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Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Hale Township
Section 22

AKA Nigger Point or Olin. Pleasant Hill has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery.

Photos: Jim Christianson

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"Pleasant Grove and the land south of it was claimed by a colored man in the year 1837, and for many years the place has been known as 'Negro Point.' The name was changed to Pleasant Hill at the suggestion of Miss Martha Miller, and to the satisfaction of the people of the neighborhood."
From History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, by R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910.
Joanne Wilkin adds, "There are various spellings for 'Niggarpointe,' some one word and some two."
Unmarked Graves
Information from 1939 Plat Map provided by Joanne Wilken
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Switzer (Daniel b. 1823 PA and Mary Purbaugh/Perbaugh b. 1818 PA)
Charlie Collin's boy
PhilipSwitzer's twins (Phillip b. 1853 Penn & Agnes b. 1861 OH)
Will Starry's baby girl
Charlie Collin's boy (maybe a duplicate entry)
GeorgeR. Clay's parents (George, Sr. b. 1806 Eng & Argentine b. 1814)
SamLeslie's "people" (s/o Andrew & Nancy (Chester) Leslie–wife: Suzy Switzer who was dau. of Daniel & Mary (Perbaugh) Switzer)
DaveHouston/Huston's wife, Lizzie (b. 1858 MN, died 1890-1900). Their children: Norris A., b. 1881, Archie R., b. 1887, and Florence Belle b. 1890)
Spicer Harris "family" (Edward Spicer Harris, b. 1846 OH and Julia Benridge b. 1849 MO, died bet. 1885 & 1895. Children: William Wilbur Harris, b. 1870 MO, married Sophia Oswold, Geneva, b. 1876 IA, does not appear after 1885. No marriage license in Jones Co.
Doc Starry's boy, Harlen
August Ingwersen's baby
Hansie Ahrendsen's baby
Ray Blythe's boy
Justice/JustusAldrich and his parents (and, maybe, his brother, Dexter A., b. 1843 NY, died bet 1870 & 1880) s/o Joseph, b. 1817 VT & Chloe (Bakin), b. 1823 MA. Joseph died between 1870 and 1880. Chloe died after 1895.
Baby of Mr & Mrs. O Brown
John Conley's baby

