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Section 18

Photo: Joanie Hanlon

Photo: Jim Christianson

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Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading was provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society. The reading is an old tombstone listing, probably from the late 1980s. JCGS does not have access to the cemetery records. Once they do, they will resubmitt the listing with the additional information available in the records.

1WADSWORTHWayne E19551967 s/o William Wadsworth
1WADSWORTHFlorence H19081969  
1WADSWORTHVernon E19021979 ss as Florence H Wadsworth
1GLENNJoseph V1924   
1GLENNJean V1929  ss as Joseph V Glann
1THOMPSONGerald E19111972 ss as Mabel Thompson
1WORTMANLouise I1919   
1WORTMAN Max G19181980 ss as Louise I Wortman
1LABARGEDale G01/17/191912/08/1981  
2BUTLERKenneth D19201983 marr 04/19/1942
2BUTLERVera I1922  ss as Kenneth D Bulter --p/o Carlotta J & J Douglas
2AUSTINReva M19271976 w/o Clarence Jack Austin
2MARTINRickie Douglas08/27/195412/09/1973  
2TEBBELucille09/22/1914  ss as Elmer Tebbe
2TEBBEWilliam F09/04/194501/23/1966 ss as Elmer & Lucille Tebbe
2DELANCEYFlavel E1905   
2DELANCEYEvelyn L19071976 ss as Flavel E Delancy
2GEARHARTHarlo B1903   
2GEARHARTMildred A1908  ss as Harlo B Gearhart
2HAYDENJoseph D1910   
2HAYDENElfried L1910  ss as Joseph D Hayden
2MARTINDuane J19641978  
2JACOBSKeith E1938   
2JACOBSNancy L19411976  
2WORTMANMax A18941969 ss as Blanche Wortman
2WORTMANLouise 2009  
2BINGHAMJoe M18911980  
2BINGHAML Faye1897  ss as Joe M Bingham
2WHERRYNicole M19771977  
3LOWEVelma P18931972  
3HOLLANDThomas G12/12/195009/27/1970  
3STUDERPearl18841961 ss as Frank Studer
3GRIMMNorman F18801972  
3GRIMMMary C19041965  
3BEHNKEVallie E18871970  
3BEHNKECharles C18841965 ss as Vallie E Behnke
3BUEHNEMANLouis G18911978 WWI
3BEARDSLEYRalph Dale01/31/192109/14/1963 WW2
3HANDELRaymond19341977 Korea
3WEILERPaul09/22/191407/29/1970 WW2
3KNIGHTWard L10/16/191812/14/1942  
3KNIGHTNorma C (Larson)03/09/1920  ss as Ward L Knight
3RATHJENSRichard L19111979  
3RATHJENSBernice A1917  ss as Richard L Rathjens
4JONESEdwin C18911979  
4JONESGertrude E1902  ss as Edwin C Jones
4RAYMONDHazel M19071964  
4RAYMONDMaurice F19001968 ss as Hazel M Raymond
4BENTONHarry S18981966  
4BENTONL Firn19001972 ss as Harry S Benton
4WEAVEREarl J18951954 WWI
4WEAVERMarie J19021973 ss as Earl J Weaver
4PILLARDThelma19091988 ss as Emil Pillard
4POSTELDorothy L1909   
4POSTELLyman A19061961 ss as Dorothy L Postel
4POSTELWilliam Lyman 1208/1971 s/o Russell & Jean Postel
4BINLEYWilmer N19001981  
4BINLEYCora F1906  ss as Wilmer N Binley
4ROBERTSONHoward G19001981  
4ROBERTSONJessie T19091986 ss as Howard G Robertsn
4COOKAlta18961979 ss as Howard Cook
4COOKJean1929  ss as Leo Cook
4KNIGHTHarold E19031971  
4KNIGHTRachel A19041985 ss as Harold E Knight
4YOUNTHarold W18971980  
4YOUNTPearl Z1902  ss as Harold W Yount
4DUNCANLewis G19201972  
4DUNCANDorothy J19261984 marr 02/06/1945
4GAGERobert Franklin01/01/191601/01/1979 WWII
5WALKERElvin L04/04/1915   
5WALKERS Grayce11/12/1920  ss as Elvin L Walker
5WILLIAMSONVelma P1912  ss as Lloyd Williamson
5KIDWELLJames 1903   
5KIDWELLEthel M1906  ss as James Kidwell
5REEDDavid A18971964  
5REEDMary A18991985 ss as David A Reed
5GINGERICHMichael R19501957  
5THUMANWillis H10/09/192310/11/1962 WWII
5HINRICHSKlara09/30/189507/14/1959 ss as Folkar Hinrichs
5LACOCKRalph M19091959  
5REMINGTONRuth1899  ss as Rodney Remington
5SNYDERBurdette F18951970  
5SNYDERBertha M18931977  
5SNYDERThomas H19031984  
5SNYDERMarjorie M1915  ss as Thomas H Snyder -- p/o Martha, Thomas E & Rebecca
5COLLINSMary J18961958  
5COLLINSFay B1895  ss as Mary J Collins
5CRITCHFIELDAnne L18871982  
5COLLINSVictor P19021971  
6REESJack A19111984  
6REESLucille M1912  ss as Jack A Rees
6THOMASClarence L18921978 WWI
6THOMASMattie F19051973 ss as Clarence L Thomas
6LAR????torel 1961 (is this Harold Larson d 1863 below?)
