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St. Peter's Temple Hill Cemetery
Washington Twp.
Section 28

Photos: Jim Christianson

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DIRECTIONS: (from Steve Hanken) Probably the easiest way is to leave Anamosa on Highway 64 going east; when you get to the junction of Highway 136 at Wyoming, go north (turn left) and follow the highway over the Maquoketa River and almost to Cascade, the church will be on your right at the top of a hill above the river, it is well marked. If you want to return by a different direction you can drive to Cascade and then turn left at Highway 151 and follow it back to Anamosa. This way you will get to see a pretty good share of Jones County!

The address of the church is 20189 Temple Hill Road, Cascade, Iowa 52033.

This photo of the White family stone at Temple Hill was sent by Steve White.

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. St. Peter's/Temple Hill was walked by Jones County Genealogy Society and the burial list was submitted by Joanne Wilken It is in three sections. The "North" spreadsheet is the main cemetery. The "South" spreadsheet is a listing of a few burials that lie south of the only roadway in the cemetery. These burials do not line up with the rows in the "North" portion of the cemetery. The "WPA" spreadsheet is the burials listed in the WPA reading done in the 1930s that we could find no record of today.

2Wm OCallahan1/4/19271/4/1999Pfc. US Army
2Agnes F "Bobbi"Callahan7/6/19271/4/1999same stone as Wm O Callahan
2Raymond WKalinowski11/20/19228/11/2003 
2Alberta I (Donahue)Kalinowski3/12/192412/29/1996same stone as Raymond W Kalinowski-parent of Margaret, Doris, Victoria, Kathleen, Robert & Timothy
3Joseph WDonahue4/27/192110/20/1973 
3Doris JeanCallahan1/1/19502/17/1966 
3Michael PDonahue09/12/18917/21/1965WWI
3Lucille MDonahue7/19/19056/20/1965same stone as Michael P Donahue
3Vincent TFinn2/2/19349/23/1966marr 07/20/1957-same stone as Darlene M Finn
3Steven "Buck"Finn1/3/19602/4/1980 
4Mary AnnCollins18741951same stone as Henry Collins
4Lucille MarieDonahue19311950 
4Jerome FDonahue18751951son of Wm & Mary Donahue
4Lucille PeaseDonahue2/22/19079/12/1965 
4William YDonahue18441926 
4Mary Agnes (Finn)Donahue18511913same stone as William Y Donahue
5Heather AnnPaulsen 5/25/1989dau. of Ed and Judy Paulsen
5Peter JHirtz18941952 
5ElizabethHirtz18941955same stone as Peter J Hirtz
5Emmett JHirtz7/31/19284/17/1990married 04/23/1966 -husband of Marian Hirtz
5Vincent AO'Connell18931948American Legion
5MaryO'Connell18701919Our daughter
5HannahO'Connell18491949w/o Patrick O'Connell
5Cornelius MO'Connell18741942 
6Thresa (Klinkener)Turnis18951937 
6Frank NTakes10/14/18889/22/1929Father: John Takes wife: Teresa Klinkener
6Denice MarieKoppes9/4/19579/5/1957dau of Milton & Lois Koppes
6Sarah CKoppes07/10/188411/29/1925 
6Orland FrancisKoppes10/10/19186/18/1936same stone as Sarah C Koppes -son
6Peter CKoppes05/10/188512/31/1962same stone as Sarah C Koppes
6CatherineKoppes19251925same stone as Sarah C Koppes-infant
6Mary AnnTakes18681956same stone as Peter Takes
6ArnoldTakes19021908same stone as Peter Takes
6John MPeiffer10/03/187219023Father
6Jane EPeiffer07/29/18794/16/1953Mother-same stone as John M Peiffer
6Mary KPeiffer6/13/19001/4/1907daughter-same stone as John M Peiffer
6Mary KellyCarleton   
6JohnLeonard7/4/18572/22/1926son of Thomas & Margaret Leonard wife: Bridget Kelly
7Kipp JosephBertling7/28/19788/2/1978son of Gregory & Carol Bertling
7KathrynTakes18941918wife of J A Takes, Jr.
