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Scotch Grove Cemetery
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Section 15

USGS lists two cemeteries (Scotch Grove & Scott) in exactly the same location. It does not list either as a variant name.

Photo: Jim Christianson

Photo: Yvonne Ellwood

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DIRECTIONS:Take Hwy 38 (south or north) to County Road E17. East on County Road E17 through Scotch Grove, Iowa. Drive 2.3 miles. Look for Scotch Grove Presbyterian Church sign on the right. Take a right (south) on 95th Ave. and drive .5 miles. Scotch Grove Cemetery is on the right.

John Lovejoy was the younger brother of Elijah P. Lovejoy who was killed in Alton, Illinois by a mob. His death is considered the first white death over the cause of slavery in the United States. Elijah's next younger brother was a Senator from Illinois and operated an underground railroad stop in Princeton, Illinois, he was a friend of Lincoln and insisted Lincoln sign the emancipation proclamation.

John became a representative of the United States with Peru during the Lincoln administration. Initially he came to Anamosa to start a paper which ultimately became the Anamosa Eureka, but found his heart wasn't in it. He farmed in Scotch Grove for a while and was the choir director for the Scotch Grove Presbyterian Church. Later he moved to Center Junction, where he died, and was a telegrapher and station agent for the railroad. The Lovejoy family were from Maine and their father was a well known Congregationalist preacher there. Photo: Steve Hanken

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed and proofread by Joanne Wilken. Joanne says: "The earliest Scotch Grove cemetery records are gone. We believe that this listing includes most burials from the mid-1880's on. The earlier dates are for burials with readable tombstones only."

2161SchweinlerHarold C6/1/19228/25/1990 
2161SchweinlerFronie D (French)4/25/190612/27/1999w/o Harold C Schweinler
2151SchweinlerDonald Neil9/1/19461/1/1981 
1831GlennMary Ann (Barnhill)09/186805/07/1888no stone - w/o David A Glenn - d/o Robert Speer & Elizabeth (Nichols) Barnhill
1831GlennRobbin10/17/188412/19/1885s/o Robert R & Mary E Glenn - Lot owners: David A Glenn & David Smith
Unk GlennJohn Sutherland10/00/18861/28/1917s/o Robert Rollin & Mary E (Sutherland) Glenn
1841SmithJoseph R 08/28/187549 yrs 10 mos - Lot owner: Adam Robinson
1841SmithLavina 11/30/187949 yrs 22 days - w/o Joseph R Smith
1841McIntyreCatharine 07/23/18721 yr 2 mos 23 days - ss as John & Lewis A McIntyre
1841McIntyreJohn 09/05//18723 yrs 10 mos 26 days - ss as Lewis A & Catharine McIntyre
1841McIntyreLewis A 07/15/18722 yrs ? Mos 9 days - ss as John & Catharine McIntyre
1531HolmesJennie M 02/04/188120 yrs 7 mos 20 days - d/o Orson & M J Holmes - Orson died Rock Island during war. Jennie raised by Uncle John E Holmes & wife
1531HolmesCatharine (Livingstone)02/02/182211/19/1895w/o John E Holmes - d/o Donald Livingston
1531HolmesJohn E 04/12/188163 yrs - Born VT
1541LovejoyJohn E10/13/181706/05/1891born Albion, Kennebec Co., ME - brother: Elijah P Lovejoy murdered @ Alton, IL in 1837 by a mob - Lot owner: Mrs. Johanna Lovejoy
1541LovejoyMargaret (Livingston) 09/07/186945 yrs - w/o John E Lovejoy
1541LovejoyJoseph C04/09/185204/15/186816 yrs 16 days
1541LovejoyMaggie 03/03/18703 mos 16 days
1291CallahanJohn Oliver  11/29/187728 yrs 10 mos 20 days - Co D Reg 9 IA Inf
1291CallahanEthel B 08/01/18951 yr 11 mos 24 days - d/o John W & Kitty A (Glenn) Callahan
1291SimmonsBertha E 07/05/18812 mos 6 days - d/o Chas. & Harriet Simmons
1291DuncansonAmanda Augusta (Simmons) 07/25/187918 yrs 11 mos 26 days - w/o Archibald R Duncanson
1291SimmonsAlbert J 03/17/188119 yrs 2 mos 18 days
1241MosesCharles Bradford183005/28/1860Lot owners: Catherine Moses & Hy and Victoria (Fowler) Wilcox
1241MosesCatherine (Sutherland)12/25/18337/13/1913w/o Charles Bradford Moses - d/o John & Margaret (McBeth) Sutherland
1091FowlerSanford Odel10/08/185612/16/1934Lot owners: Catherine Moses & Sanfred Odel Fowler & Hy and Victoria (Fowler) Wilcox
1091FowlerMargaret Maryette03/18/185703/31/1894w/o Sanford Odel Fowler
921ButtonJuliette B 02/15/18641 mo 24 days - d/o Augustus B & Lydia Ann (Burnight) Button
911LivingstonFlora 02/02/1853d/o Daniel & Mary Jane Livingston
911CollinsAlice Louisa 01/23/18648 yrs ll mos 25 days - d/o Hiram P & Mary Ann Collins
911CollinsBenjamin 04/27/186660 yrs
731BentlyJoshua 04/02/186739 yrs 9 mos 16 days - wife: Eliza
731BentlyJohn 02/04/186967 yrs 7 mos 19 days - wife: Anna Gundy
551CarsonGeorge H192719283 mos - s/o Wm & Bessie (Blankenship) Carson - lot owner: H Johnson
551CarsonLora Mae192419255 mos - d/o Wm & Bessie (Blankenship) Carson
551CarsonFloyd192119216 mos - s/o Wm & Bessie (Blankenship) Carson
55 Johnson(child)  child of Harry Johnson -buried 02/16/1915
541DreibelbisDuncan Asher05/01/18452/7/1926 s/o Lewis & May (McIntyre) Dreibelbis
541DreibelbisLouisa Josephine (Clark)02/00/18531928w/o Duncan Asher Dreibelbis - d/o Samuel Hazen & Margaret Ann (Bentley) Clark
541DreibelbisAlexander S11/22/18871918died Liverpool, Eng. - WWI -331st Field Artillery
541DreibelbisMary M18811964 
361CarsonMary M (Boyd) 08/18711950w/o Henry Hugh Carson
361CarsonHenry Hugh18691942 
1852FrenchHerbert A (Rev)18721941WWI
1852FrenchMargueratte Anna (McKean)12/00/18721963w/o Herbert A French
1852McKeanIrene M06/16/18876/29/1967w/o Hazen Clark McKean
1852McKeanHazen Clark08/14/18811956 
1852McKeanFrancis Clark7/3/19072/1/1974 
1852JessupMarian E18961979Beloved niece
1852JessupBeatrice18771968Beloved daughter
1852McKeanJohn07/19/183508/08/1891Iowa senator & Judge
1852McKeanNancy A (Ellis) Carr09/11/183810/5/1903w/o John McKean - 1st husband: Samuel Carr
1852McKeanEleanor02/17/187312/22/1878d/o John & Nancy A (Ellis) McKean
1372McIntyreFlora (Livingston) 11/09/186540 yrs 2 mos - w/o Daniel Donald McIntyre
1372McIntyreJeremiah A01/04/186408/09/1864s/o Daniel Donald & Flora (Livingston)McIntyre
1552BattinEmily M 06/09/18591 yr 8 mos 1 day - d/o Cornelius & Nancy (Sutherland) Battin
1552SutherlandJohn E ca 10/30/187616 yrs 1 mo 5 days - s/o Donald & Nancy Sutherland
1552SutherlandDonald 11/04/188880 yrs
1552SutherlandNancy Anne (Livingston)08/24/181712/20/1899w/o Donald Sutherland - children: Nancy Batton, Wm, Donald, Bell, Flora Black, John, Mary Ellen Glenn, Nathaniel, Alexander, Katherine
1552SutherlandMargaret E 03/25/18637 mos 19 days - d/o Wm & M E Sutherland
1512McBeath/McBethAlexander 11/08/187021 yrs - related to John Sutherland's wife, Margaret McBeath
1512McBeath/McBethChristina 03/16/186532 yrs 1 mo 16 days - d/o Mary McBeath
1812HuttonHester J (Davis)18361863w/o Samuel Hutton who died in Monrose, CA, in 1906
