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White Oak Cemetery
Greenfield Township
Section 22

White Oak has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery

Photo: Jim Christianson

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Inscription on the monument: This monument is in memory of Amos Kohl and other good citizens who gave of their time and gifts to erect what was known as the White Oak or Dutch Church on this site, and dedicated on November 1868. It was one of the first Evangelical churches west of the Mississippi River. A lot of the lumber was native and handcut. A regular minister was here until 1915. The centennial was held June 9, 1968.
Photo: Jim Christianson

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed by Jim Christianson and proofread by Joanne Wilken.

1Edward MalonRussell07/06/18708/21/1949s/o Jacob H & Sophia (Werner) Russell
1Mary A. (Remaley)Russell4/18751936d/o Aaron & Catherine (Graver) Remaly
1Harlan RobertRussell18978/28/1972s/o Robert H & Minnie F (Miller) Russell-p/o Everett
1 Russell  infant dau. of Robert H & Minnie F (Miller) Russell - no stone
1Edith Irene (Grassfield)Russell05/07/188510/00/1968w/o Harlan Robert Russell -d/o Jerry & Ella (Robb) Grassfield -p/o Everett
1Robert HenryRussell11/15/18643/23/1943p/o Harlan & Willard-s/o Jacob H & Sophia (Werner) Russell
1Minnie Florence (Miller)Russell06/30/186611/15/1944d/o Joseph & Rebecca (Grauel) Miller -p/o Harlan & Willard
1Rolland CKohl01/03191601/081936s/o Amos & Bernice (Filloon) Kohl
1Amos C. Kohl18921976s/o Lewis & Ada (Miller) Kohl
1Bernice (Filloon)Kohl04/04/18941948w/o Amos C Kohl - d/o Wm & Mae (Albaugh) Filloon
1Charles WesleyStearns03/18/18618/21/1934 
1Emma Lovina (Kohl) Stearns12/26/18689/29/1947(or 9/29/1942) w/o Charles Stearns
1LouisaShotwell 7-22-18722y 26d d/o Joseph M. & Martha Shotwell
1Joseph MShotwell 3-24-187451y 6m 21d
1Thomas Manly5-17-18367/12/1919 
1Alice( Hannun)Manly3-20-18354/2/1921w/o Thomas Manly
1Jennie May (Manly)Jones5-11-18641/12/1933w/o James Hayes Jones -d/o Thomas & Alice (Hannun) Manly
1Myrtle Edith Manly11/09/188110/9/1952d/o Thomas & Alice (Hannun) Manly
1Mildred H. Kuntz18981936w/o Fred Kuntz
1John L.Kuntz18651961s/o Jacob & Henrietta (Smith) Kuntz
1Eva J (Hempy)Kuntz18721938w/o John L Kuntz--d/o Lafayette "Lafe" & Isabelle (Pieper) Hempy
2Charles E.Kohl06/09/18763/00/1941s/o of Amos & Anna M Kohl
2Fannie Bell (Andre)Kohl18751942w/o Charles E Kohl -d/o Rueben & Mary (Kelsey) Kohl
2Lee AlvinKohl 1/4/19036m 10d s/o Charles E. & Fannie (Andre) Kohl
2Jacob Heller Russell3-30-18266/13/1902 
2Sophia (Werner)Russell7-14-182910/4/1907w/o of Jacob Heller Russell
2Sarah A.Russell 3-7-1883 or 188215y 10m 2d d/o Jacob H. & Sophia (Werner) Russell
2Amanda S.Russell18557-14-1873 (or 1879)24y 9m 5d d/o Jacob H. & Sophia (Werner) Russell -ss as Sarah Russell
2George Wesley Russell09/02/185811/27/1943s/o Jacob Heller & Sophia (Werner) Russell
2Richard SamuelRussell11/07/18612/17/1933s/o Jacob H. & Sophia (Werner) Russell
2Dora A. (Grimm)Russell07/2018683/17/1939w/o Richard S Russell - d/o Daniel & Molly (Riesland) Grimm (Daniel Grimm is son of Abraham & Mariah Haas Grimm)
