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South Mineral Cemetery
Wyoming Township
Section 5

AKA Hicks.

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Photos: Jim Christianson

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This reading was provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society.

12AdamsTerry 01/07/189880 yrs
12LyonJoseph B18361915same stone as Lydia Lyon
12LyonLydia (Spencer)18411945same stone as Joseph B Lyon
12SpencerHarriett (Adams) 10/05/191697 yrs - w/o Roderick Spencer
12SpencerJames  03/22/193994 yrs - GAR -s/o Roderick & Harriett (Adams) Spencer
12SpencerMelvin 11/23/193691 yrs - s/o Roderick & Harriett (Adams) Spencer
12SpencerRoderick 02/07/188776 yrs
14McDaniel(infant) 09/03/1886s/o J W & F M McDaniel
14McDanielMatilda 02/21/1862 
14McRobertsJames L 11/25/18694 mos - s/o W H & S A McRoberts
14McRobertsSarah A 07/31/185640 yrs -w/o W H McRoberts
14McRobertsW H10/11/183711/18/1900Soldier
15KirbySarah I 01/30/18691 mo. No stone.
16DurganCharles M 06/01/18561 yrs 1 mo 15 days - s/o Ruth & H A Durgan
16DurganHenry A 05/13/18573 yrs 6 mos 24 days - s/o Ruth & H A Durgan
16HolmanEmory C03/20/184607/14/1918GAR
16HolmanThankful (Durgan)06/27/183205/17/1902w/o Emory C Holman
16SinkeySusannah 07/06/185129 yrs 5 mos - w/o Thos Sinkey
16Tompkins(infant) 05/23/18552 mos 7 days -s/o John & Eliza Katherine (Ousterhoadt) Tompkins
17CutlerAlbert L 10/20/18502 yrs 11 mos 13 days
17CutlerCharles 01/21/185830 yrs 6 mos 26 days
17CutlerJames H 02/18/186375 yrs
17CutlerOrilla 03/16/186464 yrs
17HoltIsabell (McHale?) Nichols 01/23/188366 yrs 8 mos 7 days- w/o Wm Holt
17HoltIsiah S 09/08/18511 yr 3 mos 9 days - s/o Wm & Isabell Holt
17HoltJacob A 03/23/18536 mos 22 days
17HoltWm M 11/04/189175 yrs 8 mos 27 days wives: Mary Turner & Isabell (McHale?) Nichols
17McCormickLlota 12/13/193775 yrs. No stone.
19BodenhoferAlonzo18691945same stone as Matilda Bodenhofer
19BodenhoferHenry 10/01/188110 yrs. No stone.
19BodenhoferIda 01/02/187011 mos. No stone.
19BodenhoferJenny L 03/17/18837 yrs. No stone.
19BodenhoferJennie M (Ireland)04/22/185111/26/190453 yrs 7 mos 4 days - d/o John H & J M Bodenhofer
19BodenhoferJohn H02/23/183909/02/190667 yrs 6 mos 9 days- Co H IA Inf.
  Bodenhofer(infant son) 1937 
19BodenhoferMatilda (Harris)10/02/187301/08/1966same stone as Alonzo Bodenhofer
110WarrenDaniel18231888same stone as Dulcena Warren
110WarrenDulcena18211910same stone as Daniel Warren
110WarrenGrover09/02/188809/25/1912s/o James G & Louisa J Warren
110WarrenIda M 10/10/18802 mos - d/o James G & Louisa J Warren
110WarrenJames G09/17/185212/08/1935Father
110WarrenLouisa J (Canoly)04/17/185710/24/1944Mother - w/o James G Warren
110WarrenSamuel D 09/22/1878s/o James G & Louisa J Warren
111CooleyCatherine18321913same stone as Daniel Cooley
111CooleyDaniel S18271912same stone as Catherine Cooley
111CooleyJosie V 07/01/187214 days - d/o D S & C Cooley
111HogleElizabeth 02/14/187984 yrs - mother of C Cooley
112AllenLeo G18871965 Photo: Janet A. Brandt
112AllenOra M (Howard)18931946
112StrubenWilliam186801/04/1930(son of John Struben)
112TompkinsMary Ellen (Byerly) 01/02/187321 yrs -w/o Orrin Tompkins
112TompkinsOrrin 01/19/189449 yrs - Co K Reg 24 IA Inf. - wives:Mary Ellen Byerly and Eveline Hart
113Byerly(infant) 1921(child of Mable & Austin Byerly?)
113ByerlyAustin03/25/188406/13/1964same stone as Mable Byerly
113ByerlyAustin O191104/22/1986 
113ByerlyMabel18841921(tombstone flat on ground)
113ByerlyMable11/16/188411/21/1921same stone as Austin Byerly
114Fairchild(infant) no dateinfant of Matthew Fairchild. No stone.
114Hood(infant) no dateinfant of Tom Hood. No stone.