1812HuttonNancy A18601872d/o Samuel & Hester J (Davis) Hutton
2353RaftisRoger Emmett2/10/194112/29/1988Korean War
2323PaulsenPatrick John12/30/196412/31/1964s/o Ralph & Joyce Paulsen
2323BloncRonald E10/17/194712/1/1985Vietnam War
2173BradyGalen M9/26/19086/10/1982WII
2173BradyRansom W10/00/18741959wife: Clara Belle (Maxson) Brady
2173BradyClara Bell (Maxon)18781949w/o Ransom W Brady
2143SanfordIrma Ethel07/14/18921/31/1965 
2143SanfordSamisa Myra (Wells)07/00/18651927w/o Delano Sanford
1983WrightJames C  11/23/1909Co D 9th IA Inf - Lot 198 & 199 owned by Loanza Wright (alive in 1939)
Unk Wright2 children (Peter b1891 & Elvy b1893?) 01/23/1896children of James C & Loanza Wright
Unk Wrightdaughter (Lizzy?) 9/13/190013 yrs - d/o James C & Loanza Wright
Unk WrightWilliam01/04/18775/10/1929wife: Theresa Winans (Sacred Heart Cem) - children: Peter, Raymond, Joe, & Mrs Donald Dighton - sis: Fannie Bowers - bros: Silas, Trank, Lewis, Ace & Charles
1853DavisNellie B (McKean)11/00/18861973 
1853McKeanCharles Beatty09/29/18451924Co C 54th Reg IA Inf - buried 12/14/1924
185WPAMcKeanHenrietta Bell (Clark)12/00/18501936w/o Charles Beatty McKean - d/o Samuel Hazen & Margaret Ann (Bentley) Clark
1853McKeanFrank L (Rev)11/29/18736/9/1960ss as Bessie (Flanders) McKean
1853McKeanBessie (Flanders)06/05/188010/31/1945w/o Frank L McKean
1853McKeanDelia Ann (Strohl)03/10/183811/9/1926w/o Alex McKean - born Sandusky Co., OH
1853McKeanAlex (MD)06/22/183802/23/1891s/o Rev John McKean
1853McKeanMargaret04/27/182712/27/1883w/o Fergus S McKean
1853McKeanFergus S03/21/182312/25/1867Co D 9th Reg IA Inf
1853McKeanJames (Rev)09/24/179509/01/1876War of 1812 PA Militia - born Washington Co., PA
1853McKeanNancy (Smith)03/18/180510/31/1864w/o Rev James W McKean
1853McKeanJ W (Rev)04/30/183207/09/1864Co C 54th Reg IA Inf - buried 12/14/1924
1853McKeanSimy L 03/05/186911 mos 17 days - s/o Dr. H Clark & Lizzie McKean
1853McKeanHugh Clark (Dr)07/26/182911/04/1865GAR
1853McKeanElizabeth "Lizzie" (Magrew)07/26/183404/24/1866w/o Dr. Hugh Clark McKean
Unk McKeanNellie L (Burton)186212/00/1886died at Auburn, Nemaha Co., NE - infant dau. buried here, also. w/o Dr James William McKean (born 1860 and died in Los Angeles in 1949)
1513SutherlandGeorge H04/00/18221914buried 12/29/1914 - s/o John & Margaret (McBeth) Sutherland
1513SutherlandIsabella (Sutherland)05/28/183405/23/186328 yrs 11 mos 5 days - w/o George Sutherland - d/o Ebenezer & Sarah (Bunn) Sutherland
1513SutherlandJohn Ross04/28/185907/31/1862s/o George & Isabella (Sutherland) Sutherland
1513SutherlandMargaret (McBeath/McBeth) 05/28/185957 yrs - w/o John Sutherland
1513SutherlandJohn 04/14/187786 yrs
1513SutherlandMorrison 03/12/186623 yrs - s/o John & Margaret (McBeath) Sutherland -Co D Reg 9 IA Inf.
1303Canon/CannonMary E 02/08/188223 yrs 5 mo 8 days - w/o Thomas J Canon
1303Canon/Cannon(Priscilla) Jane (Barnhill) 09/04/187925 yrs 1 mo 3 days - w/o Thomas J Canon
1303Canon/CannonNellie V 09/26/18785 mos 14 days - d/o Thomas J & Priscilla Jane (Barnhill) Canon- Jesse & Eleanor (Sutherland) Barnhill own this lot.
1303Barnhill(Sarah) Mina04/03/185604/26/187822 yrs 23 days - d/o Jesse Ebenzer & Eleanor(Sutherland) Barnhill
1303McPikeBertha M 12/30/188010 mos 10 days - d/o David & Laura E (Barnhill) McPike - David McPike died 05/24/1886 in Troy Mills
1233SutherlandJohn, Jr.03/00/18189/8/19019th IA Inf - wife: Caroline Espy - bro. died on Pea Ridge
1233SutherlandCaroline (Espy)09/30/18421/31/1922born Mercer Co., PA - d/o Robert H & Mary Ann (Bell) Espy - w/o John Sutherland (born 1818)
1233SutherlandJohnny B18721873 
1233SutherlandMary Catherine18761877 
1103JohnsonH N 01/19/186422 yrs 8 mos 12 days -Co H 31 Reg IA Vol
1103LeechJames T18621923ss as Mary & Howard Leech
1103LeechMary Ella (Sutherland)02/00/18661926w/o James T Leech - d/o Wm W &Mary (Hutton) Sutherland
1103LeechHoward Jay18951900s/o James & Mary Leech -died of scarlet fever
1073ClarkEllenora10/31/185910/10/1867d/o Capt. John & Mariah Clark
1073ClarkMariah S 04/04/18625 mos 18 days - d/o John & Mariah Clark
1073RastedeCharles  01/18/186424 yrs 3 mos 9 days - wife: Engel M Jacobs
933JacobsMatilda (Mueller)03/19/184112/11/186322 yrs 8 mos 22 days - w/o John J Jacobs
903JacobsAugust B06/00/18631932 
903JacobsCathrina M (Brokens)09/00/18651940w/o August Jacobs
903GosselineT J10/12/179609/06/1878ss as Polly & James Gosseline - War of 1812
903GosselinePolly A (Cole)09/01/180703/03/1893w/o T J Gosseline - (In Lawrence Co., PA in 1850)
903GosselineJames G (or C)03/10/183609/20/1863died at Chickamunga 22nd Reg IL Inf
 3 (baby) 1994 
74 Espy?(baby) 1999tombstone does not have surname - on lot owned by Espy family
743EspyIda Henrietta11/13/189911/9/1901d/o Norman R & Eva E (Leggett) Espy
743EspyEva E (Leggett) Farr03/10/18728/28/1923w/o Norman R Espy & Stanley K Farr
743EspyNorman R02/14/18672/27/1907b Mercer Co., PA -s/o James & Elizabeth Espy - Sisters: Mrs Anna L Espy & Mrs Sybil G Nelson of Grove City, PA - brothers: Robert & Howard of Dixon, IL
743ThomasWillard B04/05/18396/9/1908born Portage Co., OH - daus: Cora E Wier & Julia Eva Rice - cousin: Orlin Thomas
743ThomasMartha Amelia (Squires)07/23/18422/11/1917w/o Willard B Thomas
713SinclairFloyd D11/00/18941958 
713SinclairOpal Regina09/19/18951956w/o Floyd D Sinclair
713SinclairFannie M (Sutherland)04/15/187102/25/1896w/o Mervin M Sinclair - d/o David & Sarah W (Sutherland) Sutherland
563SinclairMary Ann (Nelson)07/11/18362/16/1902w/o Angus Sinclair- d/o Matthew & Jane (Johnson) Nelson - dau: Mrs. Thomas L (Lizzzie) Lyans of Orange Grove, CA
Unk SinclairJames D12/15/187307/26/1878 
533RobinsonJohn Donald02/18/189911/15/1902died at Madison, SD - s/o Hugh & Anna Robinson
533RobinsonAnna Belle (Sinclair) 18671953w/o Hugh Robinson
533RobinsonHugh186312/3/1950adopted by Adam & Mary (Young) Robinson
533WrightLydia "Liddie" (Edwards) Gregory18781935w/o Lewis Wright - d/o John M & Laura A (Prouty) Edwards
383ProutyJohn Llewellyn03/04/18569/3/1936 
383ProutyFrancis J (Breeden)08/20/186212/5/1913w/o John Llewellyn Prouty
353LacockLaura E (Sinclair)8/22/19114/17/1945w/o Marvin Henry Lacock
353LacockMarvin Henry1/17/191411/25/1997 
353LacockPauline Marie (Oltmanns)7/4/19161992w/o Marvin Henry Lacock
203ConleyCharlotte (Rickels)19171959w/o Harold W Conley
203ConleyHarold W2/9/191312/1/1984WII
1824BarclayJames 09/22/185463 yrs
1824BarclayEllinor 12/28/186370 yrs - w/o James Barclay
1564KirkpatrickJane 4/10/190073 yrs 8 mos 10 days - w/o James Kirkpatrick
1564KirkpatrickJames 12/17/191493 yrs - born Co. Antrim, Ireland
1574GallatinJames (Rev) 05/01/185641 yrs - 1st Pastor Scotch Gr. Church
1504SinclairAnn 08/05/188092 yrs - w/o Donald Sinclair
1504SinclairDonald 09/15/184751 yrs
