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Robert B. Fish has sent in these Hosford family photos with some people identified and others not. Can you help with the unknowns?
This photo of Hosford family was taken in Monticello before 1918.

Front row L to R: Unknown child, Maude [Hosford] Lightfoot, Alonzo Hosford [sitting], his wife Olive [Hofacre] Hosford, Cecil Hosford, two children down in front unknown.

Back row L to R: Unknown lady, unknown man, Edward J. Lightfoot, Orville Hosford, Cecil _______, unknown lady, Hazel Pink [Hosford] Bailey, Sarah [Lewis] Hosford [wife to Cecil sitting front of her], Palmer Alonzo Hosford & his wife Anna [Petersen] Hosford.

We think the photo was taken about 1892/93 and is in front of Cecil & Sarah Hosford’s residence near Monticello, Iowa. You can click on the photo for a close-up of the people.

Beginning on the right side of the photo: Charles & his wife, Florence HOSFORD CURTIS, lady behind them unknown, probably their daughter .....then Alonzo & his wife Olive Cordelia HOFACRE HOSFORD with their family standing behind them.....then Orlando & his wife Alice Calista MOWREY HOSFORD with their son Sprague Malon standing behind them. Next is Paulina PALMER HOSFORD, Daniel's wife. Unknown who lady is behind Paulina, might be her sister. Next is Curtis & his wife Amanda BABBE HOSFORD....lady left of Amanda is unknown. Next is Daniel Solomon HOSFORD. The three people standing behind Daniel unknown. Two people sitting on the left of Daniel we think are Cecil & his wife Sarah LEWIS HOSFORD, and do not know who the gentleman is standing behind them as they had no children.

In the back row on the right side of Sprague Malon: Orville, Palmer Alonzo, Maude & Stephen HOSFORD, children of Alonzo & Olive HOSFORD, their fifth child, Hazel Pink is sitting on the ground in front of Alice Calista MOWREY HOSFORD. Unknown who the remainder of the children sitting on the ground are.

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