114KiesterAlka189402/02/1948same stone as Hugh Kiester
114KiesterHugh H18881969same stone as Alka Kiester
114TaylorDavid187804/16/1949same stone as Grace Taylor
114TaylorGrace188309/17/1965same stone as David Taylor
115MackrillArthur D18801943 
115MackrillBert G18661923 
115MackrillMary B187703/01/1971 
115MullettMehitable 02/05/1864w/o R S Mullett
115MullettR S or A S 07/19/187871 yrs
116PowersGeorge W 08/03/187417 yrs 1 mo 26 days - s/o Ai S & Emeline Powers
116PowersScott? no dateNo stone.
116PowersIsabelle 1888No stone.
117AllenMillie 08/25/18834 yrs
117McMickensJohn no dateNo stone.
117WardBirdie 1884same stone as Millie & Winnie Ward
117WardHarriet (Chose?) 05/10/191584 yrs - w/o John T Ward
117WardJohn T05/29/182308/02/190683 yrs - born CT
117WardMillie18891896same stone as Birdie & Winnie Ward
117WardSylvester G01/06/185301/19/1903 
117WardWinnie18871896same stone as Birdie & Millie Ward
117WardWilker 05/11/18706 yrs 6 mos 18 days
118ByerlyEmma  10/26/1869same stone as George Byerly
118ByerlyGeorge 10/23/1869same stone as Emma Byerly
118GarrettClarinda J (Rowen)184902/28/1935Mother - w/o John Garrett
118GarrettMary 05/29/187065 yrs
118HambellHugh H18971957 
118HambellIsabelle (Penn)19062005 
118McMillanVirginia (Garrett) "Virgie" 05/28/1929d/o John A Garrett. No stone.
118MillerElsie (Penn)03/24/187307/09/1950 
119LangJoseph/James 07/03/190575 yrs. No stone.
119LangAbron 04/19/190349 yrs. No stone.
119LangJames F 02/14/187214 yrs. No stone.
119LangLucy (Garrett) 10/22/187241 yrs - w/o James Lang b1834 IL. No stone.
120LoomisLester 01/12/187726 yrs -same stone as Sabrina Loomis
120LoomisSabrina 05/05/188065 yrs - w/o Oliver Loomis
120LoomisSarah J 05/12/187512 yrs - same stone as Sabrina Loomis
120LoomisWalter 01/07/187522 yrs -same stone as Sabrina Loomis
121NicholsCynthia (Wilsinger)01/07/183003/06/1910w/o J Nichols - children: Mrs N B Nichols, Mary Moore, Sarah Tompkins, Margaret Evans, Mrs. Sulen Nichols, James A Nichols, Wm C Nichols, Lyman P. Nichols & Joseph R Nichols
121NicholsJacob 02/27/188661 yrs
122CameronBertha (Alice)187105/06/188514 yrs 4 mos 19 days - d/o W Thomas & Margaret A Cameron
122CameronJoseph Alexander04/08/186909/09/1894born Columbianan Co., Ohio -(s/o Thomas & Margaret A Cameron)
122CameronMargaret A (McCready)03/04/184304/28/1901w/o W T Cameron -born Columbiana
122CameronW Thomas12/22/183812/28/1920Co I Reg 78 OH Inf - s/o John & Nancy Cameron
122CassPhillip A19321939 
122McMasterLewis6/28/191506/28/1915twin infant of Arthur L & Florence McMasters
122Walker(infant) no dateinfant of Frank & Ethel Walker. No stone.
122WilcoxAnna Wyalma190019011 yr 6 mos - d/o W M Wilcox
123LewisJulia L 03/25/188019 yrs 4 mos 27 days - d/o D(avid) F & M(atilda) M Lewis
123LewisMatilda M18391923born NY -w/o David F Lewis b PA 1835
123LewisMaud 08/06/18795 mos - d/o W E(dward) & V(illa) Lewis
124VanPeter 10/22/188150 yrs
124Van (Voltenberg) Bowker(Lydia) Liddy (Holt) 11/27/194099 yrs. No stone.
124Van(infant) no dateNo stone.