6ARMSTRONGHillis L19061979  
6ARMSTRONGWilma L1904  ss as Hillis L Armstrong
6SMELTZERJohn J1916   
6SMELTZERImogene1919  ss as John J Smeltzer
6SMELTZERBernard T19181970  
6SMELTZERBernadean M19211979 ss as Bernard T Smeltzer
6DANLYJohn J19101968  
6DANLYNorma L1910  ss as John J Danly
6KNIGHTLester H18911975  
6KNIGHTClara l`18921970 ss as Lester H Knight
6KNIGHTEstella M 18821973  
6KNIGHTAlva E18791957 ss as Estella M Knight
6NEVILLEOliver H19101983  
6NEVILLEPauline W1911  ss as Oliver H Neville
6HOLCOMBDillon B10/10.191003/15/1983 p/o Edwin & Paula
6HOLCOMBVivian W11/12/1912  marr 05/26/1940 -ss as Dillon B Holcomb
6LIVINGSTONERobert C19061966  
6LIVINGSTONEEvelyn C1906  ss as Robert C Livingstone
6WILDCarrie18891978 ss as Edd Wild
6HOWEPatricia S (Lister)19341962  
6HOWEHarold M18991966 ss as Patricia Howe & Frances E Howe
6HOWEFrances E18981955 ss as Patricia Howe & Harold M Howe
6AUSMUSMyrtle F19001983  
6AUSMUSRoscoe F18891965 ss as Myrtle F Ausmus
6HOLMESCharles G12/24/189206/26/1982 WW1
6HOLMESIva I18951957 ss as Charles G Holmes
6DURGINDoris Mae19241975  
6ALLENJohn E18911960  
6ALLENMay B1895  ss as John E Allen
6LARSONAgatha19101977 ss as Harold Larson
6BORKGRENDorthea01/18/1918  marr 01/21/1936 - ss as Willard Borkgren
7OSTERKAMPWilford G1917   
7OSTERKAMPFloreance J19201970 ss as Wilford G Osterkamp
7OSTERKAMPWilbur M03/31/191712/30/1959 WW2
7NEWHARDGlenn L05/10/191005/07/1981  
7NEWHARDNellie V06/24/1910  ss as Glenn L Newhard
7FINNEGANBernard W19051972  WWII Photo: Joanie Hanlon
7EVANSRhonda Sue19711971  
8DRUMBARGERHazel M18941984 ss as George Drumbarger
8BOYLESMabel E18931953  
8BOYLESFrank E18821953  
8BINLEYAlfred L18971973  
8BINLEYFrances L1908  ss as Alfred L Binley
8NEWHARDHarry M05/02/189003/07/1947 WWI
8PICKERINGGene E19351952  Photo: Joanie Hanlon
8PICKERINGChester18991970  Photo: Joanie Hanlon
8OSTERKAMPGeorge T18881970  
8OSTERKAMPBelva M18891952 ss as George T Osterkamp
8ROSSAda M18921963  
8ROSSEmma J18851963  
8ROSSClarence E18901960 WWI
8ROSSWilliam J18831951  
8HOLMESLeonard G11/22/189509/16/1964  
8HOLMESHarrie B04/12/189509/16/1964 ss as Leonard G Holmes
8STUDERFrances E19011986 ss as George Studer
8KNIGHTFranklin E18721963  
8KNIGHTLinnie B18771974 ss as Franklin E Knight
8CUMMINGSNancy Ruth19341952  
8CUMMINGSHiram Bert18841944  Mildred was first married to Francis Houstman. After Bert Cummings died she married William Dunlap. He is buried in the Springville, Iowa cemetery next to his first wife. Photo: Ron Siebels
8CUMMINGSMildred R (Dunlap)19031978 
8BENTONGail18891948 ss as Guy Benton
8MERRILLDonal Fay19001945  
8MCQUILLENBernice A19101983 ss as Claire McQuillen
8MCQUILLENDaryl Leo03/30/194305/25/1943  
8OSTERKAMPIrene (White)19121941  
8FINNEGANEthel (Pickering)18791956  Photo: Joanie Hanlon
8DRUMBARGERElmer M18701950  
8DRUMBARGERLydia A18781964 ss as Elmer M Drumbarger
8HULLHiram H18601945  
8HULLFlorence H18661936 ss as Hiram H Hull
8HULLHerman H18931976  
8HULLAlta S1900  ss as Herman H Hull
8LACHAPELLARobert L 18861971  
8LACHAPELLAMadge M18851953 ss as Robert L LaChapella
8PEETJames W18991985  
8PEETCora L1901  ss as James W Peet
8ECKERMANCarrie M18781971  
8ECKERMANR Guy18771933 ss as Carrie M Eckerman
8MERRILLFrank A18711958  
8MERRILLNettie B18711938 ss as Frank A Merrill
8BUTLEREffie Ellen18671954  
8BUTLERDelancy H18901960 WWl
8BUTLERGladys B1902  ss as Delancy H Butler
8ACKLEYJennie01/05/184510/24/1898 w/o Dewitt C Ackley
8ACKLEYDewitt C03/06/183410/29/1908  
8SANFORDCarrie (Ackley)08/26/187002/05/1962  
8LEONARDJoseph 03/03/188470y 11m 29 
8LEONARDWalter P10/02/184710/25/1887  
8NEWLINHubert J19001935 WWl
8BURKEWanda (Newlin)18971949  

9CUSHERGeorge W18711935 adopted son of Jonathon & Nancy Hess - Linn Co.
