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David G. Baker &
Charlotte (Lottie) Groat Baker

Eliza Starr Baker

Unknown Groats or Bakers

These pictures were found in an old photo album passed down through my family, compiled by Charlotte (Lottie) Groat Baker. She was the second wife of my great grandfather David G. Baker. (Now this gets a little convoluted, so hold on!)

David's first wife was Eliza Starr, daughter of Jesse and Lucinda (Groat) Starr (Jesse's 2nd wife). David was also step-son of Jesse Starr, as his mother, Eliza Baker Starr, was Jesse's 4th wife. Jesse had 11 children, most of whom followed him from Ontario to Rutland WI in 1854 or so, and then to Jones County in about 1863. The Starrs were residents of Jones County from about 1863-1882. David married Eliza in 1870, they moved to Emmetsburg, IA, came back to Jones county to live in 1876, where Eliza died of consumption in 1880. Then he married Lottie (from Ontario, Canada, and probably some kind of Starr relation) and moved to Emmetsburg in 1882. Jesse and wife (4) Eliza also moved to Emmetsburg in 1882, where they both died on the same day of March, 1887.

The Eliza Starr Baker photo is a "carte de viste," and in the photo album was written under the picture "papa's own mother". The writing was probably done by my aunt or uncles in later years. I don't know for sure if that is her, but guessing by hair style, age of photo, etc., I'm fairly certain that's who it is There was no photographer information on the picture.

The "unknown Baker or Groat couple" is a "cabinet card," and I'm uncertain who it is. It might possibly be David G. Baker and Eliza Starr Baker--the woman looks like an older version of the "eliza starr" photo. Actually, the ladies' facial looks are almost identical, to me. The man resembles other photos of David that I have, but...Eliza died in 1880, and the dress and hair style looks to be mid 80's. Also, I would think that she would have been in very poor looks for several years before she died, if she had consumption/tuberculosis. This woman looks quite healthy. It might also be a wedding picture of one of the Starr siblings, or possibly a picture of Eliza's mother and father. If I was able to date the picture, I could tell a little better.

The "David G. Baker and Lottie" picture is a "cabinet card," and was plainly marked "Grandpa and Grandma Baker" (by my family) underneath. It also has no photographer's information on it. (Do you think that David in this picture looks like the guy in the "unknown" picture?)

Mary Vivian

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