1504BellMargaret T (Sinclair)182804/17/1860w/o Joseph C Bell - d/o Donald & Ann Sinclair
1504SinclairChristina11/01/182612/16/1900ss as Margaret T Bell - d/o Donald & Ann Sinclair - Angus Sinclair, bro., Mrs. Duncan McIntyre, sister
1504McIntyreWilliam Edwin 09/17/18711 yr 11 mos 7 days - s/o Duncan & Elizabeth (Sinclair) McIntyre of Jo Davies, IL
1504McIntyreChrysty 04/03/18828 yrs 5 mos - d/o Duncan & Elizabeth (Sinclair) McIntyre of Jo Davies, IL
1314EspyJames Stevenson06/30/18409/26/1907GAR
1314EspyElizabeth H (Smith)04/00/18396/30/1906w/o James Stevenson Espy - sister: Jessie Smith of New Wilmington, Mercer Co., PA
1114SweesySarah (Sutherland)03/12/184111/13/1905w/o Matthias Sweesy - d/o Ebenezer & Sarah (Bunn) Sutherland
1114SweesyMatthias09/10/18379/1/1917Co H 31st IA Inf
1114SweesyCharley E 09/14/18642 yrs 4 mos 23 days - s/o Isaac & Rebecca Sweesy
1064SutherlandLavina Ann18511919buried 03/30/1919
1064SutherlandAva Beatrice10/13/19074/4/1908d/o Frank A & M U Sutherland
894CoderJacob E12/25/184412/5/1916born Westmoreland, PA - s/o George & Lydia Ann Coder - grandson of Jacob (born 1781 Bucks Co., PA) and Elizabeth (Aspey) Coder - Lot owner: Mrs. Josephine Hughes
894CoderSarah (Nelson)08/15/18438/17/1922w/o Jacob E Coder - d/o Archibald & Rebecca (McBride) Nelson
894BradyMary E (Stottlemyer)18391917w/o John T Brady - buried 01/21/1917 - d/o Peter & Jane (Higgins) Stottlemyer
894BradyJohn T10/00/18411919buried 11/23/1919 - ss as Mary E Brady
894BradyLillie Mayabt 1879  
894BradyDavid K18691948 
2315PaulsenPaul Heinrich08/01/18957/1/1972p/o Paul H, Ralph, Kathleen, & Ruth
2185MoncriefCora (Griggs)18941970 
2185MoncriefSamuel07/00/18761914ss as Bob Moncrief
2185MoncriefRobert "Bob"11/00/18681961ss as Sam Moncrief
2135CarsonCauncey B9/23/19017/1/1974 
2135CarsonGladys M (Himebaugh)06/00/18983/1/1981w/o Chauncey B Carson
2135GreeneHarry H18871927 
2005AlyeaClara G (Montgomery)18934/1/1983w/o Abram Alyea - d/o George & Sydeny J (Reynolds) Montgomery
2005AlyeaAbram (Rev)18781941s/o Peter & Josephine (Manee) Alyea
2005HimebaughErnest L02/00/187311/14/1925 
2005HimebaughJessie May (Moats)18721964w/o Ernest L Himebaugh
1855McKeanFrank F (MD)5/23/19128/20/1977p/o Frank, Charles & John
1855McKeanCharlotte E2/4/19157/27/1972w/o Frank F McKean - p/o Frank, Charles & John
1855McKeanCharles Thomas7/19/19442/23/1946s/o Dr. Frank & Charlotte McKean
1855McKeanAlexander C05/00/187604/021959 son: Alexander F McKean of Rouleau, Sask., Canada
1855McKeanFronie E (Edgerton)01/28/18755/26/1959 w/o Alexander C McKean- d/o James L & Sophronie (Furman) Edgerton
1825ByersMary J (Hunt) 12/25/187237 yrs 9 mos 20 days - w/o Henry Shakely Byers
1825ByersHenry Shakely04/19/182512/29/189873 yrs 8 mos 10 days - died from fall on ice
1825Byers(infants)  son & dau of Henry S & Mary J Byers
1825ByersAddie M 03/01/187616 yrs 6 mos - d/o Henry Shakely & Mary J (Hunt) Byers
1825ByersEddie G 08/20/187310 months - s/o Henry Shakely & Mary J (Hunt) Byers
1825BrazeltonAlice M (Byers)08/31/185302/21/188329 yrs 5 mos 21 days - w/o Geo Brazelton - d/o Henry Shakeley & Mary J (Hunt) Byers - Alice died Britt, IA
"Mr. H. S. Byers has brought the remains of a daughter, Mrs. Alice Brazelton, who died about fifteen years ago, to Scotch Grove from Britt, Iowa. They will be re-interred in the family lot in the cemetery at this place." ~Monticello Express, May 12, 1898, in the Scotch Grove column dated May 10, 1898. (From Sharyl Ferrall)
1815HuttonCharles P 02/10/186881 yrs 3 mos 1 day - War of 1812 -wife: Mary L Hutton (1st cousin) -her tombstone on Ray Finn farm in Wash Tsp., Jones Co.
1815McFryMary 08/14/186311 mos 1 day - d/o Andrew J & Mary L McFry
1815HuttonJames01/03/181109/25/188574 yrs 8 mos 22 days - s/o Charles Hutton- sons: Allen, Wm, & Samuel (who died in Monrose, CA, in 1906) - dau: Mary Ellen Sutherland
1815HuttonNancy (Brouse)03/27/18115/3/1901w/o James Hutton - marr 1833 in OH
Unk SutherlandMary Ellen (Hutton) 1867husband: Wm W Sutherland died in KS - d/o James & Nancy (Brouse) Hutton
Unk HuttonWilliam H 03/25/189559 yrs 4 mos 16 days - died at home of Nancy Hutton, his mother
1495McClainMargaret (Inches) 11/08/187843 yrs 3 mos - w/o Hugh McClain
1495McClainMary Jeannette 03/28/187213 mos - d/o Hugh & Margaret (Inches) McClain
1495McClainJames W 12/19/18602 yrs 1 mo 28 days - s/o H M McClain
1495McClainJane C08/00/185904/09/1860d/o Hugh & Margaret (Inches)McClain
Unk McClainHugh 01/17/1895GAR
1325InchesJane (How) 10/12/185447 yrs 8 mos - w/o James Inches
1325WarnerHenry Franklin06/00/18603/29/1944s/o Paul Warner - wife: Emma Piper (died 1918 Oakwood Cem.) - Children: Bonnie, Thomas & Hazel
1325WarnerMary E01/29/186401/29/188016 yrs - d/o Paul & Mary A (Hanna) Warner
1325WarnerMary A (Hanna)02/19/18282/9/1913w/o Paul Warner
1265SutherlandEmma (Moneypenny)03/09/18985/16/1990 s/o Charles A & Jennie (Cameron) Sutherland, his wife and their son. Lot owner: Wm Sutherland Photo: Yvonne Ellwood
1265SutherlandPerry J19311969
1265SutherlandCharles Perry12/10/18968/1/1967
1265BatesJohn William 1/20/19024 days - s/o Charles E & M E "Nettie"(Sutherland) Bates (may have died 1901)

1215SutherlandAlexander "Sandy" 05/10/188262 yrs
1215SutherlandIsabel (McIntyre)07/10/182704/04/1897w/o Alexander "Sandy" Sutherland - d/o John & Catherine McIntyre - daus: Kitty Cole & Maud Brown - son: Augustus - Isabel died in Tarkio, MO
1215SutherlandMargaret E18501912d/o Alexander "Sandy" & Isabella (McIntyre) Sutherland - buried 07/15/1912
1215SutherlandWm Augustus18571924buried 10/05/1924
1125DawsonWillie01/23/186601/23/18661 mo 23 days - s/o Joseph G & Margaret Jane (Manes) Dawson
1125DawsonFreddie C 03/03/186511 mos 13 days - s/o Joseph G & Margaret Jane (Manes) Dawson
1125DawsonMat(thew) 01/28/186236 yrs - Elder in Scotch Grove Presbyteria Church - no stone
1125GeeAlvah/Alvis S 03/31/186713 yrs 5 mos - s/o Alvah Julan & Elizabeth Jane (Gilson) Gee
885ClarkFannie 10/11/180012/16/1865w/o James Clark
1055ClarkJohn08/29/18241/24/1908b Mercer Co., PA -daus: Emma Jones & Fanny Newman - Antonette Gosseline mentioned in cem. Records
1055ClarkMarie A (Joslyn)08/14/18311/17/1911born NY -w/o John Clark - marr Pulaski, PA in 1850
885ClarkHiram10/12/182205/03/187047 yrs 6 mos 21 days
Unk CorbettSarah Jane (Angel) Clarkabt 182910/00/1880Born PA -wife of Hiram Clark & John Lewis Corbett
755ClarkMary (Kent)06/16/18271/4/1902w/o Nathan Clark -born England -died at home of dau., Mrs. Wm Bently in MO
705RiceGrace Lillian188702/14/1893ss as Andrew, Julia, & Ruth Rice - d/o Alex & Eva (Thomas) Rice of Dixon, IL
705RiceAndrew Alexander03/22/186409/10/1899 s/o Rev. John & Louise Rice
705RiceRuth Mabel 09/01/1899 3 mos 20 days - d/o Alex & Eva (Thomas) Rice of Dixon, IL