9CUSHEREstella (Aldrich)18761965 ss as George W Cusher
9ALDRICHAgnes18491965 ss as Cicero Aldrich
9NEWHARDGrace E19021973  
9DRUMBARGERAnna L18731936  
9DRUMBARGERS A18611935 ss as Anna L Drumbarger
9DRUMBARGERJ H18891927  
9WORDENRichard L18431912  
9SMELTZERinfant19071907 s/o S B & L J Smeltzer
9SMELTZERinfant19081908 d/o S B & L J Smeltzer
9MARSHALLMary E18091884 w/o C Marshall
9EVANSClara E 12/15/188713y 14dd/o J W & N E Evans
9BYERSMarcia A18941960  
9EVANSJesse W09/23/185003/23/1906  
9EVANSNancy E08/25/185203/20/1915 ss as Jesse W Evans
9BRIGGSWilliam P06/12/183110/03/1900  
9FALORMary (Strond/Stroud) Briggs01/21/1851  ss as Wm P Briggs
9DICKINSONMaude03/21/188603/21/1886 d/o H L & R E Dickinson
9DICKINSONHerbert L18581927 s/o Jonathan Dickinson
9DICKINSONRhoda E18621943 p/o Carrie Weld - ss as Herbert L Dickinson
9PENNResin 08/17/188282y 5m 12 
9PENNAlthea 12/21/187775y 8m 5dw/o Resin Penn
9PENNRichard S 01/29/186016y 8m 24 
9PENNCasper 07/31/18633y 4m 12ds/o C T & M Penn
9BINGHAMFrances E18531941 ss as Mathias Bingham
9BINGHAMLena 01/08/188211yd/o M & F E Bingham
9HOWEJoseph a18661944  
9HOWEAva E18711949 ss as Joseph A Howe
9HOWEAva G09/22/192205/00/1923  
9RICHMONDOscar P18321908  
9RICHMONDSarah M (Harris)08/05/183503/22/1915 ss as Oscar P Richmond
9HODGINE Earl04/14/188505/05/1939  
9HODGINWilliam E18551919  
9KIDWELLArthur J18711923  
9ROSSArchie18481908  Mother & Father Photo: Joanie Hanlon
9ROSSMary18771931  Photo: Joanie Hanlon
9INGRAMHoward N18561920  
9INGRAMWayne E18951897  
9INGRAMJ L18711938  
10CUSHER?Estella (Brutsman)18991970  
10CUSHER?George E 11/15/1935 WWl????
10WORDENWilbur G06/21/191712/12/1972 WWll
10WORDENNelson D01/14/187002/19/1948  
10WORDENEmma J01/06/187906/19/1935  
10RUSTScott S18871910  
10RUSTWilliam C18501908  
10PATTERSONThomas Lewis01/15/184709/25/1910 Co G IN Vol. Inf - (age 15)
10PATTERSONRhoda A (Lake)01/01/185102/26/1925 w/o Thomas Lewis Patterson
10TAMOKEmmazelle01/26/191707/30/1983 WWll
10PATTERSONDrward B18771964  
10PATTERSONNellie L18811961 ss as Durward B Patterson
10SMELTZERSamuel G18541925  
10ACKLEYinfant daughter 02/17/18676dd/o D C & J Ackley
10ACKLEYinfant daughter 03/08/18621md/o D C & J Ackley
10INGRAMJosephine 02/12/186928y 2m 29dw/o J L Ingram
10INGRAMJoseph B 04/30/187414y 10m 14d 
10LEONARDFreddie 07/05/187610y 3m 20ds/o J & S Leonard
10INGRAMJohn L10/26/182909/10/1876  
11MYSAK`Donald D11/24/193111/20/1984 Korea
11BOYLESDennis Dean09/22/195807/07/1959 s/o Wm & Betty Boyles
11LITTLEMaria J18361907  
11LITTLENathaniel18221909 ss as Maria J Little
11MARSHALLJohn N 02/08/188034y 8m 13 
11MARSHALLOrange 09/28/187964y 6m 28d Photo: Joanie Hanlon
11MARSHALLFrances (Chapin)07/27/182104/20/1907  
11LITTLEBenjamin F18951970  
11HUGHESMinnie M18761948  
11HUGHESLewis H18631936  
11GARRETSONJohn William18591927  
11GARRETSONLouisa P18631945 ss as John Wm Garretson
11GARRETSONBessie 1895  
11GARRETSONClarence   s/o R & S E Garretson
11GARRETSONCora   d/o R & S E Garretson
11GARRETSONLouie 04/08/18781 yr 8m 11ds/o of R & S E Garretson
11GARRETSONRichard 04/06/189254y 3m 27 
11GARRETSONSarah E 02/03/189967y 1m 13dss as Richard Garretson
