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Laura Kendall sent along this newspaper article about Margaret Conmey Alspaugh's bequest to the city of Anamosa and other details of her will, and the photos of Margaret and William Alspaugh. She says "There are no dates listed in this newspaper article, although I know she outlived her husband William, who passed away in 1920."

THE ALSPAUGH ANNIVERSARY PARTY IN 1916 Margaret Conmey Alspaugh was dressed in her wedding gown from 1866, sits with husband William, surrounded by family members.

Anamosa Gets Alspaugh Home

City of Anamosa Made One of Beneficiaries
of Aunt Margaret Alspaugh Will

The city of Anamosa was bequeathed real estate and personal property to the amount of nearly $3,000 in the will of the late Aunt Margaret Alspaugh, which was filed for record in the office of the Jones county clerk of courts, Warren Rees, a few days ago.

The city of Anamosa is bequeathed the property owned by Mrs. Alspaugh at the time of her death, also the sum of $500 invested in a U.S. Liberty bond, the two properties to be converted into a fund and kept at interest and to be known as the William and Margaret Alspaugh Memorial Fund, and which, when said fund shall reach $3,000 by accumulation, if it is not that at death of deceased, is to be kept as a trust fund and the net income therefrom to be distributed to needy persons of this community. This income shall be distributed by the mayor of the city of Anamosa and the chairman and treasurer of the board of trustees of the Methodist Episcopal church of Anamosa to such worthy persons as they may select from time to time. This right shall follow the office and not the person.

The following named persons were bequeathed $100 each: Mrs. Margaret Meeks Flaherty, Mrs. Martha Klinefelter Granser, Mrs. Lillian Hurshman, daughter of Charlotte Kleinfelter Johnson, deceased; Mrs. Louise Kleinfelter Everson, Mrs. Olive Kleinfelter Hakes, John I. Kleinfelter, Mrs. Jennie Kleinfelter Pulver, Mrs. Lillian Kleinfelter Bullard, D. Melvin Strawman, Samuel Strawman, Mrs. Etta Strawman Barker, William Strawman, Mrs. Della Strawman Faragher, Charles Strawman, Mrs. Edna Ellis Conmey, William E. Apt, John Parcel, Melvin Parcel, Richard Parcel, Alva Parcel, William E. Alspaugh, Mrs. Florence Alspaugh Cornell, Fred W. Conmey, Roy M. Conmey, James Conmey, Anna Threse Conmey, Lawrence W. Conmey, Margaret Mary Conmey, Florence Pulver Miller, Clara Jeffries Hooper, of Cedar Rapids.

A sister of the testator, Anna Corcoran, was bequeathed $200, and the following named nephews and nieces $33.33 each: Florence Pollard, Arthur and Ethel Pollard.

Any remainder of the estate is to be divided equally between the sister of the testator, Anna Corcoran, and Mary Conmey, wife of the brother of Mrs. Alspaugh.

J. W. Conmey and D. M. Strawman were named executors of the will without bond.

All inheritance taxes shall be paid out of the remainder of the estate of the deceased.

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