadMyron G2/27/191906/04/1987same stone as Jennie R Mead
4WilcoxMary L 19041989same stone as Arthur Wilcox
4WilcoxArthur18961979same stone as Mary L Wilcox

4LeechJennie 18721965same stone as Howard Leech
4LeechHoward18691961same stone as Jennie Leech
4LewisFred A06/03/18873/20/1960Pfc US Army IA WWI
4LewisGertrude May05/20/18942/14/1958 
4ReadeHenry G18811952 
4KrouseMargaret 1109/1887 "Father & Mother." Margaret, 83 yrs 3 mos 28 days. John, 59 yrs 10 mos 19 days. Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
4KrouseJohn G(eorge) 01/15/1857
4PangburnJohn G 04/04/18851 yr 18 days - son of Geo. G & E A Pangburn
4PangburnEstell 02/04/187116 mos 18 days - dau of Geo G & E A Pangburn
4PangburnGeorge G02/19/183707/04/1885 
4PangburnEsther Ann05/01/18495/26/1925 
4HuckerElla A04/23/18721/26/1900 
4NicholsMartin S18191904same stone as Eleanor Nichols
4NicholsEleanor18231862w/o Martin Nichols
4NicholsAustin E 11/23/1869s/o M & N(?) Nichols
4CulbertsonRobert Ray10/13/18_805/03/1878s/o C & Lydia Culbertson
4CrinklawJessie E 11/02/18835 yrs 8 mos d/o C R & ? Crinklaw
4ClarkElizabeth18641933same stone as J Calhoun Clark
4ClarkJ(ohn) Calhoun18561937same stone as Elizabeth Clark
4ClarkMildred 19041972 
4NorrisWalter E05/12/18801/15/1909 
4NeffLucille E19062000same stone as Paul H Neff
4NeffPaul H19051993same stone as Lucille E
4NorrisWm Howard02/08/186812/26/1919 
4LivingstonJames F18601938same stone as Susan May Livingston
4LivingstonSusan May18611939same stone as James F Livingston
4PrestonFrank F18901946same stone as Alice B Preston
4PrestonAlice B18951989same stone as Frank F Preston
4MeadGrace M18941964same stone as Robert G Mead
4MeadRobert G18891965WW I
4MeadJames L19051983same stone as Neva V Mead
5HimebaughMyrtle M18891970same stone as Frank L. Himebaugh
5HimebaughFrank L18961978same stone as Myrtle Himebaugh
5MathesLorna (Livingston)2/24/19085/23/1990 
5LivingstonGrace L18841981same stone as John W Livingston
5LivingstonJohn W18781962same stone as Grace L Livingston
5WatsonE Belle18761966 
5WatsonGlen D18701940 
5McDonaldAndrew19041940same stone as Esther McDonald
5McDonaldEsther19091997same stone as Andrew McDonald
5SmithPeter C06/14/18365/28/1923same stone as Helen (McDonald) Smith
5SmithHelen (McDonald)02/17/18422/20/1923same stone as Peter C Smith
5SmithJames W 05/04/188926 yrs 3 mos 21 days - s/o P C & H Smith
5SmithAgnes E07/10/187507/23/1892d/o J H & E Smith
5SmithJohn H09/15/182709/12/1888native of Perthshire, Scotland
5SmithElizabeth (Eliza)01/20/18326/6/1917(per WPA listing) Mother stone here
5SmithJames R10/31/186012/31/1925 
5LeggettAnson E02/20/18531/29/1913 
5LeggettEdith Lavina05/19/18803/22/1932 
5LeggettGeo Lee 03/05/18886 yrs 9 mos 17 days - s/o Mrs & Mrs E Overly
5OverlyWm L 12/00/190558 yrs
5OverlyJohn 11/23/189920 yrs 2 days - s/o Wm & Ellen Overly
5OverlyEllen 3/16/191975 yrs - per WPA records
5TomlinsonWilliam18481921same stone as Alzina Tomlinson
5TomlinsonAlzina18531933same stone as William Tomlinson
5Johnston?Bertie  1 yr. 21 days - s/o J & A Johnston?
