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Sama/Fremont Cemetery
Cass Township
Section 20

AKA Fremont

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Sandra Berg has provided this map of Sams Cemetery made in 2005. The locations of the gravestones are a bit different than on the Jones County Genealogical Society reading. If anyone visits the cemetery please let me know what you find.

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed and proofread by Joanne Wilken.

1Hannah I Hamilton 8/15/186222y1m17d 
1MayChopper 2/20/18734dd/o John P. & Nancy A. (Reed) Chopper
1EleanorMcBee 3/1/186868y11m2dw/o Lemuel Mc Bee
1LemuelMcBee 10/10/187276y10m 
2MalindaCalkins 3/2/186027yw/o Stephen B Calkins (s/o Calvin & Mary A Calkins)
2Nancy E (McBee)Chopper 9/24/186729y5m20d w/o John P Chopper
2IraChopper 10/20/18598m21ds/o John P & Nancy E (McBee) Chopper
2JosephBower 7/7/185728y9m16dfootstones here say AB, LNB, MAB, & MB
3Melvin ASams 12/12/18671yr4m29ds/o Stephen & J. Mary (Wagner) Sams
4LewisCrow 11/1/18708m21ds/o Edward M. & Sarah A. Crow of Buffalo Tsp, Linn Co., IA
4Gabrison MCrow 08/17/18683 mos 18 ds/o Edward M. & Sarah A. Crow of Buffalo Tsp, Linn Co., IA
5LydiaSams 10/16/187918y11m29dd/o Silas & Sarah (Foust) Sams
5Edward SamsReeves 4/4/18463y7m15ds/o John A. & E. "Lydia" (Sams) Reeves
5Elva ASams 10/14/18792y8m18dd/o Silas & Sarah (Foust) Sams
5EdwardSams 1/28/18573m26ds/o Silas & Sarah (Foust) Sams
5Wm HSams 10/13/18613y11ms/o Silas & Sarah (Foust) Sams
6Sarah (Foust) Sams8/19/18351/22/1917 w/o Silas Sams
6RezinSams 8/4/185329y 
6Edward MSams03/23/17941/23/185460y10m 
6Casander (Edginton)Sams 4/28/187872y7m13dw/o Edward M Sams. Stone says daughter buried w/her
7Clarence S Leek6/16/18888/26/1903 s/o Lorenzo & Maggie (Sams) Leek
7William ESams 2/9/18731m6ds/o Stephen & Mary J. (Waggam) Sams
UnkMary ABeeks 06/23/18547y8m17dd/o William J & Margaret J Beeks
UnkEdward GrantFarrell 10/06/187011m12ds/o J. & N. E. Farrell
UnkHanselKelley 07/19/18547y3m22ds/o S. & J. Kelley

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