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"This picture is scratched and has a few rough edges, but the thing was taken October 30, 1895, so you have to expect that from a picture that is 107 years old! The man behind the bride is the minister from Wayne. The man on the far right with his hand on the keg I believe is my great grandfather Gerke Bohlken. If anybody knows who the rest are I would certainly like to be able to identify them." Steve Hanken

Hinrich Eden Harms & Elsie Wihemine Zimmerman Wedding. You can click on
any person to view an enlargement of that section.
Here are some messages from visitors with additional information about this picture. I've incorporated their comments into the enlargements.
(from Marvin Siebels)

Okay, I've got this picture and some of the people were identified for me by my cousin, Wilma (Hayen) Stevenson. They live on a farm near Scotchgrove. She did a history on the Hayen family.

First of all, you are right about the wedding, although the groom was baptized as Hinrich Eden Harms and he was called Eden. (Look on page 490, Vol 2 Reepsholt OSB. Father was Johann Hinrich Harms.) (Note all the following descriptions of positions are as you are looking at the picture.) He's front row, 6th position from the left, 1st man. Next to the right is his bride, Elise Wilhelmine Zimmerman, Next to the right and slightly back is Engel Margaretha Harms, Eden's mother and my great grandmother, To her right, with the little girl on her lap is Elise (Hayen) Zimmerman and next her husband, Wilke Janssen Zimmerman, parents of the bride. Continue in the front row until you come to the woman just to the right of the woman in the light colored dress. This is my grandmother, Gesche Katherina (Harms) Hayen, sister of the groom. In front and to each side of her are my aunt, Catherine Engeline Hayen and my uncle, Herman Henry Hayen. Now Wilma maintains the man with his right hand on the beer keg is my grandfather, Johann Hinrich Hayen, but I won't dispute your belief it is a Bolhken.

The second row starting from the picture's left, The 4th man over is Edward Stutt. to the right of him is another of my uncles, Johann Heinrich Hayen. Next to the right is a Herren. the 3rd man right of him is the Pastor Mardorff and then his wife.

Move over to the right to the 1st porch post. In front and slightly to the left is a man holding a little boy and to the left of the little boy is a woman. This combination is Gerd and Anna (Harms) Weers. She was another sister of the groom. The little boy was Henry Weers. Now, immediately behind Anna Weers is her and the groom's brother, Herman Heinrich Harms. In the next row back and immediately to the right of the post is Engel (Rickels) Dirks. to the right of her is Heinrich Dirks.

So, now you know as much about the picture as I do. Thanks for reminding me about the web site.


(from Sandy Edwards nee Bronemann. Her mother was a Tobiason/Tobiassen)

The little boy in the front row with the BIG bow and short pants is my grandfather Hayo Tobiason. He is holding onto his mother's hand (Anke Hayen Tobiason). Behind Anke's shoulder, moving to the right on the picture is another Tobiason daughter Grace Tobiason Helgens. Beside her is a young boy and then another young boy. The second young boy is Tobias Tobiason. Two rows behind Grace and Tobias and sort of centered between them is a man in a black shirt and tie. That is my great- grandfather, Bernhard Tobiason. The second bridesmaid from the left side of the picture is Kate Folkerts, another daughter.


(from Larry Harms of Baltimore Maryland, formerly of Jones County)

To the left of the two guys guarding the beer is GGF Harm Harms with the full white beard. Next left is GGF Nicholas F Holst with the large patch of black chin hair Just to front and left (two young boys) sons of Nicholas, Nicholas Christian Holst and next left is Cornelius Moritz “Colonel” Holst. The next three young women are Holst sisters. R to L: Anna Brodina Holst Reimers Petersen, My Grandmother Helena Holst Harms, and Ida Holst Hanken. Next to and just behind and left of my GGF Nicholas is his two step sons with mustaches Paul and Peter Paulsen I can’t find the caption of the other photo that tells me who is who right now, but if you must know I will search harder. I could guess at some others but that is all that it would be. I am sure that the GGFs are correct and 99.5% sure that the other I identified also correct. They were identified with other photos within +/- 3 years of this one. I have seen some of these people in other wedding photos but I have no names.


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