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Allice Reynolds has sent thsese Davis family photos. She says, "Phineas Davis and Ruth Root obtained a US land patent from President James Buchanan in 1859; NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 8 in Township 86. Phineas and Ruth resided in Jones county with their children until their deaths in 1878 and 1892 and are buried in Kiburz cemetery according to records on this website. Earlier cemetery records located in Des Moines stated Scotch Grove Cemetery, or a small unnamed cemetery across the road from Scotch Grove. I have actually been there."
Dolphas Marcenus, Charles, Alonzo and Mary Adelia Ruth Davis. Phineas & Ruth (Root) Davis. Josiah Davis, son of Phineas & Ruth.
Lydia Davis, daughter of Phineas & Ruth, She married James Graves. Mary Jane Aldrich and Bertha Marian & Shirley Ruth Banks. The girls are the daughters of Olive Lavica Morse.
Phebe Maria Davis, Mary Jane Aldrich & Mary Davis. Phebe Maria & Mary Davis were daughters of Phineas & Ruth. Phebe Maria married Daniel Mathews. Mary married Amos Himebaugh. Mary Jane Aldrich and Elizabeth Brown, half-sisters and daughters of Experience Jane Davis, daughter of Phineas & Ruth. Taken in Fremont, NE.
Mary Jane Aldrich and her daughter, Olive Lavica Morse. Rosa Graves, the daughter of Lydia Davis & James Graves. Lydia is the daughter of Phineas & Ruth. Rosa Graves, another photo.
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