125ConalyMary (Ferguson)09/30/180602/12/189386 yrs - born PA - married 1826 -w/o Samuel Conaly
125ConalySamuel05/27/178912/15/188091 yrs - War of 1812 -born NJ -same stone as Mary Conaly - p/o Ferguson Conaly, Samuel Conaly Jr, Lana Ann Gaines, Mary Ann Dixon, & Julia Ann Miller
125DixonFrancis 06/17/1928WW I
125DixonMary A (Conaly)02/13/184311/29/1910 
125DixonSusan M18681947 
126Conley/Conaly(infant) 08/10/1884d/o O C & E Conley
126Conley/ConalyEmma (Harwood)05/18/185301/16/1937w/o Orlando C Conley
126Conley/ConalyFred M10/03/187608/30/1923 
126Conley/ConalyLaura E 02/12/18783 yrs - d/o Samuel & Sarah Conley
126Conley/ConalyLeffler B08/21/188903/27/1896s/o O C & E Conley
126Conley/ConalyO(lando) C10/02/185201/16/1928born PA
126Conley/ConalySamuel, Jr07/01/183202/06/1902same stone as Sarah Conley
126Conley/ConalySarah A (Faust/Foust)10/03/182811/12/1914w/o Samuel Conley

127Cohoon(infant twins) 10/04/1884s/o J F & L M Cohoon
127CohoonCatherine (A or D)06/01/182911/09/1888w/o E A Cohoon
127CohoonEdwin A 09/10/188361 yrs -same stone as Catherine Cohoon
127HicksCornelius(10/14/1799)04/17/1869same stone as Nancy Hicks -(marr 1819 Dutchess, NY)
127HicksNancy (McCord)(ca 1800)04/09/1878same stone as Cornelius Hicks
128HerzmanEmma Almina (Kerr) 19061952same stone as Ervin G Herzman
128HerzmanErvin G190412/15/1952same stone as Emma A Herzman
128KerrEdward Malhon186806/10/1931same stone as Maggie Kerr
128KerrMaggie 187905/03/1964same stone as Edward M Kerr
128LeggettPhilander08/29/182705/21/1890same stone as Nellie Leggett
128MillerFanny 06/14/187757 yrs 3 mos 24 days - w/o Wm Miller
128MillerSamuel O 03/05/186511 yrs- s/o
129MillerCharley 06/25/191777 yrs -same stone as Julia Miller
129MillerJulia Ann (Conaly) 12/14/190357 yrs -w/o Charles Miller
130SmithDaniel Wca 1833after 1910No stone.
130SmithDora B18661918d/o Daniel W Smith
130SmithFlorence B (Maple)18851923w/o Hal J Smith
130SmithHal J "Harry"ca 187112/18/1951s/o Daniel W Smith. No stone.
130SmithMatilda (Cross) 10/17/188035 yrs - w/o Daniel W Smith
131Kroff(infant) 1973?infant of Collins & Janine Kroff. No stone.
134CrossIda (Sutton) 03/30/193325 yrs. No stone.
134HelpsAlexanderca 18541910-1920born Canada. No stone.
134HelpsAnna Fca 185807/27/194587 yrs - sister of Ida Sutton. No stone.
134SmithFannie S18421918Mother
134SuttonGeorgeca 1868after 1910No stone.
134SuttonIdaca 186208/27/1925sister of Anna F Helps. No stone.
135ChaseGeo18351910Co K Reg 24 IA Inf. [He was with 124th Ohio Infantry Co. B. Iowa GAR records confirm he is the one buried at this cemetery in 1910. Steve Hanken
135SoesbeHerschel18991972same stone as Thelma Soesbe
135SoesbeThelma (Johnston)19011970same stone as Herschel Soesbe -soldier?
136ChaseAdelbert E18471923 
136ChaseAlice (Long)18561921 
136ChaseCalvin Leroy188210/07/1933 
136ChaseDaisey J18811976marr 01/19/1916 -same stone as Harry Chase
136ChaseHarry G18771955same stone as Daisey Chase
137BangsFred W18661955same stone as Jennie A Bangs
137BangsJennie A18651959same stone as Fred W Bangs
137ClarkCharlotte May (Chase?)18791960same stone as Will Clark
137ClarkWill18641944same stone as Charlotte Clark
138Leggett(infant)  s/o E L Leggett
138LeggettNellie04/03/182806/21/1893same stone as Philander Leggett
139PaulSarah E 05/27/186928 days - d/o Wm & Fannie Paul. No stone.
140PaulEdith L  01/13/18836 yrs 6 mos 18 days -(1880 census shows with Kossuth T & Elizabeth Paul)
140PaulGuy D 02/04/18834 yrs -(1880 census shows with Kossuth T & Elizabeth Paul)
140PaulThomas K (Kossuth?)  no dateNo stone.
140PaulElizabeth M (Tompkins) "Lizzie" 06/08/193379 yrs - w/o Thomas K Paul. No stone.
141ConleyBetsy no datesNo stone.
141ConleyEarl no datesNo stone.
141ConleyByrl no datesNo stone.
141ConleyRuby no datesNo stone.