11PICKERINGMary (Frisby)18591910  wife of Wm. Pickering Photo: Joanie Hanlon
11PICKERINGDonald E19311931  
11PICKERINGMary E19331933  
11GRIMJohn C03/00/183903/27/1902 Co B 28 PA Inf
11GRIMElizabeth Eve08/00/18391915 w/o John C Grim
11GRIMWarren Keister18661955  
11GRIMClarence O18711955  
11HOLMESGeorge A18511920  
11HOLMESSarah A (Millsap)18531940 w/o George A Holmes
11HARTMANMarvel12/16/189909/04/1900 chlld of C & M Hartman
11HARTMANMuriel12/16/189909/04/1900 chlld of C & M Hartman
11HARTMANH Clate18761964  
11HARTMANL Maude18761964 ss as H Clate Hartman
11EVANSWilliam M18821962  
11POWERSMae Rhena19431944  
11POWERSThomas E18901973  
11POWERSRhena18991973 ss as Thomas E Powers
11POWERSJohn C19231941  
11ELLINWOODDewitt C18941976  
11ELLINWOODLola I (Penn)18981976 ss as Dewitt C Ellinwood
11PENNRichard P18591947  
11PENNMary V18601928 ss as Richard P Penn
11PENNEttie A 03/09/18822y 29dd/o T R & M V Penn
11PENNR R09/08/183805/01/1923  
11PENNRebecca T10/31/183804/10/1905 ss as R R Penn
11GRIFFITHMaggie 02/22/189529y 4m 2dw/o W W Griffith
11GRIFFITHW W 03/07/191451y 1m 21 
11BERLINMary (Griffith)18721950  
11GRIFFITHGeorge Melton05/25/190501/16/1906  
11ARMSTRONGBerta D02/02/187308/30/1896  
11ARMSTRONGAletha18691946  ss as Geoge Armstrong
11POWERSFred P19031959  
11POWERSHarrison V1861/18651927/1941 married Jennie M Richmond in 1884. She is dau. of Oscar & Sarah (Harris) Richmond. Harrison V Powers is the son of Sebo Ai & Eveline (Chase) Powers
11RICHMONDFred D01/04/187204/14/1927 s/o Oscar & Sarah (Harris) Powers
11JAMESEva M18791908  
11JAMESTom J18761940 ss as Eva M James
11SHELTONCharles T1923   
11LARSONJennie M18931977  
11PARSONSWilliam H 08/26/18614y 9m 3ds/o N & M Parsons
11PARSONSJoseph M 08/02/18536ys/o N & M Parsons
11PARSONSinfant 11/21/18484dd/o N & M Parsons
11HAZELRIGGCharles Henry04/01/179209/00/1846  
11HAZELRIGGEleanor (Beall)03/15/179508/23/1838 She died in Fountain Co., IN - w/o Charles Hazelrigg
11RICHMONDLeslie D19001957  
11RICHMONDNellie18781953 ss as Frank Richmond
11HAZELRIGGC Henry18651935  
11HAZELRIGGFrances09/18/183003/21/1914 w/o Richard Hazelrigg
11HAZELRIGGRichard 03/19/189069y 3m 6 
11HAZELRIGGEleanor J 09/09/18653y 1m 9dd/o R & F Hazelrigg
11CORPCaleb04/00/180005/04/186565y 1m 4dwife: Elizabeth in Wright Co., IA with son, Daniel W, in 1880
11KROKROSKIAJoseph 03/29/186969y 10 
11KROKROSKIAHanorah   w/o Napolean B Krokroskia
12HERRGeorge 04/23/188453y 10dwife: Katie
12BLOODNathan 01/07/188355y 4m 22 
12HASKINClarence M12/18/188704/25/1888 s/o C C & R A Haskin
12BLOODMartha   w/o George Blood
12LAKER (?)Marlan 04/00/1877?y 8ms/o A & E Laker
12FELTONJennie R18611928  
12FELTONGeorge L18571927 ss as Jennie R Felton
12ELLISMyron M 03/29/188047y 7m 1d Photo: Joanie Hanlon
12ELLISJennie L 05/19/187729y Photo: Joanie Hanlon
12MEADERGeorge W03/22/180707/17/1877  Photos: Joanie Hanlon
12MEADERJulia A (Howe)05/08/182702/13/1895 w/o George W Meader
12HOWEMahola Ann11/29/180404/21/1884 ss as George W & Julia A (Howe) Meader
12WILSONDorothy "Dodo" (Chalfont)04/18/190002/26/1982 mother of Mary Ann Peet
12CARBEEFrancis D18521910  
12STROTHERSHarriet W 11/30/187943y 1 mo 10d - w/o A H Strothers
12MOOREBertiena V19171937 d/o Edna D & H Leo Moore