7MaxieTakes18891908wife of P J Takes
7William (or James)Lynch18471903born Ireland
7Mary J (Conley)Lynch18491925w/o William/James Lynch-parent of James F Lynch
7Elena (Wentenger)Smith18551903same stone as Cornelius Smith
7Nick JSmith18771957same stone as Rose Smith
8AnnaKeating18801939same stone as James Keating
8James EKeating18562/18/192367 yrs
8Richard FKeating18521913 
8Raymond LKeating18941918 
8FannieKeating18541944same stone as Raymond L Keating
8WilliamKeating18441911same stone as Raymond L Keating
8ElizabethHirtz 12/2/190565 yrs
8PeterHirtz 4/19/192382 yrs-same stone as Elizabeth Hirtz
8PeterQuigley 1910 
8AnnQuigley 1904 
8EdwardQuigley18611900same stone as Ann Quigley
8AnnettaHirtz18881961Mother-same stone as Cornelius Hirtz
9William EMcDonald01/07/188512/7/1945 
9WilliamFord 4/23/1936age 51 yrs
9MaryMcDonald 5/27/1914age 52 yrs
9MaggieMcDonald 10/19/192452 yrs
9WilliamMcDonald 11/11/193067 yrs
9Margaret TMcDonald09/13/18929/5/1954 
9Mary AMcDonald06/23/18888/15/1938 
9Catherine (Fagan)McDonald 7/18/190655 yrs - Mother
9John McDonald02/22/18524/20/193482 yrs -of Rutland, VT-same stone as Catherine McDonald
9AnnaMcCormick18681904same stone as James McCormick
9Joseph MMcCormick09/28/189510/18/1950WWI- Medical Dept
9TimothyKelcher18151/19/1903born in Cork Co., Ireland-same stone as Dennis Milan
10Orland (Orville J)Keating???4/1/192310/19/1976WWII
10Bernard JKeating18911974Father-same stone as Margaret Keating
10ElizabethDevney18781911His wife
10Jetta (Jetta)Duffy18931959Francis? Mother
UnkFrancis WmDuffy10/1/189611/00/1918son of John and Margaret Duffy-wife: Jettie Shanahan-marr. 1/29/1918
10JohnDuffy 10/29/190948 yrs
10JanieDuffy18711949His Wife
10Clarence ASupple18981965 
10MarySupple18761928same stone as Michael Supple
10GertrudeSupple 2/28/19012 months 21 days
10Francis VSupple18961969 
10Dorie ISupple19011973 
10ElizabethKoppes 8/1/191772 yrs-His Wife-same stone as Nicholas Koppes
10FrancisFoulkes 03/00/1899 
10LeRoyFoulkes 09/00/1901same stone as Francis Foulks
10Sarah AgnesFoulkes18691945 
10James DavidFoulkes6/22/19057/3/1969WW2- Army
11Grace AWallace05/15/18972/15/1985same stone as William K Wallace
11William KWallace06/09/18893/7/1968WWI 349 M G Co 88th Div
11John LEnglish2/2818812/131932wife: Loretta Keating
11Loretta (Keating)English18881974same stone as John L English
11William PMulvehill18681928 
11PatrickMulvehill18301/29/1908born in Co Limerick, Ireland-same stone as William P Mulvehill
11JohnWallace12/12/18469/2/1929of Kilkenny, Ireland - wife: Anna Tobin
11Ann (Tobin)Wallace18551904same stone as John Wallace
11Florian AMeis19011952 
11Vita MMeis19041998same stone as Florian A Meis
11MamieKlinkner  2 yrs
11Herman FKlinkner19051925 
11George WKlinkner18681939 
11Mary EKlinkner18721952same stone as George W Klinkner
11James LHolt1941  
11MargeneHolt19451988same stone as James L Holt
11CorneliusSkahill 05/06/189872 yrs
11Mary ASkahill18411921Mother
11JohnSkahill 10/02/189970 yrs native of Co. Galway, Ire-same stone as Mary A Skahill
11Clara ESkahill 3/13/190018 yrs
11CorneliusWalsh 06/30/189878 yrs Limerick, Ireland--wife: Maria
11Francis DO'Connell18861978 
11TimothyO'Connell18761971same stone as Francis D O'Connell
11Vincent HKoppes8/11/19063/3/1989 
11Nicholas HKoppes18721956Father
11Mary AnnKoppes18711940Mother-same stone as Nicholas H Koppes
11Bertha KKoppes4/8/191212/27/1981 
12Patrick ThomasFoulks6/5/19369/20/1996 
12Helen MFoulks6/3/190211/24/1980 
12Clarence PFoulks12/19/19023/27/1973same stone as Helen M Foulks
12Thomas PatrickKelly03/17/18608/25/1926son of Malachi & Maggie (Duffy) Kelly
12MargaretKelly18661948same stone as Thomas P Kelly
12Mary FNoel19072002 
12James JNoel19061987same stone as Mary F Noel
12James MatthewNoel19401972Son
12Marvin JWagner19161978 
12Vivian AWagner19141961same stone as Marvin J Wagner
12Robert (Rev)Wagner19431970 
12JasMcKeever 5/4/190585 yrs
12BridgetMcKeever 3/27/190879 yrs-His wife - same stone as Jas McKeever
12Mary EMcKeever 10/08/189938 yrs - same stone as Jas McKeever
12ThomasMcKeever 6/3/190137 yrs - same stone as Jas McKeever
12Jas E, JrMcKeever 193337 yrs - same stone as Jas Mckeever
12Peter JHughes12/00/189609/00/1897son of M A & M Hughes
12Catherine THughes12/00/189907/00/1900dau of M A & M Hughes
12Michael J HHughes06/00/190108/00/1901son of M A & M Hughes
12Agnes FHughes04/00/190505/00/1905dau of M A & M Hughes
12James PMoran19011993 
12Myrl LMoran19061997same stone as James P Moran
12KennethMoran 6/22/1927 
12Thos., JrFinn18851913 
12Thos. FFinn18491907same stone as Thos Finn, Jr
12Katie FFinn18891893same stone as Thos Finn, Jr
12AbigailFinn18561916same stone as Thos Finn, Jr
12Bernard JFinn18931907same stone as Thos Finn, Jr
12Joseph BKenny18711939 
12MaymeKenny18771961same stone as Joseph B Kenny
13Henry Picray18701954 
13Sarah JKelly18651912 
13PearlKelly  Our Darling
13SusanEnglish 12/26/189768yrs - wife of M-native of Co Corwan, Ireland
13Raymond ALeonard11/21/19085/3/1958WWII-son of Wm & Susan Leonard
