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South Mineral Cemetery
Wyoming Township
Section 5

AKA Hicks.

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This reading was provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society.

12AdamsTerry 01/07/189880 yrs
12LyonJoseph B18361915same stone as Lydia Lyon
12LyonLydia (Spencer)18411945same stone as Joseph B Lyon
12SpencerHarriett (Adams) 10/05/191697 yrs - w/o Roderick Spencer
12SpencerJames  03/22/193994 yrs - GAR -s/o Roderick & Harriett (Adams) Spencer
12SpencerMelvin 11/23/193691 yrs - s/o Roderick & Harriett (Adams) Spencer
12SpencerRoderick 02/07/188776 yrs
14McDaniel(infant) 09/03/1886s/o J W & F M McDaniel
14McDanielMatilda 02/21/1862 
14McRobertsJames L 11/25/18694 mos - s/o W H & S A McRoberts
14McRobertsSarah A 07/31/185640 yrs -w/o W H McRoberts
14McRobertsW H10/11/183711/18/1900Soldier
15KirbySarah I 01/30/18691 mo. No stone.
16DurganCharles M 06/01/18561 yrs 1 mo 15 days - s/o Ruth & H A Durgan
16DurganHenry A 05/13/18573 yrs 6 mos 24 days - s/o Ruth & H A Durgan
16HolmanEmory C03/20/184607/14/1918GAR
16HolmanThankful (Durgan)06/27/183205/17/1902w/o Emory C Holman
16SinkeySusannah 07/06/185129 yrs 5 mos - w/o Thos Sinkey
16Tompkins(infant) 05/23/18552 mos 7 days -s/o John & Eliza Katherine (Ousterhoadt) Tompkins
17CutlerAlbert L 10/20/18502 yrs 11 mos 13 days
17CutlerCharles 01/21/185830 yrs 6 mos 26 days
17CutlerJames H 02/18/186375 yrs
17CutlerOrilla 03/16/186464 yrs
17HoltIsabell (McHale?) Nichols 01/23/188366 yrs 8 mos 7 days- w/o Wm Holt
17HoltIsiah S 09/08/18511 yr 3 mos 9 days - s/o Wm & Isabell Holt
17HoltJacob A 03/23/18536 mos 22 days
17HoltWm M 11/04/189175 yrs 8 mos 27 days wives: Mary Turner & Isabell (McHale?) Nichols
17McCormickLlota 12/13/193775 yrs. No stone.
19BodenhoferAlonzo18691945same stone as Matilda Bodenhofer
19BodenhoferHenry 10/01/188110 yrs. No stone.
19BodenhoferIda 01/02/187011 mos. No stone.
19BodenhoferJenny L 03/17/18837 yrs. No stone.
19BodenhoferJennie M (Ireland)04/22/185111/26/190453 yrs 7 mos 4 days - d/o John H & J M Bodenhofer
19BodenhoferJohn H02/23/183909/02/190667 yrs 6 mos 9 days- Co H IA Inf.
  Bodenhofer(infant son) 1937 
19BodenhoferMatilda (Harris)10/02/187301/08/1966same stone as Alonzo Bodenhofer
110WarrenDaniel18231888same stone as Dulcena Warren
110WarrenDulcena18211910same stone as Daniel Warren
110WarrenGrover09/02/188809/25/1912s/o James G & Louisa J Warren
110WarrenIda M 10/10/18802 mos - d/o James G & Louisa J Warren
110WarrenJames G09/17/185212/08/1935Father
110WarrenLouisa J (Canoly)04/17/185710/24/1944Mother - w/o James G Warren
110WarrenSamuel D 09/22/1878s/o James G & Louisa J Warren
111CooleyCatherine18321913same stone as Daniel Cooley
111CooleyDaniel S18271912same stone as Catherine Cooley
111CooleyJosie V 07/01/187214 days - d/o D S & C Cooley
111HogleElizabeth 02/14/187984 yrs - mother of C Cooley
112AllenLeo G18871965 Photo: [an error occurred while processing this directive]
112AllenOra M (Howard)18931946
112StrubenWilliam186801/04/1930(son of John Struben)
112TompkinsMary Ellen (Byerly) 01/02/187321 yrs -w/o Orrin Tompkins
112TompkinsOrrin 01/19/189449 yrs - Co K Reg 24 IA Inf. - wives:Mary Ellen Byerly and Eveline Hart
113Byerly(infant) 1921(child of Mable & Austin Byerly?)
113ByerlyAustin03/25/188406/13/1964same stone as Mable Byerly
113ByerlyAustin O191104/22/1986 
113ByerlyMabel18841921(tombstone flat on ground)
113ByerlyMable11/16/188411/21/1921same stone as Austin Byerly
114Fairchild(infant) no dateinfant of Matthew Fairchild. No stone.
114Hood(infant) no dateinfant of Tom Hood. No stone.
