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Hutchinson Gravestones
Here are pictures of A. F. & Eliza Hutchinson's gravestones. A. F.'s stone has now been moved to Norwich Cemetery next to his wife's. It was for years in a fence row in Greenfield township east of Martelle. It's said there was a dispute over where the fenceline was and so to "settle" it he was buried where he thought it ought to be. Probably just a story.
[space]-Jim Christianson

Norwich History
Ihave some more information on the founding of the Norwich Cemetery.
Actuallyit was first a town by the name of Norwich. On July 6, 1852 the town was started. I have a handdrawn map of the streets. Apparently the man who pushed for the town was John Dumont who lived at the next 4 corners north of the town. John Dumont is buried at Norwich and is a veteran of the war of 1812. (John's farm eventually became our family farm in 1949) Several Peet's had owned it in the intervening years and after Dad's death, I sold it. My ggrandparents and 6 of my grandfather's brothers and wives are buried there and we have a plot there too. Eber Peet had a dynasty of 8 sons, he gave land to 4 of the sons in the Walnut Creek area and the other 4 sons had farmland on either side of Norwich
Withthe coming of the railroad two miles to the south to the town of Martelle, the town ceased to exist and on October 16, 1865 the Norwich Cemetary Association Corporation was formed. My husband is now the secretary of the board and measures for the graves and is kind of a Sextant.
-Susan Peet Schmidt

Soper Memorial at Norwich Cemetery

Among the early settlers in Fairview township, in the area adjoining Greenfield township, were members of the Soper family: represented by the Jacob Soper family, Timothy Soper, and Orin R. Harvey. Their westward trek from Chenango county, New York, to Jones county, made with horses and wagon, consumed five weeks in the fall of 1847. Of the Jacob Soper family, a two year old son, Chauncey, died in 1848; the mother, Mrs. Jacob (Celinda) Soper died in 1857. Apparently both were buried in a private plot around which the Norwich cemetery was platted in 1865, attested to by various deeds by which parcels of land were transferred to the Norwich cemetery. Attached to the Soper monument in the old part of the cemetery, is a plaque with the following inscription thereon:

"Jacob Soper, his wife, Celinda, and their four children: Erastus G., Roswell K., Lillis, and Chauncey, aged from six years to four months, accompanied by his brother, Timothy Soper and a brother in law, Orin R. Harvey, drove a team of horses with a farm wagon containing family wearing apparel, bedding, etc., from the town of Pitcher, Chenango county, New York, to Jones County, Iowa, during the autumn of 1847, leaving their home in New York on the 11th day of September and arriving on the 18th day of October via Ithaca, and Corning New York,; Erie, PA,; Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio; Adrian and Coldwater Mich.; Michigan City, Chicago and Savanna, Ill.

"The same fall, Jacob Soper entered at the Dubuque land office a farm of 320 acres upon which the family settled and on a portion of which they, who this monument commemorates, new lie buried. They opened up and improved the land, reared and as best they might, educated their children, and died comparatively young in years, a result of the labors and privations of pioneer life.

"This stone is erected to the memory of Jacob Soper and Celinda Harvey Soper, in grateful appreciation of what they did, and endured, in order to establish their family in the new and prosperous State of Iowa--by their eldest child, Capt. Erastus B. Soper, A. M., LLD of Emmetsburg, Iowa"

Soper family information from Lesley & Renee Franks. Photographs submitted by Sharyn Mathews who says "I am researching Lucy Soper and Joseph Baldwin Brown, and their families; Joseph and Lucy were my great-great-grandparents. This monument talks about Lucy's brother, Jacob, but I have had little luck in finding similar info about Lucy and Joseph's trek westward. Any info you might have would be appreciated."

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, includes 568 burials that occurred 25 years ago or more. More recent burials are not included as a courtesy to the families. Information about those not included here may be obtained from Joanne Wilken of the Jones County Genealogy Society.

