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Spade Cemetery
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Section 27

Photo: Jim Christianson

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Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed by Joanne Wilken.

1YOUNG, Lola Hakes 1909   
1Same Stone Clifford G. 1902 1967 parents of: Clifford, Harlin, Marianne & Susan
1STELKEN, Joel Kenneth8/3/19818/14/1981 Son of Kenneth & Vona Stelken (contributed by Cale)
2MATTHEWS, Albin D. 3/14/18654y6m26dson of J. N & M. M.
2BOON, James 9/16/185783y8m5dFather of Malissa Underwood
2UNDERWOOD, Malissa 2/16/185625y10m15d 
2UNDERWOOD, Norman 3/31/187264y3m2dHusband of Malissa Underwood
3NORTHRUP, Harold F.19161973  
3LAWERENCE, Phillip 4/16/18572y8mson of S. S. & R.
4HESTER, Evie May 5/18/18644ylm6ddaughter of R. M. & R. A.
4SPADE, Elija 2/4/185516y3m25d 
4MOYER, Rosana 2/21/187389y9m28d 
4SPADE, George4/5/18501/27/1902  
4SPADE, Jacob 10/21/187971y11m5d 
5TAYLOR, Mary J.2/6/18265/18/1897  
5LEWIS, Bernita C.19131971 Mother
5WILLIAMS, Margaret J. A. 9/28/18652y2m27ddaughter of J. C. & M. C.
5WILLIAMS, Mary C. 9/30/186211m16ddaughter of J. C. & M. C.
5HAKES, Irvin Virgil4/20/19109/17/1965 Cpl. 41 Mobile R&R SOAAF WW 2
5WILLIAMS, Lena L. 9/7/18701y 3mdaughter of J. C. & M. C.
6VAHL, Mabel Hakes18881958 Mother of Devere, Lola, Virgil, Herman, & Adelbert Hakes
6NORTHRUP, Melvin F.19001920  
6NORTHRUP, Henry9 Sept 184527 July 1933 Co. E 31st IA Volunteers. Additional information submitted by Robert Northrup
6NORTHRUP, Elam4 July 181617 July 1895 Additional information submitted by Robert Northrup
6NORTHRUP, Hallie Mno date   
6HALL, Martha 9/15/185384y 
6NORTHRUP, Laura18961958  
6NORTHRUP, J. William18861957  
7_______, Ellen date  daughter of _________
7NORTHRUP, Harriet M.18451904  
7Same Stone, James M.18421896  
7NORTHRUP, Emma date   
7BENEDICT, Adelia18071862  
7BENEDICT, Ralph R18081857  
7BENEDICT, Amos R. 2/14/185523yson of R. R. & Adelia
7BROWN, Benona 11/3/1872102yWar of 1812
7BROWN, Siffel (Sybil?) 2/13/184578ywife of B. Brown
7NORTHRUP, George R.19001949  
7NORTHRUP, Julian L.19021946  
7NORTHRUP, Ernest A.18651954 Additional information submitted by Robert Northrup
7NORTHRUP, Lilly Pink 9/4/19069y6m2ddaughter of E. A. & C. J.
8HESTER, Margaret 2/7/185487y 
8MILLER, Leulh 9/1/185420yson of ________
8MILLER, Nelson H. 12/28/185831yson of M. Miller
9HESTER, ________ 8/31/187758y8m21dwife of Wm.
9HESTER, Wm. 2/1/187269y7m18d 
9HESTER, Eliza J. 3/6/186515y10m22ddaughter of W. & E.
9GILBERT, Sarah 8/3/186262y 
The following individuals are listed in previous surveys of Spade cemetery, but no stones can be found:
 NORTHRUP, Sarah Ellen 4/15/193878y 
 NORTHRUP, Ruth   no date

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