705Nichols(Eveline) Julia (Thomas) Rice18691947w/o Andrew Alex Rice - p/o Grace & Ruth Rice - d/o W B Thomas - She died in Grundy Center, IA
575RiceJohn (Rev)02/23/182410/9/1908born Paisley, Scotland
575RiceLouise Maria (Diven)12/24/18314/3/1915w/o Rev John Rice - Sister: Jane E Diven died 08/23/1884 at age 58
575RiceSamuel Joseph10/05/18598/25/1931s/o Rev John & Louise (Diven) Rice
525SinclairMary Elizabeth "Minnie" (Rice)04/00/18693/28/1942w/o Donald O Sinclair - d/o John & Louisa (Diven) Rice
525SinclairDonald O09/00/18611937 
525SinclairEsther A8/2/19043/12/1989ss as Mary & Donald Sinclair
395Sinclair(infant) 12/10/1914d/o Mervin & Hester (Hutton) Sinclair
395SinclairMervin M18631937s/o Angus & Mary Ann (Nelson) Sinclair
395SinclairHester J (or K) (Hutton)10/05/187911/1/1972w/o Mervin M Sinclair - d/o Allen & Mary Ann (McIntyre) Hutton
345RickelsWilliam Frederick12/00/18861936 
345RickelsWilhelmina Sophia (Lange)01/00/18881941w/o William Frederick Rickels
345RickelsLouise V19101973 
215RickelsMarcella (Otten)19199/3/1997w/o Lincoln Rickels
2376TownsendAlida (Balster)19051967w/o Harvey James Townsend
2306ZirkelbachKaren Lee (Bader)6/29/19578/3/1990w/o Edward Zirkelbach - married 07/30/1977
2306ZirkelbachEdward Scott2/20/19558/3/1990ss as Karen Lee Zirkelbach
2196Zirkelbach(infant) 04/00/1957 
2196ZirkelbachTracy L11/11/19497/15/1950 
2126ThompsonMargaret P18891977ss as Isabella F Thompson - Lot owner: R G Lyans
2126ThompsonIsabella F18991977ss as Margaret P Thompson
2126ThompsonJohn H M18571940ss as Mary C Thompson
2126ThompsonMary C18621948ss as John H M Thompson
2016LyansJennie E09/02/188910/28/1895youngest dau. of Robert G & Sadie (Barnhill) Lyans
2016LyansMary A01/26/18696/22/1903died at home of father - 1 of 12 children
2016ThompsonIsabelle Minerva "Belle" (Lyans)09/22/186210/12/1895w/o Ezekial P Thompson
2016ThompsonSamuel K18501940 
1976LyansThomas Lowrie12/29/182111/24/1903s/o Thomas & Menie Ann (Lowrie) Lyans - 2nd wife: Angie Knapp
1976LyansRebecca A (Guthrie)02/23/182709/03/1888w/o Thomas Lowrie Lyans
1866KennisonAmanda Ellen (Lyans)08/25/185408/08/1886w/o Samuel Peter Kennison - d/o Thomas Lowrie & Rebecca A (Guthrie) Lyans
1866LyansHeber B02/06/185610/04/1887s/o Thomas & Rebecca A (Guthrie) Lyans
1866LyansOscar D07/31/186706/03/1888s/o Thomas & Rebecca A (Guthrie) Lyans
1866LyansJames L0503/186602/13/1887s/o Thomas & Rebecca A (Guthrie) Lyans
1866LyansLydia C06/07/187006/20/1890d/o Thomas & Rebecca A (Guthrie) Lyans -according to Monticello Express she died 1889
1866LyansBenjamin H02/02/189302/21/1896s/o Thomas & Angeline E (Pickering) Lyans
1866LyansAngeline E (Pickering) Knapp10/04/18493/18/1929w/o Thomas Lowrie Lyans
1806MoncriefWilliam J04/00/18631929 
1806MoncriefWilliam 4/6/190679 yrs -born co Monahan, Ireland
1806MoncriefMatilda/Martha (Carson) 11/16/188542 yrs - w/o William Moncrief - d/o ???? & Margaret (Gregory) Carson
1806MoncriefGeorge 08/31/18847/7/1901s/o William and Matilda (Carson) Moncrief
1726GoodJohn 03/22/186458 yrs - native of Co Cork, Ireland
1726GoodElizabeth  06/05/185948 yrs - w/o John Good
1706ClarkArianna 08/23/186334 yrs - w/o John C Clark
1706ClarkRobert N 12/28/18591 yr 8 mos 14 days - s/o John C & Arianna Clark
1706ClarkDavid W 01/24/18562 yrs 10 mos 8 days - s/o John C & Arianna Clark
1706ClarkMargaret 03/30/186767 yrs 10 mos 22 days - w/o David Clark
1586HunterSarah Jane (Clark) 04/11/186329 yrs 11 mos 12 days - w/o Cyprian Hunter
1586HunterMary D 10/15/18621 yr 4 mos 18 days - d/o Cyprian & Sarah Jane (Clark) Hunter
1586HunterCyprian C 1861-1865died at Youngs Pt., LA - s/o Cyprian & Sarah Jane (Clark) Hunter - Co H 31st IA Vol. - brother: William Wylie Hunter
1336WassonGracie E06/02/185109/02/18521 yr 3 mos 9 days - all Wasson's on one stone
1336WassonJames W10/06/185706/25/18624 yrs 8 mos 19 days - all Wasson's on one stone
1336WassonArsena E01/26/186006/27/18622 yrs 5 mos 1 day - all Wasson's on one stone
1336WassonSarah J01/12/184606/27/186217 yrs 6 mos 29 days - all Wasson's on one stone
1336WassonWm S01/12/181601/12/186145 yrs - all Wasson's on one stone
1336WassonCharlott H11/06/182004/01/187352 yrs 4 mos 25 days - all Wasson's on one stone
1336WassonMartha J05/05/184810/07/186517 yrs 6 mos 2 days - all Wasson's on one stone
1336BoltonJames D01/08/187807/04/18802 yrs 5 mos 26 days
1276HannaHenry D 07/16/188159 yrs 2 mos - 1st wife: Marguretta J Rice died 1849 - Co E Reg 27 IA Inf
1276HannaMary (Dice)183210/26/189058 yrs 26 days - w/o Henry D Hanna
1206WilsonDavid C03/03/184902/17/1880s/o S H & S Wilson
1136KuhnsPhilip07/08/18234/27/1910ss as Sibylla Kuhns - Mexican War - Lot Owners: Phillip Kuhns & N. Clark
1136KuhnsSibylla (Rugh) 08/20/18301/6/1912w/o Philip Kuhns - d/o John M & Elizabeth (Weible) Rugh
1136KuhnsJoseph A08/13/18532/25/1937s/o Philip & Sibylla (Rugh) Kuhns
1046NoyesHenrietta C.17 Nov 183610 May186629 yrs 5 mos 23 days - w/o Naaman B Noyes. She was the daughter of Eliphaz/Eliphus Tracy Crowell, born 1799, CT, and Mariah Church, b. 1799, CT, who lived in Ashtabula Co., OH in 1850 census.
1046JohnstonJane 12/12/187880 yrs - w/o Samuel Johnston
946LarkeySamuel 02/20/188057 yrs - Lot owner: Mrs Sam (Isabelle) Larkey - Jane Johnston buried on lot 104 is possibly Samuel Larkey's mother.
876SackettMathew D03/30/182908/19/1896 
876SackettNancy A (Ennis)04/00/18451926w/o Mathew D Sackett
766SutherlandCharles A06/00/18581950 
766SutherlandHarriet Jennie (Cameron)18661941w/o Charles A Sutherland
766SutherlandMary 11/12/18942 mos - d/o Charles A & Jennie (Cameron) Sutherland
766SutherlandNettie M 3/31/19022 yrs 8 mos 25 days -d/o Charles A & Jennie (Cameron) Sutherland
766SutherlandMildred H04/00/18911918buried 03/10/1918
696SchofieldOda (Glenn)10/06/18804/6/1904w/o Charles Rufus Schofield - d/o Robert Roland & Mary (Sutherland) Glenn - Oda died in Tecumseh Co., NE
696FlanaganGenevieve (Glenn)7/31/19074/4/1995d/o Lawrence W & Anna M Glenn
696HerkesKaren A   
586GlennRoland Robert 18441923Co C 44th IA Inf - Lot owners: Charles Rufus Schofield & Roland Robert Glenn
586GlennMary Ellen (Sutherland)09/14/184610/17/1914w/o Robert R Glenn
586GlennNancy E10/04/18772/14/1905daughter - ss as Roland Robert & Mary (Sutherland) Glenn
516DreibelbisLewis August3/1918831966 
516Dreibelbis(infant dau.) 1914ss as Lewis August & Carrie E (Miller) Dreibelbis - buried 11/13/1914
516DreibelbisCarrie E (Miller)12/13/18853/1/1980w/o Lewis August Dreibelbis
516HedgesMary Eleanor( Dreibelbis)12/17/19257/1/1975d/o Lewis Augustus & Carrie (Miller) Dreibelbis - lot owner: Rev. Robt. A Brough
406SturtevantJesse B07/09/18751/21/1927wife: Carlota H Graves - s/o Geo Edward & Mary L (Espy) Sturtevant
336MoatsAddie Marie19061938 
1737CarsonMargaret (Todd) 12/07/187335 yrs - 1st wife of Robert Carson - He and 2nd wife, Martha (Reed), are buried at Clay Cem.