5JohnstonMarie 04/21/18962 mos 3 days - d/o J K & A B Johnston
5PangburnWilliam H 07/11/18476/11/1906same stone as Mary G Pangburn
5PangburnMary G01/25/18514/2/1931same stone as William H Pangburn
5PangburnMaynard J18981916s/o W S & H M Pangburn
5PangburnHattie Mae18751956 
5PangburnWm Sheldon18721964 
5LeggettSarah E (Hogaboom)18491921 
5LeggettJoseph-1851(1925-1930)Co A 19 NY Cav - wife: Sarah Hogaboom
5LeggettRoy H07/26/18882/6/1978Pvt US Army WWI
5MeadJames B18571944same stone as Mary A Mead
5MeadMary A18671968same stone as James B Mead
5JohnsonDorothy E19021958same stone as Norman D Johnson
5JohnsonNorman D19041975same stone as Dorothy E Johnson
5DodgeRachel M19031970same stone as Dale J Dodge
5DodgeDale J19021968same stone as Rachel M Dodge
5AndrewsOra A12/00/189810/2/1975Pvt US Army WW I
5AndrewsMarjorie A3/5/19004/19/2003 
6BalsterJean Joy (McNeilly)9/11/19199/20/1988same stone as Leslie Milton Balster - p/o Lynn, Steven, David & Susan
6McNeillyGladys (Smith)18921984same stone as James Robert McNeilly
6McNeillyJames Robert18911967same stone as Gladys (Smith) McNeilly
6SmithAlva G18721956same stone as William F Smith - (Jessie Smith, sister, 1856-1936, may also be here)
6SmithWilliam F18681942same stone as Alva G Smith - (Jessie Smith, sister, 1856-1936, may also be here)
6DoranAnnie S06/09/18712/10/1947same stone as Francis P Doran
6DoranFrancis P03/10/185612/19/1940same stone as Annie S Doran
6McDonaldOscar E4/20/190112/24/1914 
6McDonaldHazel E02/08/189603/11/1896 
6McDonaldHoward A03/13/189504/09/1895 
6McDonaldMargaret Annan06/00/180110/00/1892w/o of J McDonald
6NorrisEliza (White)11/01/18351/25/1916w/o G R Norris
6NorrisGeorge R06/19/183103/20/1895same stone as Eliza (White) Norris
6NorrisJohn 06/05/18919 mos 24 days s/o Thomas F & Georgina A Norris
6LeighrBlanche E. (Norris)188619131st wife of Melvin Horace Leighr. Daughter of Thomas F. & Georgiana Norris.
6NorrisThomas F18581929 
6LewisFern19031917d/o A J & M M Lewis
6LewisMinnie May18751948 
6LewisJudson 18671918 
6LewisNyles18991904s/o A J & M M Lewis
6LewisBarnett02/06/182405/03/1889same stone as Ruth Lewis
6LewisRuth 08/16/183202/25/1893same stone as Barnett Lewis
6OverlyFannie M 05/30/18911 yr 3 mos 2 days -d/o E E & C R Overly

6Overly(Baby) son  3 wks - (s/o of E E & C R Overly?)
6ShipleyHarmon W18631931same stone as Alvaretta Shipley
6ShipleyAlvaetta 18721947same stone as Harmon W Shipley
6McNeillyJohn18591934same stone as Mary McNeilly
6McNeillyMary18561944same stone as John McNeilly
6WithamElizabeth (Buskirk)18401908 
6WithamMartin V(an Buren)01/30/183611/12/1931Father -born Bangor, ME
6CollierLloyd A18971983 
6CollierSusan J18661927 
6PluegerOra Mae19231955same stone as Raymond L Plueger
6PluegerRaymond L19161972WW II -same stone as Ora Mae Plueger
6AndersonHarley C19201991 
7McCraeSara E19301989 
7StantonMarietta (Letze)18981972same stone as Truman Earl Stanton
7StantonTruman Earl1898(11/03/1993)same stone as Marietta (Letze) Stanton
7StantonLeona Mae18991987 
7JamesMary Elizabeth1917(11/10/2003) 
7JamesHarry18951971same stone as Sadie James
7JamesSadie18961972same stone as Harry James
7HamiltonMelissa A2/21/196711/23/1967 
7VanslikeJacob H 11/29/189460 yrs 9 mos 16 days
7VanslikeLettie 02/05/189222 yrs 6 mos 9 days - d/o J H & S E Vanslike
?VanslifeSarah E 05/20/18406/3/1917no readable stone - d/o Isaac & Sarah (Shepard) Garrigus
7DewGeorge Arthur09/26/18944/14/1965Cpl IA US Army WW I
7DewHenry Kenneth08/16/18972/5/1954IA Pvt US Army WW II
7DewAddie I18701934w/o J W Dew
7White(Jane F [Smith])18551928same stone as (William White)
