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List of Family Members

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Ames, ArtieSon-in-law
Ames, HowardGrandson
Dubois, Fannie (Howard)Aunt
Dubois, HiramUncle
French, JoeBrother-in-law
French, Vickie (Tippett)Wife's sister
Hall, CharleyBrother-in-law
Hall, EvaNiece
Hall, HarryNephew
Hall, Ivah (Howard)Sister
Hall, RuthNiece
Howard, CliffordSon
Howard, AlbertFather
Howard, Bell (Phebe Arabell Tippett)Wife
Howard, Albert William (Bert)Son
Howard, EdieDaughter
Howard, Emeline (Green)Mother
Howard, IrmaDaughter
Howard, JosieDaughter
Howard, MaggieDaughter
Howard, MarthaAunt
Howard, MatieDaughter
Howard, OraDaughter
Howard, StanleyUncle
Jennings, PlattWife's Uncle
Jennings, Rachel (Harris)Wife's Aunt
Orr, FrancisNephew
Orr, HazelNiece
Orr, JackBrother-in-law
Orr, Lizzie (Tippett)Wife's Sister
Snyder, India Ann (Harris/Prouty)Wife's Aunt
Snyder, OrenWife's Cousin
Snyder, RobertWife's Uncle
Tippett, Julia Ann (Harris)Mother-in-law
Tippett, William N.Father-in-law
Tryon, Matilda "Till" (Howard)Aunt
Tryon, JoeUncle
Walters, BartBrother-in-law
Walters, Rilla (Tippett)Wife's Sister
Walters, RoyNephew
Walters, WillieNephew
Albert Howard, Frank's father.

William N. & Julia Ann Harris Tippett, Bell's parents.

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