12WHITEMima (Grim)18741932  
12GARDENERFreda (Moore)19001976  
12MOOREGeorge L18511923  
12MOOREElizabeth K18631936 ss as George L Moore
12CLARYHomer H   May be 4 wk infant of John Henry Clary and Rosa Jane (Raymond) Clary
12WILSONHelen M18701921  
12GRIMNellie b18801921  
12GRIMMMerle E19031952  
12GRIMMJohn Franklin01/23/190109/20/1972 WWII
12ADAMESJohn   Co F 13th IL Inf - enlisted from Sycamore, Dekalb Co., IL
12GUNNISONLora18901950 ss as George Gunnison
12HUGHESDuane H19051942  
12PHELANSarah 04/00/185840yw/o James Phelan
13BRUCERobert L19041981  
13BRUCERuth19031978 ss as Robert L Bruce
13MATTHIESSENLouise E1912   
13MATTHIESSENGarry G19111982 p/o Garry, Marie & Marilyn
13HARTRoy A01/15/189411/24/1896 s/o Herbert E & Lettie May Hart
13HARTLettie May12/27/187110/02/1896 w/o Herbert E Hart
13PATTERSONErma Gene19191932  
13PATTERSONEmmet Leonard 1903 s/o D B & Nellie Patterson
13RINELLAJoseph Irl 1926 s/o Joseph & Edris Rinella
13JAMESLavenia18441877 ss as Samuel James
13JAMESErnest E18631931  
13JAMESAnna M18721951  
13GILLILANHattie03/25/184611/25/1902 w/o H P Gillilan
13BOWDISHJackson W18811975 WWII
13BOWDISHJeanne R19211983 WWll
13MATTHIESSENGeorge18731960 ss as Delphia Matthiessen
13ANDERSONM Esther18951972  
13MOOREH Lee18921951  
13MOOREEdna D18921950 ss as H Lee Moore
13DOYLEAddie (Bingham)18781947  
13DOYLEJames Edward18671941 ss as Addie ( Bingham) Doyle
13DOYLERichard M19201936  
13THIESSENEileen (Doyle)19051932  
13WORDENFlorence H18961978  
13RAYMONDCarrie18741941  parents of Mildred Cummings Photo: Ron Siebels
13CLARYRosa Jane (Raymond) 09/25/188418y 4m 23dw/o John L Clary
13CLARYinfant 09/26/18844wd/o John H & Rosa Jane (Raymond) Clary - no stone
13COLLINSOnalee B18971948  
13COLLINSCecil H18941960  
13MCFARLINRachel (Lewis)12/05/179005/14/1857 w/o William McFarlin
13MCFARLINGeorge L 01/01/188712y 26d 
14GILLILANJessie B12/00/187411/00/1951  
14GILLILANA W (Rev)09/00/186806/00/1947 ss as Jessie B Gillilan
14GILLILANFrank I05/00/190004/00/1944  
14GILLILANLucille A12/13/189801/25/1926  
14JOHNSONJohn01/12/190704/03/1920 s/o John & Helena Johnson
14JOHNSONJohn18681954 ss as John Johnson
14JOHNSONHelena A09/20/187103/05/1920 w/o John Johnson (born 1868)
14JOHNSONM Wayne02/11/189902/20/1901 s/o John & Helena Johnson
14JOHNSONBernard L05/17/190505/27/1920  
14JOHNSONLewis H18971927 ss as Bernard L Johnson
14SWANSONIngrid Khristina18551932  
14COLLINSHelma S18921969  
14COLLINSNeik P18921969 ss as Helma S
14COLLINSFloy E18731963  
14COLLINSAlfred V18631941 ss as Floy E Collins
14GILLILANHenry18451934 Civil War
14BOWEREAlta S03/19/187304/25/1901 w/o E E Bowere
14BUTLERFloyd D18941940  
14BUTLERGladys L18991975 ss as Floyd D Butler
14BUTLEROra E18791941  
14BUTLERHoward P18781940  
14HESSMinnie B18671959  
14HESSGeorge W18621935 ss as Minnie B Hess
14MILLERIrene M19041959  
14MILLERFred H 19031956 ss as Irene M Miller
14JAMESHetty (Heaton)18481928  
14TIPTONMelissa (Heaton)18481872 ss as Hetty James
14NEALYDaiel B07/18/180911/11/1846  
14NUCKOLLSJames04/28/181709/08/1854 ss as Susannah Nuckolls
14NUCKOLLSLovinia H12/25/1844  ss as Susannah & James Nuckolls
14NUCKOLLSJames 09/08/185436y 4m 16ddupl. stone?
