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Newspaper article submitted by Ginger France
A Golden Wedding
The 50th Anniversary of Albert and Elizabeth (Burwell) Green
January 1, 1916

Fifty years ago last Saturday, Albert Green clasped the hand of Miss Burwell, while the marriage ceremony was recited which bound them together in the bonds of wedlock. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride a few miles east of where Oxford Junction is now located. Iowa was then in its infancy. There were no railroads and the ox team was the principal mode of conveyance. Thus early in life these two young people started out on a mission of home-building. They knew no luxuries, but love and right living builded for them a home that money cannot buy.

During all the fifty years, peace and harmony has controlled this household, and although they have not acquired a fortune, they have acquired the love and respect of not only their children, but the respect of all who know them.

Last Saturday, January 1, 1916 was their Golden Wedding anniversary, and a goodly number of their children and grandchildren and other relatives gathered at their home in Olin taking them by surprise, to remind them that just fifty years ago a similar company had appeared at their wedding for the purpose of congratulations and wishing them God-speed. One of the interesting features of the Golden Wedding was the fact that there were two present who where present when they were married. They were B.F. Green, of this place, a brother to the groom and Abe Burwell of Oxford Junction, a brother to the bride.

Not long after the guests had gathered and congratulations had been extended the ladies of the company commenced to exercise their skill in the culinary art, and in a short time tables appeared heavily loaded with the choicest fruits of the land, all of which the company partook of freely, feeling greatly elated to know that they were permitted to be present.

After the dinner was over one of the guests, in a neat little speech presented the bride and groom of fifty years with a number of useful and beautiful presents, their little granddaughters, Rachel Moneypenny and Frances Wooder, carrying the presents to the honored ones.

A happy social time followed in which old-time incidents were recalled, until the time for the departure of those who lived at a distance, when with well wishes, and wishing many happy returns of their wedding anniversary, the company commenced bidding the aged couple good bye.

In 1878, Mr. and Mrs. Green moved to Olin, and this place has been their home ever since. For many years Mr. Green was recognized as one of the best carpenters and cabinet makers in this part of the country, and there are but few people in Olin and vicinity, who are not acquainted with him. To this union were born eight children, all of who are still living except one daughter.

The out of town guests were M.E. Woodard and family and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sweet of Hale, Iowa; Abe Burwell, of Oxford Junction, Iowa; Mrs. Stella Allen and son of Laurens, Iowa and Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Robison, of Marion, Iowa.

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