1737CarsonJames E 03/17/18733 yrs 5 mos - s/o Robert & Margaret (Todd) Carson
1737CarsonJoseph A 03/12/18735 yrs 4 mos - s/o Robert & Margaret (Todd)Carson
1737CarsonWilliam S 10/13/18726 yrs 8 mos - s/o Robert & Margaret (Todd) Carson
1737CarsonJohn 08/20/186033 yrs
1737CarsonMary A Jane 10/30/18639 mos - d/o Robert & Margaret (Todd) Carson
  CarsonJames E18397/15/1926b Monahan, Ireland - no readable stone but listed on WPA listing - died Davenport, IA?
  Carson(Harriet) Lavina (Eby)02/00/18401904w/o James E Carson; moved from Four Horn Cem. to Scotch Grove according to Four Horn Cem. records. "According to the Monticello Express, December 1, 1904, Page 4, "Center Junction," Mrs. James Carson, who died November 26 1904, was buried at Four Horn cemetery." Steve Hanken
1677Greer/GrierHugh 09/12/187963 yrs
1677McBrideMargaret (Gregory) Carson Greer 08/09/188885 yrs - w/o Hugh Greer & Gilbert McBride (who died 05/06/1886, age 77 @ Richland) - son-in-law: Wm Moncrief
1487ClarkSamuel Hazen08/06/182401/28/1890ss as Margaret A Clark
1487ClarkMargaret Ann (Bentley)07/28/182905/21/1897w/o Samuel Hazen Clark - sister: Eliza Dick of PA
1487ClarkWilliam B09/20/185511/16/1856ss as Samuel & Margaret A Clark
1487ClarkMargaret J05/30/185705/10/1873ss as Samuel & Margaret A Clark
1487ClarkMira A12/18/186105/18/1868ss as Samuel & Margaret A Clark
1487ClarkArametha08/05/187004/02/1873ss as Samuel & Margaret A Clark
1487ClarkMary J (Beggs) 07/11/186938 yrs 5 mos 6 days - w/o David Clark
1487ClarkDavid12/02/182002/26/1893born NY - died Center Junction
2298Gromly(Sonia Ann?)19781978(Goettsch Funeral Home marker)
2208ThompsonSamuel G09/10/18877/1/1967 
2208ThompsonGrace H (Moats)05/17/18879/1/1972w/o Samuel G Thompson
2208ThompsonLyle H2/3/19114/28/1991 
2208ThompsonLeona (Clark)10/21/19137/17/2003born Maryville, MO -w/o Lyle H Thompson - d/o John & Maud (Carter) Clark
2118LangeViolet B (Carr)19021968w/o William Fred Lange
2118LangeWilliam Fred18851927 
2028DodsonBelle 18821954 
1968LyansBlanche 12/23/189224 yrs 8 mos 4 days - w/o William L C Lyans - 3 children adopted by Mr & Mrs Z Thompson
1968LyansRollie E 05/10/18942 yrs 7 mos 29 days - s/o W C & B Lyans
1968LyansClara Vesta03/12/189804/01/1898d/o Wm & Vada Lyans
1878LyansThomas Boal11/16/190212/29/1902s/o Wm & Vada Lyans
1878Lyans(infant) 11/18/1898s/o Everett J & M E Lyans
1878LyansFrank E01/20/189202/20/1892s/o Everett J & M E Lyans - twin son
197 Lyans(son)02/01/189309/21/1896s/o Thomas & Angie (Pickering) Lyans
1738SerbousekFannie Mae18911948 
1738CarsonMary J (McBride)18561939w/o Robert John Carson
1738CarsonRobert John10/00/18641932s/o Robert & Margaret (Todd) Carson
1738NarragonEmily C 04/26/186526 yrs 8 mos 23 days - w/o L J Narragon
1738EdwardsLaura A (Prouty) 06/13/188329 yrs -2nd wife of John M Edwards - d/o Alonzo/Abijah & Lydia Ann (Harris) Prouty
1598ProutyAbijah/Alonzo J 06/27/186466 yrs 8 mos - wife: Lydia Ann Harris [dau. of Laban Harris of Chittenden Co., VT] (Cem records say this man served in military)
1598ProutyLydia Ann (Harris) Bently 1870-1880Lydia (Harris) Prouty married John Bently in 1868 - He died 1869. She must be buried here or with John Bentley on lot 73.
1598ProutyEthan A 06/15/186119 yrs 9 mos 6 days -24th Reg IA - died at Vicksburg - s/o Abijah & Lydia Ann (Harris) Prouty
1598ProutyMillard F 07/20/185517 mos 10 days - s/o Lucian Bonapart & Lucy (Piper) Prouty
1348EspyMary "Little Mildred" 08/16/18851 yr 1 mo - d/o Robert J & Mary J Espy
1348EspyRobert Johnston R10/21/18444/12/1929Co D 9th IA Inf
1348EspyMary J (Carey)18441936w/o Robert Johnston R Espy
1348EspyDaisy 12/02/188415 yrs 4 mos - d/o Robert J & Mary J (Carey) Espy
1348EspyRobbie 10/05/18772 yrs -s/o Robert J & Mary J (Carey) Espy
1749YerianCharles H0/22/186707/09/18681 yr 17 days - s/o Fred W & Catherine (Sutherland) Yerian
1749YerianSarah M02/16/187103/06/18721 yr 19 days - d/o Fred W & Catherine (Sutherland) Yerian
1749SutherlandEbenezer02/00/180405/01/188176 yrs 2 mos 10 days - Lot owners: D W Sutherland & Fred W Yerian (son-in-law)
1749SutherlandSarah (Bunn) Sinclair11/09/180905/04/1876born British America - w/o Ebenezer Sutherland - d/o Thomas Bunn
1749SutherlandThos10/06/183908/14/185818 yrs 10 mos 8 days
1609WilsonLittle Sammy/Samuel Newell 08/14/185811 mos 16 days -s/o Rev James L & Ellen G Wilson
1609WilsonLittle Delle/Adella Margaret08/29/185205/25/1860 
1609WilsonWilliam W 11/02/18633 wks 1 day - s/o Rev James L & Ellen G Wilson
1609WilsonElla Mary 08/07/18711 yr 13 days - d/o Rev James L & Ellen G Wilson
1479MoatsAmbrose P18451937Co H 38th IA Inf - great grandfather of Paul E Paulsen)
1479MoatsAdeline "Addie" E (Holmes)02/00/18431925 
1359CaldwellThomas A04/15/186509/22/18683 yrs 6 mos 7 days - s/o Wm & Sarah Caldwell
1359Caldwell(4 infants)  children of Wm & Sarah Caldwell
1289HoytLyman P 04/19/186541 yrs 10 mos 9 day
1289HoytSarah "Sally" (Tubbs/Tibbs)02/14/18233/10/1908w/o Lyman P Hoyt - dau: Mary E Dreibelbis and sons: Edward & B L Hoyt
1289HannaSarah (Hoyt)09/15/185303/20/1892w/o Charles M Hanna -d/o Lyman P Hoyt - had 6 yr old son & 2 wk old dau.