13Mary EEnglish18551936 
13Susan HLeonard18661956same stone as William Leonard
13Leo M JLeonard 6/15/191018 years 6 months 7 days-(first name Lea per WPA)
13Mary AnnMahoney11/27/186001/05/189737 yrs
13Mary AnnMahoney05/05/18256/19/1903Mother-same stone as Michael Maloney
13Mary AnnMahoney12/06/186101/05/1897Sister-same stone as Michael Maloney
13JohnTakes  3 yrs 4 months
13Cecilia & AlbertKeating  children of T & E Keating
13BartholomewLeonard18561915born 1859 per WPA
13MaryLeonard18511938wife-same stone as Bartholomew Leonard
13ThomasLeonard 02/16/189570 yrs-native of Ireland
13MargaretLeonard 1/7/192084 yrs-his wife-native of Ireland-same stone as Thomas Leonard
13JosephFinn 03/01/18933 yrs - son of C H & Mary Finn
13MaryMcCormick18241904his wife- same stone as Michael McCormick
14Roy PTakes18991982 
14DelphinaTakes19021982same stone as Roy P Takes
14Raymond FPeiffer 4/28/1911son of John & Jane Peiffer
14Francis HPeiffer8/24/19135/2/1976marr 05/26/1955
14Merlin MPeiffer1/30/19373/6/1996son of John and Francis Peiffer
14John NPeiffer18981967 
14AnthonyPuetz2/3/191511/22/1998same stone as Richard Puetz
14Rita MSchrader19122002 
14Ben DSchrader4/14/19084/27/1963same stone as Rita M Schrader-parent of Julie
14Adam JBerntgen18901957 
14Maude VBerntgen19031973same stone as Adam J Berntgen
14John HenryPuetz19061992 
14PeterPuetz18731949same stone as John Henry Puetz
14ElizabethPuetz18821954same stone as John Henry Puetz
14Michael ELeonard19091993 
14CharlesLeonard05/03/18688/27/1947same stone as Margaret Leonard
14Thomas JLawless18681941 
14Mary ALawless18661945same stone as Thomas J Lawless
14BernardLawless18721950same stone as Thomas J Lawless
15James TMcNally18511917 
15MargaretMcNally18591935same stone as James T McNally
15Francis JMcNally18881972 
15Mary AMcNally18871968same stone as Francis J McNally
15Thomas JMcNally19231979 
15Mary AFinn18501922Mother - same stone as Patrick Finn
15Thomas JFinn18811938same stone as Patrick Finn
15Allen JDonovan19301930 
15Frances AKoppes19101941 
15Herbert JKoppes19101982same stone as Frances A Koppes
15Robert PKoppes 9/22/1943infant-same stone as Frances A Koppes
15KatherineKoppes18731948same stone as Mathias Koppes
15HannaFoulks 01/31/186531 yrs-w/o John Foulks- native of Co. Kerry, Ireland
15Edward JMetz1/10/19277/25/1989parent of Joanne, Wayne, Steven, Lisa, Kevin, Bennett, & Roberta
15RoseHughes 06/02/187380 yrs -wife of Michael Hughes
15MarySorel 07/28/188862 yrs - wife of John Sorel
15Mary A (Fagan)Flanigan18561927 
15James EFlanigan04/25/18452/18/1933same stone as Mary A Flanigan
15JovitaFlanigan 05/18/18586 yrs 3 months 6 days
15AmeliaFlanigan 7/27/20037 days
15CharlesFlanigan 9/1/18912 yrs
15GeorgeFlanigan 04/02/18989 months
15MichaelFlanigan 10/12/189581 years born Co. Longford, Ire.
15MaryFlanigan 04/09/189581 years-same stone as Michael Flanigan-born Co. Longford, Ire
15Thomas JFinn09/07/184510/3/1926 
15JohnieFinn03/03/185106/24/188433 years 3 months wife: Addie McLaughlin
15MaryFinn18691955same stone as Michael Finn
15JosephineFinn18941944same stone as Michael Finn
16AllanGavin19201985Pfc. US Army - WWII
16Richard JGavin19221982 
16Basil JohnGavin06/11/18954/6/1965WWI- Co B 87 IA Inf
16PeterMcKeever 05/03/1887born in Co Meath, Ire
16EllenMcKeever 05/28/189672 yrs-same stone as Peter McKeever-born in Co Meath, Ire
16Joseph MartinCulligan 03/28/18745 year 8 months 27 days-son of T & A Culligan
16ThomasCulligan 05/08/187355 years-same stone as Joseph Martin- born Co Clare, Ire
16AliceCulligan 01/03/189262 years-same stone as Joseph Martin
16JohnCulligan 12/25/186988 years-same stone as Joseph Martin
16MaryCulligan 04/31/186891 years-wife of John-same stone as Joseph Martin
16WilliamKenny 09/04/186349 years-born Kilconnell, Co Galaway, Ire..
16Jas. PMcNamara 03/21/186318 years-son of Bridget McNamara Connale
16Mary AnnConnale 10/10/18593 years dau of Daniel & Bridget Connale-same stone as Jas P McNamara
16Bridget McNamaraConnale 03/26/187355 years-same stone as Jas P McNamara-born Ire.
16W HSupple 11/27/187632 years 3 months 11 days
16JohnSupple 10/18/187670 years 3 months 27 days-same stone as W H Supple
16BridgetSupple 08/25/187873 years-wife of John Supple
16John ClarenceFinn19321938Jackie
16JosephineFinn19001950same stone as Louis Finn
16Kathryn HFinn19241980 
17Bernard WGavin 7/13/1936WWI-Iowa Corp 57 Serv Co Sig Corp
17Mary AMurray 03/30/1862dau of John A & Bridget Murray-WPA shows Mae A Murray 03/20/1862
17JohnKelly 06/02/187525 years 3 months 24 days - son of M & C Kelly
17MichaelKelly 10/25/187458 years-same stone as John Kelly
17EdwardKelly 05/05/18586 months - son of M & C Kelly
17HenryKelly 02/10/1862son of M & C
17MarySkehill 01/12/186772 years - wife of Patrick Skehill
17PatrickSkehill 12/19/186752 years- Co Galaway, Ire-same stone as Mary Skehill
17MaryGarrity 06/08/186655 years - wife of M Garrity-native of Parish of Rahaspick, Co West Meath, Ire. (WPA says 1868)
17MichaelGarrity 08/27/188161 years-Par. Of Killshe, Co of Longford, Ire.