114KiesterAlka189402/02/1948same stone as Hugh Kiester
114KiesterHugh H18881969same stone as Alka Kiester
114TaylorDavid187804/16/1949same stone as Grace Taylor
114TaylorGrace188309/17/1965same stone as David Taylor
115MackrillArthur D18801943 
115MackrillBert G18661923 
115MackrillMary B187703/01/1971 
115MullettMehitable 02/05/1864w/o R S Mullett
115MullettR S or A S 07/19/187871 yrs
116PowersGeorge W 08/03/187417 yrs 1 mo 26 days - s/o Ai S & Emeline Powers
116PowersScott? no dateNo stone.
116PowersIsabelle 1888No stone.
117AllenMillie 08/25/18834 yrs
117McMickensJohn no dateNo stone.
117WardBirdie 1884same stone as Millie & Winnie Ward
117WardHarriet (Chose?) 05/10/191584 yrs - w/o John T Ward
117WardJohn T05/29/182308/02/190683 yrs - born CT
117WardMillie18891896same stone as Birdie & Winnie Ward
117WardSylvester G01/06/185301/19/1903 
117WardWinnie18871896same stone as Birdie & Millie Ward
117WardWilker 05/11/18706 yrs 6 mos 18 days
118ByerlyEmma  10/26/1869same stone as George Byerly
118ByerlyGeorge 10/23/1869same stone as Emma Byerly
118GarrettClarinda J (Rowen)184902/28/1935Mother - w/o John Garrett
118GarrettMary 05/29/187065 yrs
118HambellHugh H18971957 
118HambellIsabelle (Penn)19062005 
118McMillanVirginia (Garrett) "Virgie" 05/28/1929d/o John A Garrett. No stone.
118MillerElsie (Penn)03/24/187307/09/1950 
119LangJoseph/James 07/03/190575 yrs. No stone.
119LangAbron 04/19/190349 yrs. No stone.
119LangJames F 02/14/187214 yrs. No stone.
119LangLucy (Garrett) 10/22/187241 yrs - w/o James Lang b1834 IL. No stone.
120LoomisLester 01/12/187726 yrs -same stone as Sabrina Loomis
120LoomisSabrina 05/05/188065 yrs - w/o Oliver Loomis
120LoomisSarah J 05/12/187512 yrs - same stone as Sabrina Loomis
120LoomisWalter 01/07/187522 yrs -same stone as Sabrina Loomis
121NicholsCynthia (Wilsinger)01/07/183003/06/1910w/o J Nichols - children: Mrs N B Nichols, Mary Moore, Sarah Tompkins, Margaret Evans, Mrs. Sulen Nichols, James A Nichols, Wm C Nichols, Lyman P. Nichols & Joseph R Nichols
121NicholsJacob 02/27/188661 yrs
122CameronBertha (Alice)187105/06/188514 yrs 4 mos 19 days - d/o W Thomas & Margaret A Cameron
122CameronJoseph Alexander04/08/186909/09/1894born Columbianan Co., Ohio -(s/o Thomas & Margaret A Cameron)
122CameronMargaret A (McCready)03/04/184304/28/1901w/o W T Cameron -born Columbiana
122CameronW Thomas12/22/183812/28/1920Co I Reg 78 OH Inf - s/o John & Nancy Cameron
122CassPhillip A19321939 
122McMasterLewis6/28/191506/28/1915twin infant of Arthur L & Florence McMasters
122Walker(infant) no dateinfant of Frank & Ethel Walker. No stone.
122WilcoxAnna Wyalma190019011 yr 6 mos - d/o W M Wilcox
123LewisJulia L 03/25/188019 yrs 4 mos 27 days - d/o D(avid) F & M(atilda) M Lewis
123LewisMatilda M18391923born NY -w/o David F Lewis b PA 1835
123LewisMaud 08/06/18795 mos - d/o W E(dward) & V(illa) Lewis
124VanPeter 10/22/188150 yrs
124Van (Voltenberg) Bowker(Lydia) Liddy (Holt) 11/27/194099 yrs. No stone.
124Van(infant) no dateNo stone.