Unk ShafferClara (Hoyt) 2/13/1900d/o Lyman P Hoyt - obit. unclear if buried here
1159GilmoreMargaret M 05/28/186516 yrs 9 mos 28 days - d/o Charles & Mary A Gilmore
1149YoungEliza (Davidson)06/11/180009/19/1889w/o David Young - born Carlisle, PA - David died pre 1850 - son: David Young, Jr
1149YoungThomas L03/21/183006/07/1894Co I 5th IA Inf - ss as Eliza Young - s/o David & Eliza ( Davidson) Young - suicide
1149YoungWilliam Azar07/26/186907/11/1872s/o David D & Alvira Young
1149YoungMary 07/24/187107/21/1872 
1149YoungGettie M02/02/186808/02/1872d/o David D & Alvira Young
1039SutherlandAnn Amanda (Espy)10/20/184912/06/188233 yrs 1 mo 16 days - w/o Donald W Sutherland -d/o Robert H & Mary Ann (Bell) Espy
959ClarkAnnette F "Nettie"09/12/18836/1/1902d/o Lewis M & Elizabeth Clark - granddaughter of Mrs. Thomas Marshall - mother & sister also died of consumption
959ClarkLewis Monroe01/04/184712/7/19055th Reg IA Cav - s/o Samuel Hazen and Margaret Ann (Bentley) Clark
959ClarkElizabeth (Fauver)07/01/184901/22/1895w/o Lewis Monroe Clark - d/o ???? & Sabra (Stottlemyer) Fauver - she died at Clinton, IA - husband & 3 children survive
959ClarkS Florence "Sadie"07/09/186910/03/1891died at Clinton -d/o Lewis Monroe & Elizabeth (Fauver) Clark - granddaughter of Mrs. Samuel Hazen Clark
959ClarkLewis Marshall02/28/187402/10/1876s/o Lewis Monroe & Elizabeth (Marshall) Clark
869StineThomas08/27/184803/07/189244 yrs 6 mos 9 days - ss as Sarah J Stine -his mother died Ottumwa
869StineSarah Jane (Webster) Butler1/11/18575/8/1911w/o Thomas Stine - another husband: Frank Butter - d/o Orville & Robey (Mandigo) Webster. children: Belle McCullough, Arthur, Mrs Frank McLaughlin, Mrs. E Webster, Earl & Delbert
86 VairAlvina 08/08/189440 yrs 2 mos - born NY - Lot Owner: Andrew Vair
779HughesEdward C18711950wife: Leola M Russett
779HughesJohn05/10/182309/06/1894b England - wife: Selina (James) Hughes
779HughesSelina (James)06/07/183206/17/1898w/o John Hughes
779BlakeOlive M (Hughes)18751933w/o John Wm Blake - d/o John & Selina (James) Hughes - Olive died in Howard Co., IA
689HughesGeraldine Hermine "Dena" (Rickels)01/00/18781968w/o Gideon J Hughes - d/o Gerd & Margret (Bohlken) Rickels
689HughesGideon J09/00/18631940s/o John & Selina (James) Hughes
689HughesMabel J (Krouse)03/12/187505/07/1896w/o Gideon J Hughes -d/o J G Krouse
689Hughes(baby)04/18/189606/10/1896d/o Gideon J & Mabel J (Krouse) Hughes
689Hughes(infant son) 11/22/1932 
689NorrisKathleen M (Hughes)19051963w/o Robert George Norris - d/o Gideon J & Dena (Rickels) Hughes
Unk NorrisHoward  buried 12/28/1919
599MosesJosephine H (Hughes)09/30/18654/18/1928w/o Charles George Moses - d/o John & Selina (James) Hughes -bros: Gideon J, John & William P Hughes
599MosesCharles George07/24/18594/29/1907s/o Charles Bradford & Catherine (Sutherland) Moses
509ThompsonJohn18631915buried 02/23/1915
509ThompsonMargaret J (Carson)18711946w/o John Thompson - d/o Robert & Margaret (Todd) Carson
21010EilersIrving H8/20/19063/1/1981 
21010EilersRuth Ellen (Nelson)10/12/19091997w/o Irving H Eilers
21010NelsonCharles H07/24/18831947ss as Margaret F Nelson - s/o Matthew Nelson
21010NelsonMargaret R (Serbousek)04/22/18841/1/1980w/o Charles H Nelson - d/o Frank Serbousek
20310RathbunLewis  child of Mary & Lee Rathbun
20310RathbunRalph  child of Mary & Lee Rathbun
20310RathbunJohn  child of Mary & Lee Rathbun
20310RathbunImogene  child of Mary & Lee Rathbun

19510WaltersAdaline Harriet (Hemmingway)04/01/18251904w/o David A Walters - son: B F Walters - bro: Alex Hemmingway
19510WaltersDavid A04/26/18271896 
18810ArduserBertha A (Gilroy)08/20/188210/25/1905w/o Leonard T Arduser - d/o J W Gilroy -she died Colton, ND
18810GilroyInez M11/08/187905/09/1897d/o James & Julia (Hemenway) Gilroy
18810GilroyJessie M188804/08/1889d/o James Gilroy
18810GilroyJames W03/00/18501930 
18810GilroyJulia (Hemenway)05/00/18531930w/o James W Gilroy - d/o Alexander & Amanda R Hemenway
17510OlmsteadMargrett Adella (Sutherland)10/20/18597/25/1935w/o James Buchanan Olmstead - d/o David & Wilhelmina (Sutherland) Sutherland - Lot owner: Mary B Milhouse
17510SutherlandElla 07/27/1867d/o D & M Sutherland
17510SutherlandGeorge W03/17/187410/3/1947 
17510SutherlandDavid04/08/182412/8/1907 s/o John & Margaret (McBeath) Sutherland
17510SutherlandSarah Wilhelmina (Sutherland)02/13/183709/24/1880w/o David Sutherland -d/o Ebenezer Sutherland
16110StofferPeter 04/14/186170 yrs
14610ClarkRobert11/12/183411/17/1920Lot owners: Wm Caldwell & estate of Robert Clark
14610ClarkAlicia Lucretia (Warner)08/14/185311/8/1924w/o Robert Clark
11810SutherlandWilliam M03/00/18371910buried 04/03/1910 -Lot owners: Wm Sutherland & Rev. J Rice & Charles Bates
11810SutherlandHenrietta B (Espy)18381919buried 01/26/1919 - w/o Wm M Sutherland - d/o Robert Hamilton & Mary Ann (Bell) Espy
11810SutherlandJohn Edwin07/05/186110/12/1900s/o William M & Henrietta B Sutherland - single
11610SturtevantMary Louise (Espy)02/15/18335/20/1903w/o George Edward Sturtevant -d/o Robert Hamilton & Mary Ann (Bell) Espy - bro: Wm Espy & sis: Mrs. John (Caroline) Sutherland & Mrs Wm (Henrietta) Sutherland - son: John Sturtevant of Emmetsburg
11610SturtevantGeorge Edward07/25/183106/05/189665 yrs
11610SturtevantSammie C 10/07/1862ss as George Edward & Mary L (Espy) Sturtevant
11610SturtevantGeorge L 01/11/18731 yr 4 mos 6 days - s/o George Edward & Mary L (Espy) Sturtevant
11610SturtevantSamuel 02/11/187978 yrs 7 mos - born MA - wife: Hannah Kingsley
9610FullerJacob E18161860 
9610FullerJohn18511862s/o Jacob E & Matilda (Kipp) Fuller
9610FallElizabeth Eva (Fuller)18571879w/o James F Fall - d/o Jacob E & Matilda (Kipp) Fuller
9610FullerAlice F03/06/188207/26/1882d/o Wm & Lucy Fuller
9610FullerMatilda (Kipp)1819aft 1900w/o Jacob E Fuller - In 1900 living with son, Charles Wesley Fuller, in Webster Co., NE - 10 children with 8 living
96 FullerWilliam  Cem. Records say Wm Fuller buried here but he is buried in Oakwood cem, @ Monticello.
8510Sears(infant)  d/o G J & Lucy (Leggett) Sears - infant buried 07/03/1909
8510Sears(infant)  s/o G J & Lucy( Leggett) Sears - infant buried 05/02/1910
8510LeggettWilliam Eugene07/04/18608/22/194787 yrs 1 mo 18 days
8510LeggettMaye/Mary Ella "Lillie"(Fuller) 2/22/191039 yrs 7 mos 20 days - w/o William Eugene Leggett - d/o Wm & Lucy L Fuller
85 LeggettStephen 04/08/18258/9/1913 
7810HuttonAllen10/13/184112/17/1910s/o James & Nancy (Brouse) Hutton
7810HuttonMary Ann (McIntyre)12/12/18484/20/1914w/o Allen Hutton
6710WarnerWilliam B10/00/18681945 
6710WarnerSarah Minnie (Sutherland)18761936w/o William B Warner
6710Warner(infant) 4/15/1907d/o William & Minnie Warner
4910TownsendJoe Dillon18981917WWI - s/o Andrew & Eva E Townsend
Unk TownsendEva (Cockill)10/12/187011/22/1945w/o Andrew J Townsend
6010Nichols(baby)  Lot owner Judd Nickels/Nichols - [Judd G Nichols born 1882 married Sue Fuller (d/o Wm & Lucy L Fuller) - s/o Wm & Sarah (Mandigo) Nichols] - baby buried 04/13/1911
4910TownsendHarvey James5/26/19017/12/1979Lot owner: Mrs. E E Townsend
4910LeekEva E 1012/187011/22/1945 
4910LeekStephen A01/28/187012/10/1924wife: Jennie W.