17Mary JGarrity 01/22/188026 years-dau of J & Mary Garrity-same stone as Michael Garrity
17DennisKenny 08/21/185553 years-native of Par. Of Killconnell, Co of Gallaway, Ire.
17Francis??? 09/04/18592 years 9 months-our cousin
17ThomasMcNally 02/17/188677 years (or 1885)
17JaneMcNally 12/01/188373 years-his wife-same stone as Thomas McNally
17BertieMcNally 11/07/186411 years - son of T & J McNally
17MaryFinn 06/01/187628 years-dau of J & A Finn
17Margaret AFinn 12/14/187622 years-dau of J & A Finn
17AliceFinn 10/29/187724 years-dau of J & A Finn
17JohnFinn 02/05/187861 years-same stone as Mary Finn
17AliceFinn 10/27/190286 yrears-his wife-same stone as Mary Finn
17HughLavery18371912Civil War-Co D 102 Regt Ill Cav
18John A Finn18841968 
18IsabelleFinn18961975same stone as John A Finn
18CatherineMcQuillen18421930His Wife-same stone as Geo McQuillen
19MichaelEnglish 06/18/187781 years native of Parish of Galway, Ire
19HannahEnglish 09/02/188977 years native of Galway, Ire-same stone as Michael English
19BridgetEnglish18421923Mother-same stone as Patrick English
19CatherineMoran 10/13/190278 years
19MichaelMoran 02/24/189372 years- Co Galway, Ire.-same stone as Catherine Moran
19MaryMoran 18638 months-dau of M & C Moran-same stone as Catherine Moran
19James Slavin 10/25/185950 years -native of Co Tyron, Ireland
19KatieOrr  14 months
19JohnMcCullen18701883son of C & E McCullen
19MaryMcCullen18661887dau of C & E McCullen
19TimothyFinn 12/23/188169 years-born Kilconnell Parish, Co Galway, Ire (WPA says Oct.)
19MaggieFinn 12/00/18536 years-same stone as Timothy Finn
19FrancisFinn 10/00/18632years 6 months (or 26 years)-same stone as Timothy Finn
19HannahFinn 04/00/186415 days-same stone as Timothy Finn
19Mattie JSupple 07/21/188021 years 21 days-dau of J & M Supple
19JeremiahSupple 03/19/188256 years- born Co Cork, Ire
20John WDuffy18491938 
20MaryDuffy18121898same stone as John W Duffy
20BediliaDuffy18431916Her Dau-same stone as John W Duffy
20JamesDuffy 07/11/189180 years 1 month 11 days-Par of Kilimer Daily, Co. Galaway, Ire
20Mary IsabellDuffy 7/7/191962 years-wife of James Duffy
20William JStanton18761906 
20PatrickCrawford 12/20/1911born in Co Kilader, Ire 1825
20MaryCrawford183311/10/1913His Wife-same stone as Patrick Crawford
20SarahRogers 03/00/18767 years
20JosephRogers18001876same stone as Sarah Rogers
20Margaret AnnRogers18571874His Dau-same stone as Sarah Rogers
20CatherineMorrison 12/04/185740 years-wife of Thomas Morrison-born in Co. Roscommon of Alhleague, Ire
UnkThomasMorrison 02/03/1878 
20Roland JMorrison10/7/192312/3/1975WWII
20Eugene HMorrison4/7/19217/15/1953WWII US Navy-same stone as Roland J Morrison
20ElizabethO'Connor 10/16/185767 years nee Furlong
20JohnO'Connor 04/13/186311 years 11 months-son of John O'Connor NOTE: Mary Moehring, "I believe it is John O'Connor, the father, husband of Elizabeth (Furlong) O'Connor that is buried there and not their son, John. Our family records indicate that John O'Connor (husband of Elizabeth Furlong O'Connor) died on April of 1863 and that John O'Connor, Jr. lived to be an adult, having married and fathered eight children. John and Elizabeth were my great-great-great grandparents."
20BridgetLawless 07/14/189286 years of Co. Meath, Ire-wife of Christopher Lawless
20ChristopherLawless 03/22/187375 years 2 months 22 days
20MargaretMcDonald 02/13/188253 years 9 months - wife of Michael McDonald
20MichaelMcDonald 05/31/189178 years 8 months
20EllenFord 03/13/188737 years l month -wife of Michael Ford
21DennisGrogan 1/25/1907 
21MargaretGrogan 01/02/188352 years - wife of Bernard Grogan of Co Mave, Ire
21BernardGrogan 12/15/190176 years-same stone as Dennis Grogan
21Ellen (Briggs)Grogan 10/18/1902same stone as Dennis Grogan
21ThomasFagan 11/13/189880 years-Co Meath, Ireland
21Mary (O'Brien)Fagan 01/31/188165 years-his wife-same stone as Thomas-Co. Meath, Ire.
21Thomas WFagan18851948son of Patrick J Fagan
21Margaret EFagan18861977 
21Patrick JFagan11/13/18461/7/1922born Co. Meath, Ire.-son of Thos & Mary Fagan wife: Ellen Milan
21Ellen A (Milan)Fagan18601933same stone as Parick Fagan
21PatrickO'Brien 03/11/188681 years - of Co Meath, Ire.