125ConalyMary (Ferguson)09/30/180602/12/189386 yrs - born PA - married 1826 -w/o Samuel Conaly
125ConalySamuel05/27/178912/15/188091 yrs - War of 1812 -born NJ -same stone as Mary Conaly - p/o Ferguson Conaly, Samuel Conaly Jr, Lana Ann Gaines, Mary Ann Dixon, & Julia Ann Miller
125DixonFrancis 06/17/1928WW I
125DixonMary A (Conaly)02/13/184311/29/1910 
125DixonSusan M18681947 
126Conley/Conaly(infant) 08/10/1884d/o O C & E Conley
126Conley/ConalyEmma (Harwood)05/18/185301/16/1937w/o Orlando C Conley
126Conley/ConalyFred M10/03/187608/30/1923 
126Conley/ConalyLaura E 02/12/18783 yrs - d/o Samuel & Sarah Conley
126Conley/ConalyLeffler B08/21/188903/27/1896s/o O C & E Conley
126Conley/ConalyO(lando) C10/02/185201/16/1928born PA
126Conley/ConalySamuel, Jr07/01/183202/06/1902same stone as Sarah Conley
126Conley/ConalySarah A (Faust/Foust)10/03/182811/12/1914w/o Samuel Conley

127Cohoon(infant twins) 10/04/1884s/o J F & L M Cohoon
127CohoonCatherine (A or D)06/01/182911/09/1888w/o E A Cohoon
127CohoonEdwin A 09/10/188361 yrs -same stone as Catherine Cohoon
127HicksCornelius(10/14/1799)04/17/1869same stone as Nancy Hicks -(marr 1819 Dutchess, NY)
127HicksNancy (McCord)(ca 1800)04/09/1878same stone as Cornelius Hicks
128HerzmanEmma Almina (Kerr) 19061952same stone as Ervin G Herzman
128HerzmanErvin G190412/15/1952same stone as Emma A Herzman
128KerrEdward Malhon186806/10/1931same stone as Maggie Kerr
128KerrMaggie 187905/03/1964same stone as Edward M Kerr
128LeggettPhilander08/29/182705/21/1890same stone as Nellie Leggett
128MillerFanny 06/14/187757 yrs 3 mos 24 days - w/o Wm Miller
128MillerSamuel O 03/05/186511 yrs- s/o
129MillerCharley 06/25/191777 yrs -same stone as Julia Miller
129MillerJulia Ann (Conaly) 12/14/190357 yrs -w/o Charles Miller
130SmithDaniel Wca 1833after 1910No stone.
130SmithDora B18661918d/o Daniel W Smith
130SmithFlorence B (Maple)18851923w/o Hal J Smith
130SmithHal J "Harry"ca 187112/18/1951s/o Daniel W Smith. No stone.
130SmithMatilda (Cross) 10/17/188035 yrs - w/o Daniel W Smith
131Kroff(infant) 1973?infant of Collins & Janine Kroff. No stone.
134CrossIda (Sutton) 03/30/193325 yrs. No stone.
134HelpsAlexanderca 18541910-1920born Canada. No stone.
134HelpsAnna Fca 185807/27/194587 yrs - sister of Ida Sutton. No stone.
134SmithFannie S18421918Mother
134SuttonGeorgeca 1868after 1910No stone.
134SuttonIdaca 186208/27/1925sister of Anna F Helps. No stone.
135ChaseGeo18351910Co K Reg 24 IA Inf. [He was with 124th Ohio Infantry Co. B. Iowa GAR records confirm he is the one buried at this cemetery in 1910. [an error occurred while processing this directive]
135SoesbeHerschel18991972same stone as Thelma Soesbe
135SoesbeThelma (Johnston)19011970same stone as Herschel Soesbe -soldier?
136ChaseAdelbert E18471923 
136ChaseAlice (Long)18561921 
136ChaseCalvin Leroy188210/07/1933 
136ChaseDaisey J18811976marr 01/19/1916 -same stone as Harry Chase
136ChaseHarry G18771955same stone as Daisey Chase
137BangsFred W18661955same stone as Jennie A Bangs
137BangsJennie A18651959same stone as Fred W Bangs
137ClarkCharlotte May (Chase?)18791960same stone as Will Clark
137ClarkWill18641944same stone as Charlotte Clark
138Leggett(infant)  s/o E L Leggett
138LeggettNellie04/03/182806/21/1893same stone as Philander Leggett
139PaulSarah E 05/27/186928 days - d/o Wm & Fannie Paul. No stone.
140PaulEdith L  01/13/18836 yrs 6 mos 18 days -(1880 census shows with Kossuth T & Elizabeth Paul)
140PaulGuy D 02/04/18834 yrs -(1880 census shows with Kossuth T & Elizabeth Paul)
140PaulThomas K (Kossuth?)  no dateNo stone.
140PaulElizabeth M (Tompkins) "Lizzie" 06/08/193379 yrs - w/o Thomas K Paul. No stone.
141ConleyBetsy no datesNo stone.
141ConleyEarl no datesNo stone.
141ConleyByrl no datesNo stone.
141ConleyRuby no datesNo stone.