7White(William)1848/1852 same stone as (Jane F [Smith])
7McNeillyRilla D18721936same stone as Donald R & Wm Frank McNeilly
7McNeillyDonald R19111913same stone as Wm Frank & Rill D McNeilly
7McNeillyWm Frank18691946same stone as Donald R & Rilla D McNeilly
7McNeillyAnna11/08/18304/10/190170 yrs 5 mos 2 days
?McNeillyJames F09/01/18356/28/1908no readable stone - wife: Anna Smith - s/o M & Eliza (Kinley) McNeilly
7McDonaldAndrew01/31/183712/31/1906Native of Scotland
7McDonaldMargaret05/15/18303/30/1906Native of Scotland
7SutliffClara Belle18681897 
7SutliffJane G18311894 
7SutliffJohn Haddon Corbett18571917buried Yukon Territory
7WrightDelia O05/22/18388/10/1901d/o A Wright
7FeltonHarland P 09/10/189624 yrs 8 mos 19 days
7FeltonM(oses) O03/14/18281/29/191485 yrs 10 mos 5 days
7FeltonAnna M (Krause) 1/1/191379 yrs 2 mos 17 days - w/o M. O Felton
7PorterClarence 18981925s/o Winfred A Porter
7PorterAnna Winifred18671951w/o Alonzo Porter - d/o M O & Anna Felton
7AlexanderGeorgie 12/14/18971 yr 10 mos 12 days - s/o W H & A E Alexander
7AlexanderAmy E18581931same stone as William H Alexander
7AlexanderWilliam H 18541939same stone as Amy E Alexander
7Andrews(baby)  dau. of E A & E P Andrews
7AndrewsPhoebe E18871943same stone as Elmer A Andrews
7AndrewsElmer A18781961same stone as Phoebe E Andrews
7AndrewsGeorge H18531932same stone as Ida H Andrews
7AndrewsIda H18561927same stone as George H Andrews
7AndrewsBuehl 1927same stone as Geo H & Ida H Andrews
7DodgeMyron G18701932same stone as Lucy A Dodge
7DodgeLucy A18761956same stone as Myron G Dodge
7AndersonBetty J 1946 
7AndersonNancy Sue 1953 
7AndersonCarol Ann19591964dau.
7AndersonMary Ellen19221977 
8WoodyardJohn5/17/194012/11/1998same stone as Donna Woodyard- married 11/18/1959
8MyhlhousenRobert J3/10/192612/9/1998same stone as Mona I Myhlhousen
8RichesJohn19091989same stone as Lena Riches - p/o Donna, Marily & John
8McCulloughLorraine1908 same stone as Edward McCullough
8McCulloughEdward "Ted"19051974same stone as Lorraine McCullough
8VanslikePolly M05/04/18093/29/1901 
8BabcockMae (Overly)18851948same stone as C Al Babcock
8BabcockC Al18851964same stone as Mae Babcock
8Livingston  11/2/1913s/o C C & M livingston
8LivingstonMargaret E18851958same stone as Charles C Livingston
8LivingstonCharles C18821945same stone as Margaret E Livingston
8DolphinRoberta Jane (Livingston)19151992mother of Molly Jane
8AlexanderWilma Anna8/10/19105/13/1911 
8AlexanderJ Dean6/23/19123/4/1966 
8McDonaldJohn A18611948same stone as Esther McDonald
8McDonaldEsther18661962same stone as John A McDonald
8McDonaldJohn W02/08/18858/6/1909 
8McDonaldMargaret19041995same stone as Guy McDonald
8McDonaldGuy (Alan Laverne)02/16/18831963same stone as Margaret McDonald
8McDonaldVivian May 5/20/1909appears to be young dau. of Guy and Ida (Perryman) McDonald
8McDonaldVirgina 1913appears to be young dau. of Guy and Ida (Perryman) McDonald
8StephensonMargaret J 01/16/187726 yrs 4 mos 19 days - w/o James Stephenson
8AlexanderSamuel-182604/22/189871 yrs 4 mos 4 days
8AlexanderJohn10/01/18211/2/1910no readable stone
8AlexanderMary(McGookin)(03/02/1787)07/19/188093 yrs 4 mos 17 days - w/o John Alexander d 12/1841 Dearborn Co., IN
8AlexanderArthur(07/02/1818)12/20/186850 yrs 5 mos 18 days
8AlexanderAnna(10/19/1829)11/23/1895 66 yrs 1 mo 4 days
8CareyNancy A(gnes) {Alexander}(12/15/1815)06/18/187761 yrs 6 mos 2 days - w/o James Carey
8CareyJames181801/14/189071 yrs 8 mos 5 days
8DawsonMerle 07/15/1880?2 yrs 1 mo ? Days - s/o J R & L Dawson
8Van SlykeMinnie 18711872d/o O W & S? Van Slyke
8BradfieldG W  Civil War - Co F IA Inf.
