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From The Anamosa Eureka, 6 November 1930, page 1.

50th Wedding Anniversary
spaceMr. and Mrs. Chas. Bowers celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at their home last Saturday, without any demonstration or formalities. Many letters of congratulations were received from friends and relatives.
spaceMr. and Mrs. Bowers were married in Cass township on November 1, 1880, at the home of Mrs. Bower's parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Walbridge, the ceremony being performed by Bishop Isabell, the father of Col. Springer. In 1883 they removed to Kansas, residing in that state until 1901, when they returned to Anamosa, and have since been residents of this city.
spaceMr. Bowers has just passed his 70th birthday, having been born in LaSalle county, Illinois, on October 4, 1860. His father, Dr. J. D. Bowers, a practicing physician in Cass in the early days removed to Cass in 1865. He was five years old, and with the exception of 18 years spent in Kansas, he has been a resident of this locality. For many years past he has been in the employ of the Niles, father and son, and at the present time has charge of the operation of the elevator. Charley may truthfully be placed in the category of 70 years young, as a display of his energy and hustle at the elevator every day gives indication.
spaceMrs. Bowers, maiden name was Carrie Walbridge, a daughter of that venerable civil war veteran, W. W. Walbridge, and wife, pioneers who came from New York to Cedar county, in 1868, later moving to Cass township. She was born in Herkimer county, New York, on February 8, 1862. No children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Bowers, but they took into their home an adopted daughter now, Mrs. Harley Snyder. Mrs. Bowers is the last remaining members of her family living—four daughters, being born to Mr. and Mrs. Walbridge—a sister, Mr. Addie Dixon of Nebraska City passing away a few weeks ago here while visiting in the home of her sister.
spaceMr. and Mrs. Bowers are highly respected in the community by their neighbors and many friends, all of whom congratulate them and wish them many happy returns of their wedding anniversary.
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