15POTTERAlma06/03/189707/12/1974 ss as Kalman Potter
15POTTERAlbert07/13/189712/27/1967 ss as Alma & Kalman Potter
16PITKINMary D18361902  
16PITKINWilliam N18191905 ss as Mary D Pitkin
16BRUCECecil B19241982  
16TODDAnna S18781962  
16TODDCecil R18781943 ss as Anna S Todd
16ANDERSONNanie E 04/08/187414y 6m 18dd/o L V & J A Anderson
16GARRETSONInfant son 11/17/1901 s/o A R & S M Garretson
16GARRETSONRolf08/27/190012/29/1900 s/o A R & S M Garretson
16GARRETSONHilda04/23/190806/29/1908 d/o A R & S M Garretson
16BEVERFrancis N 06/24/188142y 2m 11d 
16FINNEGANHenry 07/19/187990y 
16FRYGeorge W07/15/187307/22/1955 ss as Elizabeth Fry
16GAGEDale James 03/02/1935  
16BUTLERJames Earl19031904  
16BUTLERNancy J18341913  
16BUTLERJohn S18331906 ss as Nancy J Butler
16MAYWiilliam Manly 05/25/191382y 9m 18d 
16MANLYAnn 04/29/188149y 3m 4d 
16MANLYW Edward08/13/186608/10/1952  
16MANLYFlorence (Brown)02/12/186703/04/1964 ss as W Edward Manly
16SMITHLouisa P 05/20/187537y 3m 20dw/o M A Smith
16HARTArthur M18651956  
16HARTMattie A18701915 ss as Arthur M Hart
16HARTRay V19031915 ss as Vaughn Hart
16STUDERWarren Keister18541936  
16STUDERMary E18581938 ss as Warren Studer

17NEWLINDelbert 06/06/18806m 24ds/o J A & H Newlin
17NEWLINClyde W 12/18/18781 yr 1m 11ds/o J A & H Newlin
17NEWLINHelen07/31/185503/01/1896 w/o J A Newlin
17NEWLINJohn A05/26/184803/02/1913  
17MARSHALLLucinda S05/17/1825  w/o S H Marshall
17MARSHALLSidney H08/06/182001/04/1900  
17HARTEREdna Florence 11/15/18724y 10m 8dd/o G W & E J Harter
17BREWERMary 02/21/18743y 3m 18dd/o Albert & Ellen Brewer
17WORDENW W 10/11/187621y 1m 6d 
17PEARSONAlice (Blair)08/12/187707/25/1930  
19PEETWilbur R09/26/184307/12/1917  
19PEETEllen s02/10/184908/07/1933  
19PEETRay Wilbur18761944  
19PEETThomas W03/07/185704/19/1907 s/o Truman J & Mary Peet
19PEETJohn 01/12/186762y 3m 5d 
19PEETJulia A (Howe) 01/11/189184y 1m 18dw/o John Peet
19ROBERTSONFranklin B05/13/182902/05/1905  
19ROBERTSONPhedorah07/15/183102/24/1911 w/o Franklin B Robertson
19COOPERMary Ann 04/22/189159y 1m 23dw/o Francis Cooper
19PEETTruman J    
19PEETAnn J 11/09/18655y ?m 26ddo T J & ?? Peet
19PEETTruman B 06/23/18671 yr 11m 24d s/o truman J Peet
19PEETJames M18221888  
19PEETLorenda E18491877  
19PEETinfant dau. 08/11/1873 d/o W G Peet
19PEETWilliam G05/08/184612/12/1893  
19PEETEliza (Saum)18471927  
19TEMPLEMANLorenda (Peet)18821919  
19PEETTruman G18861946  
19PARSONSSusannah (Saum)18521925  
19PARSONSLewis B18481912  
19PARSONSOpia L05/20/188703/31/1888  
19PARSONSinfant son11/12/187311/14/1873 s/o L B & S P Parsons
19PETTYMahala A (Parsons)18521915  
19PETTYCharles Henry18491920  
19PETTYFloy18821976 ss as Clarence Petty
19PEETMinnie A18861960 daughter
19PEETRobert Melvin185610/26/1936 Father
19PEETCarrie (Carbee)18611943 Mother
19PEETRobert Melvin Jr1902  son
19DRUMBARGERRobert Lou18721967  
19COOKEvan (Drumbarger)18801966  
19DRUMBARGERW C18631933  
19DRUMBARGERLee a18861969  
19PEETAva Gail18781882 d/o A C & E J Peet
19PEETEmma J (Perkins)18491913 w/o A C Peet
19PEETAdelbert C18481917  
19PITKENO Legrand18581928  
19PITKENOrra D18641904  
19GREENStella (Marshall)01/30/185706/08/1902 w/o R M Green
19MARSHALLEmily11/10/182505/27/1925 w/o Malden Marshall
19MARSHALLMalden 11/28/188674y 6m 22 
19THOMASAlfred V 09/01/188287y 
19THOMASLucy 10/08/187476y ?m 2dw/o Alfred Thomas
19ABBOTTEdward P12/12/184110/07/1904  Photo: Joanie Hanlon 
19LARSONChristopher A18521918  ss as Addie Larson, his wife Photo: Joanie Hanlon
19LARSONAddie M (Richmond)18591944 
19RHOTENRuth C 07/11/1853 d/o A & N Rhoten
19STERLINGWilliam 03/23/186041y 5m 12 
19STERLINGHyatt R 10/07/18521 y 11m 22ds/o w & A Sterling
19RHOTENinfant daughter 11/02/184411dd/o A & N Rhoten
19RHOTENinfant daughter 04/09/18435dd/o A & N Rhoten
19MOORHOUSEMary03/17/184503/24/1872 d/o John Moorhouse
19HARDINGMargaret (Moorhouse)18151900 Mother (May be widow of John Moorhouse)
20DAILYJohn W18691936  
20DAILYLula18791951 ss as John W Daily
20DAILYRuth1907  ss as Clifford Daily
20HAGGARDWilliam04/05/178512/18/1872 Taswell Co., NC
20GILLILAN(Lydia Antrim/Armstrong??) 05/21/184857y 1 mo 18d 