142ColeJohn`01/28/184501/28/1920same stone as Mary C Cole
142ColeMary C11/08/185405/07/1891w/o John Cole
142ColeWillie189011/11/1912s/o J & C Cole
142LongfieldJesse A187104/14/1964same stone as Jessie C Longfield
142LongfieldJessie C (Cole)18821947same stone as Jesse A Longfield
143EdwardsArchie18871954same stone as Hazel C Edwards
143EdwardsGale D19211964 
143EdwardsGerald B191905/25/1942soldier
143EdwardsHazel C18901983same stone as Arch Edwards
143GombertChristian19051979same stone as Zelma Gombert
143GombertClaire D10/24/193012/26/1954Korean War
143GombertJohn Jay194109/24/1962Father of Tammi & Randy
143GombertZelma19111968same stone as Christian Gombert
144EdwardsDale Eugene2/21/192106/07/1962WW II
144EdwardsEthel M18901946same stone as Thomas H Edwards
144EdwardsThomas H18861966same stone as Ethel Edwards
145SnyderEdna Pearl188904/13/1949same stone as George B Snyder
145SnyderGeorge B18931974same stone as Edna P Snyder
176Gaines(infant) 01/28/1868No stone.
176Gaines(infant) 06/25/1875No stone.
176Gaines(infant) 06/30/1879No stone.
176GainesMary S 02/21/18622 mos - d/o Jackson & Sarah J Gaines
177BodenhoferMerle12/20/191104/27/1989same stone as Roy E Bodenhofer
177BodenhoferRoy Everett12/5/190303/10/1972same stone as Merle Bodenhofer
177BodenhoferThalka 05/03/1882 77 yrs 8 mos - w/o Jacob Bodenhofer. White bronze grave marker.
177ColbyNellie 07/05/187412 yrs 1 mo 5 days - d/o C & E A Colby
178CloseMary A 09/12/186626 yrs -w/o J R Close
178EyeHarvey E04/15/189608/17/1933Cpl 35th Inf 88 Div
178WhiteClara O 03/11/18663 mos 11 days -d/o Richard H & Mary E White
178WhiteMary E 07/28/1930No stone.
178WhiteRichard H 1912No stone.
179Propst(Elijah?) Frank18631939same stone as Elma Propst
179PropstDorothy 10/20/18973 yrs 8 mos 5 days - d/o E F Propst
179PropstElma A18701954 
179PropstElmer 10/15/18901 yr 6 mos 7 days - s/o E F & L Propst
180BaldwinLemuel04/05/178308/21/1868wife: Lucy?
180BaldwinSarah09/24/181202/01/1872w/o Silas Baldwin
180BaldwinSilas 07/29/188783 yrs 6 mos 11 days
180Baldwin(baby) 06/22/1866s/o L H Baldwin
180BaldwinLois Orilla 06/24/186620 yrs 4 mos 20 days - w/o L H Baldwin
180Tracy(infant) 08/14/1887 d/o J A & M E Tracy
180Walsworth(infant) 12/23/1888twin d/o C A & A Walsworth
180WalsworthStephen12/23/188802/21/1889twin s/o C A & A Walsworth
180Walsworth(infant) 11/17/1908s/o C A & I M Walsworth
180WalsworthFrank 07/05/18944 yrs 4 mos 26 days - s/o C A & A Walsworth
180WalsworthWilliam 08/22/1878War of 1812 - 93 yrs 4 mos 19 days
180WalsworthWilliam C 02/19/19047 mos 19 days - s/o C A & I M Walsworth
181LaineEliza G  06/18/187753 years 8 days- w/o Samuel W Laine
181TompkinsA(nthony) S 04/15/188548 years -s/o Sarles & Elizabeth Tompkins
181TompkinsAzilda V184905/00/1930w/o Anthony Tompkins
181TompkinsEliza Katherine (Ousterhoadt) 07/21/188978 yrs 2 mos 18 days - w/o John Tompkins
181TompkinsJohn 05/20/188078 yrs 5 mos 28 days - same stone as Eliza Katherine (Ousterhoadt) Tompkins
181TompkinsElizabeth G (Deemend) 10/30/186260 yrs - w/o Sarles Tompkins. No stone.
181TompkinsSarles 02/11/186363 yrs 3 mos 20 days - same stone as Elizabeth Tompkins. No stone.
182MackrillEllen (Tompkins) 05/23/187931 yrs 11 mos 8 days - w/o Samuel R Mackrill
182MackrillMillie 10/18/18711 yr 8 mos 27 days - d/o Samuel R & Ellen Mackrill
182MackrillSamuel R04/15/183701/30/189759 yrs 9 mos 15 days -Co K 24th IA Inf.
183MillsapDaisie May (Waugh)05/31/188004/27/1953 
183MillsapFrank Bert12/02/188104/20/1953 
184BrownEmerson E182803/27/1910Co H Reg 2 & 3 IA Inf. - s/o Enos & Hannah (Griswold) Brown
184BrownGratia A(Allbee)18301922w/o Emerson Brown
184McMasterArchie K185508/27/1931s/o Alexander & Mary McMaster
184McMasterJessie (Tompkins)187610/00/1949 
184McMasterLizzie (Brown)18601883w/o C W McMaster
184TompkinsJessie (Brown) 10/00/1949No stone.