4210MosesJohn Bradford11/06/18543/22/1922 
4210MosesClara Selina03/18/18576/2/1940w/o John Bradford Moses
4210MosesCharles B05/25/187811/6/1931 
3110StingleyHarry Edgar02/09/18882/15/1981dau: Maureen Dirks, Holyce Manley, & Jack
3110StingleyEthel A (Moses)10/27/18901945w/o Harry Edgar Stingley
2410StingleyJack W9/17/19202/9/1973WWII - s/o Harry E & Ethel (Moses) Stingley
20911WebsterOrville08/03/18274/15/1906born Concord, NY - wife: Roby Mandigo - she died 01/27/1920 in Cedar Rapids - obit says buried Scotch Grove Cem
20411WebsterW Sigel18641938s/o Orville & Roby (Mandigo) Webster
20411WebsterAltie E (Baldwin)02/00/18671952w/o W Sigel Webster
20411WebsterLewis L09/30/189803/11/1899s/o W Sigel & Altie E (Baldwin)Webster
Unk WebsterRoby (Mandigo) 04/11/18371/27/1920born Brownsville, Jefferson Co., NY and died Cedar Rapids, Ia - w/o Orville Webster -children: Nancy Crandell, John, W Sigel, Lenore, Roby, Almira, Maryelen, Amalyza and Julia
Unk QuinnLoutenna A (Webster)11/26/18691/4/1903w/o Frank Quinn
18911HemenwayAlexander08/10/18274/30/1910s/o Abram Low & Sylvia (Thayer) Hemenway - sister: Adaline Walters
18911HemenwayAmanda R (Brown)09/12/183101/27/1899w/o Alex Hemenway - born Poland, NY
19411HeminwayElizabeth M (Leech)18551926w/o Julius A Heminway
19411HeminwayJulius A05/05/18511923s/o Alexander & Amanda R (Brown) Hemenway
19411HeminwayArthur C18781879s/o Julius A & Elizabeth M (Leech) Heminway
19411HeminwayWilliam D188003/11/18816 mos 11 days -s/o Julius A & Elizabeth M (Leech) Heminway
19311MeyerMary (Fahrmi)03/00/18689/24/1901stone is by itself by the white building - w/o Peter Meyer - d/o John Fahrmi - 5 children
Unk Meyerinfant 12/10/1896child of Peter & Mary (Fahrmi) Meyer
17711LeechJane 08/19/188673 yrs 11 mos - Lot owner: Wm Leech
17711LeechMary 09/10/185838 yrs
16511MageeDavid A06/18/187903/28/1880s/o F M & M Magee
16511MageeAddie H10/06/186911/06/1879d/o F M & M Magee
16511MageeOliver R 04/02/187822 yrs 7 mos - s/o David F & Abbie Magee
16511MageeFrances O08/26/187603/21/1877s/o F M & M Magee
16511MageeAddie Laura03/12/186203/28/18631 yr 16 days - d/o David F & A Magee
16511MageeJames Grant 07/20/18651 yr 5 mos 9 days - s/o David F & A Magee
16211NelsonSamuel 02/06/186323 yrs 6 mos 6 days - s/o Archibald & Rebecca Nelson - Co H 31st Reg IA Inf
16211NelsonJames  02/10/186317 yrs 2 mos 19 days - s/o Archibald & Rebecca Nelson - Civil War
16211NelsonArchibald 11/26/187168 yrs
16211NelsonMary J 04/05/185620 yrs 5 mos 2 days - d/o Archibald & Rebecca Nelson
16211NelsonDavid Anderson 03/09/185618 yrs 10 mos 21 days - s/o Archibald & Rebecca Nelson
16211NelsonRebecca (McBride) 10/28/181410/24/1896w/o Archibald Nelson -dau: Mrs. Jacob (Sarah) Coder - 2 sons died in Civil War
14511McBrideWilliam S 07/1618575 yrs 10 mos 19 days - s/o John & Isabell J McBride
14511McBrideIsabell J (Craig?) 08/03/185736 yrs 8 mos 7 days - w/o John McBride
14511McBrideSamuel Nelson  04/10/186318 yrs 10 mos 18 days - s/o J & A McBride - Co H 31st Reg IA Vol - died Memphis, TN
14511McBrideNewton C 11/03/18577 mos 16 days - s/o John & Isabell J McBride
13711NelsonAnn F (Larkey) 09/01/188471 yrs - 2nd w/o Matthew Nelson
13711NelsonMatthew10/20/180908/25/1885born Wash Co., PA - wife: Jane Johnson - dau: Mrs. M A Sinclair
13711NelsonS Mervin 03/10/186223 yrs 2 mos 10 days - s/o Matthew & Jane (Johnson/Johnston) Nelson - Co H 31st IA Vol.
13711NelsonSarah Jane 04/11/186222 yrs - d/o Matthew & Jane (Johnson/Johnston) Nelson
11711DreibelbisDavid S03/06/184903/06/1873s/o Lewis Jacob & Mary (McIntyre) Dreibelbis
11711DreibelbisJohn Augustus04/16/184012/14/1862Co D 9th IA Inf - s/o Lewis Jacob & Mary (McIntyre)Dreibelbis
11711DreibelbisJacob Augustus10/17/184104/15/1863Co H 31st IA Inf - s/o Lewis Jacob & Mary (McIntyre) Dreibelbis
11711DreibelbisLewis Jacob09/15/181312/12/1888 
11711DreibelbisMary (McIntyre)04/16/182104/09/1893w/o Lewis Jacob Dreibelbis -d/o John & Catherine (Sutherland) McIntyre - sister of Ebenezer & Donald Sutherland
Unk DreibelbisAsher Octavius04/15/18476/22/1908died Weiser, ID - wife: Mary Emily Holt - bro: Charles Dreibelbis - s/o Lewis Jacob & Mary (McIntyre) Dreibelbis
10211EspyRobert Hamilton03/08/180512/29/1875born New Castle, Lawrence Co., PA - s/o Wm & Elizabeth (Nesbit) Espy
10211EspyMary Ann (Bell)05/09/180805/24/1890w/o Robert Hamilton Espy - her mother died in 1820 - d/o Wm & Elizabeth (Stephenson) Bell - daus: Mrs D W Sutherland, Mrs P Sanford, Mrs G Sturdevant, Mrs W Sutherland & Mrs John Sutherland
9711HuttonMatilda V (or H) (Piles) 02/28/188056 yrs 7 mos 24 days - w/o Middleton Harmon Hutton
9711HuttonElisabeth R 08/05/187614 yrs 2 mos 13 days - d/o Middleton Harmon & Matilda Hutton
9711HuttonJames A 08/20/188128 yrs 6 mos 3 days - s/o Middleton Harmon & Matilda Hutton
9711GeeLaura A (Hutton) 03/13/1890 33 yrs 9 mos 6 days - w/o Leonard L Gee
97 Gee(baby) 10/19/18907 mos - child of Leonard L & Laura A (Hutton) Gee
7911LeechWilliam11/13/18214/1/1904hit by train -born in Center Co., PA -children: Elizabeth Heminway, Carrie J Stevenson, Amy E Alexander, Mrs. (Mary) Horace P Barker, James T & Howard
7911LeechMary Jane (Corbett)18331901w/o William Leech
6611LetzeJohn 10/00/18592/27/1939s/o Ezekial & Mary (Kemmel?) Letze
6611LetzePeter L18741939?s/o Agnes Letze Hildenbrand b 1849 (sister/sister-in-law of John Letze)
6611LetzeJessie Ruth (Aldrich)09/12/187810/26/1905w/o John Letze - dau: Mary Etta -She had 3 sisters & 2 brothers
6111EbyJoseph Marshall02/28/18732/20/1950s/o Samuel & Harriet (Schafer) Eby
6111EbyAnna Laura (Espy)06/07/187911/26/1916w/o Joseph Marshall Eby - d/o James Stinson & Elizabeth H (Smith) Espy
4811LeggettDwight R6/1/19143/16/1931 
4811LeggettClara B (Townsend)12/00/18921968w/o William S Leggett
4811LeggettWilliam S09/01/18883/1/1981 
4311CallahanJohn W11/30/18725/31/1931s/o John Oliver & Anna (McBeath) Callahan
4311CallahanKitty A (Glenn)02/00/18751958w/o John W Callahan
3011MosesJohn Merlin06/15/18831947ss as Nellie A Moses
3011MosesAmelia Ellen "Nellie" (White)18821945w/o John Merlin Moses
16312CorbettJohn Clover II04/23/180701/06/1880marr 1834 in Clarion Co., PA
16312CorbettAmy (Lewis)06/02/180701/31/1879w/o John Clover Corbett II
Unk CorbettJohn Lewisabt 183510/00/1888died in KS - bro: W H Corbett - wife #1 Jane Clark d/o James & Fanny Clark - wife #2: Sarah Jane (Angel) Clark - wife #3: Susan Matheson d/o Angus & Isabella (Livingston) Matheson. She died 1883 in Delaware Co.
176 PeckCordilla Agnes (Corbett)07/31/186107/07/1892born PA - died Rockwell City, IA - w/o Henry Luther Peck - dau: Neva
16512MageeJohn M09/05/188808/26/1890 - s/o F M & M Magee
16512HogeboomMary M 04/08/186010 yrs 5 mos 18 days - d/o M & A Hogeboom
16512MageeHarry Forrest 04/12/18803 yrs 6 mos - s/o Capt. David F & A Magee
16312CorbettJane (Clark) 07/16/187638 yrs 4 mos 24 days - w/o John Lewis Corbett - d/o James & Fanny Clark
16312CorbettFanny02/27/186105/17/1861d/o John L & Jane (Clark) Corbett (1870 census Carroll Co, IA)
14412BohlerLewis L 10/26/18866 wks - s/o Wm C & Amy E (Corbett) Bohler
Unk BohlerAmy E (Corbett)ca 186402/27/1891w/o William Bohler
14112MurphyFrankie T 07/08/18911 yr 2 mos 17 days - s/o Amos & V Murphy - on other side of stone: Emma Murphy, Eliza, & Eva May Murphy
14112MurphyClarence  infant of Charles H & Louisa (Nelson) Murphy
14112MurphyEva May  infant of Charles H & Louisa (Nelson) Murphy
14112MurphyEliza  infant of Charles H & Louisa (Nelson) Murphy
14112MurphyEmma  infant of Charles H & Louisa (Nelson) Murphy
13812MurphyCharles H03/08/184611/17/1902Co C 44th IA Inf
13812MurphyLouisa (Nelson)06/04/18506/15/1930w/o Charles H Murphy
10112McIntyreWilliam 03/04/188969 yrs 11 mos 7 days - - dau: Catherine L Nash died 10/25/1896 CA
10112McIntyreSarah Ann (Overly) 2/12/192985 yrs 6 mos 11 days - w/o William McIntyre
101 McIntyreJohn  No stone. buried in Jo Davies, IL. Husband of Kate Sutherland McIntyre. Cemetery records show this person as in a war however visitor Edith says he did not have any military affiliation. Does anyone have more information to help clear up this matter?