North1CliffordLarson18861944p/o of Florence Reed
North1Franklin SMyers18731946s/o David & Elizabeth Irene (Corbly) Myers
North1Clara MMyers18741957w/o Franklin S Myers -d/o John & Rachel (Curtis) Ellison
North1David FMyers19061970s/o Franklin S & Clara (Ellison) Myers
North1Robert AlvinBlythe5/18/19258/21/1944s/o Levi E & L Crystal (Wood) Blythe -SC 3C USNR
North1Harold GBiggart4/25/191812/3/1974veteran
North1DanWorden18811967s/o - Richard & Lila (Groves) Worden- p/o Dorothy Fairley
North2MatildaOldorf18801975w/o William Oldorf
North2RoseOldorf19091968ss as Wm & Matilda Oldorf
North2MarthaOldorf18971975w/o Elmer Oldorf
North2L WayneGoss19021964p/o Phyllis, Larry & Barbara
North2Edna M (Cusher)Allen18971979w/o Walter F Allen-d/o Earl & Stella (Adrich) Cusher
North2Walter FAllen18821958 
North2Esther (Newman)Kohl03/04/18957/28/1968w/o Earl Kohl -d/o Geo & Estella (Chapin) Newman
North2Maive IKohl19261940d/o Earl & Esther (Newman) Kohl
North2Ray/Roy FAllen18961950 
North2Flossie A (Nash) AllenWeighels19021990w/o Roy F Allen & Roy Weighels
North2Francis EAllen19191940 
North3Julia APollard18601933Mother-w/o Wallace R Pollard
North3Wallace RPollard18551932Father
North3Anna Mae (Moore) LeaperBoxwell18661957w/o Fred Leaper & Frank L Boxwell-marr 1902 -d/o Geo & Mary C (Olmstead) Moore
North3Frank LBoxwell18661945marr 1902 -1st wife: Florence Faye Johnson -s/o of Wm & Julia (McCleary) Boxwell
North3Florence Mabel (Kline)Boxwell18663/6/1965w/o Virgil G Boxwell-p/o Howard, Harlan, Roberta & Glen -d/o John & Hattie (Hoon) Kline
North3Virgil GlenBoxwell18871947s/o Frank L & Mary (Ellison) Boxwell
North3Harlan EBoxwell10/25/19179/5/1966IA 51 USNR WWII-s/o Virgil & Florence Mabel (Kline) Boxwell
North3George LBeighle18761966 Photo: Shirley Pollock Parker
North3Helen LBeighle1912  
North3Gladys (Smith)Koppenhaver1914 w/o Leo Koppenhaver - d/o Lester R & Chloe (Leaper) Smith
North4RaymondSchley8/15/19171/23/1974marr 09/23/1940--WWII
North4Edward EMallie2/24/19171/29/1972WWII
North4Edward EBiggart07/28/188912/2/1958IA Pvt CP C 304th Inf WWI
North4Lois Marjorie (Stickler)Goldsmith7/25/19182/23/1978w/o Ernest Goldsmith - d/o Harry L & Maude Mureen (Lillie) Stickler
North4Maud Maxine (Jayne)McConaughy19161959w/o Argus D McConaughy -d/o Bruce & Jessie Fern (Richardson) Jayne
North4Argus DMcConaughy19071944s/o Geo Willis McConaughy
North4Jennie Mae (Armstrong)McConaughy18691961w/o Herbin Siden McConaughy--oldest child of James H & Ann Eliza (Brady) Armstrong
North4Herbin Siden "Bud"McConaughy18661/12/193567 yrs
North5George WKuntz09/10/18668/6/1959Brother of Charles H & John Kuntz
North5Courtright, JrHawley19151969 
North5NickKost190910/00/1974p/o Georgia, Carol & Roger
North6Lily RGordon18901965w/o Tom Gordon who died 1985 in TX
North6Maye (Gordon)Portner18941973ss as Dana F Portner-d/o Miles & Angeline (Bishop) Gordon
North6Dana FPortner19038/28/1968ss as Maye (Gordon) Portner
North6Charles RKoffron19001973 
North6Mary Jane (Gordon)Koffron19251974w/o Charles R Koffron - d/o Kenneth & Mary (Newman) Gordon
North6C Kenneth Gordon18971978s/o Milo & Angeline (Bishop) Gordon
North6Ruth LPederson19161945w/o Kenneth Pederson
North7Estella (Chapin)Newman18721960w/o George A Newman - Charles & Eloise Chapin
North7George ANewman18661945s/o Emanuel & Elizabeth (Spade) Newman
North7Clancy VNewman18961967WWI -s/o Geo A & Estella (Chapin) Newman
North7Lora Maude (Newman)Armstrong18931965w/o Leslie Claire - d/o Geo A & Estella (Chapin) Newman
North7Donald EugeneArmstrong5/3/19245/8/1924s/o Leslie Claire & Lora Maude (Newman) Armstrong
North7Mark EdwardDavis2/23/19651/23/1968s/o Ronald & Sandra (Miller) Davis
North7Noel FrederickDavis5/8/19713/12/1975s/o Ronald & Sandra (Miller) Davis
North8Joseph MVickers19421969 
North8Katie Maude (Armstrong)Chapin01/10/18798/10/1966w/o Delbert Chapin -d/o Charles Ransom & Viola Adell (Remington) Armstrong
North8DelbertChapin10/01/18772/25/1952s/o Charles & Eloise (Holcomb) Chapin
North9Janet RMontaque1926 w/o Melvin L Montaque & Geo Heiserman
North9Melvin LMontaque19151968WWII
North9Tina MAshley19731975d/o Virgil & Maive (Betzer) Ashley
North9Jennifer IAshley19741975d/o Virgil & Maive (Betzer) Ashley
South1George WBeighle18541947wife: Josie Sweeney
South1John CBauer18701932 s/o "Abe" Bauer Photos: Shirley Pollock Parker
South1Clara JBauer18961927 d/o John C & Ethel (Beighle) Bauer Photo: Shirley Pollock Parker
South1John PMcPherson18581941 
South1Addie (Holcomb)McPherson18611/4/1929w/o John P McPherson–d/o Clinton Dewitt & Sarah J (Pierce) Holcomb
South1Thomas JMcPherson18748/27/1947ss as John P & Addie (Holcomb) McPherson
South1Laura Isabella (Whiting)Allen06/13/18632/21/1935w/o Adolphus C Allen -d/o of John Whiting
South1Adolphus CAllen18561930s/o David & ___ (Drum) Allen
South1Milo EGordon18641934 
South1Angeline (Bishop)Gordon18691956w/o Milo E Bishop -d/o Francis M & Harriet Doolittle (Armstrong)Bishop
South1Richard DPeet19291931s/o Ray C & Dorothy D Peet
South1Ray CecilPeet19021977s/o Glenn A & Evelyn (Miller) Peet
South2Ruth BMerchant19121978 
South2John FrederickBrown186919311st wife: Cora Hoffman
South2Carrie A (Reed) McPhersonBrown18811932w/o John Frederick Brown
South2Isaac N "Ike"Dragoo02/10/18432/14/1922 
South2Harty M (Underwood)Dragoo01/31/18509/24/1930w/o Isaac N Dragoo -d/o Norman & Melista (Boone) Underwood
South2Caroline M (Murfield)Newman18541942w/o Jacob W Newman
South2Jacob W "Jake"Newman18521922s/o Emanuel & Elizabeth (Spade) Newman
South2CharlesHolcomb18701933s/o clinton Dewitt & Sarah J (Pierce) Holcomb
South2Blanche B (Newman)Holcomb18751962w/o Charles Holcomb -d/o Jacob W & Caroline (Murfield) Newman - p/o Blanche, Gertrude & Edna
South2Louisa (Bishop)Shotwell18731961w/o Emerson Shotwell -d/o Francis Marion & Harriet Bishop
South2Myrtle "Mertie" LRundall18701925w/o Benjamin F Rundall
South2Benjamin FRundall18661921 