185Hutton(infant) 05/19/1884s/o James O & Martha J Hutton
185HuttonGeorge 01/21/185544 yrs
185HuttonMary 08/12/188473 yrs 8 days - w/o G Hutton
185WalsworthStephen06/08/183005/22/191585 yrs 11 mos 17 days - s/o Wm & Elizabeth Walsworth
185White(child) 18783 yrs - child of John White.. No stone.
185WoodElisabeth R03/05/18411919w/o Wm Wood
185WoodFrances M 12/28/18583 yrs - d/o W H & E Wood
185WoodWm H "Willie"07/24/184804/19/1889 
187SilsbeeMargaret 07/22/187979 yrs -w/o Jesse Silsbee
187SilsbeeSusan B 09/26/188852 yrs 6 mos - w/o T N Silsbee
187SilsbeeThomas N 09/17/190683 yrs 2 mos 18 days - same stone as Susan Silsbee
188McMaster(Mary) Ella01/18/186203/08/1915d/o Alexander & Mary McMaster.. No stone.
188McMasterAlexander 18151882 

188McMasterJohn A18491921born CT -liveryman in Wyoming. No stone.
188McMasterMary A18221911w/o Alexander McMaster
188McMasterWilliam H18591895s/o Alexander & Mary McMaster. No stone.
189BrownEtta (Mackrill)18711934
189BrownLeverett E18671911
189BrownRalph Carlton08/07/188411/22/1992 
190Byerly(infant dau.) 07/27/1889d/o J H Byerly
190Byerly(Laura E [Silsbee])01/23/186309/08/1915w/o J H Byerly
190ByerlyFrank N18851963 
190ByerlyJohn H05/09/186106/08/1944 
190ByerlyViola (J or E) (Lincoln)18861972w/o Frank Byerly
192HendersonHenry A 04/16/191075 yrs -same stone as Marget Henderson
192HendersonMarget185101/11/193382 yrs -same stone as Henry Henderson
192NicholesArchie05/13/188803/291900s/o J R & D Nicholes
192NicholesE D12/22/181611/21/1900ss as Sarah Nicholes
192NicholesEtta M06/20/189403/291900d/o J R & D Nicholes
192NicholesMary G 06/30/1863d/o E & S Nicholes
192NicholesSarah03/10/181909/06/1898w/o E O Nicholes
193KinneyG(eorge) W 02/14/182406/15/1889married Thursey Newman in 1862
193KinneyJ (or R)06/19/189709/24/18973 mos
193KinneyHarry 02/15/18934 mos 7 days - s/o T J & R E Kinney
193KinneyMaud M 02/19/18835 yrs 10 mos - d/o T J & R E Kinney
194KenisonDavid 04/07/188381 yrs
195WalsworthWeathly (Baldwin) 09/07/190571 yrs 7 mos 4 days w/o Stephen Walsworth
195WalsworthWilliam F18671922 
195WilliamsFlorence18601916same stone as Philip Williams
195WilliamsPhilip184811/28/1926same stone as Florence Williams
196AldenMary (Allen)18531937 
196AllenAngie M (Ward)185711/27/1955
196AllenThomas F18571919
196DaileyJane R Allen 02/02/188677 yrs 9 mos 18 days- born NY - mother of Wm F Allen & Mary (Allen) Alden . No stone.
196MackrillCaroline (Holt)18461934d/o Wm & Elizabeth (Nichol) Holt
196MackrillHarry 18894 mos 9 days
196MackrillIda Jane 18662 yrs 3 mos
196MackrillJoel Z 18351913 
197KirshmannCarrie Helena (Mackrill) 191826 yrs - w/o L Kirshmann. No stone.
197MackrillJoel Z ca 1877ca 1902 
197MackrillWm Allen18691945 
198McMillen/McMillanMary E18741899 
198MillsapFrank M 06/16/188646 yrs
198MillsapJohn L 12/27/192662 yrs. No stone.
198MillsapMary (Kramer)18461928(Mary Ellen Schoonover?) their children all say Mary Garrett (dau of John A & Clarinda (Rowen) Garrett
198MillsapMattie B 04/16/189216 yrs 29 days - d/o F M & B Millsap
198MillsapSylvester E18661897son
199MillsapEmma Jane188906/07/1937 
199MillsapLon M18861972 
199NortonFrank Whitney187508/05/1953 
199NortonGertrude (Millsap)187806/12/1970w/o Frank Norton
199WelchFreddie09/04/188012/24/18866 yrs - s/o Henry & Mary Welch
1100YarringtonClara (Woodward) 18791960same stone as Frank Yarrington
1100YarringtonDelores Mae193202/00/19429 yrs
1100YarringtonFrank A18701951same stone as Clara Yarrington -s/o Joseph & Charlotte (Scott) Yarrington
1100YarringtonJoseph C1837pre 1925born Ohio -Co F 146 Ill Inf. - Civil War -wife: Charlotte Scott - p/o Frank A, John & Mary
1101CarstensElsie/Elise (Bruce)18911929 
1101CarstensHallena 06/27/18941 mo - d/o J M & M D Carstens
1101CarstensJohn Martin18651929 
1101CarstensMary (Holtz)18691925 
1101Carstensson no dates/o Martin & Mary Carstens. No stone.
