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Jay R. Edwards has sent this photo of the DeWitt family in about 1906 at their home on Clark Street in Monticello. The house was removed when Chestnut street was cut in.

Seated at the left is Edwin J. Edwards, 1867-1952, and standing next to him his wife, Edna Mae DeWitt Edwards, 1878-1943. On the grass are their children, Merle DeWitt Edwards, 1898-1977 (Jay's father), and Clyde E. Edwards, 1901-1975.

In the center is Ahab DeWitt, 1851-1940, and seated next to him, his wife (in white), Susan Alcorn Hamilton Dewitt, 1856-1918. The Dewitts and Hamiltons were initially from Clay Twp. and Scotch Grove area. Ahab and Susan retired from farming and moved to Monticello.

Standing is Eugene Hamilton DeWitt, 1891-1919. He operated a drug store in Monticello for some years, located on 1st Street west of the RR tracks.

Seated on the right are Roscoe A. DeWitt, 1874-1938, and his wife Winifred J. Tatman DeWitt.

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