South2Arthur OEldred04/07/188012/4/1930 s/o Albert & Clementine (Guthrie) Eldred -p/o Russell & Galen Photos: Shirley Pollock Parker
South2Estella M (Bauer)Eldred11/25/187812/22/1941 w/o Arthur O Eldred -d/o Ambrose "Abe" & Amanda Bauer Photo: Shirley Pollock Parker
South3Alvin EMitchell06/30/18818/16/1973 
South3J LMitchell18481941 
South3Arminda V (Onstott)Mitchell05/11/18501/21/1907w/o J L Mitchell
South3LucilleBiggart19161918d/o Cloyd C & Bertha D (Robertson) Biggart
South3Bertha D (Robertson)Biggart18901962w/o Cloyd C Biggart
South3Cloyd CBiggart18861978s/o Calvin & Carrie (Evertson) Biggart
South3CalvinBiggart18581948s/o Archibald & Caroline (Shoop) Biggart
South3Carrie (Evertson)Biggart18561932w/o of Calvin Biggart
South3William HoustonBoxwell05/31/188712/22/1918s/o Charles Lennox Boxwell
South3Lauretta Amy (Eldred) BoxwellJensen10/6/188812/22/1950w/o William H Boxwell & Chris Jensen -d/o Albert & Clementine (Guthrie) Eldred
South3Estie Pearl (Miller)Clark09/10/18856/3/1957w/o Edwin Ray Clark - d/o Geo E & Emma (Easterly) Miller
South3Edwin Ray Clark18831969 
South3Edwin RayClark9/3/19104/27/1919s/o Edwin Ray & Estie Pearl (Miller) Clark
South3Frank HGrim18491925s/o Joseph D & Rachel (Henry) Grim
South3Mary (Miner)Grim18441922w/o Frank H Grim
South3StuartGrim18731919ss as Frank, Mary, Sammie & Wm F Grim
South3SammieGrim18821953ss as Frank, Mary, Stuard & Wm F Grim
South3William FGrim1879 s/o Frank H & Mary (Miner) Grim
South3Isham AHurt18561937s/o James & Sallie (Burnett) Hurt
South3Leslie FHurt19011922s/o Joseph & Millie A Hurt
South3Millie A (Middleton)Hurt18701945w/o Joseph D Hurt-d/o Thomas & Ann (Wheaton) Middleton
South3Joseph DHurt18611939s/o James H & Sallie (Burnett) Hurt
South3BessieHurt19041950d/o Joseph & Millie A (Middleton) Hurt
South5Mary Eleanor (Armstrong)Peet11/23/18756/6/1968Mother-w/o Claude Gideon Peet -d/o James Hornbeck & Anna (Brady) Armstrong
South5Claude GideonPeet18711952Father-s/o Eber Gideon & Oranna (Chapin) Peet
South5Leona MerlePeet19021962d/o Claude Gideon & Mary E (Armstrong) Peet
South5Kathryn E (Baird)Peet18701961w/o Harry Lester Peet-d/o John & Helen (Donald) Baird
South5Harry LesterPeet18681940s/o Eber Gideon & Oriann (Chapin) Peet
South5 Peet 1896infant daughter
South5Harland GailPeet02/03/189809/18/1899s/o Glenn Alonzo and Clara A (Robbins) Peet
South5Clara A (Robbins)Peet09/15/18713/20/1900w/o Glenn Alonzo Peet & Eugene Dever Armstrong -d/o Silas & Mary (Dumont) Robbins
South5Evelyn (Miller)Peet18701949w/o Glenn Alonzo Peet - d/o Abraham & Sarah J (Harkness) Miller
South5Glenn AlonzoPeet18701952s/o Eber Gideon & Oriana (Chapin) Peet
South5Elva MHoffman18911979ss as Caroline & Frank Hoffman
South5Caroline Hoffman18531933w/o Frank Hoffman
South5Helen ABrown04/30/18435/24/1918 
South5Evelyn A (Armstrong)Brown07/14/18823/26/1970w/o Ramond Airgood & Charles H Brown
South5Charles HBrown07/25/18727/19/1929 
South5Mabel Clara (Hoffman)Brown03/10/18774/17/19041st wife of Charles H Brown -d/o Frank Hoffman
South5Lulu HazelBrown03/08/18957/4/1901d/o Charles H & Mabel (Hoffman) Brown
South5Charles HBrown03/10/18774/17/1904ss as Lulu Hazel Brown
South5Jesse LBoxwell18981972ss as Mary Arminta & Virtis L Boxwell
South5Mary Arminta (Ellison)Boxwell18631926w/o Frank L Boxwell - d/o John & Rachel (Curtis) Ellison
South5Virtis LBoxwell18871944s/o Frank L & Mary (Ellison) Boxwell - twin of Virgil Glen Boxwell
South4Ethel E (Beighle) BauerKuntz18781964w/o Charles H Kuntz+ John Bauer -d/o Ambrose & Amanda Beighle
South4Charles HKuntz18641952s/o Jacob & Henrietta (Smith) Kuntz
South4Melvin GBrock19071971s/o Wm G & Myrtle (Ellison) Brock
South4William GBrock18771922 
South4Myrtle (Ellison)Brock18841923w/o William G Brock -d/o Franklin & Alwilda Ellison
South4Eber GideonPeet10/13/184511/14/1916s/o Gideon Nelson & Maud Cordelia (Wilcox) Peet
South4Oriana (Chapin)Peet18441922w/o Eber G Peet-d/o Geo & Oriana (Lounsberry) Chapin
South4Collis Sprague "Jack"Peet18731935s/o Eber Gideon & Oriana (Chapin) Peet
South4Mytle E (Pierce)Peet18801907w/o Collis Sprague Peet
South4Emma Ellen (Corwin)Peet18861920w/o Collis Sprague Peet-
South4Earl ChapinPeet18751955s/o Eber Gideon & Oriana (Chapin) Peet
South4Gladys S (Shoop)Peet18781949w/o Earl C Peet - d/o Leander & Adelia (Bates) Shoop
South4Elizabeth (McCracken)Robbins18771964 w/o George Thomas Robbins Photo: Steve Hanken
South4George ThomasRobbins18751933s/o Silas W & Jessie (York) Robbins
South6Lola E "Celia" (Newman)Holcomb03/12/186810/12/1944w/o Frank D Holcomb -d/o Emanuel & Elizabeth (Spade) Newman
South6Frank DHolcomb11/14/18632/1/1934s/o Clinton Dewitt & Sarah J (Pierce) Holcomb
South6Myron DuaneHolcomb12/19/19041/28/1908s/o Lota & Frank Holcomb
South6Anna E (Hempy)Holcomb18761949w/o Edward Holcomb-marr 1895
South6EdwardHolcomb18651955marr 1895 -s/o Clinton Dewitt & Sarah J (Pierce) Holcomb
South6KHolcomb08/08/187912/4/1906s/o Clinton Dewitt & Sarah J (Pierce) Holcomb
South6Clinton DewittHolcomb18361919 
South6Sarah J (Pierce)Holcomb18361908w/o Clinton Dewitt Holcomb
South6Casper EGarretson18631929 
South6Cora B (Robbins)Garretson18691933w/o Casper E Garretson-d/o Silas Wright & Mary E (Dumont) Robbins
South6Donald RZimmerman1940  
South6Judy A (Dragoo)Zimmerman19431976w/o Donald R Zimmerman-d/o Howard & Verda (Ray) Dragoo
South6Eugene DeverArmstrong18731965s/o James Horbeck & Ann Eliza (Brady) Armstrong
South6Clara Ann "Lou" (Robbins)Armstrong18781957w/o Eugene Dever Armstrong-d/o Silas Wright & Mary (Dumont) Robbins
South6Mae Eliza (Pollard)Armstrong05/02/18736/3/1910w/o John S Armstrong -d/o Charles & Fannie (Hakes) Pollard
South6John SylvetusArmstrong12/02/18704/30/1952s/o James Horbeck & Ann Eliza (Brady) Armstrong
South7Ann Eliza (Brady)Armstrong03/06/18472/12/1936w/o James H Armstrong-d/o Durastus & Philena Brady
South7James HornbeckArmstrong04/13/18418/24/1906 