1102BrashierJuliett T (Taylor) Roe Nichols Griffing 02/01/182701/30/1893d/o Thomas & Sarah A Taylor - w/o Richard Roe, John B Nichols, Charles Griffing, and Robert Brazier/Brashier (her dau., Viola, married Theodore Tebo)
1102McDanielCyrene (Allison)08/16/181808/15/1896same stone as James H McDaniel
1102McDanielJames H07/30/181501/19/1899same stone as Cyrene McDaniel
1102TeboJohn N05/12/189202/29/1944WW I
1102TeboRaymond09/19/189503/28/1967WW I
1102TeboTheodore T01/01/185201/05/1938 
1102TeboViola J (Nichols) 03/04/190750 yrs 19 days - w/o T T Tebo
1104Lozier(infant) 01/09/1922d/o J & C Lozier
1104Lozier(infant) 02/17/1919d/o J & C Lozier
1104LozierDelia03/14/184705/20/1892 w/o J Lozier
1104LozierJacob184503/00/19319th IA Cav
1104LozierJohn G188004/15/1927 
1104LozierMarie E09/24/186911/08/1892d/o J & D Lozier
1105ScriptureCandance (Felker)18801966same stone as Wm Otis Scripture - d/o John & Mary (Sherman) Felker
1105ScriptureEliza Jane (Taylor) 06/06/191473 yrs - same stone as James Scripture - d/o Thomas and Sarah A Taylor
1105ScriptureJames03/25/183008/20/1893same stone as Eliza Scripture - GAR
1105ScriptureWm Otis18691952same stone as Candance Scripture - s/o James & Jane (Taylor) Scripture
1105Scripture(infant) no dateinfant of Otis Scripture. No stone.
1105ScriptureMelvin 12/18/1951No stone.
21CollierAlbert L18671926 
21CollierMary A 07/08/189664 yrs 9 mos -w/o Samuel L Collier
21CollierRaymond4/19/190508/21/1918s/o A L & M E Collier
21CollierSamuel H 02/18/190477 yrs 1 mo 9 days
21Collier(2 infants) no datechildren of A L & M E Collier. No stone.
21Collier(infant) no dateNo stone.
22JohnsonJames  Civil War - Co B 26th IA Inf. - Roster says born 1824 in OH - Possibly s/o Frederic & Rachel Johnson of Solon, IA
22TompkinsJohn E06/16/187911/21/1899 
23BestorLyman 03/09/186762 yrs 3 mos 20 days
23BrownAlexander C 18471902 
23BrownLouise L18551927 
23MonepenneyCarrol C191419162 yrs - child of Marion Moneypenney
23MonepenneyDarrel M191719181 yr - s/o Marion Moneypenney
23TaylorJohn 05/16/1952No stone.
24LincolnEdith (Nichols)185802/22/1931same stone as Henry P Lincoln
24LincolnHenry P18471911same stone as Edith Lincoln
24MoneypenneyMarion D189301/25/1932 
24ZeadowGeorge C18801950 
24ZeadowJohn Martin19161939 
24ZeadowLoa M188901/29/1971 
24ZeadowRuth191819183 days - d/o George Zeadow
25Manly(child)  child of Howard Manly. No stone.
25OsbornMartha (Weaver)187212/19/19391939w/o Albert Osborn
25WeaverCatherine183805/02/1900w/o C Weaver
25WeaverChristian181004/16/1902same stone as Catherine Weaver
26LansrehrArthur 06/21/1919s/o A H & M Lansrehr - WPA read as Longreke
26WoodJames P 07/15/198173 yrs. No stone.
27Eye(baby) no dateat foot of lot. No stone.
27White(2 infants) no dateinfants of J. White. No stone.
27WhiteJohn E18721931same stone as Leota J White
27WhiteLeota J18771951sames stone as John E White
28PropstDillon E (Jr)8/10/191804/29/2001wife: Veda I
28PropstDillon E (Sr)12/26/189108/31/1976 
28PropstHoward C 11/6/1927 probably not buried here -listed on family stone only
28PropstIda (Warren)10/11/189911/28/1990 
28PropstIda M03/12/188510/21/1895dau.
