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Kathryn Morehead has submitted some photos and other information on this family.
Carl BEHNKE ca. 1927
Wilhelmina Johanna MOELLER ca. 1927
Carl BEHNKE (Charles Benghtze) was born in Mecklenberg-Stralitz, Germany. He came to America in 1871 at the age of 27. He settled in Rock Island, Illinois. He married Wilhelmina MOELLER. He died at McDonald Hospital in Monticelllo, Iowa at the age of 83. He is buried at Wyoming, Iowa. He worked at the Denkman Sawmill in 1876. Mr. Davenport was running for mayor and needed votes, so his men got their naturalization papers (January 14, 1876).

Wilhelmina Johanna "Minnie" MOELLER was born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. She migrated to America in 1870 and settled in Rock Island, Illinois; then to Wyoming, Iowa. She died at Monmouth, Iowa at the age of 84. She is buried at Wyoming, Iowa.

Carl & Minnie Behnke and unidentified family members. If you know the names of any of these people, please share them. Harold Becker and Lillian Behnke.
Lillian Henrietta Elizabeth Behnke is kneeling, second from left in the front row. Carl Behnke is third from left in back row. Can you identify any of the other people? Unidentified Behnkes! Can you help?
Behnke Family Servicemen
Clarence Schone enlisted May 25, 1918. A member of the 122nd Field Artillery, he was wounded while in France during World War I.
Earnest Carl Fredicksen entered service April 20, 1941; discharged 1945.
Lowell Carl Behnke entered service July 14, 1942; discharged October 23, 1945.
Russel H. Schmitz entered service September 23, 1942.
Vernon Boyer entered service December 7, 1942.
Howard Ernest Becker entered service December 8, 1942; was wounded while in Germany; discharged December 14, 1945.
Wilbur John Behnke entered service September 24, 1943; discharged February 24, 1946.
Carl Fred Jurgensen entered service January 8, 1944; discharged February 6, 1946.
Clair Vern Felker entered service July 1, 1944; discharged April 30 1946.
Walter Earnest Behnke entered service April 17, 1946.
Submitted by Kathryn Morehead from a Behnke Descendancy chart written in the 1940s.
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