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Submitted by Mary Kay Kuhfittig
1870 Letter from
Eliza Glisson Foley
to Her Son Will Foley
of Anamosa

St. Paris Ohio
Oct 2 1870

Will, my dear son:
Your Pa and I went down to Welsh's hall to hear Judge McKenny speak. I was very sorry you were not here to hear him expose the rottenness of the republican party. I felt guilty when he said that it was carelessness of the democrats last fall not going to the polls that lost the state of Ohio. I thought of you and Pa going to the flat Woods and not staying to vote. He said he was sorry that there was sixty in this town ship that stood back. Now my own & first born son, I want you to go to the Polls and vote a full Democratic ticket in Defiance of all men for the man that would change his Politics would sell his Soul. Do not neglect it, it is a duty you owe your God, your Country, your Parents and the children that (is) not born yet. You Pa says if you don't want to vote there to come home and vote but you must put your mite in & help so I will be proud to think I have a husband & son that will follow the footsteps of my Noble Father, God be with (him) dead or alive.

Your affectionate Mother
Eliza Foley

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