21CatherineO'Brien 8/13/190979 years -his wife-same stone as Patrick O'Brien
21EdnaSupple 08/03/18785 yrs 11 mos 3 days-dau of John & Mary Supple
21Mary (O'Keefe)Supple 3/15/191675 years
21JohnSupple 03/27/188767 yrs-of Cork, Ire.-same stone as Mary Supple
21Katie EBrown 03/16/188325 years 7 months - wife of John Brown
21JamesBrown 05/12/18833 months 21 days-same stone as Katie E Brown
21KathrynMoran02/10/18683/17/1943same stone as Margaret Moran
21MatthewMoran 09/05/188261 years 5 months-of Ballymagward, Co. Galway, Ire.
21PeterTakes 05/31/188660 years
21AnnaTakes 4/9/1901age 79 years-wife of Peter Takes
21MarieFrieden 09/06/18681 day
21PaulFrieden 07/25/187211 days-same stone as Marie
21SusannaFrieden 07/07/18732 days-same stone as Marie Frieden
21AnnHughes 04/05/189670 years-wife of Peter Hughes
21PeterHughes 6/23/190981 years of Co Mayo, Ire.
21MaryHughes 03/10/186050 years-wife of John Hughes
21RosaGarrity 05/22/188328 years-beloved wife of John Garrity
21JamesFagan181404/04/188773 years of Co. Meath, Ire-wife: Rose Farley
21Rose (Farley)Fagan 08/26/188973 years of Co Meath, Ire
21PatrickFagan 03/03/186936 years of Co Meath, Ire
21MargaretFagan 05/13/189776 years of Co. Leitrim, Ire-same stone as Patrick Fagan
21Edward JFagan18931982bro-in-law of Kathryn Fagan
21Agnes EFagan19041982same stone as Edward J Fagan
22AndrewConnell 02/29/188132 years
22PatrickMahoney 12/13/189385 years
22JuliaMahoney 03/05/188927 years-his dau.-same stone as Patrick Mahoney
22MargaretMahoney 02/05/188055 years-wife of Patrick Mahoney-of Co Kerry, Ire.
22Bernard HDuffy6/4/19082/20/1960 
22Mildred MWolfe5/11/19012/1/1994 
22Francis RWolfe7/19/19045/10/1955same stone as Mildred M Wolfe
22JohnDuffy05/01/181909/28/1893Kilgore, Co. Galway, Ire
22HughDuffy 10/08/188625 years-same stone as John Duffy
22JohnDuffy 11/20/187718 years 11 months 18 days-son of John & Margaret Duffy
22Margaret (Duffy)Kelly18291899His wife
22John HTheirson09/15/185604/15/1877 
22ElizaTheirson07/15/181409/03/1856His Wife-same stone as John H Theirson
22William DStachura9/3/194311/20/1996same stone as Carol L Stachura
22MichaelDevney  3 years
22JohnDevney  11 years-same stone as Michael Devney
22MichaelDevney 10/03/188876 years of Galway Co., Ire-same stone as Michael Devney
22MargaretDevney 6/5/191073 years-same stone as Michael Devney
22Mary AHughes 01/10/18625 years 6 mos
22JohnHughes 06/12/18633 years
22AnnHughes 01/28/188970 years-wife of P K Hughes of Galway, Ire
22PatrickHughes 04/01/189175 years of Crossroyne, Co Mayo, Ire.
22ConstantineMcHugh 11/11/186583 years of Parish of Killesha, Co Fermanagh, Ire
22CatherineMcHugh 01/16/186165 years- His Wife
22SimonMcHugh 02/12/184818 years-their son
22CatherineMorgan18611863same stone as Patrick Morgan
22Elizabeth AnnMorgan187018703 mos-same stone as Patrick Morgan
22DennisMorgan18711874same stone as Patrick Morgan
22BridgetGrogan 04/18/187236 years of Co Galway, Ire-wife of Dennis Grogan
22DennisGrogan 10/02/189172 years 3 months 27 days of Ireland
22DennisGrogan 02/28/18724 years 28 days-son of Dennis & Bridget Grogan
22PatrickGrogan 11/00/187517 years-son of Dennis & Bridget Grogan
23Herman EDuffy11/10/19108/30/1973same stone as Geraldine A Duffy
23RitaHughes19081982same stone as John Hughes
23William PDuffy19071972same stone as Mary M Duffy
23Margaret EDuffy18741950same stone as William Duffy
23Edward PatrickDuffy18751938 
23JosephDuffy06/29/187312/23/1932same stone as Edward Patrick Duffy
23JamesDuffy18601882their son-same stone as Wm Duffy
23PatrickGlynn 05/20/188790 years—same stone as Leonard. Virginia Haynes reports, "On the back side of the headstone and on or very near the base it says: 'All Natives of County Galway, Ireland.'"
