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Denise Forney submitted these photos she found in a box with other Wlach, Slouha and Stevenson items. Can you identify the people?
Josef Wlach. This one has "Josef." on the back and, in other penmenship and a differant type of ink, "picture from Chech. old country." It has "Joseph Bottinger V PLZNI IN PILSEN risske predmesh Reichsvorstadt Cislo N ro 42" on the back, printed by the photo company in red ink. Joseph Wlach & Josephine Zenishek-Wlach.
This has "Mrs. Wlach" written on the back.
Which Mrs. Wlach? Josephine Wlach born
1812, or another?
Is this tintype John Wlach? Is this Josephine Wlach Slouha? Is this Frank Slouha?
Is this tintype Anna Emma Wlach Nowacheck? Someone wrote "Aunt Mary Wlach" on the back of this tintype but there are so many Mary Wlach's that I do not know which one it might be. Is this tintype Charles F. Wlach?
this may be Mary Wlach Bohau and Emma Wlach Meyers, the twins born in 1870 to Joseph and Mary Wlach. Does anyone know for sure? "Elite Studio 11 Dubuque St. Iowa City, Iowa" is printed on the front. Wedding photo of Wlach, Slouha or Stevenson couple. Know who it is? How about this one?
The back of this photo says "L.N. Schmidt, photographer, 302 Milwaukee Ave. Chicago." Is this perhaps another picture from the "old country"?
"Made at Antheonia Araah's Emporium of Beauty & PHOTOGRAPH ART GALLERY $2.50 PER DOZEN" is on the back. Araah was an Anamosa photographer. No clues about this tintype... or this one...
..or this one.
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