8PrestonWilliam18651935same stone as Ella (Mann) Preston - p/o Ghita Grover & Frank
8PrestonElla (Mann)18701940same stone as William Preston - marr 1887 -p/o Ghita Grover & Frank
9LathropMerle W19161977Sgt US Army WW II
9LathropThomas Ernest19591972 
9LathropElizabeth J19252000married to Merle Lathrop in March of 1946
9LathropFaye M18941975same stone as Thomas H Lathrop
9LathropThomas H18831971same stone as Faye M Lathrop
9LathropThomas Lyle19141986Pfc WW II

9HeidemanAlice R19021974same stone as Carl W Heideman
9HeidemanCarl W19041980same stone as Alice R Heideman
9HeidemanGlen E19311949 
9HeidemanLucille E19251937 
9McDonaldLouise I18901935same stone as Clifford F McDonald
9McDonaldClifford F18891969same stone as Louise I McDonald
9McDonaldRaymond 19131928 
9StickleyEverett W18891962same stone as Ethel M Stickley
9StickleyEthel M18941987same stone as Everett W Stickley
9StickleyClyde M19111927 
9BatchelderClifford H19111993same stone as Pauline Batchelder
9BatchelderPauline19152006same stone as Clifford H Batchelder
9SerbousekMary Elven12/10/1918 d/o F W & F B Serbousek
9StrongPeter E03/28/18524/13/1926 
9DawsonDelia (Corbett)18541925w/o Thomas Dawson
9Reade(baby)19131913d/o Clarence & Margaret Reade
9ReadePauline C3/20/19171/13/2000same stone as William A Reade - p/o Bruce, Brian, Brock & Jeannine
9ReadeWilliam A7/22/19184/8/2000same stone as Pauline C Reade - p/o Bruce, Brian, Brock & Jeannine
9ReadeAustin N11/02/18427/5/1940 
9ReadeEllen M04/09/18505/28/1907 
9ReadeDora I12/16/187111/09/1885 
9ReadeFrank E03/16/187411/04/1878 
9OsbornLyman05/26/18279/14/1907same stone as Mary Osborn- Civil War
9OsbornMary 06/15/189553 yrs 5 mos 20 days -w/o Lyman Osborn
9OsbornMary 05/26/187037 yrs 3mos 7 days - w/o Lyman Osborn
9AsherWilliam (per WPA)08/01/179402/23/1869 
9LewisMartha A18571934same stone as Eugene W Lewis
9LewisEugene W18561940same stone as Martha A Lewis
9CossumLaura 06/06/1871 6 mos. Daughter of B. F. & C. Cossum Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
9PrestonThomas Russell10/19/19417/9/2001same stone as Carol Preston - p/o Anne & Andrea
9MyhlousenCynthis19562004same stone as James Myhlousen
10CarradusPhilip E8/7/19453/22/2001same stone as Pamela D Carradus - p/o Stacy Scott Jeff Kevin & Greg
10HansonAmy Elizabeth 8/2/1979d/o Bob & Jane Hanson
10HeidemanCarl Willis19271980 
10HeidemanDwaine Leroy19391986 
10SchoonHarland D. "Harl"2/1/19251/22/2006same stone as Shirley A Schoon - p/o Diane Randy Pat Connie Bruce & Doug
10OsterDonald W3/7/19224/11/2004same stone as Yuba Oster - marr 06/13/1953 -p/o Michael & Peggy
10SmithKenneth E19251992same stone as Audrey Smith - USMC WW II - marr 01/19/1952 - p/o Sandi & Dee Jay
10KrutzfieldMary E7/10/19231/1/1996same stone as Richard F Krutzfield-p/o Dorothy Judith Leroy & Larry
10KrutzfieldRichard F19211988same stone as Mary E Krutzfield - p/o Dorothy Judith Leroy & Larry
10ChristiansenCatherine18961983 Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
10DavisLeah E19131974same stone as Ronald S Davis
10DavisRonald S19122003same stone as Leah E Davis
10SerbousekIsabelle18851974same stone as Andrew D Serbousek
10SerbousekAndrew D18861973same stone as Isabelle Serbousek
10SerbousekDella M18931974same stone as A Alan Serbousek
10SerbousekA Alan18951961same stone as Della M Serbousek
10SerbousekFrank L18611943same stone as Eliza A Serbousek
10SerbousekEliza A18651956same stone as Frank L Serbousek
10KetelsenAnnie M04/17/186812/10/1921 Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