23BridgetLeonard 04/10/188585 years-same stone as Patrick Glynn
23ThomasLeonard 01/06/189084 years-same stone as Patrick Glynn
23JohnCurley 03/07/188685 years
23MarthaMulvehill 09/08/189622 yrs-wife of Bernard Mulvehill
23Lester LLyons12/25/190010/30/1973sames stone as Mary L Lyons
23MichaelCarr180906/25/188465 years of Co Galway, Ire
23MaryCarr 04/26/188360 years of Co Galway, Ire-beloved wife of Michael Carr
23Catherine (McCormick)Lawless 01/25/186125 years - wife of M L Lawless-born in Moynaley Co., Ire
23Catherine (Conley)Lawless18331910his wife
23AustinWelch 09/11/187563 years of Galway, Ire-wife: Margaret (Maley) Welch born 1822
24AftonKoppes6/4/19184/29/1994same stone as Albert Koppes
24Ira NKoppes6/2/19052/10/1989 
24Francis WKoppes3/15/190405/24/1978same stone as Ira N Koppes
24Leo EKoppes12/5/191011/26/1873WW2 US Army
24Bessie (Brown) HakerKoppes19131998 
24Iva GDuffy18861945same stone as Lawrence Duffy
24John LDuffy2/17/19164/24/1944WW2
24TimothyMcMannus 7/2/190075 years
24MaryMcMannus 05/15/189453 years-same stone as Timothy McMannus
24James RMcMannus02/15/18682/18/1940 
24TimothyKulion 02/14/186838 years of Co Roscommon, Ire
24MichaelFitzsimmons 11/25/186466 years of Door Parish, Co Meath, Ire
24MaryFitzsimmons 03/29/186560 years-of Tullyellen Parish of Monelly, Co Meath, Ire-same stone as Michael Fitzsimmons
24CatherineDoran 01/15/189970 years of Co Down, Ire
24MichaelDoran 09/12/187968 years-Ireland
24 Connell 06/27/186311 years 3 months 25 days-child of P & E Connell
24JohnConnell 06/27/186311 years 10 months 25 days-son of P & E Connell
24Franklin OKenny 18629 years
24JuliaKenny 186316 years-same stone as Franklin O Kenny
24Mary AnnKenny 03/18/188969 years-wife of Michael Kenny-born Boston, MA
24MichaelKenny18071895same stone as Franklin O Kenny
24JohnMilan 03/11/187215 years
24WmMilan 09/28/18657 years-same stone as John Milan
24JeremiahMilan 01/27/187360 years-same stone as John Milan
24MaryMilan 12/11/190680 years-his wife-same stone as John Milan
25Gertrude RDuffy2/19/19238/20/1984born Krakow, Poland-marr. 12/19/1953
25OrvilleDuffy3/17/19179/25/1998WWII-same stone as Gertrude R Duffy
25Florence G (Duffy)Caraway3/9/19223/8/1997parent of Mary, Myra, Patricia, Thomas & Deborah
25Lawrence DCaraway12/10/191611/26/1997WWII & Korea-same stone as Florence G Caraway
25Albert GDuffy10/29/19159/30/1975 
25Leo EDuffy11/1/19065/20/1967 
25John WDuffy5/14/191012/2/1983 
25JohnCarrick 4/9/191390 years-born Ire.
25Catherine (Fagan)Carrick 07/06/188749 years 3 months-wife of John Carrick-born NY
25EllenMulvyhill 02/03/188363 years of Limerick, Ire.
25CatherineMulvyhill 10/01/18616 years 6 months
25KittyMahoney 3/4/1900 
25CorneliusMahoney 07/10/186420 years 5 months-same stone as Kitty Mahoney
25JosephMahoney 05/23/18725 years 11 months 4 days
25EllenMahoney 06/10/1893wife of Timothy Mahoney
25TimothyMahoney 11/08/187564 years 10 months 11 days-of Co Cork., Ire-same stone as Kitty Mahoney
25MaggieMahoney 10/29/1910same stone as Kitty Mahoney
25Mary JMahoney 01/21/187624 years 6 months 5 days
25MaryCurley 10/05/186147 years
25DanielCurley 08/12/187268 years- Father
25AnnMoran 01/27/189354 years-their dau.
25MaryMoran05/22/181101/24/188371 years 9 months 2 days-wife of Thomas Moran-of Co. Mayo, Ire.
25ThomasMoran 02/06/189991 years of Co Roscommon, Ire-same stone as Ann Moran
25ClementMoran02/09/187208/21/1873son of Peter & June Moran
26John HSorel12/25/185112/5/1928born New Orleans-same stone as Catherine Sorel-son of John & Mary Sorel
26AnnaSorel18661935same stone as Catherine Sorel
26JamesSorel05/19/185410/19/1931same stone as Catherine Sorel
26Arthur EMcQuillen4/14/190711/29/1978 
26MaryMcQuillen9/4/19072/29/1972same stone as Arthur E McQuillen
26SerenaMcQuillen11/03/18983/13/1957same stone as Arthur E McQuillen
26AgnesMcQuillen18671928Mother-same stone as Arthur E
26M BernardMcQuillen18721940Father-Mother-same stone as Arthur E McQuillen
26MaryDuffy18821951same stone as Hugh Duffy
26Francis JDuffy19051927 
26Raymond JDuffy1/9/192012/16/1951WWII US Army
26MartinDevney1862192765 years
26Mary EDevney18561943 
26Mary AnnHughes19011953 
26JohnKenny185201/07/1897same stone as Mary Kenny
26WillieKenny18931894same stone as Mary Kenny
26WilliamKeating18041876Father-same stone as Katherine Keating
26Thomas FKeating18741874infant son of Wm & Fannie Keating
26Elnora (Keating)Goodwin18391907same stone as Katherine
