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The 1879 History of Jones County Iowa was transcribed by Janet A. Brandt.


Anamosa Lodge, No. 46, A.F.&A.M.—This Lodge was instituted under a dispensation from the Grand Lodge of the State of Iowa, in the month of June, 1854, and, with the exception of Anamosa Lodge, No. 40, I.O.O.F., is the oldest secret society at the county seat. The dispensation was granted to E. H. Warren, Calvin Snow, A. J. Lewellen and others, and they were appointed to the offices W. M., S. W. and J. W. respectively, until a charter should be obtained and officers elected in due form.
The charter was obtained, and on the 28th of July in the same year, the following officers were duly elected: E. H. Warren, M.W.; A. J. Lewellen, S.W.; J. H. Fisher, J.W.; N. W. Stockhouse, Treasurer; W. W. Wilson, Secretary.
The following were the appointed officers: Calvin Snow, S. D.; G. W. Fisher, J. D.; R. F. Ringer, Tiler; W. Burley and O. Cronkhite, Stewards.
There are at present ninety members.
There have been ten deaths: A. B. Cummings, S. S. McDaniel, F. C. McKean, E. D. Rosa, Chauncy French, E. H. Warren, George B. Gavitt, David Stewart, N. H. Wood and J. H. Strode.
The following are the present officers: Robert Dott, W. M.; E. J. Wood, S. W.; J. B. McQueen, J. W.; L. Schoonover, Treasurer; T. R. Ercanbrack, Secretary; J. Heacock, S. D.; James Lister, J. D.; Mark Pell, Tiler; Mark Wetherell and H. Hollenbeck, Stewards.
Royal Arch Masons, Mount Sinai Chapter, No. 66—The idea of establishing a Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons at Anamosa was first broached in the early part of the year 1872, and soon a petition was sent to the Grand High Priest for a dispensation, which was granted, and, on June 4 of that year, the Chapter was instituted. The charter members, numbering thirty-six, were as follows: T. R. Ercanbrack, J. D. Walworth, J. S. Belknap, Oscar Sherman, E. B. Alderman, R. McDaniel, L. Schoonover, Robert Dott, T. W. Shapley, William Lease, J. C. Dietz, John Wilson, Noah Hutchins, D. Stewart, W. C. Hodgins, C. French, E. Blakeslee, J. M. Canfield, G. B. Gavitt, S. C. Hall, W. W. Hollenbeck, F. E. Keyser, D. A. Peet, Charles Lewis, C. H. Lull, J. B. McQueen, F. C. McKean, John McKean, Alex. McKean, L. B. Parsons, J. A. Palmer, D. J. Stewart, F. H. Thompson, Wolfe Vehon, E. J. Wood and J. H. Williams.
The first officers of the Chapter were as follows: T. R. Ercanbrack, High Priest; E. B. Alderman, King; R. McDaniel, Scribe; L. Schoonover, C. H.; Robert Dott, P. S.; T. W. Shapley, R. A. C.; William Lease, G. M. Third V.; J. C. Dietz, G. M. Second V.; D. Stewart, G. M. First V., and Noah Hutchins, Sentinel.
The present officers are: T. R. Ercanbrack, High Priest; E. J. Wood, King; C. H. Lull, Scribe; D. A. Peet, Treasurer; J. H. Chapman, Secretary; L. Schoonover, C.H.; Robert Dott, P.S.; T. W. Shapley, R.A.C.; J. B. McQueen, G.M. Third V.; A. A. M. Frost, G.M. Second V.; James Lister, G.M. First V.; Mark Pell, Sentinel.
The representatives to the Grand Chapter have been T. R. Ercanbrack, E. B. Alderman, C. H. Lull and E. J. Wood.
Death has visited the Chapter but three times in the eight years of its existence. Those who have gone to take their degrees in a higher Lodge are David Stewart, C. French and G. B. Gavitt, and the loss has been felt quite severely, as they are among the best workers in the Chapter.
The total membership at this time (August, 1879,) is forty-three. Since its institution, but eighteen have been admitted. Eight have been dimitted, and have joined some other Chapter.
Mount Olive Commandery, Knights Templar (U. D.)—Several of the members of Mount Sinai Chapter, No. 66, feeling that they wished to be further advanced in the mysteries of masonry, resolved to establish a Commandery, and accordingly made application to the Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery, State of Iowa, for a dispensation, which was granted them on May 31, 1879, and the following members were initiated and occupy the various offices of the Commandery in the order named: T. R. Ercanbrack, A. E. Martin, C. H. Lull, D. A. Peet, Lew Kinsey, L. Schoonover, T. W. Shapley, J. C. Dietz, E. J. Wood, John McKean, H. W. Sigworth, E. B. Alderman, E. Blakeslee.