South7Cora GailArmstrong 12/11/190516 yrs 2 mos 12 days, d/o James & Ann Eliza (Brady) Armstrong
South7John WRundall01/05/18408/3/1910 
South7Martha J (Foos)Rundall11/30/18447/29/1903w/o John W Rundall- d/o Benj & Julia Foos
South7Halsey LeonPlummer19151933s/o Clyde M & Elzoe R (Brown) Plummer
South7Clyde MorsePlummer 2/9/192859 yrs
South7Anne F (Livingston)Brutsman18516/23/193483 yrs, w/o James D Brutsman -d/o James F & Margaret (Furguson) Livingston
South7James DBrutsman18511913 
South7KathrynOnstott18861946w/o Clyde Onstott
South7Mildred (Walter)Bobst1901192119 yrs, 1st w/o Louie Bobst
South7LouieBobst19001972s/o Philip & Anna (Onstott) Bobst
South7Myrtle (Cusher)Bobst190019692nd w/o Louie Bobst & ____ Larsen -d/o Earl & Stella (Aldrich) Cusher
South7Dora M (Wallick)Holcomb18831964w/o Harry Holcomb
South7HarryHolcomb18741961s/o Clinton Dewitt & Sarah J (Pierce) Holcomb
South7Lawrence EHolcomb19081979s/o Harry & Dora (Wallick) Holcomb
South8Vestus JPeet18801970s/o Eber Gideon & Oriana (Chapin) Peet
South8William EPeet19071970 
South8Thomas AllenBarber18691934 
South8Martha J (Hurt)Barber18691956w/o Thomas Allen Barber-d/o James & Sarah (Bernard) Hurt
South8H E (Harvey?)Barber18771947 
South8Mary F (Buxton)Heady18831952w/o Edward C Heady - d/o James & M A (Wheaton) Buxton
South8Edward CHeady18701933s/o of Edward & M (Curttright) Heady
South8EthelLudwig18931942d/o Gus Ludwig
South8Carrie (Bower)Ludwig18731925w/o Gustave Ludwig
South8GustaveLudwig18501925s/o Ernst & Rose (Hepaut) Ludwig
South8Leroy APeek19061938 
South8Charles WChapin18471917s/o George & Oriana (Lounsberry) Chapin
South8Eloise (Holcomb)Chapin18521943w/o Charles W Chapin - d/o Welton Holcomb
South8Donald CMartin7/17/19221/7/1945s/o Guy & Marion (Hedges) Martin--IOA 1st Lt AAF Base Unit WWII
South8Avis Lavonne (Armstrong)Martin4/30/19247/25/1955w/o Donald C Martin -d/o G J & Ruth (Newman) Armstrong
South8Gerald James Armstrong19011977s/o J S & Mae (Pollard) Armstrong
South8Geraldine (Armstrong)Arner19011962No stone-twin of Gerald James Armstrong
South9Jessie FHurt18911967w/o John Edward Hurt
South9John EdwardHurt18891979s/o Joe & Millie (Middleton) Hurt
South9Edna EileenBeardsley19271940d/o Howard M & Elsie M (Hurt) Beardsley
South9Howard MBeardsley05/01/189412/29/1944IA Pvt 357 Inf 90 Div - WWI
South9Dora (Leardon)James18811968w/o Walter F James -d/o Aug & Anna (Hanson) Leardon -p/o Clara, Walter, Elmer, Thelma, & Russell
South9Walter FJames18811941p/o Clara, Walter, Elmer, Thelma, & Russell
South9Alta L (Caffee) DarseeShriver18821951w/o Clifford Shriver & Charles Darsee - d/o Alva & Cassia (Belden) Caffee
South9Laura MaeBrewer18801961w/o Harry G Brewer
South9Harry GBrewer18831950 
South9Velva V (Curtright)Darsee19101942w/o C Gerald Darsee - d/o Dave Curtright
South9C GeraldDarsee19041969s/o Charles & Alta (Caffee) Darsee
South9Agnes (Clark)Darsee1920 w/o C Gerald Darsee -d/o Burd & Austa (Arbingast) Clark
South10Hannah DaisyEllison07/31/18769/9/1953w/o John W Ellison
South10John WEllison18711926 
South10Cecil CEllison03/05/18965/22/1946IA Pvt 19 SN TN- WWI
South10Addie E (Larson)Ellison18941932w/o Cecil C Ellison
South10Mary Etta (Newman)Kohl18561920w/o Wm G Kohl - d/o Emanuel & Elizabeth (Spade) Newman
South10HerbertKohl18911967s/o Wm G & Mary Etta (Newman) Kohl
South10William GKohl18561930 
South10MaybelKohl18931918w/o Herbert Kohl
South11Wayne LKendall19221937 
South11Frank ERinard18821967 
South11Hulda ERinard18891978w/o Frank E Rinard
South11Terry EdwinRitchey19461950 
South11Penny Lee/LeoRinard19501950 
South11John H , SrHakes18631955s/o Nelson & Emily (Williams) Hakes
South11TillieHakes18721958w/o John H Hakes, Sr
South11John H, JrHakes19061976 
South11Everett RHeady19011957wife: Velma Binley
South11William SWright19231979 
South11Thomas JHurt18631947s/o James & Sarah (Barnard) Hurt
South11Minnie J (Kitchener)Hurt18651951w/o Thomas J Hurt
South11FloraHurt18911963w/o Onias Hurt
South11OniasHurt18901946s/o Thomas & Minnie Hurt
South12Pauline EBrewer19001983w/o Glenn A Brewer
South12Glenn ABrewer19061971s/o Harry G & Laura Mae Brewer
South12Elmer DRouse4/17/19275/8/1967WWII-wife: Mary Jo Brewer
South12C(or G) DarrellEmerson19181969s/o Marion F & Nellie C (Holterman) Emerson
South12Nellie C (Holterman)Emerson18781955w/o Marion F Emerson- d/o Noah &Clara (Faulkin) Holterman
South12Marion FrankEmerson18711942s/o Charles & Nellie (Smith) Emerson
South12Edison LBear 11/9/1933 s/o Fred W & Teresa (Bauer) Bear - Civil War Photo: Shirley Pollock Parker
South12Fred WBear18761962 Theresa was d/o Ambrose & Amanda (Hutchinson) Bauer. Photo: Shirley Pollock Parker
South12Teresa C (Bauer)Bear18851979
South13Francis T Shotwell18961975s/o Emerson & Louisa (Bishop) Shotwell
South13William ASheriff19161970 
South13Irma EDoubek19191972w/o Carl A Doubek
South13Leonard JSheriff19011975 
South13Chad AMcNally McNelly19721973 
South14ThomasMurphy19111973p/o Tony Murphy in CA
South15J MichaelSchmidt 1/4/1963s/o James & Susan Schmidt
South16Clifford L, SrReed11/2/19291966USN
Back1DeweyPetersen18971954lot owners: Paul & Neena Petersen, Manchester, IA
Back1Nina Rachel (Evertson)Pierce08/19/186611/3/1933w/o Hosea Pierce-d/o Lewis & Mary Ann (Taylor) Pierce -p/o Iola (Mrs Dan) Worden
Back1HoseaPierce18661939s/o of Lucius B & Mary (Rundall) Pierce
Back2Cynthia Jane (Leaper)Northrup18671939w/o Ernest A Northrup-d/o John W & Lucinda (Smith) Leaper
Back2LucindaLeaper18461911w/o John W Leaper
Back2John W Leaper  Co G 8th IA Cav - GAR
Back2JohnLeaper 03/31/187284 yrs, lot owner: Henry Leaper
Back2FrancesLeaper 12/08/185454 yrs, w/o John Leaper
Back2N JLeaper?18711875 
Back2IsaacMead 10/01/186578 yrs
Back2Eleanor Potter (Brady)Mead04/01/18393/28/1911w/o Ira Mead
Back2Emma LuellaMead10/07/18647/22/1932 
Back2DewittBrady 08/06/187672 yrs
Back2DurastusBrady03/27/180205/02/188583 yrs 1 mo 6 days, p/o Ann Eliza