26ElizaSkahill185702/25/188326 years - wife of James Skahill
26Patrick HenrySkahill 08/23/187719 years ? Months 19 days-son of Patrick & Mary Skahill
26BernardKenny 02/13/18714 years
26MartinKenny181004/21/189584 years of Co Galway, Ire-same stone as Bernard Kenny
26MaryKenny 9/13/190272 years-same stone as Bernard Kenny
26Thadisa AMcGargill 04/01/18713 months 21 days
26AnnMcGargill 08/29/18664 years 7 months-same stone as Thadisa A McGargill
26MaggieMcGargill 08/08/18662 years 2 months 7 days
27BridgetWhite 8/4/191760 years
27MargaretWhite 04/16/189978 years-same stone as Bridget White
27James WWhite185202/17/189644 years-son of Margaret White-same stone as Bridget White
27JamesSkahill18711938same stone as Mary Skahill
27Herbert JSkahill19141932 
27Frederick HSherman 02/04/18746 years-son of Michael & Mary Sherman
27CatherinaSherman 03/17/18799 years?-same stone as Frederick-dau of Michael & Mary Sherman
27ThomasSherman 08/16/18721 year 11 months-son of Michael & Mary Sherman
27JohnSkahill 03/06/18723 years 11 months-son of T & B Skahill
27BridgetMurray 7/15/192795 years
27JasMurray 12/22/190681 years born in Co Roscommon, Ire-same stone as Bridget Murray
27JohnMurray 08/23/18661 year 2 months-son of James & Bridget Murray
27WmMurray 11/09/18725 years 6 months 28 days-son of James & Bridget Murray
27JosephineMurray 03/20/18743 years 2 months 22 days-dau of James & Bridget Murray
27CatherinePender 04/19/189166 years 11 months-wife of R Pender-born Fohoney Parish, Galway Co., Ire
27ThomasPender 09/26/186579 years 10 months of Fohoney Par., Galway Co, Ire-same stone as Catherine Pender
27Mary APender 12/29/189936 years-same stone as Catherine Pender
27RichardPender 8/23/190782 years-same stone as Catherine Pender
27PatrickAgnew12/22/18231/12/1910son of James Agnew
27Maria (McVana)Agnew18349/26/1918same stone as Patrick Agnew
27Mary AAgnew 05/21/187622 years
27children of P & MAgnew  same stone as Patrick Agnew
27JosephAgnew02/07/186011/14/1918b Ireland-son of Patrick and Maria Agnew
27EdwardHart 09/07/187464 years 28 days
28MaryFagan18891975same stone as Francis Fagan
28Eugene AFagan18861953 
28EugeneFagan18531942same stone as Eugene A Fagan
28Sarah J (Agnew)Fagan18561934same stone as Eugene A Fagan-dau of Patrick & Maria Agnew
28Joseph BFagan18881960US Army
28Francis JKeating18921982WWI
28Mary EllenKeating18651934 
28Thomas FKeating18551944same stone as Mary Ellen Keating
28Charles JKeating18961971 
28Margaret (Fagan)Powers18501931 
28MichaelPowers03/06/18524/30/1930from Waterford, Ire-same stone as Margaret Powers
28Thomas Flanigan18841939 
28Ida MFlanigan18831963same stone as Thomas Flanigan
28LucilleBurke18991981same stone as Leo Burke
28William JBurke18641951 
28Margaret EBurke18641929same stone as William J Burke
28Sybil EMoran19031989 
28William EMoran18881960same stone as Sybil E Moran
28William FredMoran07/07/18881/5/1960WWII
28HenryMoran04/11/18419/20/1928born St Louis, MO
28William JSupple19001918 
28Loretta SConlin19071934 
28Bernard ASupple19151942 
28Mary HSupple18741953same stone as John Supple
28Henry BMoran18831918same stone as Harry Frank Moran
28A Francis (male)Moran18961918seaman died @ Brooklyn, NY-same stone as Harry Frank Moran
28WilliamMoran18391922Father-same stone as Harry Frank Moran
28Catherine AMoran18631931same stone as Harry Frank Moran
28WilliamO'Connell18831960same stone as Berneice O'Connell
28BridgetO'Connell18901918same stone as Berneice O'Connell
28EllenO'Connell18791959same stone as Berneice O'Connell
28Donald JO'Connell19231944same stone as Berneice O'Connell
29Lee JRoe1/3/193411/23/1986same stone as Linda E Roe
29Erna MHughes12/18/19247/5/2000marr: 05/28/1951-parent of James, Mark & William-same stone as James H Hughes
29William PHughes5/30/195811/21/1982same stone as James H Hughes
29Grace CKeating10/1/192111/24/1982parent of Robert, Marlene, Thomas, Steven, June, Benjamin, & Michael
29Louis P MKeating5/19/19209/14/1981WWII-parent of Robert, Marlene, Thomas, Steven, June, Benjamin, & Michael-same stone as Grace C Keating
29Mary MGrant19102003marr: 10/03/1933
29James EGrant19061977marr: 10/03/1933-same stone as Mary M Grant
29FrancisMoran19231977marr: 11/29/1950
29Helen ROberbrockling5/17/19209/14/1976parent of David, Ann & Paul
29EdwinOberbrockling12/28/19162/23/1986parent of David, Ann & Paul-same stone as Helen R Oberbrockling
