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Brian McGregor, who lives in county Antrim and is descended from Orrs and Dennisons through his mothers family, has shared these Dennison photos. Be sure to check out John's Biography and Obituary.

John Dennison and his family. Wife: Matilda Campbell Dennison. Children (not in order): John Dennison, William Dennison, Belden Dennison, Mary Dennison Orr, Agnes Dennison Kennedy, Elizabeth Dennison McAlister, Anna Dennison Boomhour. (before 1915)

John was born in Creavery, near Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. In the picture of the farmhouse is John's sister Sarah Ann, seated. She married Robert Crawford. Beside her is William Crawford, her son. William's son, Wilbert, lives in that house to this day. On the left is my late grandfather Robert George Simpson, his wife Hannah Crawford is beside Sarah Ann on the other side. I believe my grandfather made a journey to America around the 1920s when I think he visited John Dennison. John had a sister, Mary, who married William Neelans and is buried in Clay Cemetery. He had another sister Martha who married Alexander Campbell. Sisters Jane, Sarah and Margaret, and a brother, George, stayed in Northern Ireland. Eliza went to Australia. There was a brother, William, who may have died young.

John's son, Belden, visited Northern Ireland and had this picture taken with David Rea and his wife, Martha (nee Crawford), could be in 1920s. Inset; Belden Dennison as a young man.
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