Back2Philena (Brown)Brady04/02/180907/26/188071 yrs 8 mos 22 days, w/o Durastus Brady -d/o Joseph B & Lucy (Minor) Brown
Back2Mary Salome (Ford)Brady08/21/184405/15/1886w/o Charles Emerson Brady
Back2Charles Emerson Brady12/25/18431/23/1906 
Back2Melissa ArabellOrmsby 04/02/187552 yrs 4 mos, w/o Charles White Ormsby
Back2Charles WhiteOrmsby 09/02/189374 yrs 6 mos 16 days
Back2Cornelia EOrmsby18481920 
Back2Charles HOrmsby18451924 
Back2John LNewhard18601929s/o Wm & Emily (McFarlan) Newhard
Back2Della (Pierce)Newhard18681937w/o John L Newhard - d/o Lucious & Mary (Rundly) Pierce
Back2Bessie GWalker18941971w/o Ray F Walker
Back2Ray FWalker18861978 
Back3Fred WYule18691914 
Back3Abbie J (Gage)Yule18621929w/o Fred W Yule-d/o Wm S Gage
Back3BarbaraSmith 11/05/188170 yrs 7 days, w/o Jacob Smith
Back3ElizabethRobbins 09/20/186831 yrs 4 mos, w/o Francis Robbins
Back3John MHoover 04/23/186461 yrs 2 mos 25 days
Back3SarahTryon 10/16/1864 26 yrs 9 mos 26 days, w/o W H Tryon Photo: Steve Hanken
Back3George WHoover 10/26/185420 yrs 11 mos 20 days
Back3Dora BTryon 08/04/18622 mos 23 days, d/o W H & Sarah Tryon
Back3John WHoover08/18/186309/10/1864s/o R & H Hoover
Back3Ina MMurry 10/23/18781 yr & 11 mos, d/o ____ & M J Murry
Back3Adah CSlagle07/27/186902/05/1879d/o Wm E & Lucia J Slagle-born Richardson, NE
Back3Wm ESlagle01/13/18389/26/1913Co E 16 KS Vol. Cav.
Back3Lucia J (Starkweather)Slagle06/04/18419/15/1916w/o Wm E Slagle
Back3AdeliaSlagle1876after 1880per cemetery records-d/o Wm E & Lucia J Slagle
Back3G ELeaper  5 (Yrs or what?)
Back3W HLeaper187303/25/1879stone says born 1879 but possibly engraved wrong.
Back3(N N)Leaper18711875 
Back4Myrta AYule18811966 
Back4George WYule18791951 
Back4George WLawrence 03/29/1853 23 yrs 2 mos 3 days Photo: Steve Hanken
Back4BentonPorter 04/28/1853 
Back4JohnSoper 06/08/1860 
Back4AdahSoper 08/19/186782 yrs 6 mos 16 days, w/o John Soper
Back4TimothySoper04/10/182012/01/189171 yrs 6 mos 21 days, born Chenango Co., NY
Back4Adelia M (Starkweather)Soper01/07/18351/29/1911w/o Timothy Soper-d/o Leonard & Polly Starkweather
Back4Mary "Polly" (Thompson)Starkweather18171906w/o Leonard Starkweather
Back4Charlotte AStarkweather18441917d/o Leonard & Mary "Polly" Starkweather
Back4Mable Viola (Munday)Lutz04/22/18952/1/191823 yrs 9 mos 8 days, w/o William Lutz -d/o Henry P & Katherine J Mundy -mother of Clarence Wm & Clyde C Lutz
Back4Timothy SMundy18802/25/1907lot owner: J H Mundy
Back4Floyd DButler18958/27/1940IA Corp US Army-ss as Katherine J & Henry P Mundy
Back4Katherine JMundy18541942w/o Henry P Mundy
Back4Henry PMundy18464/4/1931 
Back5William RGage18811885son of Lemuel J & Rose (Wink) Gage?
Back5infantGage 1880son of Lemuel J & Rose (Wink) Gage?
Back5Mandy PGage18841885dau. of Lemuel J & Rose (Wink) Gage?
Back5Lemuel JGage18591939 
Back5Rose A (Wink)Gage18581930w/o Lemuel J Gage
Back5Abigal (Nichols)Gage 04/09/1895 75 yrs 3 mos 21 days, w/o Wm S Gage Photo: Steve Hanken
Back5William SGage 04/05/1879 65 yrs 1 mo 5 days Photo: Steve Hanken
Back5LGage 03/06/1853 68 yrs 9 mos 5 days Photo: Steve Hanken
Back5Eustatia (Hakes)Bickford18421918 
Back5JamesHakes06/04/18445/5/1910s/o Harry & Nancy (Finch) Hakes (living w/ Giles Julian Hakes in 1860 census)
Back5Nancy (Finch)Hakes181201/29/1850w/o Harry Hakes, Sr (died 5/7/1878 in CA)
Back5Joseph BBrown 09/02/185881 yrs 21 days
Back5Lucy (Miner)Brown 10/09/186587 yrs 6 mos 29 days, w/o Joseph B Brown
Back5GeorgeRobbins 08/18/186542 yrs 25 days
Back5Lucy A (Brown)Robbins 1/8/190787 yrs 4 mos 15 days, w/o George Robbins- d/o Joseph B & Lucy (Minor) Brown
Back5Mary E (Dumont)Robbins03/10/184908/12/188738 yrs, w/o Silas Wright Robbins-p/o George, Cora Garretson, Lulu
Back5Silas WrightRobbins09/15/18474/28/192579 yrs, s/o George & Lucy Ann (Brown) Robbins- #2 wife: Jessie M Yule
Back5infantWeatherson  child of James & Betsy J (Colby) Weatherson??
Back5FloraWeatherson05/30/1889? dau of James & Betsy J (Colby) Weatherson??
Back6Elizabeth (Houser)McClout12/25/18424/13/1900w/o F McClout
Back6Ida E (Baum)Dumont18581937w/o John B Dumont - d/o John & Francis (Halpin) Baum
Back6John BDumont18541931p/o Eustatia, Clayton & Loren -s/o Frederick & Edella (Hakes) Dumont
Back6EustatiaDumont18861899d/o John B & Ida E (Baum) Dumont
Back6JacobSoper02/05/181103/29/1867s/o John & Adah Soper -born Saratoga, NY
Back6Celinda (Harvey)Soper03/15/182111/11/1857born Cortland Co., NY - w/o Jacob Soper -d/o Amasa & Clara Harvey
Back6ChauncySoper05/14/184605/31/1859born Chenango Co., NY - s/o Jacob & Celinda (Harvey) Soper
Back6IsaacSoper 04/21/185750 yrs 6 mos 13 days
Back6JosephBrown 03/22/186766 yrs
Back7Lillie J "Fannie" per 1925 & 1880 census (Hakes)Underwood08/03/18783/16/1958w/o Louis J Underwood - d/o Nelson & Emily (Williams) Hakes
Back7Louis JUnderwood01/11/18746/10/1934s/o James & Phoebe (Gage) Underwood
Back7Phoebe A (Gage)Underwood18451912w/o James Underwood
Back7John RandallBreed18521940p/o Glada (Breed) Miller
Back7Cora A (Burch)Breed18641924w/o John Randall Breed -p/o Mrs. Oscar (Glade) Miller
Back7twinsBreed 1902children of John Randall & Cora a (Burch) Breed
Back7James A MStarkweather 09/13/18543 yrs 2 mos, s/o Leonard & Polly Starkweather (Leonard b 1815 d bet 1885-1895)
Back7Joseph HSmith02/09/18145/14/1902 
Back7Mary (Soper)Smith05/20/182111/7/1903w/o Joseph H Smith
Back7John BDumont09/20/179308/21/1874War of 1812
Back7ElizabethDumont02/02/179603/19/1877w/o John B Dumont
Back7Frederic SDumont09/03/18278/10/1905 
Back7Adelia Ann (Hakes)Dumont 11/26/186831 yrs 7 mos 21 days, w/o Frederic S Dumont
Back7Martha/Eutetya FPeet 01/08/187817 yrs 5 mos 5 days, w/o John G Peet
Back8T OBishop 02/16/188983 yrs 5 mos 12 days
Back8Francis MarionBishop07/10/183510/6/1908 
Back8Harriet Doolittle (Armstrong)Bishop08/29/18453/22/1910w/o Francis Marion Bishop
Back8LydiaBishop18741946d/o Francis Marion & Harriet Bishop