The Commandery is now getting into working order, and has everything in readiness for its work, and the indications are for one of the most prosperous commanderies in the State.
Anamosa Lodge, No. 40, I.O.O.F.—This Lodge is one of the oldest in this part of the State, and was instituted July 6, 1852. The charter members were: B. Beach, Pratt R. Skinner, S. J. Dunham, J. S. Dimmitt, J. W. Singer, Joseph Mann and H. C. Metcalf. The charter members now living are Joseph Mann, Pratt R. Skinner and H. C. Metcalf. The latter is still a member of Anamosa Lodge. There are seventy-one members at the present time, and the Lodge has initiated 237 persons since it was organized.
The first officers were: John S. Dimmitt, N.G.; Benj. Beach, V.G.; Pratt R. Skinner, Secretary; J. W. Singer, Treasurer.
The present officers are: Garrett Slingerland, N.G.; A. L. Eager, V.G.; John Moreland, R.S.; W. C. Monroe, P.S.; A. Heitchen, Treasurer; Samuel Tucker, W.; John Foxall, C.; W. H. Symons, R.S.N.G.; D. M. Griffith, L.S.N.G.; L. B. Peck, O.G.; Frank Chapman, I.G.; J. P. Scroggs, R.S.S.; H. H. Monroe, L.S.S.; W. H. Ostrander, R.S.V.G.; R. J. Kelsey, L.S.V.G.
The Lodge owns its hall, which is well furnished, and there is a fund of $1,500 at interest. The opportunities for benevolent purposes have been frequent, and the Lodge has always responded liberally. Her donation for outside public charities has averaged $50 per year, while the amount paid for the relief of those who were members has been much larger; in one instance, $59 were paid for the care of a brother in a single week. During the rebellion, much aid was extended to the families rendered indigent by the war. The members speak of the history of the Lodge with a degree of pride, and its long and continued prosperity is a just reason therefore.
McDaniel Encampment, I.O.O.F.—The Encampment was instituted March 6, 1866, with eleven charter members. The number of members at present is forty-five. The present officers are: Garrett Slingerland, C.P.; John Foxall, S.W.; L. C. Aldrich, H.P.; C. S. Cooper, J.W.; W. C. Monroe, Scribe; S. Needham, Treasurer; William Dickerson, S.; E. M. Harvey, G.; J. B. McQueen, First W.; Samuel Tucker, Second W.; W. L. Storey, Third W.; L. B. Peck, Fourth W.
Stella Lodge, No. 223, I. O. O. F.—In 1871, Anamosa Lodge, No. 40, had grown to considerable proportions, and some of the members regarded the idea of another Lodge with favor, as such a large body could not get along as well as a smaller and more compact organization. With this feeling, they took their cards from the old Lodge, and applied for a dispensation, which was granted and charter issued. The Secretary's book, under date of May 1, 1871, says: "At the first stated meeting of Stella Lodge, held at their lodge-room in Anamosa, Iowa, the Lodge was called to order by D.D.G.M. George W. Condon, who duly installed said Stella Lodge, No. 223, I.O.O.F., pursuant to the laws and usages of the Order, with the following named brothers as charter members: J. C. Dietz, R. McDaniel, J. B. McQueen, D. J. Bissell, H. O. Brown, Charles Lewis, James D. Perfect, John McKean, John T. Rigby, W. J. Sloan, and A. S. Atkinson. After which, the following named officers were elected and installed: Noble Grand, J. C. Dietz; Vice Grand, D. J. Bissell; Secretary, R. McDaniel; Treasurer, J. S. Perfect." The Lodge immediately began work, and soon a fine organization was the result. Regalia and lodge-room furniture were purchased, and a neat lodge-room fitted up. The organization was always in a flourishing condition financially and otherwise; and, at the time of the Chicago fire, while many older Lodges sent small contributions, or none at all, this Lodge forwarded $60.20 to the sufferers. Of all the deeds of charity done by this Lodge, we cannot speak, but the records show many. How money was loaned to members who were in need of help (in many instances without interest), is all spread upon the records, and much honor is due the members for their prompt responses to calls for help.