142ColeJohn`01/28/184501/28/1920same stone as Mary C Cole
142ColeMary C11/08/185405/07/1891w/o John Cole
142ColeWillie189011/11/1912s/o J & C Cole
142LongfieldJesse A187104/14/1964same stone as Jessie C Longfield
142LongfieldJessie C (Cole)18821947same stone as Jesse A Longfield
143EdwardsArchie18871954same stone as Hazel C Edwards
143EdwardsGale D19211964 
143EdwardsGerald B191905/25/1942soldier
143EdwardsHazel C18901983same stone as Arch Edwards
143GombertChristian19051979same stone as Zelma Gombert
143GombertClaire D10/24/193012/26/1954Korean War
143GombertJohn Jay194109/24/1962Father of Tammi & Randy
143GombertZelma19111968same stone as Christian Gombert
144EdwardsDale Eugene2/21/192106/07/1962WW II
144EdwardsEthel M18901946same stone as Thomas H Edwards
144EdwardsThomas H18861966same stone as Ethel Edwards
145SnyderEdna Pearl188904/13/1949same stone as George B Snyder
145SnyderGeorge B18931974same stone as Edna P Snyder
176Gaines(infant) 01/28/1868No stone.
176Gaines(infant) 06/25/1875No stone.
176Gaines(infant) 06/30/1879No stone.
176GainesMary S 02/21/18622 mos - d/o Jackson & Sarah J Gaines
177BodenhoferMerle12/20/191104/27/1989same stone as Roy E Bodenhofer
177BodenhoferRoy Everett12/5/190303/10/1972same stone as Merle Bodenhofer
177BodenhoferThalka 05/03/1882 77 yrs 8 mos - w/o Jacob Bodenhofer. White bronze grave marker.
177ColbyNellie 07/05/187412 yrs 1 mo 5 days - d/o C & E A Colby
178CloseMary A 09/12/186626 yrs -w/o J R Close
178EyeHarvey E04/15/189608/17/1933Cpl 35th Inf 88 Div
178WhiteClara O 03/11/18663 mos 11 days -d/o Richard H & Mary E White
178WhiteMary E 07/28/1930No stone.
178WhiteRichard H 1912No stone.
179Propst(Elijah?) Frank18631939same stone as Elma Propst
179PropstDorothy 10/20/18973 yrs 8 mos 5 days - d/o E F Propst
179PropstElma A18701954 
179PropstElmer 10/15/18901 yr 6 mos 7 days - s/o E F & L Propst
180BaldwinLemuel04/05/178308/21/1868wife: Lucy?
180BaldwinSarah09/24/181202/01/1872w/o Silas Baldwin
180BaldwinSilas 07/29/188783 yrs 6 mos 11 days
180Baldwin(baby) 06/22/1866s/o L H Baldwin
180BaldwinLois Orilla 06/24/186620 yrs 4 mos 20 days - w/o L H Baldwin
180Tracy(infant) 08/14/1887 d/o J A & M E Tracy
180Walsworth(infant) 12/23/1888twin d/o C A & A Walsworth
180WalsworthStephen12/23/188802/21/1889twin s/o C A & A Walsworth
180Walsworth(infant) 11/17/1908s/o C A & I M Walsworth
180WalsworthFrank 07/05/18944 yrs 4 mos 26 days - s/o C A & A Walsworth
180WalsworthWilliam 08/22/1878War of 1812 - 93 yrs 4 mos 19 days
180WalsworthWilliam C 02/19/19047 mos 19 days - s/o C A & I M Walsworth
181LaineEliza G  06/18/187753 years 8 days- w/o Samuel W Laine
181TompkinsA(nthony) S 04/15/188548 years -s/o Sarles & Elizabeth Tompkins
181TompkinsAzilda V184905/00/1930w/o Anthony Tompkins
181TompkinsEliza Katherine (Ousterhoadt) 07/21/188978 yrs 2 mos 18 days - w/o John Tompkins
181TompkinsJohn 05/20/188078 yrs 5 mos 28 days - same stone as Eliza Katherine (Ousterhoadt) Tompkins
181TompkinsElizabeth G (Deemend) 10/30/186260 yrs - w/o Sarles Tompkins. No stone.
181TompkinsSarles 02/11/186363 yrs 3 mos 20 days - same stone as Elizabeth Tompkins. No stone.
182MackrillEllen (Tompkins) 05/23/187931 yrs 11 mos 8 days - w/o Samuel R Mackrill
182MackrillMillie 10/18/18711 yr 8 mos 27 days - d/o Samuel R & Ellen Mackrill
182MackrillSamuel R04/15/183701/30/189759 yrs 9 mos 15 days -Co K 24th IA Inf.
183MillsapDaisie May (Waugh)05/31/188004/27/1953 
183MillsapFrank Bert12/02/188104/20/1953 
184BrownEmerson E182803/27/1910Co H Reg 2 & 3 IA Inf. - s/o Enos & Hannah (Griswold) Brown
184BrownGratia A(Allbee)18301922w/o Emerson Brown
184McMasterArchie K185508/27/1931s/o Alexander & Mary McMaster
184McMasterJessie (Tompkins)187610/00/1949 
184McMasterLizzie (Brown)18601883w/o C W McMaster
184TompkinsJessie (Brown) 10/00/1949No stone.