Back8Benjamin JFoos 02/01/186654 yrs
Back8JuliaFoos 04/30/186144 yrs 5 mos 27 days, w/o Benj Foos
Back8FreemontFoos  s/o Benj & Julia Foos
Back8Sarah AFoos 04/14/18558 yrs 8 mos
Back8AliceFoos 12/08/1853d/o Benj & Julia Foos
Back8infant sonFoos 04/21 1851ss as Sarah A & Alice Foos
Back9Rachel ABreed18401930w/o William Breed
Back9WilliamBreed18371909lot owner: C W Breed
Back9MaryDarling 05/14/188373 yrs 10 mos, w/o David Darling
Back9Olive GDarling 01/15/1852d/o D & P Darling
Back9JGates 09/17/185474 yrs
Back9WilliamGibboney06/27/180104/03/1881lot owner: Elmer G Giboney
Back10Alice E "Julia Madge?"Porter 08/19/188434 yrs 4 mos 9 days, w/o James W Porter-cemetery records show this person as Madge-census says Julia M
Back10Harry HPorter18621934(or 1904) s/o Mathew & Maria Porter
Back10Minerva J (Porter)Dumont 09/18/188441 yrs 8 mos 26 days, w/o F S Dumont -d/o Mathew & Maria Porter?
Back10MariaPorter10/25/18198/17/1901w/o Mathew Porter
Back10John WilliamYount18941905 
Back10Harriet (Hornbeck)Armstrong02/20/180905/20/188880 yrs
Back10JohnArmstrong 07/07/186272 yrs
Back10Viola Adell (Remington)Armstrong04/26/185312/11/1929w/o Charles Ransom Armstrong
Back10Charles RansomArmstrong05/25/18471919s/o of John & Harriet (Horbeck) Armstrong
Back10Ira LeeArmstrong04/29/187603/07/187710 mos 6 days, s/o Charles & Viola (Remington) Armstrong
Back10David EHoman185010/18/1855s/o Lewis W & Temperance M Homan
Back10Wm WHoman  infant-ss as dau. Homan d 08/09/1858-lot owner: N B & Frances Homan
Back10daughterHoman 08/09/1858d/o N B & Frances Homan-ss as Wm W Homan
Back10Luther AHolmes 01/04/18634 yrs 6 mos 3 days, s/o Horace & Rosetta Holmes
Back10Eddie AStephens 02/14/18763 mos 13 days, s/o Wm K & Clara D Stephens
Back10William KStephens 08/29/188135 yrs 5 mos
Back10Clara DStephens 7/12/193583 yrs
Back10Eva PDunn 11/08/188440 yrs 8 mos 24 days, w/o Francis Dunn
Back10Frank (Francis?)Dunn 08/19/188256 yrs
Back10Claire M VHall04/10/18937/27/1961IA Pvt Co H in Training BN-WWI
Back10Ella HHall18991991 
Back12Joseph AbrahamYount18502/3/193786 yrs
Back12Ida Almedia (Pierce)Yount18541921w/o Joseph Abraham Yount
Back12Sarah (Lewis)Yount05/29/181211/29/1867 
Back11George WHarvey 02/07/1855s/o Charles T & S H Harvey
Back11LizzieWink18571933w/o Charles A Wink
Back11Charles A.Wink18531881 
Back11JohnHerriott 04/26/189755 yrs 1mo 2 days, Co E 13th OH—"Hargeott" per WPA
Back11Harry HallStrother18941980WWI—s/o Absalom & Eliza (Higby) Hall—p/o Sally Ann
Back11Ione Beatrice (Thorsen)Strother09/01/18984/7/1988w/o Harry Strother—p/o Sally Ann
Back11Irving AStrother18861927wife: Edna Roberts
Back11Eliza J (Higby)Strother18601934 or 1939w/o Absalom Hall Strother—d/o Melvin & Hattie (Taylor) Higby—p/o Frank & Fred
Back11Absalom HallStrother03/27/184411/18/1926Co B 88th Reg OH Inf Vol—s/o Isaac & Elizabeth (Hall) Strother
Back12Rachel (Manly)Rundall07/04/183209/01/1881w/o Silas W Rundall
Back12Silas WilliamRundall03/01/18325/18/191274 yrs 6 mos 20 days, s/o Reuben & P (Martha) Randall
Back12MarthaRundall 02/04/1882w/o Reuben Randall
Back12ReubenRundall 08/30/187878 yrs 4 mos 8 days
Back12CatherinePort18351921w/o John Port
Back12JohnPort 06/06/188048 yrs
Back12StephenPort 07/07/188656 yrs
Back12HarrietPort 09/07/1866 
Back12Albert LEldred10/00/184509/00/1910p/o Agnes, Arthur, Frank & Leuretta
Back12Clementine (Guthrie)Eldred05/10/18541/31/1902w/o Albert L Eldred -p/o Agnes, Arthur, Frank & Leuretta
Back12Agnes DJohnston18771931 
Back12Frank AEldred 08/30/18826 wks, s/o Albert L & Clementine Eldred
Back12LouieSherwood18911892(Another infant buried here per Cem. Records)
Back13Alna (also read as L'Vina)Pierce 01/06/1879 
Back13DaughterPierce 08/19/187919 wks, d/o M Pierce
Back13Lucius BPierce01/18/183001/13/1892s/o Joshua & Polly (Thompson) Pierce-Co F 33rd Reg WI Inf (Evansville, WI)
Back13Mary (Rundall)Pierce02/15/183404/21/1923 or 7w/o Lucius Pierce - d/o Rueben & Martha Rundall
Back13daughterPierce  10 wks, d/o H & M Pierce
Back13Adelaide HHarris 01/12/18593 yrs 7 mos 11 days, d/o Robert S & Alvina Harris
Back13SulivanFarrar 03/08/185472 yrs 1 mo 22 days
Back13DGrassfield18301893Co F 20th IA Inf - GAR-lot owner: David Grassfield
Back13Ambrose "Abe"Bauer 5/8/1920 95 yrs 9 mos 8 days Photo: Shirley Pollock Parker
Back13Amanda (Hutchinson)Bauer 10/9/1903 56 yrs 19 mos 13 days, w/o Abe Bauer–also infant on this lot Photo: Shirley Pollock Parker
Back13ElizaHutchinson 03/24/1895 86 yrs 1 mo 22 days, w/o A F Hutchinson Photo: Shirley Pollock Parker
Back13A FHutchinson 09/18/1861 Photo: Shirley Pollock Parker
Back14NelsonHakes18341904s/o Harry & Nancy (Finch) Hakes
Back14infant sonHakes 09/10/1883s/o Nelson & Emily S (Williams) Hakes
Back14Emily S (Williams)Hakes18421925w/o Nelson Hakes
Back14Walter PerryHakes18841954wife: Mabel Northrup -s/o Nelson & Emily (Williams) Hakes
Back14Frank MHakes12/10/18585/21/1925s/o Nelson & Emily (Williams) Hakes
Back15LizzieLeaper10/04/188101/19/1885lot owner: Fred Leaper
Back15Mary E (Leaper)McCullough18671902d/o John A & Hester (Brundridge) Leaper
Back15ElizabethLeaper 01/09/188656 yrs, w/o Frederic Leaper. Lot owner: Fred Leaper
Back15Giles JulianHakes10/18/182902/10/1896s/o Harry & Nancy (Finch) Hakes
Back15Phebe J (Rundall)Hakes03/29/18309/24/1911w/o Giles Julian Hakes-d/o Rueben & Martha Rundall
Back15D CStutsman 02/02/189179 yrs, Co F 13th IA Inf
Back15AnnieStutsman 04/26/188472 yrs 9 mos 14 days, w/o D C Stutsman
Back15LouieBrundage 1877 
Back15Nancy (Brundage)Wry18481938w/o William L Wry
Back15Aswell D.Wry 6/1/190168 yrs—h/o Martha Decker
Back15Martha (Decker)Wry03/03/18423/16/1906w/o Aswell D. Wry. Thabnks to Shanna Steed for help with the Wry entries.
Back15Wm. L.Wry07/05/18432/28/1906Co K 39th IA Inf, GAR—born Randolph Co., IN
Back15JamesWry 01/24/187910 yrs 5 mos 15 days, s/o Wm L. & M. Wry
Back15DenisWry 4/17/190128 yrs