In 1877, the hall occupied by Stella Lodge, became too small for their needs, and, under date of November 20, 1877, we find upon the Secretary's book this motion: "Moved and carried that a committee of three be appointed to make some arrangements, or see what can be done in regard to renting or purchasing a lodge-room for the Lodge." From subsequent records, it appears that this committee did its work well, and it was acceptable to the society, as appears from the following, which is among the records of January 1, 1878: "Moved and carried, that the Trustees of this Lodge be requested to sign the notes and other papers necessary for the purchase of a hall (known as Eureka Hall) from W. T. Shaw." The hall was then unfinished, and considerable time lapsed before it was finished in a condition to be occupied; but, finally, everything was in readiness, and on the 1st of May, 1878, Stella Lodge was the proud possessor of as fine a lodge-room as was to be found in this section of Iowa. The total cost of hall and furnishings was nearly $1,500.
The total membership at this time (August, 1879) is eighty. Since the organization of the Lodge, seventy-nine members have been admitted, and seven have withdrawn. "Death loves a shining mark," and has taken three of the best of the members of Stella Lodge, namely, F. C. McKean, O. B. Crane and G. B. Gavitt.
The present elective officers are as follows: T. M. Belknap, N.G.; J. B. McQueen, V.G.; I. H. Brasted, Secretary; A. V. Eaton, Permanent Secretary; S. Needham, Treasurer.
A.O.U.W., Anamosa Lodge, No. 56, was organized March 14, 1876, by District Deputy Heywood. The following were charter members: C. W. Coe, E. B. Alderman, R. A. Abell, William Stoddart, C. Hazlett, C. H. Bingham, J. W. Miller, J. S. Carter, R. L. Duer, J. V. Lewis, G. L. Yount.
Number of members September 1, 1879, sixty-two.
The Lodge is in a prosperous condition. There have been no deaths in this lodge.
Anamosa Lodge, No. 217, I.O.G.T. —This Lodge was instituted October 24, 1865, W. S. Peters, of Dubuque, officiating, and included the following charter members: J. D. Walworth, H. T. Curry, H. L. Palmer, John McKean, J. A. Palmer, L. T. Wilcox, E. W. Jeffries, E. M. Littlefield and G. L. Yount.
H. T. Curry was chosen the first W.C.T.
At the end of the first year, the Lodge included 143 members—ladies and gentlemen.
At a meeting held in the court room February 15, 1870, it was resolved to surrender the charter of the Lodge. The Order then adjourned sine die, to come together on the call of seven members. The cause of Good Templars was neglected in Anamosa for several years.
The Order, however, was revived in May, 1876, at which time meetings were commenced in Shaw's Block. There were present at the meeting for re-organization, J. H. Barnard, Mrs. S. Needham, Mrs. M. T. Higgins, H. M. Remley and T. E. Booth. The Lodge was soon fully equipped and placed in good running order. It has enjoyed a prosperous condition ever since its resuscitation, and is now composed of eighty-nine members in good standing. The temperate condition of the city of Anamosa speaks favorably of the influence of this organization, which we believe is the only temperance society in the place. A Blue Ribbon Club was organized a year or two since, but proved short lived. The Order meets in the Odd Fellows' Hall.
The present officers include T. E. Booth, W.C.T.; Miss Josie Chapman, W.V.T.; G. A. Eldridge, Sec'y; Miss Laura Monroe, W.F.S.; Mrs. R. B. Condit, W.T.; Mrs. C. W. Coe, W.C.; Frank Buxton, W.M.


The above Association was organized under the Corporation Laws of the State, on the 5th of August, 1879.
The following is the published notice of incorporation:
"First. The name of the corporation is the "Anamosa Driving Park Association."
"Second. The general nature of the business of said Association is as follows: The purchase, improvement and fitting up of grounds to be used for fairs, agriculture exhibitions, for the training of horses, and for the purpose of a driving-park generally, with power to lease said grounds for the above said purposes and such other uses as the Executive Committee may determine.
"Third. The authorized capital stock of this Association is $3,000, with power to increase the same to $5,000, in shares of $25 each, payable on the call of the President.
"Fourth. The time of commencement of said corporation is August 5, 1879, and the same is to continue for twenty years.
"Fifth. The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by one President, one Vice President, one Secretary, one Treasurer and five Directors, which five Directors, together with President and Secretary, shall constitute an Executive Committee. All of said officers shall be elected by the stockholders of said Association on the first Monday in January of each year.
"Sixth. The highest amount of indebtedness to which the corporation is at any one time to subject itself, is $500.
"Seventh. The private property of the stockholders shall be exempt from the payment of corporation debts."
The following are the officers: N. S. Noble, President; J. P. Scroggs, Vice President; William McIntyre, Secretary; L. Schoonover, Treasurer.
Directors: George Watters, L. N. Pitcher, Patrick Washington, John Foley and Samuel Tucker.
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