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MULLER (Miller)
Catherine Renschler has sent a collection of Muller family photos, including this photo of the George Muller family. She says, "George (1870–1949) and his wife Christina are buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery. His farm was located in Section 23, Castle Grove Township. George's father, Nicholas Muller, had owned it previously and had operated a stable there. Nicholas bought sick or injured horses and nursed them back to health to resell them. I think the name was Star Farm or Star Stable. The back of this photo says 'George Muller west of Monticello at 3 Corners.' "

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Some family members changed the name from Muller to Miller. It appears both ways in the various records.

Nicholas Muller (1827–1913) and Katherine Even Kaiser Muller (1832–1912) in front of their farm house in Section 23, Castle Grove Township.

Nicholas Muller space Katherine Even Kaiser Muller

Susanna Muller (1863–1943), daughter of Nicholas & Catherine Even Muller. She married Fred Kurt. Photo taken about 1880 by F. A. Coyle, Photographer, Monticello, Iowa. space John Muller (1858–1898), son of Nicholas & Catherine Even Miller. Photo taken about 1880. Back of photo says: F. A. Coyle's New Art Parlors, Opposite Post Office, Monticello, Iowa.

Susanna Muller married Fred Kurt, 11 Feb 1885, at Castle Grove, Iowa. Back of photo says: J. J. Streuser, Cascade, Iowa. space John Muller and Annie F. Kurt, married 5 Feb 1884, at Cascade, Dubuque Co. Back of photo says "Uncle John Miller and his second wife."

Ed Miller farmhouse. "I'm not sure of the location. It may have been in Castle Grove Township."

Clara (1900–1979) daughter of Margaret Muller and John Kurt. She married George Monternach. space space

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