Back15Lula E.Robertson19001989w/o Lloyd Robertson
Back15Lloyd P.Robertson18941965WWI
Back15Galen B.Robertson9/17/19369/16/1986AFD
Back15Martha ABoone11/02/18402/6/1906lot owner: S. D. Boone
Back16Sarah F. (Falor)Alspaugh09/03/18539/27/1901w/o Asa Alspaugh—d/o Isaiah M. & Elizabeth Falor
Back16ElizabethFalor06/16/183312/16/1895w/o Isaiah M. Falor
Back16Isaiah M.Falor12/21/18284/16/1912Thanks to Liz Coleman for help with this entry.
Back16Harry Jr.Hakes 11/01/186533 yrs, wife: Francis J. Dumont remarried to Thomas D. Porter in 1867—s/o Harry & Nancy (Finch) Hakes
Back16Charles EdgarPollard11/13/18313/5/1909s/o Stanton & Fannie Amelia Pollard
Back16Fannie Mae (Hakes)Pollard12/01/18387/4/1907w/o Charles E Pollard -d/o Harry & Nancy (Finch) Hakes
Back16ErlePollard07/01/187111/20/1892s/o Charles E & Fannie Mae Pollard
Back16James Robert "Jim Bob"Wry18641948 
Back16Alice EGill18771880d/o John & Hannah Gill
Back16Edward RGill186806/18/188921 yrs, s/o John & Hannah Gill
Back16HannahGill18461939w/o John Gill
Back16Albert MDauber5/21/19655/29/1965g-s/o Albert M & Eve Bobst
Back16Eve MBobst19121968w/o Albert M Bobst - marr 10/30/1929
Back16Albert MBobst190819962nd wife: Doris Holcomb
Back16PhillipBobst18631959p/o Lee, Louie & Albert
Back16Anna M (Onstott)Bobst18651909w/o Phillip Bobst-p/o Lee, Louie & Albert
Back17Hulda MayWeatherson 04/12/188414 mos 10 days, d/o George & Mary Weatherson
Back17NettieWeatherson 02/06/18709 mos 10 days, d/o Luke & Nancy Weatherson
Back17Phoebe JWeatherson 09/07/186716 mos 20 days, d/o Luke & Nancy Weatherson
Back17NancyWeatherson 07/14/189160 yrs 6 mos 9 days, w/o Luke Weatherson
Back17LukeWeatherson 6/20/190679 yrs, Civil War
Back17Thomas EHarris 09/21/1892s/o James & Nellie Harris
Back17Vesta V (Caffee)Finnigan18411914w/o Henry F Finnigan
Back17Benjamin PercyHolden18601909wife: Mary Lib Murfield (divorced)
Back17Anniela JuneFinnigan 03/28/187213 yrs, d/o Henry F & Vesta V (Caffee) Finigan
Back17Sluny (Glory per Cem. Rec)Finnigan 0602/18766 yrs 3 mos 22 days, d/o Henry F & Vesta V (Caffee) Finigan
Back17CarrieByerly 08/12/18792 yrs, d/o W & E Byerly -lot owner: Joe Byerly
Back17Purdy FByerly 08/21/18764 yrs, d/o W & E Byerly -lot owner: Joe Byerly
Back17GrantByerly 01/10/18768 yrs 1 mo, s/o W & E Byerly -lot owner: Joe Byerly
Back17W A "Bill"Halverson2/7/192311/7/1978marr 07/20/1952 - WWII-p/o Joyce, Jane, James & Joann
Back17Doris LHalverson8/4/19303/24/1990w/o Bill Halverson - p/o Joyce, Jane, James & Joann
Back17Erma IMaiden19061973w/o J Ira Maiden
Back17J IraMaiden18981976 
Back18CharlesElwood Ellmwood10/20/185111/11/187323 yrs, lot owner: Wm Newhard - WPA says ELLENWOOD
Back18FrankEgan  7 mos 7 days, s/o James & Emeline Egan
Back18EmelineEgan185001/07/1890w/o James Egan
Back18Emily JNewhard 03/17/189463 yrs, w/o William H Newhard
Back18William HNewhard01/27/182108/18/1879 
Back18Frances A (Caffee)Langstaff 09/15/187423 yrs 6 mos 24 days, w/o H H Langstaff- d/o John & Elizabeth R Caffee
Back18sonLangstaff 09/11/1874s/o H H & Frances A (Caffee) Langstaff
Back18JohnCaffee08/08/181303/07/189379 yrs 7 mos 11 days, GAR
Back18Eliza RCaffee01/07/182403/03/1899w/o John Caffee
Back18FrancesLeaper18871970w/o Elmer Leaper
Back18Irene S (Gienapp)Maiden1933 w/o Delmar L Maiden
Back18Delmar LMaiden1928  
Back19John LRemington10/24/188111/10/1931IA Pvt Co C 2nd Inf - WWI
Back19RodneyRemington1850193788 yrs, Death Cert = 02/19/1938
Back19SarahRemington18851886ss as Rodney & Ida L Remington
Back19Ida LRemington18561935w/o Rodney Remington
Back19AnnieRemington18611910(surname Remington assumed)
Back19GardnerRemington 07/02/187670 yrs 6 mos 23 days, (Also a blank "Mother" stone here)
Back19George RedoldusMatthiessen 05/25/188011 mos 11 days, s/o Henry & Dora S Matthiessen
Back19Laura CMatthiessen 11/21/18814 yrs 1 mo 9 days, ss as Harry & Dora S Matthiessen
Back19HarryMatthiessen 11/19/18815 yrs 11 mos 11 days, s/o Henry & Dora S Matthiessen
Back19Dora SMatthiessen 02/25/18811 day, ss as Harry & Laura C Matthiessen
Back19AnnJoslin01/05/182207/10/1895w/o Thaddeus Smith & Harrison Joslin
Back19Annett S (Smith)Hunter11/18/185003/10/1896w/o Thomas Hunter - d/o Thaddeus & Ann Smith
Back19Benjamin FMann  Co K 9th Cav
Back19Sharon KBinner1940 w/o Donald W Binner
Back19Donald WBinner19281975 
Back19Almeda (Bennett)Rouze18991976 
Back19Bonnie ISisco7/9/1923 w/o Mervin Leroy Sisco
Back19Mervin LeroySisco11/8/191909/00/1979S Sgt US Army
Back19Leonard EWalker18801908 
Back19Emmett AWalker18941909 
Back19Bertha LWalker19011901 
Back20babyMoore 09/28/18817 yrs , s/o F W & C J Moore
Back20Mattie A (Rundall)Runkle10/24/18677/25/1934w/o Frank L Runkle-d/o Silas Wm & Rachel (Manly) Rundall
Back20Frank LRunkle18721949s/o Abram & Clarissa (Cook) Runkle
Back20Maude Mae (Allen)Rundall03/20/18851/27/1965w/o William E Rundall -d/o Adolph & Laura (Whiting) Allen
Back20William ERundall18671935s/o Silas Wm & Rachel (Manly) Rundall
Back20Sadie AThompson18651949w/o William H Thompson
Back20William HThompson18621934 
Back21Mary EllenPorter03/29/183810/12/191173 yrs 7 mos 3 days
Back21RebeccaPorter03/26/18152/6/1902w/o J B J Porter
Back21John B JPorter07/12/181012/15/1887 born Adams Co., OH
Back22Sarah MMundy01/22/18238/17/1903ss as Helen A Mundy
Back22Helen AMundy07/12/185610/30/1886ss as Sarah M Mundy
Back22MaryO Donnell18551932 
Back22Cora BJenkins 04/01/188917 yrs 2 mos 17 days, d/o __ & M E Jenkins
Back22Orville EJenkins 07/28/18812 mos
Back22Ruth (Graves)McBride19001936w/o Lewis McBride - d/o G B & Jennie (Byer) Graves
??JamesFord 01/29/1895Jones Co. Death Cert says buried in Norwich Cem.
The following individuals are buried in Norwich per the WPA Gravestone Record, but no stones can be found:
WPA William W.Herman 9/28/1862 
WPA C.Lawra, M.D. ?/21/1881 
WPA LoisLueder, 1878 
WPA WilliamLewis 06/06/1854Age 50 years. Might be 1857
WPA RhodaSamen18521909 

