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"Many of the people who have lived in Wayne Township that are of German decent have relatives on this photo. The location of the house was about one mile north of the Wayne Center School (geographical center of the township) on the west side of the Amber Road. The house was torn down a number of years ago, but the barn still remains that was behind the house. Again, identification is lacking, but I know that someone has the names that go with this photo. So here is hoping that my e-mail account will be filled!" Steve Hanken

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Update, 25 Feb 2012—The wedding anniversary was for Heinrich Rickels and his wife Gesche Marie Rickels (still working to find a maiden name). The "Happy?" couple are seated to the right of the table in front of the group. Standing behind Heinrich is the minister, probably the only one of the bunch save maybe the guy on the far left who is either a photographer or the doctor! I kept finding photos of this minister in every family album I came across and finally it dawned on me he wasn't a family member but the minister who served both St. John's Lutheran and Wayne Zion Lutheran Churches! As luck would have it, Heinrich Rickels son, Gerd, married Talke Katharina Tobiassen 2 February 1876, and they are likely in this photograph. It also makes a family connection to me as my great grandmother Anna Bohlken nee Tobiassen was Talke Katharina's sister. The barn I mentioned that was behind the former Rickels house is now history, no buildings remain at the site of this portrait.Steve Hanken

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