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading was provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, and Joanne Wilken. She says, "Pleasant Hill is a very old cemetery. The stones are difficult to read. This is our best guess."
1Wm DAldrich18451917  
1Amanda J (Walton)Aldrich1858aft. 1925 w/o Wm D Aldrich
1Donald FBlythe19211929 son
1Irma MBlythe18971946 Mother
1Henry RBlythe18991951 Father
2Carl VAhrendsen18961983  
2Dorothy RuthAhrendsen1904  w/o Hans Lorenz Ahrendsen
2Hans LorenzAhrendsen19001975  
2Hans CAhrendsen02/22/18669/14/1908  
2Dorothea S (Rohwedder)Ahrendsen01/30/18715/12/1944 w/o Hans C Ahrendsen
2Margaret C (Ahrendsen)Starry18921976 w/o Traverce M Starry-d/o Hans C & Dorothea S (Rohwedder) Ahrendsen
2Traverce MStarry18801950  
2Harlan WStarry19111929 s/o Traverce & Margaret C (Ahrendsen) Starry
2W MarvinStarry19191982 s/o Traverce & Margaret C (Ahrendsen) Starry
2Starry PaulAhrendsen2/1/19133/17/1913  
3HeinrichIngwersen12/15/18747/9/1906  Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
3AnnaIngwersen  1y 7m d/o H Ingwersen Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
4Charles KBurgess 08/06/18731y 3m 28ds/o J H & L Burgess
4Rev. FPiersol05/15/18547/30/1912  
4WilliamButler  5 wkss/o D L & M L Butler
5BabyTyrell   s/o J T & E A Tyrell
5G HWolfe05/29/182508/11/1889 Capt 14th IA Vol.-GAR
5Huldah (Cooper)Wolfe01/27/18231/18/1910 w/o G H Wolfe-WPA says died 1909
5AlbertWolfe08/31/18637/21/1901 same stone as G H & Huldah (Cooper) Wolfe
5George MWolfe18501937 wife: Amanda Cole
5Albert SPatton 8/19/191571y 1 mo 2d 
5CloycePatton 01/06/18871 mo 14dsame stone as Albert S & M Elenor Patton
5M ElenorPatton 08/29/189347y 1 mow/o A S Patton
6ClaudeKent 09/07/18881y 6m 23ds/o N H & I Kent
6Amanda (Cole)Wolfe 09/05/188428y 9m 15dw/o Geo M Wolfe
6IrisWolfe 09/12/18845 wksd/o George M & Amanda (Cole) Wolfe - stone says "Our Babes"
6MinervaPatton 8/21/190790yw/o of James H Patton
6James HPatton 02/20/188573y 
6Earl HPatton11/04/188109/07/1893 s/o J W & S C Patton
6Ila BWooder18911975 w/o Ernest C Wooder. Thanks to Kathie Baker for help with this entry.
6Ernest CWooder18831972  
7FreddieScrivens 10/12/18741y 11m 10ds/o Benj. H & Nancy Scrivens
7Myrtle EScrivens10/12/187709/04/1879  
7NancyCole 02/20/187876y 8m 11dw/o Simeon Cole, Sr
7Craig AHoffman11/17/197211/18/1971  
7Laura (Norris)Huston18611899 w/o Charles Huston - marr 1884 - d/o George R & Eliza (White) Norris
7Charles WHuston18571925 married 1884- s/o John Robson & Margery Ann (McFadden) Huston
7Margary Ann (McFadden)Hustonca 182230 Nov 1884 Widow of John Robson Huston, Co. G 31st IA Inf. He died 26 Jan1863 in Yount's Point, LA of disease. (Joanne Wilken)
7Addie JWooder18651918 w/o James Wooder
7Fred HChatterton18671947  
7May LChatterton18761965 w/o Fred H Chatterton
7Mable EPhillips18941974 w/o Frank L Phillips
7Frank LPhillips18871973  
8ChristinaWolf 09/28/187419yd/o J & C Wolf
8BarbaraWolf 08/05/189651y 5m 27d 
8AnnaReed 12/30/189034y 11m 10dw/o J W Reed
8AltaRose 07/24/188819y 5m 19d w/o Lucas Rose
8Adelaide (Mitchell)Tubbs01/02/18501/8/1916 Are Maiden & Married names correct?
8Merton DTubbs12/19/18731/12/1902  
8Cora (Root/Phillips?)Tubbs18721970 w/o Merton D Tubbs
8Morris MertonTubbs7/7/19006/17/1961 WWII Pvt Co C Armed Repl BN-s/o Merton D & Cora (Phillips) Tubbs
8Chester EdwardBaumgarner 10/8/190412y 4m 25ds/o Edward l & May E Bumgarner
8Miron DPhillips02/25/18247/14/191187y 4m 19d 
8George APhillips12/07/18327/25/191582y 7m 18dwife: Louisa Plum --s/o Nathan & Harriet Phillips
8Delana M (Smith)Phillips07/08/18504/29/193281y 9m 21dw/o George A Phillips-d/o Cyrus & Mary (Barton) Smith
8Mary MPhillips18801958  
8Milo GPhillips18781969  
8HenryWolf 03/05/188355y 10m 22d 
9Eva EClay18861964  
9George RClay18541922  
9Mary A (Wolf)Clay18601953 w/o George R Clay
9Warren GClay18901944  
9Sarah AnnSimmons07/02/182008/31/187454y 6m w/o Jackson Simmons Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
9Sarah E (Robinson)Garrison 10/29/188124y 6m 16d w/o George R Garrison Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
9SarahGarrison 11/04/18813m 25d d/o George R & Sarah E (Robinson) Garrison Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
10Nita LeeBallou04/25/18929/4/1902  
Sue Ballou Lieske has provided the correct surname for this entry. She writes: "Joanne, I was so glad you wrote: 'This is our best "guess."' at the top of the burial list for Pleasant Hill Cemetery. My dad had written in my 'Ballou book' that his aunt was buried at Niger Point. First I had to figure out which cemetery he meant and then was very disappointed for a moment when I couldn't find his aunt's name. Then I read what you had written and looked again. Dad's aunt is the Nita Lee Barrow (actually BALLOU) on the burial list. She was born on April 25, 1892 and died on September 4, 1902. Her parents were Jesse BALLOU and Mattie SOUTHWICK BALLOU. I don't know why she wasn't buried south of Olin with most of the rest of the family. My proof is on page 125 from The BALLOUS in AMERICA, An Addendum to the original history..., published by the BALLOU FAMILY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, January, 1942. It lists Nita Lee as 'Nathaniel' but the birth and death dates are as listed in the burial list at Pleasant Hill and my dad's note says 'girl - name is wrong...buried at Niger Point.'"