Articles of Incorporation for
July 6, 1852

Transcribed by Susan Peet Schmidt, May 24, 2005

Know all men by these presents that we the undersigned hereby agree and consent to the laying out of the wintin named town of Norwich, and to this approprition of the land to public use, for streets and alleys, as designated by the within Map or Plat.

Signed this day July 1852: Jacob Soper, Salinda Soper, Amos Bred Jr., Eliza Breed, Robert Miller, Ann Miller.

In presence of P. R. Skinner, State of Iowa, SS. Co. of Jones
On this 6th day of July AD, 1852 before me Pratt R. Skinner, Notary Public in and for said County, personally came, Jacob Soper, Salida Soper, Amos Breed, Jr., Eliza Breed, Robert Miller and Ann Miller to me known to be the identical persons whose names are affixed to the above agreement for the location Town of Norwich, and acknowledged the same to be their voluntary act and deed. Witness my hand and Notorial seal, the day and year above mention.
Pratt R. Skinner, Notary Public of Iowa in and for Jones Co.

Ordered by the County Court of Jones Co. Ia, that this plat of the Town of Norwich, together with accompanying acknowledgement, be recorded in the County Records of said County.
Given under my hand and the seal of said Co. Joseph Mann, Co. Judge

(The map was of the layout for the town of Norwich with 3 streets—Cherry, Orange, and Cedar. These were all in Parts of NE 1/4 Section 6 Fairview Township, North Range 4 West belonging to Amos Breed, Robert Miller and Jacob Soper.)

Articles of Association for
October 16, 1865

Transcribed by Susan Peet Schmidt, September 4, 2003
(Deed Book 26, page 607)

Articles of Association of the Norwich Cemetery Association Corportion formed for the purpose of buying, informing, and managing a tract of land location in Section 31 and 32 in Fairview Township, Jones County Iowa for the purpose of a cemetery.

I  The patrons whose names are subscribed to these articles together with such as may become association with them in the manner provided by these articles shall be a body corporte under the name and with the object hereafter mentioned.
II  Said corporation shall have all the powers conferred when corporation by Sec. 1151 of the Session of 1860 of the State of Iowa and shall continue for the period of 21 years from the day of the signing of the title and may be renewed at the expirtion of said term.
III  The corporate stock of said corporative shall be Five Hundered Dollars, divided into 5 hundred shares of one dollar each and shall be called the Norwich Cemetary Association.
IV  At the first meeting of the members of this association after the adoption of these articles and at an Annual Meeting to be held on the first Monday of May in each year thereafter, there shall be elected a board of 5 Trustees by whom the affairs of the Corporation shall be conducted. The Trustees shall select from their own members the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Corporation whose duties shall be these usually discharged by such officers and said Trustees and Officers shall continue in office for the year and until their successors are duly elected and qualified.
V  Any owner of a share in said Corporation shall be a member of this association by virtue of said ownership and shall be entitled to one vote in the election of trustees—but no person owning more than one share shall be entitled to more than ??
VI  The Corporation shall neve subject ? to a higher amount of ? liability than $200 at any one time and the private property of a Stockholder shall be exempt from Corporate debts.
VII  When every a piece of land suitable for the purposes of this assocation shall have been acquired and the title properly vested in this association, Trustees shall cause the same to be divided in lot of suitable size and shall vix the price of each lot at a rate which will defray the cost of the land and also provide a different fund for fencing, a adorning and keeping in order the Cemetary grounds which may be changed from time to time in their descretion.
VIII  The stock of this association shall be always receiveable in payment for lots and when shares are so received the certificate thereof shall be canceled and the lot deed as thereafter. shall take the ? thereof and shall constitute its owner a stockholder of this corporation and entitle him to a vote the same as the owner of a share of stock.
IX  Immediately after the first election of Trustees shall open books of Subscription to the Capital Stock and shall keep the same open until the entire shares of 500 of subscribed, they shall fix the time and manner in which such subscription shall be paid. Shall issue certificate for the stock when fully paid and shall have all power not inconsistent with these articles which may be necessary for carrying into full effect the purpose of this association.
Dated and signed at Fairview Township, Jones Co. Iowa, October 16, 1965

J. O. Bishop, M. Porter, Doriestive Brady, Isaiah Tayloer, Benjamin Hood, Ira Mead, Amos Breed, T. M. Bishop, Silas Robbins, R. M. Atkins, Squire Brown, Humphrey Bailey, Timothy Soper, John B. Dumont, James Armstrong, Ira (or Ivan) Breed, N. (or A.) B. Newman.

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