2William H. Kline18521939s/o John F & Mary (Oclis) Kline
2Mary (Kohl) Kline18551934w/o William H Kline -d/o Amos & Marisa (Grimm) Kohl
2CleetusKline6-6-18936/1/1894d/o Wm H. & Mary (Kohl) Kline -twin of Clayton Kline
2Amos Kohl10-18-18317/26/1909 
2Anna Maria (Grimm)Kohl12-27-18347-1-1896w/o Amos Kohl-d/o Abraham & Mariah (Haas) Grimm
2Catherine (Grimm)McCammant 5-16-187336y4m9d w/o Wm McCammant -d/o Abraham & Mariah (Haas) Grimm
2AdalineMcCammant 10-17-18709m12d d/o Wm & Catherine McCammant
2AdalineMcCammant18381870ss as Katherine (Grimm) McCammant
2Katherine (Grimm)McCammant18361862 
2MariahGrimm10/27/181510-13-189176y1m2d w/o Abraham Grimm
2Cora Etta (Manly)Siver07/21/18713/3/1967w/o Allen James Siver -d/o Thomas and Alice Manly
2Allen JamesSiver 07/24/18661/10/1964 
2Mae Eliza (Armstrong) Siver 6/3/19108/12/1980w/o Arthur Siver -p/o Thomas, LaVerta & Anne
3Martha S.Grimm 5-9-18742y5m3d d/o Eli M & Sarah Grimm
3Josea/JohnKohl 3-21-18642y1m16d ss as Ida Kohl
3IdaKohl 8-15-18666m ss as Josea/John Kohl
3Albert Grimm 5-11-1862 or 18673m6d s/o H. & H C Grimm
3Eliza J.Short 1-11-18726m6d d/o J. & R. Short
3NoahShort 1-11-187211y 4d s/o J. & R. Short
4Thomas B.Smith1-14-18701/6/1941nephew of Thomas Manly
4Leona Adelia (Kohl)Smith9-2-18777/7/1942w/o Thomas Smith -- g-dau. of Amos Kohl
4LeeSmith No Dates/o Thomas B & Leona A (Kohl) Smith
4(Anson) MarionHempy18501922s/o Geo W & Druzilla (Miller) Hempy
4Annette (Kohl)Hempy04/22/186012/24/1938w/o (Anson) Marion Hempy
4William Riesland 4-19-187560y7m5d
4JacobHempy18533-18-189744y10m21d s/o Geo W & Druzilla (Miller)
4Iva H (Mershon)Hempy18631938w/o Jacob Hempy --d/o Nimrod G & Harriet E (Ensbarger) Mershon
4Thomas HenryHempy10-12-18471-15-1889wife: Elizabeth Mason-s/o Geo W & Druzilla (Miller) Hempy
4George IraHempy18631942s/o Geo & Rosella(Druzilla?) (Miller) Hempy
4George W.Hempy18191895 
4Druzilla (Miller)Hempy18221895w/o Geo W Hempy
4Joseph H.Baker 4-23-1871 or 18744y3m2d s/o Lewis & Rebecca Baker
4Janice GlenneneSiver 4/20/1936infant d/o Glenn LaVerne & Gwelda (Fairbanks) Siver
4Baby SonSiver 6/8/1951s/o Glenn LaVerne & Gweldea (Fairbacks) Siver
4Fern (Tallman) Siver18931962w/o James Otis Siver-d/o of Wm & Lila (Merritt) Tallman
5Mary A.Burch 3-21-18802m20d d/o Wm. & E. S Burch
5NaomaBurch  d/o Wm. & E. S Burch - ss as Mary A Burch
6Verlean GertrudeHempy 8/8/1912Infant dau. of (Anson) Marion & Annetta (Kohl) Hempy
6Edwin E.Sawyer5-5-185712/10/1912s/o Ephraim & Cynthia (Whitten) Sawyer
6Mary C "Kate" (Miller) SundaySawyer after 1925w/o Edwin E Sawyer--d/o of Joseph & Rebecca (Grauel) Miller (no marker
6Gordon H.Sawyer18831963s/o of Edwin E & Mary C. (Miller) Sawyer
6Sarah BellSawyer18841976w/o Gordon H Sawyer
6Clarence E.Kohl9-14-188712/21/1915 
6LewisKohl07/19/18645/3/1942marr 04/06/1886--p/o Clarence, Ethel & Amos
6Addie Celista (Miller)Kohl18631943w/o Lewis Kohl -p/o Clarence, Ethel & Amos
6Thelma E. Bailey7/29/19071/12/1916d/o Wm & Ethel Bailey -g-dau of Amos C & Bernice (Filloon) Kohl
Unk Kendall 10/29/1895child of George & Emma Kendall - no marker

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