185Hutton(infant) 05/19/1884s/o James O & Martha J Hutton
185HuttonGeorge 01/21/185544 yrs
185HuttonMary 08/12/188473 yrs 8 days - w/o G Hutton
185WalsworthStephen06/08/183005/22/191585 yrs 11 mos 17 days - s/o Wm & Elizabeth Walsworth
185White(child) 18783 yrs - child of John White.. No stone.
185WoodElisabeth R03/05/18411919w/o Wm Wood
185WoodFrances M 12/28/18583 yrs - d/o W H & E Wood
185WoodWm H "Willie"07/24/184804/19/1889 
187SilsbeeMargaret 07/22/187979 yrs -w/o Jesse Silsbee
187SilsbeeSusan B 09/26/188852 yrs 6 mos - w/o T N Silsbee
187SilsbeeThomas N 09/17/190683 yrs 2 mos 18 days - same stone as Susan Silsbee
188McMaster(Mary) Ella01/18/186203/08/1915d/o Alexander & Mary McMaster.. No stone.
188McMasterAlexander 18151882 

188McMasterJohn A18491921born CT -liveryman in Wyoming. No stone.
188McMasterMary A18221911w/o Alexander McMaster
188McMasterWilliam H18591895s/o Alexander & Mary McMaster. No stone.
189BrownEtta (Mackrill)18711934
189BrownLeverett E18671911
189BrownRalph Carlton08/07/188411/22/1992 
190Byerly(infant dau.) 07/27/1889d/o J H Byerly
190Byerly(Laura E [Silsbee])01/23/186309/08/1915w/o J H Byerly
190ByerlyFrank N18851963 
190ByerlyJohn H05/09/186106/08/1944 
190ByerlyViola (J or E) (Lincoln)18861972w/o Frank Byerly
192HendersonHenry A 04/16/191075 yrs -same stone as Marget Henderson
192HendersonMarget185101/11/193382 yrs -same stone as Henry Henderson
192NicholesArchie05/13/188803/291900s/o J R & D Nicholes
192NicholesE D12/22/181611/21/1900ss as Sarah Nicholes
192NicholesEtta M06/20/189403/291900d/o J R & D Nicholes
192NicholesMary G 06/30/1863d/o E & S Nicholes
192NicholesSarah03/10/181909/06/1898w/o E O Nicholes
193KinneyG(eorge) W 02/14/182406/15/1889married Thursey Newman in 1862
193KinneyJ (or R)06/19/189709/24/18973 mos
193KinneyHarry 02/15/18934 mos 7 days - s/o T J & R E Kinney
193KinneyMaud M 02/19/18835 yrs 10 mos - d/o T J & R E Kinney
194KenisonDavid 04/07/188381 yrs
195WalsworthWeathly (Baldwin) 09/07/190571 yrs 7 mos 4 days w/o Stephen Walsworth
195WalsworthWilliam F18671922 
195WilliamsFlorence18601916same stone as Philip Williams
195WilliamsPhilip184811/28/1926same stone as Florence Williams
196AldenMary (Allen)18531937 
196AllenAngie M (Ward)185711/27/1955
196AllenThomas F18571919
196DaileyJane R Allen 02/02/188677 yrs 9 mos 18 days- born NY - mother of Wm F Allen & Mary (Allen) Alden . No stone.
196MackrillCaroline (Holt)18461934d/o Wm & Elizabeth (Nichol) Holt
196MackrillHarry 18894 mos 9 days
196MackrillIda Jane 18662 yrs 3 mos
196MackrillJoel Z 18351913 
197KirshmannCarrie Helena (Mackrill) 191826 yrs - w/o L Kirshmann. No stone.
197MackrillJoel Z ca 1877ca 1902 
197MackrillWm Allen18691945 
198McMillen/McMillanMary E18741899 
198MillsapFrank M 06/16/188646 yrs
198MillsapJohn L 12/27/192662 yrs. No stone.
198MillsapMary (Kramer)18461928(Mary Ellen Schoonover?) their children all say Mary Garrett (dau of John A & Clarinda (Rowen) Garrett
198MillsapMattie B 04/16/189216 yrs 29 days - d/o F M & B Millsap
198MillsapSylvester E18661897son
199MillsapEmma Jane188906/07/1937 
199MillsapLon M18861972 
199NortonFrank Whitney187508/05/1953 
199NortonGertrude (Millsap)187806/12/1970w/o Frank Norton
199WelchFreddie09/04/188012/24/18866 yrs - s/o Henry & Mary Welch
1100YarringtonClara (Woodward) 18791960same stone as Frank Yarrington
1100YarringtonDelores Mae193202/00/19429 yrs
1100YarringtonFrank A18701951same stone as Clara Yarrington -s/o Joseph & Charlotte (Scott) Yarrington
1100YarringtonJoseph C1837pre 1925born Ohio -Co F 146 Ill Inf. - Civil War -wife: Charlotte Scott - p/o Frank A, John & Mary
1101CarstensElsie/Elise (Bruce)18911929 
1101CarstensHallena 06/27/18941 mo - d/o J M & M D Carstens
1101CarstensJohn Martin18651929 
1101CarstensMary (Holtz)18691925 
1101Carstensson no dates/o Martin & Mary Carstens. No stone.