28PropstIra Gene4/27/192601/28/1995WW II
28PropstIra P05/15/185911/02/1895 
28SinnettCharles09/28/187207/30/1929s/o Henry & Mary (Moyers) Sinnett
28SinnettMary M (Eye) Propst09/28/186503/17/19351st husband: Ira Propst - d/o Geo & Margaret (Pitzenberger) Eye
29Berkey(infant) 02/26/1918d/o S A & T M Berkey
29BerkeyVincent E no dates/o S A & T M - baby
29WarrenBernard191819235 yr - s/o Hiram Eugene & Ellen E Warren
29WarrenHiram Eugene18761950s/o James G & Louisa J Warren
29WarrenIva Tressa19021915d/o Hiram Eugene & Ellen E Warren
210HuttonHarriett11/29/184501/08/1899w/o J B Hutton
210HuttonJ B11/28/184601/05/1919 
211EyeJohn 10/18/182403/14/190075 yrs 4 mos 26 days -Civil War?
211EyeMaggie E (Pitzenberger)18541925w/o Selo Eye

211EyePeter01/07/187710/04/190629 yrs 8 mos 27 days
211EyeSelo185003/26/1924born Franklin, WV - wife: Margaret Pitzenberger
212DirtzmanDonna 09/22/19347 mos. No stone.
212DirtzmanLavon Marylin 12/08/193614 days . No stone.
212Eye(baby) no dateNo stone.
212EyeEllen S07/14/185903/15/1903 
212EyeWm W18551926 
213HuffmanJames M18571941same stone as Rachel Huffman
213HuffmanRachel186406/08/1952same stone as James Huffman
213SnyderLulu T11/11/188711/06/1981 
213WaggyElizabeth (Stone)01/01/183206/06/1919w/o John Waggy
213WaggyJohn12/25/182803/02/1911born Pendleton, WV
213WilkinsonOwen F1853112/04/926Father
214EyeGeorge Nathan187406/14/1942 
214EyeJessie E18781960same stone as George N Eye
215AllenHulda E189108/04/1988same stone as Otto Allen
215AllenOtto188409/22/1973same stone as Hulda Allen
215NicholesLyda E(llen) (Conley)18621922same stone as W J Nicholes
215NicholesW(illiam) J185506/23/1939same stone as Lyda Nicholes
216FadleyLoretta J01/02/183808/03/1903 
216FadleyJarrett no dateNo stone.
216FadleyHannah no dateNo stone.
217EyeDelilah 06/25/190371 yrs 9 mos 6 days -w/o John Eye
217HallHattie E 02/19/189523 yrs - w/o George Hall
218ReadeSamuel C02/09/181201/22/188875 yrs 11 mos 13 days - same stone as Sarah J Reade
218ReadeSarah J04/07/182601/06/189877 yrs 9 mos 29 days - w/o Samuel Reade
218WarrenBen Leo188301/08/1965same stone as Ina M Warren
218WarrenIna M07/02/190207/17/1991same stone as Ben L Warren
218WarrenLeo E08/11/192212/10/1943WW II
218WarrenMary Ruth192905/10/1931 
219Conaly/ConleyFerguson02/06/182803/09/1897same stone as Florence E Conley
219Conaly/ConleyFlorence E06/07/185903/08/1906same stone as Ferguson Conley
219ConleyWilliam H 09/28/1931 
219OverlyIda Bell 04/24/190326 yrs -w/o J G Overly
220ConleyAlice B188209/13/1952same stone as Frank O Conley
220ConleyFrank O18791975same stone as Alice B Conley
220NeelansChalotta J "Lottie"11/04/187001/22/1935d/o Sarah & John Neelans
220NeelansJohn09/15/184212/06/192381 yrs 2 mos 21 days - born Ireland
220NeelansSarah (Watkins) 05/27/190655 yrs 11 mos 5 days - w/o J Neelans - Sarah born England
221BearingerElla Rae188510/27/1951 
221HendersonPerry J187907/00/1942 
221HendersonW J "Bill"09/16/187306/01/1957 
222McMasterArthur L18861962s/o Charles W & Lucy McMaster
222McMasterFlorence (Smith)18791960w/o Arthur L McMaster
222McMasterLucille6/28/191506/28/1915twin infant of Arthur L & Florence McMasters
222McMasterRalph A191907/19/1924 
223EisentragerElla (McMaster)189805/19/1931 
223McMasterCharles W18531917 
223McMasterLucy D186310/09/1929w/o Charles W McMaster
223SamsEzra 186604/03/1948same stone as Lizzie Sams
223SamsLizzie (McMaster) 188712/03/1947same stone as Ezra Sams
224ClarkFlorence M (Leighr)191808/15/1998 
224LeighrElizabeth (Tracy)18981934 
224LeighrMelvin H18841923 
225ApplebyPearl (Tracy)18901920 
225TracyJoseph Alexander18621926 
225TracyMary (Estes)18691942 
227DarksEdward M18901952same stone as Mildred Darks
227DarksMildred18951971same stone as Edward Darks
227FinchByron E187104/23/1947 
227FinchKit (Stickley)187112/11/1951w/o Byron Finch - p/o Dillon Finch
227StickleyAllen187004/30/1930wife: Kit Garrett
228HansonJohn Leo187701/18/1956 
228HansonMayme C(Cole?)18801939 
229GombertDavid Owen06/02/198706/03/1987s/o David & Brenda Jane Gombert
229GombertDelores J12/06/193407/19/1992same stone as Owen F Gombert
229GombertOwen Frank07/26/193410/08/1986same stone as Delores J Gombert
230RohrShirley M (Bodenhofer?)02/20/194112/21/2002No stone.