20GILLILANWilliam 12/25/185163y 9m 23d 
20GILLILANJane R 06/04/186219y 8m 4d 
20GILLILANSamuel 12/08/187465y 9m 1 dayFather
20GILLILANElizabeth A 01/01/190186y 3m 10d 
20GILLILANLuella K18561934  
20PEETJames S18751956  
20PEETCarrie (Bowman)18781953  
20GILLILANMartha (Parsons)02/28/183110/28/1887 from Monroe Co., IN
20PARSONSAmbrose10/16/180402/14/1873 Knox Co., KY
20PARSONSSusannah (Beall)06/15/180609/21/1893 w/o Ambrose Parsons
20PARSONSJohn G18371896  
20PARSONSDorothy Francis18941917 w/o L O Parsons
20DANDRIDGEWilliam Edward18991974 WWl
20DANDRIDGEFlorence (Peet)18931985  
20EARENFIGHTAlnora L (Peet)18911942  
20JOSLINEdith J18891970 Mother
20JOSLINGlenn G18851961 Father
20JOSLINArthur James04/22/193206/21/1956 son
20JOSLINClarence A19241924 son
20AUSTINMary Margaret19211925  
20COLERaymond F 05/22/1931 WWl
20ROBERTSONElla May18761954  
20ROBERTSONJames W18621930  
20HAYDENBen A18761899 s/o A & M Hayden
20HAYDENJ Delancey18611948  
20HAYDENNina H18741957  
20HAYDENHarry H19011927  
20RHOTENAlexander 08/10/186957y 1m 17d This is the family of Alexander R. Rhoten and his wife Nancy. There is one stone with 8 family members listed. Photos: Joanie Hanlon
20RHOTENNancy (Hazelrigg) 02/12/188771y 5m 15d
20RHOTENMary E 09/02/18381y 4m 25d
20RHOTENRuth G 07/16/18531 m
20RHOTENSarah Ann 02/13/1904 64y 7m 4d
20RHOTENinfant daughter 05/03/184411d
20RHOTENinfant daughter 04/09/18435d
20HOLLANDE K19011985  
20HOLLANDLetha C18971974  
20HOLLANDNadia Avis09/23/193111/18/1952  
21MCCARTHYFrancis P19091979  
21MCCARTHYEleanor J1916   
21MCCARTHYDouglas C1910   
21KAUSNICKAM Caroyln1912   
21KAUSNICKAEdward T19111984 WWll
21SHANKLANDImelda O18661953  
21SHANKLANDMillard M06/27/186205/13/1920  
21SHANKLANDFrancis Marion11/16/1833   
21SHANKLANDMary Ann10/04/183708/21/1915 w/o Francis Marion Shankland
21PEETDaniel M 09/23/184631y 
21PEETAngeline A 09/17/1840 w/o Daniel Peet
21PEETGideon 10/18/184267y 2m 19 
21PEETAbigail 12/03/184764y 4m 13dw/o Gideon Peet
21PEETOlive S 11/24/184840y 10m 20dw/o Burton Peet
21PEETNancy 10/16/185327y 7m 23dw/o T J Peet
21PEETGideon 10/25/186147y 1m 23d 
21PEETCordelia (Wilcox)11/28/181604/15/1896 from Homer, NY
21PEETCollis S 06/27/186425y 1 mo 22 
21PEETMinerva 08/06/187130y 11m 20dw/o Collis Peet
21HALLJames H 04/28/186120y 3m 27ds/o H & N Hall
21PORTERAmanda T V 09/18/186210y 29d 
21NEWMANLeRoy E03/17/191109/01/1968 WWII
21NEWMANEhrmal Gladys19011930  
21NEWMANSusie Anna09/21/187804/17/1927 Mother
21NEWMANOtis M10/01/187301/31/1949 Father
21CURTISNellie (Peet)10/06/188201/05/1907 d/o L H & A Peet
21PEETAnna (Mitchell)18581921 w/o L H Peet
21PEETLinus Hudson18511923  
21PEETGlenn G18831944  
21PEETAlta L18901948  
21PEETWaynd L18891955  
21ARMSTRONGEva L19021979  
21HINES/HINDSLillie (Smith) 07/10/189422 yrs 
21ANDERSONHerbert E18791960 Father
21ANDERSONLena Maude18821949 Mother
21ANDERSONMerle L19011919  
21BAUHARDEliza A11/17/183403/03/1913 w/o Ambrose Bauhard
21KENNEYBertha V18711959  
21KENNEYGilford C`18621933  
21MOOREFrank G18761962  
21MOOREL Belle18771961  
21MOORECalvin R18531943  
21MOOREEmily Jae18481931  
21PLUMLYIrving A01/05/186711/18/1869  
21PLUMLYC O04/30/184112/30/1932  
21CLARKSeymore B09/28/188811/19/1967  
21CLARKViolet L11/09/190711/04/1915  
22MATSONCaroline (Lowry) Hart06/06/181703/09/1907  
22HOWELyman A01/04/1907   
22HOWEMarian E02/06/190812/14/1982  
22RINEHARTMinnie (Shanklin)02/15/186811/17/1950  
22WILCOXAlva Merrill08/31/181308/28/184027yBorn Cortland Co., NY; s/o Eber & Rachel (Merrill) Wilcox1
22DAWSONRogelia M 08/16/18442y 11md/o J & E Dawson
22DAWSONJames M 07/12/184710m 10ds/o J & E Dawson
22DAWSONJames 04/27/184728y 7m 26d 
22STRINGERMerle Daubine 11/11/18512y 8ds/o A & E A Stringer
22CROWCharles F18661929  
22CROWMertie A18691952  
22CROWNarcessus E 07/17/185732y 2m 25dw/o E M Crow
22CROWSarah A 11/03/187241y 11m 3dw/o E M Crow
22CROWE M06/04/181607/26/1894 1st settler of Linn Co., IA
22CROWElizabeth 02/05/184425y 1m 25dw/o E M Crow
22HEALDSallie L 09/24/18658y 1m 11dd/o E & L A Heald
22HEALDHarriet W 06/20/18659y 2m 16ds/o E & L A Heald
22HEALDAddison   Co H 24th IA Inf.