1102BrashierJuliett T (Taylor) Roe Nichols Griffing 02/01/182701/30/1893d/o Thomas & Sarah A Taylor - w/o Richard Roe, John B Nichols, Charles Griffing, and Robert Brazier/Brashier (her dau., Viola, married Theodore Tebo)
1102McDanielCyrene (Allison)08/16/181808/15/1896same stone as James H McDaniel
1102McDanielJames H07/30/181501/19/1899same stone as Cyrene McDaniel
1102TeboJohn N05/12/189202/29/1944WW I
1102TeboRaymond09/19/189503/28/1967WW I
1102TeboTheodore T01/01/185201/05/1938 
1102TeboViola J (Nichols) 03/04/190750 yrs 19 days - w/o T T Tebo
1104Lozier(infant) 01/09/1922d/o J & C Lozier
1104Lozier(infant) 02/17/1919d/o J & C Lozier
1104LozierDelia03/14/184705/20/1892 w/o J Lozier
1104LozierJacob184503/00/19319th IA Cav
1104LozierJohn G188004/15/1927 
1104LozierMarie E09/24/186911/08/1892d/o J & D Lozier
1105ScriptureCandance (Felker)18801966same stone as Wm Otis Scripture - d/o John & Mary (Sherman) Felker
1105ScriptureEliza Jane (Taylor) 06/06/191473 yrs - same stone as James Scripture - d/o Thomas and Sarah A Taylor
1105ScriptureJames03/25/183008/20/1893same stone as Eliza Scripture - GAR
1105ScriptureWm Otis18691952same stone as Candance Scripture - s/o James & Jane (Taylor) Scripture
1105Scripture(infant) no dateinfant of Otis Scripture. No stone.
1105ScriptureMelvin 12/18/1951No stone.
21CollierAlbert L18671926 
21CollierMary A 07/08/189664 yrs 9 mos -w/o Samuel L Collier
21CollierRaymond4/19/190508/21/1918s/o A L & M E Collier
21CollierSamuel H 02/18/190477 yrs 1 mo 9 days
21Collier(2 infants) no datechildren of A L & M E Collier. No stone.
21Collier(infant) no dateNo stone.
22JohnsonJames  Civil War - Co B 26th IA Inf. - Roster says born 1824 in OH - Possibly s/o Frederic & Rachel Johnson of Solon, IA
22TompkinsJohn E06/16/187911/21/1899 
23BestorLyman 03/09/186762 yrs 3 mos 20 days
23BrownAlexander C 18471902 
23BrownLouise L18551927 
23MonepenneyCarrol C191419162 yrs - child of Marion Moneypenney
23MonepenneyDarrel M191719181 yr - s/o Marion Moneypenney
23TaylorJohn 05/16/1952No stone.
24LincolnEdith (Nichols)185802/22/1931same stone as Henry P Lincoln
24LincolnHenry P18471911same stone as Edith Lincoln
24MoneypenneyMarion D189301/25/1932 
24ZeadowGeorge C18801950 
24ZeadowJohn Martin19161939 
24ZeadowLoa M188901/29/1971 
24ZeadowRuth191819183 days - d/o George Zeadow
25Manly(child)  child of Howard Manly. No stone.
25OsbornMartha (Weaver)187212/19/19391939w/o Albert Osborn
25WeaverCatherine183805/02/1900w/o C Weaver
25WeaverChristian181004/16/1902same stone as Catherine Weaver
26LansrehrArthur 06/21/1919s/o A H & M Lansrehr - WPA read as Longreke
26WoodJames P 07/15/198173 yrs. No stone.
27Eye(baby) no dateat foot of lot. No stone.
27White(2 infants) no dateinfants of J. White. No stone.
27WhiteJohn E18721931same stone as Leota J White
27WhiteLeota J18771951sames stone as John E White
28PropstDillon E (Jr)8/10/191804/29/2001wife: Veda I
28PropstDillon E (Sr)12/26/189108/31/1976 
28PropstHoward C 11/6/1927 probably not buried here -listed on family stone only
28PropstIda (Warren)10/11/189911/28/1990 
28PropstIda M03/12/188510/21/1895dau.
