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Portraits from
Souvenir of Anamosa
Published by The Anamosa Journal, March 28, 1907

Photographed and submitted by
Jim Christianson.


This souvenir is presented by The Anamosa Journal to its readers to show the present status of Anamosa, the county seat and metropolis of Jones county, which has a population of over 3,000 people, exclusive of the 388 inmates of the Iowa state Penitentiary, which is located here.

In the past three or four years our little city has had a healthy and rapid growth, most of the buildings shown in this book having been built in that time.

Excellent railroad facilities make Anamosa a good point for shippers. It is located on the Cedar rapids and Farley Division of the C.M.&St.P., connecting with the Illinois Central at Farley, with the main line of the Milwaukee at Marion, with the Kansas City Division at Cedar Rapids and the Davenport and Calmar Division at Monticello. The Midland Division of the C.&N.W. runs from Anamosa to Clinton, connecting with the main line of the C.&N.W. at Clinton. The Chicago, Anamosa & Northern runs from Anamosa to Coggon, connecting with the Illinois Central at Coggon. In addition to the above there are excellent prospects of a road running from Waterloo to Davenport through Anamosa.

The Main street of Anamosa has five blocks of good brick paving, and the city boasts several miles of permanent walks.

A good water works system with a deep well that furnishes excellent water, is another important item.

Anamosa has a good sewerage system that assists in making Anamosa as free from contagious diseases as any other city in the state.

The school facilities are so excellent that many come to Anamosa to reside that they may give their children the opportunity to attend such good schools.



E. C. Allen
William Alspaugh C. H. Anderson
Marquis Barr, Warden C. M. Beam
Rev C. H. Beaver C. A. Beems
John Belknap
Jacob Bilk
John Birk
Thomas E. Booth John Cartano
Park Chamberlain M Chaplin
J. W. Conmey
James Conway
W. A. Cunningham W. N. Dearborn Rev. J. M. Deschamps J. J. Dickson
Dr. S. Druett
Rev. D. C. Dutton L. W. Ellis
L. J. Fisher
A. S. Gibbons
J. H. Gildner
R. E. Giltrap
T. C. Gorman
Hon. J. A. Green D. M. Hakes
C. L. Hargrave E. M. Harvey J. I. Hay A. G. Hejinian T. B. Hines
E. C. Holt
Frank Johnson
Robert Johnson R. T. Keith
Paul Kiene
Dr. J. E. King
C. G. Lampman
James Lawrence
J. H. Lowe, Asst. Dep. Warden W. F. McCarty
N. L. McMickle
L. H. Meek
Judge B. H. Miller J. J. Moe
E. R. Moore
J. B. Niles
Dr. H. C. Parsons Dr. H. K. Patton Hon. C. B. Paul
Hon. R. M. Peet
J. F. Petcina
Edward Plamadore Prof. F. C. Popham Rev. Robert Powers Alfred Remley
Arthur Remley
James Remley
Judge H. M. Remley B. E. Rhinehart
John Ronen Jr.
George. L. Schoonover L. Schoonover
J. P. Scroggs
Morey Sickle
Dr. H. W. Sigworth
Dr. M. P. Sigworth
Dr. Paul B. Sigworth
W. B. Skinner
B. F. Smith
H. P. Smith, Deputy Warden
J. B. Stoehr E. S. Stone Edgar Tarbox A. E. Walton S. W. Walton
Dr. J. Ward
J. A. Weiss
Noah Wolf
John Wunderlich
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