10KetelsenCarsten07/12/185710/24/1928 Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
10KetelsenLaura M5/18/19096/5/1911 Daughter of C. & A. Ketelsen Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
10KetelsenHenry8/26/19018/11/1903 Son of C. & A. Ketelsen Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
10ShipleyHezekiah01/23/18276/7/1904same stone as Mary Shipley
10ShipleyMary03/00/184107/24/1895same stone as Hezekiah Shipley
10ScofieldElizabeth 05/08/189437 yrs 3 mos 7 days - w/o C R Scofield
10ScofieldCalvin R18501914 
10StingleyWilliam A18491927same stone as Estella P Stingley
10StingleyEstella P18581938same stone as William A Stingley
10StingleyAlma P08/28/189912/24/1900d/o Wm & E Stingley
10DuncanMaude A18801954same stone as John Edgar Duncan
10DuncanJohn Edgar18691950same stone as Maude A Duncan
11McLaughlinShirley7/23/193511/24/2002same stone as Jacob G McLauglin-marr 06/23/1959 - p/o Reva Joe Kristie
11MeadDillon9/29/192011/1/1999US Army WW II-same stone as Nelda Mead
11SerbousekLynn D5/20/19375/2/2000same stone as Anna Laura Serbousek - p/o Thomas, timothy, Deanne, & Sandra
11SerbousekAnna Laura10/22/19372/8/2000same stone as Lynn D Serbousek - p/o Thomas, Timothy, Deanne, & Sandra
11SerbousekRobert F19161987same stone as Anna Laura Serbousek - p/o Lynn D & Robert, Jr
11SerbousekAnna Laura19121982same stone as Robert F Serbousek - p/o Lynn D & Robert, Jr.
11SerbousekMatie18901975w/o John L Serbousek
11SerbousekJ L18881939 
11MortensenNels P18881939same stone as Nina M Mortensen
11MortensenNina M18971971same stone as Nels P Mortensen
11LeggettWilfred S18861916 
11LeggettNettie18901918w/o W S Leggett
11LeggettKenneth F2/13/19158/15/1977US Navy WW II
11LeggettEvelyn L1/17/19184/11/1986w/o Kenneth Leggett
11LeekL(ewis) M(iller)07/08/18321/17/1906same stone as Emily Leek
11LeekEmily M03/26/18368/1/1924same stone as L M Leek
11SlocumPerkins Swift01/28/18704/15/1915 
11SlocumRuth (Perkins)05/16/183112/30/1892 
11DavenportThomas 07/23/187469 yrs
12AndrewsFaye Dawn8/15/19475/18/2005 
12WilliamsonGuy B18831963 
12MoncriefFlorence V18631945 
12McDonaldAndrew W10/31/18709/8/1960 
12McDonaldLillian M (Livingston)06/23/18768/14/1939w/o A W McDonald
12BellThomas P 18701947same stone as Ida J Bell
12BellIda J18771951same stone as Thomas P Bell
12BellGeorge Lewis3/17/19013/27/1931Seaman 1C US Navy
12DavisCatherine18411928same stone as William H Davis
12DavisWilliam H 08/16/184106/17/1929)same stone as Catherine Davis. Davis was in the 32nd Ohio Infantry, Co. I. Born Ashland, Ohio and died Montour, Iowa. Enlisted 8 August 1861 Served 3 years and mustered out 26 August 1864, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Information from the GAR records of the Ben Paul GAR, Wyoming, Iowa.
12DavisSherman L18651946same stone as Margaret A Davis
12DavisMargaret A18621933same stone as Sherman L Davis
12DavisEdith H18891978same stone as Raymond M Davis
12DavisRaymond M18901976same stone as Edith H Davis
12DavisAndrew B19101964 
?BaldwinTimothy04/07/18211/16/1907no readable stone: wife: Catherine Brantwaite
?McDonaldJohn09/12/18241/24/1914no readable stone: sister: Helen Smith
?DirksMary A. (Bender)7 Feb 18686 Jan 1886On WPA list, but no readable stone. Born in Madison twp. Wife of Herman F. Dirks, daughter of L. E. Brownell & Lucy Jane Bender.
?GlaserE. L. :16 Jul 1878On WPA list, but no readable stone. 71 Yrs

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