28PropstIra Gene4/27/192601/28/1995WW II
28PropstIra P05/15/185911/02/1895 
28SinnettCharles09/28/187207/30/1929s/o Henry & Mary (Moyers) Sinnett
28SinnettMary M (Eye) Propst09/28/186503/17/19351st husband: Ira Propst - d/o Geo & Margaret (Pitzenberger) Eye
29Berkey(infant) 02/26/1918d/o S A & T M Berkey
29BerkeyVincent E no dates/o S A & T M - baby
29WarrenBernard191819235 yr - s/o Hiram Eugene & Ellen E Warren
29WarrenHiram Eugene18761950s/o James G & Louisa J Warren
29WarrenIva Tressa19021915d/o Hiram Eugene & Ellen E Warren
210HuttonHarriett11/29/184501/08/1899w/o J B Hutton
210HuttonJ B11/28/184601/05/1919 
211EyeJohn 10/18/182403/14/190075 yrs 4 mos 26 days -Civil War?
211EyeMaggie E (Pitzenberger)18541925w/o Selo Eye

211EyePeter01/07/187710/04/190629 yrs 8 mos 27 days
211EyeSelo185003/26/1924born Franklin, WV - wife: Margaret Pitzenberger
212DirtzmanDonna 09/22/19347 mos. No stone.
212DirtzmanLavon Marylin 12/08/193614 days . No stone.
212Eye(baby) no dateNo stone.
212EyeEllen S07/14/185903/15/1903 
212EyeWm W18551926 
213HuffmanJames M18571941same stone as Rachel Huffman
213HuffmanRachel186406/08/1952same stone as James Huffman
213SnyderLulu T11/11/188711/06/1981 
213WaggyElizabeth (Stone)01/01/183206/06/1919w/o John Waggy
213WaggyJohn12/25/182803/02/1911born Pendleton, WV
213WilkinsonOwen F1853112/04/926Father
214EyeGeorge Nathan187406/14/1942 
214EyeJessie E18781960same stone as George N Eye
215AllenHulda E189108/04/1988same stone as Otto Allen
215AllenOtto188409/22/1973same stone as Hulda Allen
215NicholesLyda E(llen) (Conley)18621922same stone as W J Nicholes
215NicholesW(illiam) J185506/23/1939same stone as Lyda Nicholes
216FadleyLoretta J01/02/183808/03/1903 
216FadleyJarrett no dateNo stone.
216FadleyHannah no dateNo stone.
217EyeDelilah 06/25/190371 yrs 9 mos 6 days -w/o John Eye
217HallHattie E 02/19/189523 yrs - w/o George Hall
218ReadeSamuel C02/09/181201/22/188875 yrs 11 mos 13 days - same stone as Sarah J Reade
218ReadeSarah J04/07/182601/06/189877 yrs 9 mos 29 days - w/o Samuel Reade
218WarrenBen Leo188301/08/1965same stone as Ina M Warren
218WarrenIna M07/02/190207/17/1991same stone as Ben L Warren
218WarrenLeo E08/11/192212/10/1943WW II
218WarrenMary Ruth192905/10/1931 
219Conaly/ConleyFerguson02/06/182803/09/1897same stone as Florence E Conley
219Conaly/ConleyFlorence E06/07/185903/08/1906same stone as Ferguson Conley
219ConleyWilliam H 09/28/1931 
219OverlyIda Bell 04/24/190326 yrs -w/o J G Overly
220ConleyAlice B188209/13/1952same stone as Frank O Conley
220ConleyFrank O18791975same stone as Alice B Conley
220NeelansChalotta J "Lottie"11/04/187001/22/1935d/o Sarah & John Neelans
220NeelansJohn09/15/184212/06/192381 yrs 2 mos 21 days - born Ireland
220NeelansSarah (Watkins) 05/27/190655 yrs 11 mos 5 days - w/o J Neelans - Sarah born England
221BearingerElla Rae188510/27/1951 
221HendersonPerry J187907/00/1942 
221HendersonW J "Bill"09/16/187306/01/1957 
222McMasterArthur L18861962s/o Charles W & Lucy McMaster
222McMasterFlorence (Smith)18791960w/o Arthur L McMaster
222McMasterLucille6/28/191506/28/1915twin infant of Arthur L & Florence McMasters
222McMasterRalph A191907/19/1924 
223EisentragerElla (McMaster)189805/19/1931 
223McMasterCharles W18531917 
223McMasterLucy D186310/09/1929w/o Charles W McMaster
223SamsEzra 186604/03/1948same stone as Lizzie Sams
223SamsLizzie (McMaster) 188712/03/1947same stone as Ezra Sams
224ClarkFlorence M (Leighr)191808/15/1998 
224LeighrElizabeth (Tracy)18981934 
224LeighrMelvin H18841923 
225ApplebyPearl (Tracy)18901920 
225TracyJoseph Alexander18621926 
225TracyMary (Estes)18691942 
227DarksEdward M18901952same stone as Mildred Darks
227DarksMildred18951971same stone as Edward Darks
227FinchByron E187104/23/1947 
227FinchKit (Stickley)187112/11/1951w/o Byron Finch - p/o Dillon Finch
227StickleyAllen187004/30/1930wife: Kit Garrett
228HansonJohn Leo187701/18/1956 
228HansonMayme C(Cole?)18801939 
229GombertDavid Owen06/02/198706/03/1987s/o David & Brenda Jane Gombert
229GombertDelores J12/06/193407/19/1992same stone as Owen F Gombert
229GombertOwen Frank07/26/193410/08/1986same stone as Delores J Gombert
230RohrShirley M (Bodenhofer?)02/20/194112/21/2002No stone.