9812SutherlandJohn J "Jackie" 01/28/18909 yrs 10 mos 8 days - s/o Adam & Catherine I (Dreibelbis) Sutherland
9812SutherlandDavid Asher09/05/18811919buried 01/19/1919 - sister: Mary Josephine Sutherland - s/o Adam & Catherine (Dreibelbis) Sutherland
9812SutherlandMary Josephine18781940w/o David Asher Sutherland
9812SutherlandAdam01/0718352/23/1906Co D 9th IA -s/o John & Margaret (McBeth) Sutherland
9812SutherlandCatharine I (Dreibelbis)06/00/18431909w/o Adam Sutherland - d/o Lewis & Mary (McIntyre) Dreibelbis
8312StottlemyerCarrie B 03/28/18979 yrs 6 mos 10 days - d/o Charles W & Harriet A (Fauver) Stottlemyer -1900 census Clinton Co, IA
Unk MarshallThomas01/26/183511/27/1901Co G 31st IA Vol.
Unk MarshallSabra Ann (Stottlemyer) Fauverabt 18364/16/1906w/o Thomas Marshall - d/o Peter & Jane (Higgins) Stottlemeyer - bro: A J Stottlemeyer killed by train engine 10/04/1900 at Hagerstown, MO - sis: Mrs. Mary E (John) Brady of Scotch Grove -
8312StottlemyerJ(oseph?) B (1836?) 2nd Reg MD Inf - Potomac Home Brigade -s/o Peter & Jane (Higgins) Stottlemeyer
8012HannaAlfred W 02/28/187912/30/1919 
8012HannaAnna (Sutherland)04/17/18849/27/1952d/o John & Caroline (Espy) Sutherland
6212SutherlandFrank D10/24/18782/00/1965 
6212SutherlandBlanche Maggie (Clark)18781953w/o Frank D Sutherland
4712HuttonDelver W05/00/18711946 
4712HuttonFrances M18681945w/o Delver W Hutton
4712HuttonJohn William18581944s/o Samuel & Hester J (Davis) Hutton
4412CoderWylie W05/00/18711945 
4412CoderWilbur Harrison06/09/18951/3/1972 
4412CoderJohn H 10/4/19114/28/1982ss as Berneice Coder
2912SanfordRoy Delano05/26/18961971WWI
2912SanfordEunice (Biggs)18971946w/o Roy Delano Sanford
16412SmithJames  04/24/186072 yrs - Lot owner: David Smith
16412SmithHelen 02/26/187985 yrs 10 mos -w/o James Smith -born Ruthy, Perthshire, Scotland - lot owner: David Smith
16412StrongAnn (Smith) 02/23/189476 yrs - w/o Peter Strong born Co Perth, Scotland
16412StrongPeter07/03/182111/19/189978 yrs - born Perthshire, Scotland - ss as Ann (Smith) Strong - lot owner: David Smith - no children & only brother died in Scot.
14312HouserFrederick Wm 08/28/186532 yrs 8 mos - Co C 54th Reg IA Inf
14312HouserGeorgy 07/09/18761 yr 23 days - s/o J C & M Houser
14212ManesCatharine 01/08/186612 yrs 3 mos - d/o James & Isabella Manes
14212ManesWilliam A 09/12/186918 yrs 9 mos 22 days - s/o James & Isabella Manes
14212ManesAlexander W05/26/185612/28/187822 yrs 7 mos 2 days - s/o James & Isabella Manes
14012DiceAmy D (or B) (Corbett)05/00/18691935w/o Harry C Dice - Lot owner: Ira J Dice
14012DiceHarry C18611928 
14012DiceJennie C (McWilliams) 02/08/186428 yrs 1 mo 25 days - w/o Ira J Dice
14012DiceFrank F  03/02/18644 yrs 11 mos 10 days -s/o Ira J & Jennie C Dice
13912NelsonEmmaline Frances 09/21/188315 yrs 6 mos 7 days - d/o M J & Nancy E Nelson
13912NelsonNancy Ellen (Overly) 03/15/188236 yrs 10 mos 25 days - w/o Matthew Johnson Nelson
13912NelsonMatthew Johnson05/13/18413/22/1900 s/o Archibald & Rebecca (McBride) Nelson - dau: Ella May and son: Charles Henry Nelson
10012MoatsGeorge D10/12/18823/1/1966 
10012MoatsGertrude K (Peters)18841965w/o George D Moats
10012Moats(baby girl) 1907 
10012MoatsClifford D11/28/19051/23/1906s/o George & Gertrude R Moats
9912GlennLucinda Mary (Clark)185906/05/1890w/o David E Glenn
8213JensenAnna M18331918Lot Owner: Columbus & Emily Johns
8113LangeHerman Augustus01/27/18915/20/1964WWI
8113LangeJohanna Anna (Kruse)18521932w/o John Max (Sr) Lange
8113LangeJohn Max (Sr)09/00/18601942 
6413Hughes(infant) 10/4/1936s/o Lester James & Frances Vaneta (Hughes) Hughes
6413HughesLester James "Yodler Jim"6/1/19035/23/1988 
6413HughesFrances Vaneta (Hughes)9/26/19109/22/1984w/o Lester James Hughes - d/o Nelson & Hazel (Robinson) Hughes
6313EbyCharles Leonard1/22/19138/13/1947WWII and Korean War
6313EbyLois Gertrude (Streeper)12/18/19168/4/1997w/o Charles Leonard Eby
6313EbyRobert J12/24/19413/25/1987Korean War - wife: Linda L DeLarm
4613HuttonWesley S10/29/185910/29/1940s/o Middleton Hutton (Middleton died at 82 yrs. in NE 1879)
4613DreibelbisOliver Grey11/22/18871969WWI s/o Duncan Asher & Louisa Josephine (Clark) Dreibelbis
4613DreibelbisJessie Belle (Orr)01/02/18901952w/o Oliver Grey Dreibelbis
4513CoderHoward K4/6/19048/1/1972 
4513CoderIva M (Peden)19061970w/o Howard K Coder
Unk CoderLyle Gene2/23/19397/25/2009wife: Lois Wheelock
2813RischerIola (Coder)1/14/19077/20/1998w/o Harold B Rischer - p/o LaVila & Tanna
41     Lot owner: E C Hughes
65 Sackettchild  Lot owner: Mathew D Sackett - child buried on 11/25/1911 - child of Matthew or Dunn Sackett
72     Lot owner: Dell Wright
122     Lot owners: A Sinclair & A P Driebelbis
125     Lot owner: D O Dreibelbis
136     Lot owner: Wm Caldwell
Unk ApplegateM J 7/12/1906The cem records say M J Applegate but the obituary is for James Stinson Applegate b1820 Hubbard, Trumball Co, OH. He married Elizabeth Scofield in 1848 and they had 7 children. Elizabeth is buried in Oakwood Cem., Monticello. James is the son of John & Fanny (Cramer) Applegate - they are also in Oakwood Cem.
Unk Henderson(infant) 08/00/18913 mos. d/o John W Henderson
Unk MilneJames02/17/183010/18/1904died at Monmouth, IL - born Rhynie, Aberbeenshire, Scot. - wife: Elizabeth Barr - daus: Mrs. W W Bray, Agnes Blanche Milne, Mrs. Walter Spicer - sisters Mrs. John (Agnes) Kairns & Mrs. Jane Peterkin
Unk MilneMiriam08/02/188705/01/1891d/o Joseph J Milne
Unk Royden(stillborn) 03/28/1889child of F W Royden
Unk Royden(child) 01/23/1896died at Greeley, IA of scarlet fever
Unk RoydenImogene 01/30/18962-1/2 yrs (buried Rockton, IL?)
Unk Shirley(infant) 12/00/1896child of Orlando & Mary (Winans) Shirley
Unk ShirleyJames A(lbert?) 8/7/190519 yrs - s/o Orlando & Mary (Winans) Shirley
Unk Shutz(baby) 19009 mos - s/o Alex Shutz
Unk WoodworthHenry L189108/10/1892 17 mos s/o Byron A & Mattie Woodworth. Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom writes: "The parents are buried in the Wyoming Cemetery and there is also a gravestone for a child as follows: Woodworth, Lewis H, 1891-1892, Lot 71, Block 3. It would seem this could be the same child....maybe originally buried at Scotch Grove, but the memorial stone put in Wyoming with the parents? I'm attaching a picture of the gravestone in Wyoming cemetery. I thought this child was actually buried in Wyoming, but now I'm wondering if 'Only Memorial Stone' is in Wyoming, with actual burial there in Scotch Grove."
WPA MyersPeter   

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