29Paul JFagan2/28/192212/3/1983marr: 09/23/1947-parent of Cletus, Richard, Mark, Gary, Ronald, Terrance, Kevin & Diane
29Catherine GFagan5/9/19008/27/1983 
29Bernard MFagan03/01/18931/14/1976WWI-same stone as Catherine Fagan
29Viola MSupple10/18/19131/18/1981marr: 05/14/1935-parent of Mary, John, Loretta, Alice & Donald
29Leo JSupple4/4/19116/24/1984marr 05/14/1935-parent of Mary, John, Loretta, Alice & Donald-same stone as Viola M Supple
29Louis MMoran19261996marr: 06/03/1952-parent of Elizabeth & Michael Moran
29Elizabeth AnnMoran8/11/19533/1/1969dau of Louis & Vera Moran
29Herbert PKedley19191979son
29Rose CKedley18971978mother-same stone as Herbert P Kedley
29Peter PKedley18951952same stone as Herbert P Kedley
29Bernie MLyngdal08/07/18895/23/1976WWI US Army
29Alberta (Supple)Lyngdal19101997same stone as Bernie M Lyngdal
29Henry ETownsend10/9/19286/26/1989 
29Louis HSupple19061964 
29Agnes (Supple)Fuhrman19041982 
29Seraphine "Sally"Supple8/5/19025/11/1993 
31Victor NBeringer19131986 
31Anna CBeringer19101997same stone as Victor N Beringer-parent of Marlene, Shirley & Ralph
31Vince RPeiffer6/1/19418/11/2002same stone as Elmer F Peiffer
31Henry MPeiffer2/24/190511/10/1982marr: 01/27/1937-parent of Vincent, Elmer, Eileen, & Paul
UnkJohnFagan04/20/184412/28/1925of Co. Meath, Ire.-son of Thomas & Mary (O'Brien) Fagan-wife: Catherine Rogers
UnkThomas DFagan07/26/18522/5/1924born Syracuse, NY-son of James Fagan-twin of David D Fagan
UnkLoretta Carmel (Supple)Conlin12/4/19077/24/1934dau of John Supple-married 12/04/1929 Eldon R Conlin-Chicago
UnkWilliam BernardCrawford01/14/186910/25/1938only child of Bernard & Mary Crawford-wife: Matilda Donnelly-marr. 10/27/1916
UnkJamesFlanigan01/06/18597/9/1936wife: Margaret Ida "Mary" Duffy died 1928
UnkJosephGavin11/07/18521/2/1921son of Wm & Catherine (Tully) Gavin
UnkBernardGrogan11/10/18721/12/1932son of Bernard & Margaret (O'Brien) Grogan-wife Mary O'Brien
UnkGeorge DennisKenny18606/1/1915son of Michael Kenny
UnkPatrickKenny05/25/18449/30/1914son of Michael Kenny-born Ballyglass, Co. Galway, Ireland
UnkJohnMcKenna 04/14/1877 
UnkTimothyMilan 12/00/1927died in Colorado
UnkMichaelPrinty12/23/186112/13/1934son of Patrick Printy
UnkMaryMcQuillen18661887dau. of Geo. McQuillen

1SJames LOtting1/21/192812/10/1988married 08/01/1953-parent of Julia, Joseph, & James
2SWayne FManternach11/12/196210/20/1977 
3SGary J Welter10/18/195010/31/1989 
4SNick JTrumm2/5/19551/4/1990married 06/18/1977-parent of Angela, Bryan, Melissa & Laura
4SEva MaeKlocke6/11/19296/22/2002married 11/17/1952-parent of John, Ralph, Steve, Jim, Greg, Mack, Gary, Jeff, & Rob
5SEmmett H "Smitty"Smith1/27/19159/9/1996married 04/08/1942-parent of Linda, James, Marcia, Thomas, Gregory, Theresa, & Lori
6SElla Faye (Gusey)Meyer8/21/192011/4/2000born Walla Walla WA-mother of Julia Krapl & Herbert Meyer
7SRodney LeeAnderson6/18/19797/26/1996 
8SJohn PFinn19211979 
8SMary LFinn19251987married 06/02/1947-ss stone as John P Finn

WPAPatrickDonahoe 12/18/1885father of William Y Donahue
WPAMichaelEnglish 10/9/190173 years
WPACorneliusHirtz04/11/18404/19/1923born Luxembourg, Europe
WPAAndrewKelly04/15/186112/22/1933son of Michael & Catherine Kelly
WPAJohn HKoppes05/12/18704/3/1935son of Nicholas & Elizabeth (Weber) Koppes wife: Margaret Lavery
WPAJamesLang 03/22/1887born Dysart, Co. of Loud, Ireland wife: Bridget McKanna
WPAB HLeonard 05/26/1878 
WPAFrancis TLeonard18741/5/1905 
WPAMartin WMcDonough184201/31/189755 yrs
WPAFrancisMcNally 09/01/1859 
WPAMargaret (Duffy)Mulkern/ Mulkean 08/29/1867age 30 yrs-marr. 9/3/1859 to John Mulkean
WPAPatrick WmMulvihill11/24/18671/11/1924son of Pat & Annie (Curley) Mulvihill
WPAThomasMulvihill11/00/18634/27/1926age 63 yrs - son of Pat & Annie (Curley) Mulvihill
WPAMae AMurray 03/20/1862IS THIS MARY A MURRAY DIED 3/30/1862?
WPAJohnO'Brine 08/29/1873 
WPAPatrickO'Brine 04/23/1872 
WPAJamesSheridan12/25/182612/06/1880of Co. Monaghan, Ire-wife: Roseana Boyle
WPAStephenSheridan07/00/18676/8/1927son of James & Roseana (Boyle) Sheridan
WPAThomas WSheridan 08/16/1873 
WPAThomas WilliamSheridan 5/15/192667 yrs - son of James & Roseana (Boyle) Sheridan
WPAMary Ann (Sheridan)Seymour18531937 
WPAMariaWalsh 08/21/189693 yrs
WPAMargaret (Maley?)Welch 07/23/1872age 50 yrs
WPAJohnWhite 12/17/1879 
WPAElizabethGarrity 8/17/185517 yrs
WPAJamesStavin 12/25/185950 yrs

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