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Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Jackson Township Section 26

AKA Riverside it is listed by USGS as Riverside.
Pleasant Valley has been designated a pioneer cemetery.

Photo: Jim Christianson

Photo: Jim Christianson

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Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed by Jim Christianson and proofread by Joanne Wilken. A book about Pleasant Valley cemetery, written by Steve Story, is available at the Anamosa Public Library.

Gertie MayBrickley 8-8-18761y 11m 9dd/o John W & Mary Melissa (House) Brickley
William TBrickley 1-19-187913y 5m 5ds/o John W & Mary Melissa (House) Brickley
JehoikimBrickley 8-1-18801d 
Lizzie LBrickley 8-19-188211w 2dd/o John W & Mary Melissa (House) Brickley
Johnnie DBrickley 18711y 7m son of Joakim and Mary (Boyle) Brickley
Mary (Thompson) Brickley 4-8-188475y 5m 22dw/o John Brickley
JohnBrickley02/25/18006-7-188484y 3m 5dborn Cecil Co., MD
DanielColby 4-18-187567y 5m 3dwife: Abagail
James LDay 9-27-189457y 3m 23dwife: Marian
Esther ADunfee 8-6-186931y w/o: Nicholas -d/o John M & Elizabeth (DeVoe) Streeter
MarthaFinley 9-27-188885y 
CharlesHathaway 11-17-187824y 6m 24d 
FannieHouse 4-18-186967y 6m 9dw/o Jeremiah House-d/o: Unnid & Olive (Hunter) Blinn
JeremiahHouse 2-24-187678y 1m 17ds/o Jeremiah & Ruth (Purple) House
Allen FHoustman8-26-18688-5-188820ys/o J & M Houstman
InfantHoustman 12-15-1892 s/o Wm & Clara Houstman
Martha JHoustman7-14-183403-02-1900 w/o Jackson Houstman -d/o: John & Mary (Thompson) Brickley
JacksonHoustman3-9-183411-02-1901 Jim Christianson: "His full name is Andrew Jackson Houstman."
Frank MelvinIreland 10-27-18762y 4ds/o Harmon Lucas & Rebecca (Slife) Ireland
Mary AJenkins 2-18-187927yw/o Thomas Jenkins
JamesJenkins 12-10-18783y 7m 2ds/o Thomas & Mary A Jenkins
Jennie SJenkins 12-10-18784y 11m 6dd/o Thomas & Mary A Jenkins
Delbert DJohnson 2-25-18847m 27dinfant s/o R W & S J Johnson
Jabez GJohnson 9-21-18542y 1m 5ds/o Seba M & Mary P (Ensign) Johnson
Royal EJohnson 9-15-185511y 20ds/o Seba M & Mary P (Ensign) Johnson
Sarah EJohnson 10-4-18544y 6m 15dd/o Seba M & Mary P (Ensign) Johnson
Walter GJohnson 8-2-18761y 11m 2d 
Seba MJohnson01/01/18181-13-187961y 7d 
Mary Perthenia (Ensign)Johnson 12-6-188260y 3m 11dw/o Seba M Johnson
Mary PKramer 12-5-188623y 11md/o Seba M & Mary P (Ensign) Johnson w/o Wm Kramer
Jessey VMcClure 7-15-18841y 
JohnNunn18088-15-187264y 2m 19d 
Susan (Forman)Nunn18081-31-189788y 11m 19dw/o John Nunn
Abigail M (Johnson)Post18437-14-1867 w/o L D Post d/o Seba M & Mary P (Ensign) Johnson
Lorenzo DPost 9-5-18672m s/o L D & Abigail M (Johnson) Post
ElizaRuel 4-14-188876 yrsmother of Wm Ruel
Zilla (Cochran)Russell7-17-183304-04-1914 w/o Sanford Russell
Mary (Stingley)Sealls 12-6-188072y 3m 5dw/o Barnard Sealls, Sr.; d/o of Jacob Stingley
Rebecca (Slife)Ireland 4-7-188332y 2m 27dw/o H L Ireland -d/o John M & Elizabeth (Alspaugh) Slife
ThadieStivers 2-15-18738m 6dchild of Enos H & Mariah (Hammond) Stivers
Lonie AStivers 9-12-18789dd/o Enos H & Mariah (Hammond) Stivers
EddieStivers 11-16-18798y 10m 4ds/o Enos H & Mariah (Hammond) Stivers
Stella MayStivers9-14-189512-19-18972y 3m 15dd/o Enos H & Mariah (Hammond) Stivers
Sabra EllenStreeter 7-12-186722y 2md/o John M & Elizabeth (Devoe) Streeter
John MStreeter9-22-18122-20-1891  
Martha SStrickell 1-26-18671m d/o Wm & Sarah J (Nunn) Strickell
Mary AStrickell 8-14-18701y 1md/o Wm & Sarah J (Nunn) Strickell
Richard TStrickell 8-6-18716m s/o Wm & Sarah J (Nunn) Strickell
Rhoda AStrickell 4-3-18795y 1 m 7dd/o Wm & Sarah J (Nunn) Strickell
Sarah Jane (Nunn)Strickell6-19-183211-16-1906 d/o John & Susan (Forman) Nunn
JnoTruax   Civil WarŚCo I 37th IA Inf.
NancyTruax 4-17-186762y 3m 19dw/o John Truax
JamesStivers 7-25-188458y 9m 5d 
Minnie MStivers 1-5-18798y 4md/o Jas & Elizabeth Stivers

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