22PEETNancy A 02/02/186825y 3m 18d 
22PEETLaverna A 04/21/187530y 5m 26dd/o J A & H A Peet
22PEETJulius A 06/10/190282y 8m 10d 
22PEETHester Ann 02/22/188358y 5m 25dw/o J A Peet
22PEETLeRoy E18461922  
22PEETElla May18571937 marr 1875 - w/o of LeRoy Peet
22PEETJulius Suane18761961  
22PEETStella Maud18811973 marr 1901 - w/o Julius Suane Peet
22WALWORTHGeorge177903/21/1847 from Canaan NH
22WALWORTHPhilura178909/27/1846 from Canaan NH
22HARTDonald E19231924  
22HARTAdeline M1897   
22HARTForest J18961969  
22FINNEGANinfant son 08/14/1920 s/o W L & L H Finn
22FINNEGANLeola H1892   
22FINNEGANWilliam Lee18931971 WWl
22FINNEGANWilliam Hiram18651944  
22FINNEGANMaude (Plamadore)18721922  
22GILLANCora E1885   
22GILLANLee R18871964  
22GILLANCynthia Jane18611916  
22REEDMay18721916 w/o J a Reed
22REEDJames A18721947  
22KENNEYElla May18651947  
22PLUMLYGeorge Melton18811930  
22PLUMLYRubie A18881980  
22LEEPERAlfred E19131973 WWl
22LEEPERFlo G1915   
22LEEPERWilliam Lee 19371976 father of Brent, Al, Kris & Kimberly
23WESTMary E18601944  
23WESTFred H18841932  
23SHANKLINJessie L 1866   
23SHANKLINKyle H18761951  
23SHANKLINLouise E19131931  
23FOSSNOGHTMabel (Merritt)18891978  
23WILCOXEber1/29/178001/25/186484y 1m 18dBorn Berkshire Co., MA; dau., Julia, married John Peet1
23WILCOXRachel (Merrill)11/9/1785 03/08/187084y 4mBorn CT; wife of Eber Wilcox1
23WILCOXMalinia A08/04/182009/28/187050y 21dBorn Cortland Co., NY; d/o Eber & Rachel (Merrill) Wilcox1
23CROWJohn 03/31/184149y 1m 24d 
23ANDERSONEsther M1921   
23ANDERSONGeorge W19061972  
23GRIFFITHMarjorie L19031936  
23MITCHELLJ J 09/26/18804y 8d s/o Rev J & C A Mitchell
23COLEMANSamuel Brooks03/13/183509/20/1900  
23WHITNEYArabell 04/20/188026y 6m 20d -w/o ???
23SOPERGertrude L19071932  
23SOPERtheodore R1901   
23KERSHNERElla May18761963  
23BROWNElzie D18821968  
23BROWNEverett C18841952  
23BROWNAdelbert M18471935 Civil War
23BROWNMargaret L18501932  
23LINDLEYClara18901932 Mother
23LINDLEYAlverta19211923 daughter
23REIDEmma J18831957  
23WILLIAMSJohn S  89y 
3IBENShalene Rae "Bird"07/13/197812/03/1979 d/o Ray & Linda Iben
 ESSEXMargaret 03/04/184493y 4m 14d Photo: Joanie Hanlon
 HOUSEL C18671941  Photo: Joanie Hanlon
 HOUSEStanley19131980  Photo: Joanie Hanlon
 PARSONSJames 06/07/186379y 6m 4d Photo: Joanie Hanlon
 WAKEFIELDAnna (Mitchell) 04/13/185584y Photo: Joanie Hanlon
 WAKEFIELDSamantha 03/15/1857  d/o James W & Helius/Helious Wakefield Photo: Joanie Hanlon
 UNKNOWN     Photo: Joanie Hanlon
 MottPhilander12/29/181712/10/190385y 11m 17dObituaries say they were both burried at Wilcox cemetery. Find-A-Grave says Philander was but doesn't say anything about Harriet.
 MottHarriet Rowe09/16/182303/12/190783y 5m 26d

1Thanks to Diane Dayley for help with the Wilcox entries.

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