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Olin Cemetery
Rome Township
Section 24

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There are two readings of Olin cemetery posted on the site:
Read in October 2000 and submitted by Joanne Wilken, these pages list burials at Olin Cemetery before 1951 and include extensive notes.

Read in June 2011, this reading includes all burials.

In the JCGS listing there is a column labelled "SS" for Shared Stone. Sometimes, information about more than one person is included on the same stone. These people may not be buried in adjacent graves or even buried in the same section. The numbers in this column will help you determine the burial locations of people who share a gravestone.

In the JCGS listing some gravestone locations are identified by row/stone and some by section/lot/space. There are no written records at all for the old part of the cemetery, which is listed by row and stone number. The newer part of the cemetery is divided into sections, lots and spaces. These numbers are used where available.

The following names are listed in the WPA gravestone listings as being in Olin Cemetery. No gravestones were found for these people in October, 2000. Names are spelled as WPA lists them.
IA (or J A) Gardner No dates. (Is this Joel A Gardner b MI who married Antonio Clobec b Chicago?)
StephenR Fall d 12/12/1861 (50 yrs old)
HazelR Henderson d 7/4/1861 (71 yrs old)
Mrs.Thomas Coleman no dates (Is this Ellen Coleman, (11/10/) 1873, 40 yrs., w/o Thomas Coleman, listed as a "Lost Soul" at Riverside cemetery?)
PhebeBrothers no dates (22 yrs old)
AnnM Borker d 5/8/1929 (19 yrs old)
MarvinBerland b 1900 d 1938
MarciaBereland b 1898 d 1897??
WilliamF South b 1877 d 1880
AnnSeaman d 3/4/1871 (48 yrs old)
MaryE Hintoon d 4/9/1878 (73 yrs old)
NancyJ (Rummell) Scoles d 6/19/1861
SarahA Balby d 10/24/1879 (33 yrs. old)
UnknownOberton b 5/8/1865 d 10/13/1897 (Frank R. Oberton, an infant, died on this day.)

Chlona Hanken Hoppe of CA says Wright Glenn died in 1838 and is buried in the Olin Cemetery His wife, Margaret, returned to Madison Co., Ky, after his death and is not buried in the Olin Cemetery.

... and Kathy Anthony writes, "My great-grandparents are buried in an unmarked grave in the Olin cemetery. They are: Phillip Wood, b. July 19, 1857, d. Dec. 19, 1923; his first wife, Lucy Jane Skipton Wood, b. May 6, 1866, d. Dec. 21, 1913; and, his second wife, Stella Williams Skipton Wood, b. Oct. 7, 1871, d. May 5, 1918. We took his daughter back to the cemetery several years ago to show us where the graves were, but she couldn't remember so the family was not able to put a stone up."

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