231ScottRose Marie 12/6/2002 
250BearingerElizabeth L18821959same stone as Thomas M Bearinger
250BearingerThomas M18801970same stone as Elizabeth L Bearinger
250HowellClarence A19061977same stone as Mildred Howell
250HowellMildred191003/172002same stone as Clarence A Howell
251DouglasPamela Kay1/13/195702/07/1957d/o Charles & Bonnie Douglas - Charles died 1/30/1997 in AZ
254WhiteDaniel Edward03/28/188008/28/1946same stone as Susan White - p/o Genevieve Louise Clayton Winifred Gordon Dale
254WhiteSuzan03/03/188912.19/1943same stone as Daniel Edward White - p/o Genevieve Louise Clayton Winifred Gordon Dale
255BeranekAntone9/8/190010/04/1984same stone as Ethyl (Bearinger) Beranek
255BeranekEthyl L (Bearinger)190602/07/1953same stone as Antone Beranek
255BeranekJ Thomas3/9/193101/01/1958Korean War
255BeranekRobert A7/21/192808/23/1995buried Leavenworth, KS - Korean War
255BeranekRoger D10/11/194306/17/1955 
256EyeCecil F190710/13/1975same stone as Josephine Eye
256EyeClifford190612/23/1973same stone as Faye Eye
256EyeFaye(Hanner)19252007same stone as Clifford Eye
256EyeJosephine191204/18/1995same stone as Cecil Eye
256EyeLarry10/26/195202/27/2002same stone as Judith A Eye -s/o Clifford Eye
258DevoreEva08/30/190007/09/1976same stone as John Devore
258DevoreJohn10/04/188104/19/1950same stone as Eva Devore
258ScriptureFern L191610/19/1978same stone as Harold L Scripture
258ScriptureHarold L190805/27/1987same stone as Fern L Scripture
259DavisMax 05/01/1956No stone.
259EdwardsGeorge Tommy04/29/190202/03/1955same stone as June Edwards
259EdwardsJune 19041973same stone as George T Edwards
259GrimmJessie B (Tebo)189005/04/1956 
260GutzeitWilma193506/09/1981same stone as Thomas Gutzeit
262BearingerBertha M18861975same stone as Joseph Bearinger
262BearingerHazel I04/27/191201/11/1996 
262BearingerJoseph B188209/08/1951same stone as Bertha M Bearinger
263JensenLouis18851965same stone as Nancy Jensen
263JensenNancy18911980same stone as Louis Jensen
263JensenHarold L191112/04/1983 
263JensenIla (Westphal)04/17/191609/10/2000 
263WeltyMerle L06/28/192105/02/1992same stone as Minnie G Welty
263WeltyMinnie G (Jensen)192201/31/2008same stone as Merle Welty
263WestphalHarold C191112/04/1983same stone as Ila M Westphal
263WestphalIla M04/17/191609/10/2000same stone as Harold C Westphal
265EbyNicholas D19561967s/o Sandra K Manning
266BodenhoferHilda192103/10/2005same stone as Louis Bodenhofer
266BodenhoferLouis07/07/190605/13/1986same stone as Hilda Bodenhofer
266BodenhoferNicholas 19561967No stone.
266SloanJohn Martin18841970 
267CormackCornelius 'Corney'06/24/191805/12/1980same stone as Ruth L Cormack
267CormackRuth L (Tomlinson)11/13/192011/16/1998same stone as Cornelius Cormack
267GrahamMato Rick194904/07/1998Vietnam War
267GrahamPejuta Lucy195603/12/1998same stone as Mato Rick Graham
267TomlinsonEmma I03/07/189507/15/1972same stone as L Jay Tomlinson
267TomlinsonL Jay05/26/188501/16/1968same stone as Emma I Tomlinson
268HowellGusta I12/14/19141976same stone as Lorraine E Howell
269HeikenJames N12/25/193702/27/2008same stone as Erma L Heiken - marr 08/05/1956 - p/o Sherry Steve Toby & Marijane
286HuttonJames O08/21/183809/02/19101910born Sciota Co, OH -same stone as Martha Hutton
286HuttonJohn 10/03/187212/19/1894s/o J O & M J Hutton
286HuttonMartha J18471921same stone as James O Hutton
255?BeranekRichard D5/11/192707/02/2008same stone as Doris V Beranek - s/o Antone and Ethyl (Bearinger) Beranek -married 03/01/1957 - p/o Delora Vionna Jonathan Roby Rorie

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