10Lovisa Melissa (Root)Clay05/18/184707/06/1896 w/o John R Clay-d/o Ozias & Emily Root
10John RClay02/08/183405/13/1898 s/o George & Argentine Clay
10Ida MClay18961897 daughter-ss as Bert Clay
11Anna LSwitzer 05/20/18781m 20d 
11Argie ESwitzer 08/02/18723yd/o H W & A L Switzer
11Laura ACarroll12/17/1823  w/o Lankford Carroll
11Isaac PShankland18571923  
11Clara E (Smith)Shankland18651957 w/o Isaac P Shankland-d/o Cyrus H & Mary A (Barton) Smith
12Ella MayCole 10/28/18702yd/o John & Rebecca (Bumgarner) Cole
12Henry RCole 09/18/188923ys/o John & Rebecca (Bumgarner) Cole
12CliffordCole05/22/187102/14/1898  s/o John & Rebecca (Bumgarner) Cole Photos: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
12Rebecca (Bumgarner)Cole07/28/18364/26/1919  Mother—w/o John Cole—d/o Joseph & Eliza Bumgarner Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
12JohnCole11/20/18252/27/1900 s/o Simeon W & Nancy Cole
12DanielGarrison 10/18/188874y 5m 15d Photos: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
12Sarah LGarrison 01/03/187154y 9m 3dw/o Daniel Garrison
12OrrieCole 03/19/18782y 7m s/o Simeon W & Rebecca J Cole Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
12Simeon W, JrCole11/07/18374/28/1923  GAR 1861-1865 Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
12Rebecca Jennie (Garrison)Cole03/22/18426/22/1914 w/o Simeon Cole, Jr-d/o Daniel & Sarah L Garrison
12Lucile BCole10/27/19042/15/1905 d/o Hubert G & Leta L (Starry) Cole
12Sarah ESmith 05/12/189243y 6m 20d w/o Mayson B Smith. Stone per WPA. Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
12Cyrus HSmith07/05/182112/21/1910  
12Mary F (Barton)Smith11/21/182310/31/1895 w/o Cyrus H Smith
12Mary ESmith 10/16/189211m 9d d/o Dwight L & Emma Smith Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
12Dwight LSmith18551944  
12EmmaSmith 5/14/190741y 7m 12dw/o Dwight L Smith
12MitchellSmith18991961 Campbell Funeral Home marker
13Rhoda (Bumgarner)Starry 04/23/184726y 3m 13dw/o Samuel Starry
13Nancy FStarry 04/23/187420y 10m 6dw/o William H Starry
13AlbertStarry 03/18/18762y 3m 2ds/o Wm H & Nancy F Starry
13James VCollins19121933  
13JamesCollins 12/31/190462y 3m 17d 
13Sarah LCollins18561919 w/o James Collins
13HannahCollins05/07/184402/19/187227y 9m 12dw/o James Collins
13ElizaBumgarner 09/28/187761y 2m 16d Elizabeth Green, w/o Joseph Bumgarner Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
13JosephBumgarner 08/22/189282y 7m 21d Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
13JohnBumgarner 07/22/184967y 2m 14d Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
13Mary (Smith)Bumgarner 02/17/185374y 3m 22d w/o John Bumgarner Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
13ElizabethRobinson 01/30/186324y 2m 14d w/o H Robinson Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
13Francis MRobinson 01/29/18632yrs 8m
13SarahRobinson 10/02/18767y 25d d/o W A & A Robinson Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
13A(lexander)Bumgarner 07/21/187165y 11m 8d s/o John & Mary Bumgarner Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
13HannahSimpson 06/06/188471y 6m 13d DATA Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloomw/o W S Simpson
13LawrenceSimpson 08/31/188981y 4m 19d 
13W SSimpson 05/03/188673y 11m 7d Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
13W BSimpson 11/02/186220y 11m 27d ss as Mary Simpson, wife of L. A. Simpson, and infant son of L. A. & M. Simpson. Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
13infantSimpson 10/05/1850 
13MarySimpson 05/27/185444y
13SinaSimpson 12/08/184434y 11m 23d w/o M. O. Simpson Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
14Lourin DCollins19141935  
14John WesleyJean/Jeans06/04/181009/29/1896  
14(Susan Weirs?)Jean/Jeans12/23/181108/17/1896 w/o John Wesley Jean?
14Elizabeth (Jean/Jeans)Mitchell 12/10/188243y 7m 7dw/o Nelson Mitchell-d/o John Wesley & Susan (Weirs) Jean
14CoraMitchell 05/16/18754y 10m 7dd/o Nelson & Elizabeth (Jean/Jeans) Mitchell
14Ivan LCollins3/25/19163/15/1989 Pfc US Army WWII
14Melvin BCollins19091992 Brother-ss stone as Neva M Collins
14Neva MCollins1928  Sister-ss stone as Melvin B Collins
14Alice FCollins18861973 w/o Charles W Collins
14Charles WCollins18761951  
14Sarah EAustin18671957 w/o John M Austin
14John MAustin18691952 s/o Thomas & Mary Austin
14Earl SWooder 1894 s/o M & C Wooder
15J R (or E)Thurston 07/10/187156y 1m 2d 
15CatharineBurwell04/29/18559/10/1910 Mother-WPA says Boswell
15AlexanderLeiara 12/03/185918y 
16Willie HBuckley 02/29/188020y 6m 23ds/o Wm & Sarah Buckley
Sharon Lindbloom provided photos of the following stones that were not included in the burial list, but are definitely at Pleasant Hill cemetery.
?SilasGarrison 4/13/184767y Photos: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom
?Anna McCollumGarrison 08/20/185770y 3m w/o Silas Garrison Photo: Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom

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