231ScottRose Marie 12/6/2002 
250BearingerElizabeth L18821959same stone as Thomas M Bearinger
250BearingerThomas M18801970same stone as Elizabeth L Bearinger
250HowellClarence A19061977same stone as Mildred Howell
250HowellMildred191003/172002same stone as Clarence A Howell
251DouglasPamela Kay1/13/195702/07/1957d/o Charles & Bonnie Douglas - Charles died 1/30/1997 in AZ
254WhiteDaniel Edward03/28/188008/28/1946same stone as Susan White - p/o Genevieve Louise Clayton Winifred Gordon Dale
254WhiteSuzan03/03/188912.19/1943same stone as Daniel Edward White - p/o Genevieve Louise Clayton Winifred Gordon Dale
255BeranekAntone9/8/190010/04/1984same stone as Ethyl (Bearinger) Beranek
255BeranekEthyl L (Bearinger)190602/07/1953same stone as Antone Beranek
255BeranekJ Thomas3/9/193101/01/1958Korean War
255BeranekRobert A7/21/192808/23/1995buried Leavenworth, KS - Korean War
255BeranekRoger D10/11/194306/17/1955 
256EyeCecil F190710/13/1975same stone as Josephine Eye
256EyeClifford190612/23/1973same stone as Faye Eye
256EyeFaye(Hanner)19252007same stone as Clifford Eye
256EyeJosephine191204/18/1995same stone as Cecil Eye
256EyeLarry10/26/195202/27/2002same stone as Judith A Eye -s/o Clifford Eye
258DevoreEva08/30/190007/09/1976same stone as John Devore
258DevoreJohn10/04/188104/19/1950same stone as Eva Devore
258ScriptureFern L191610/19/1978same stone as Harold L Scripture
258ScriptureHarold L190805/27/1987same stone as Fern L Scripture
259DavisMax 05/01/1956No stone.
259EdwardsGeorge Tommy04/29/190202/03/1955same stone as June Edwards
259EdwardsJune 19041973same stone as George T Edwards
259GrimmJessie B (Tebo)189005/04/1956 
260GutzeitWilma193506/09/1981same stone as Thomas Gutzeit
262BearingerBertha M18861975same stone as Joseph Bearinger
262BearingerHazel I04/27/191201/11/1996 
262BearingerJoseph B188209/08/1951same stone as Bertha M Bearinger
263JensenLouis18851965same stone as Nancy Jensen
263JensenNancy18911980same stone as Louis Jensen
263JensenHarold L191112/04/1983 
263JensenIla (Westphal)04/17/191609/10/2000 
263WeltyMerle L06/28/192105/02/1992same stone as Minnie G Welty
263WeltyMinnie G (Jensen)192201/31/2008same stone as Merle Welty
263WestphalHarold C191112/04/1983same stone as Ila M Westphal
263WestphalIla M04/17/191609/10/2000same stone as Harold C Westphal
265EbyNicholas D19561967s/o Sandra K Manning
266BodenhoferHilda192103/10/2005same stone as Louis Bodenhofer
266BodenhoferLouis07/07/190605/13/1986same stone as Hilda Bodenhofer
266BodenhoferNicholas 19561967No stone.
266SloanJohn Martin18841970 
267CormackCornelius 'Corney'06/24/191805/12/1980same stone as Ruth L Cormack
267CormackRuth L (Tomlinson)11/13/192011/16/1998same stone as Cornelius Cormack
267GrahamMato Rick194904/07/1998Vietnam War
267GrahamPejuta Lucy195603/12/1998same stone as Mato Rick Graham
267TomlinsonEmma I03/07/189507/15/1972same stone as L Jay Tomlinson
267TomlinsonL Jay05/26/188501/16/1968same stone as Emma I Tomlinson
268HowellGusta I12/14/19141976same stone as Lorraine E Howell
269HeikenJames N12/25/193702/27/2008same stone as Erma L Heiken - marr 08/05/1956 - p/o Sherry Steve Toby & Marijane
286HuttonJames O08/21/183809/02/19101910born Sciota Co, OH -same stone as Martha Hutton
286HuttonJohn 10/03/187212/19/1894s/o J O & M J Hutton
286HuttonMartha J18471921same stone as James O Hutton
255?BeranekRichard D5/11/192707/02/2008same stone as Doris V Beranek - s/o Antone and Ethyl (Bearinger) Beranek -married 03/01/1957 - p/o Delora Vionna Jonathan Roby Rorie

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