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Souvenir Book for Wyoming Iowa
Published for the 50th Anniversary & Golden Jubilee Held at Wyoming Iowa, August 6, 7 & 8th, 1905.

Submitted by
Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom


Fifty years ago our city saw the first dawn of morning, and as she celebrated this Anniversary and Jubilee in her history we deem it proper and quite fitting to issue this souvenir as a token of remembrance of the old home and this memorable event. Of those who have given us a place that we may call home, many have passed to the Great Beyond, while few are lingering in our midst waiting for the final summons.

This issue contains profiles of men who had the making of the town in their hand, and those who help make the town of to-day, also a number of pioneers, together with some of the elegant homes of which we can justly feel proud.

Long may these pages be saved and handed down to future posterity.

Very truly yours,

White & Garrison

D. H. White, publisher



Wm. D. Garrison, publisher
James A. Bronson, dec'd, founder of Wyoming Thomas Green, dec'd, a pioneer Rev. Asahel Bronson, a pioneer, aged 98 years O. E. Aldrich, dec'd, ex. county supt. W. H. Alden, dec'd, taught first school. (This is Sharon's g-g-grandfather.)
R. S. Williams, dec'd, a pioneer Judge W. H. Holmes, dec'd, and Mrs. W. H. Holmes E. W. Cady, dec'd, a pioneer T. R. Marshall, dec'd, first station agent
Rev. Geo. E. Delevan, dec'd, First Pres. pastor D. L. Blakeslee, dec'd, former postmaster The Williams homestead The first house, built in April 1855 The Bronson Block, built in 1856
Rev. G. R. Carroll, dec'd W. T. Fordham, dec'd S. K. Tourtellot, dec'd Wm. McClure, retired Rev. W. H. Ilsley, pastor
First Prebyterian church & parsonage J. K. Pixley, retired W. I. Chamberlain, lawyer, pub'r of the Wyoming Journal B. H. White, attorney at law, clerk of the courts of Jones county for three terms
A. M. Loomis, postmaster Residence of Jerry Woodyard Residence of L. M. Barrett
Residence of Dr. R. H. Spence Residence of C. S. Benson, contractor A. F. Dellit, lumber
Wyoming to open oldest doctor's office west of Mississippi

THE CALKINS HOUSE, built in 1860 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been donated to the city of Wyoming for use as a museum. The house was the home of Dr. Martin H Calkins, first doctor in the Wyoming area. His office is the oldest original doctors office west of the Mississippi.
by Shirley Jones The oldest known original medical doctor's office west of the Mississippi River will be open for tours sometime this year. The home and office built in 1860 are located across form the Wyoming Post Office in Calkins Square.
The house and property, including furniture brought to America on the Mayflower, were donated to the city of Wyoming by Mary Briggs, granddaughter of Dr. Martin H. Calkins. The authentic structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and still contains the original items used by Dr. Calkins, Wyoming's first doctor, in the 1800s.
A charitable trust has been established for the upkeep of the property. Briggs never wanted tax dollars to be used for this purpose. At its Dec. 21 meeting, the Wyoming City Council passed on first reading an ordinance to establish the Calkins Commission. The second and third readings were waived.
Commission members are Allen Willman, Cindy Dirks, Andy McKean, Marcia Huston, Lorenz Brodersen, Jerilyn Husmann, Stuart Ireland, Mary Norlin, and Sheri Tjaden.
The nine member commission appointed by the city council will administer the trust, with the first item of business to prepare a budget to be sent to the trust officer in Minneapolis, Minn.
A heating and cooling system are needed for the house, as the furnace was removed and the metal melted down for the war effort. Briggs only lived in the house for a short time during the summers, so the furnace was never replaced.
Once the heating and cooling system is completed, the furnishings being stored in Minneapolis will be transported to Wyoming so the house and office can be completely restored to their original setting. Decisions will also be made by the commission for the development of the block on which the house is situated.
Calkins settled in Wyoming in 1856 after studying medicine in New York, and established a large practice in the city and surrounding country. He received his honory M.D. from the University of Iowa in 1868.
Calkins was the first mayor of Wyoming. He was a standard historical authority in this vicinity and wielded a ready pen on general topics. The doctor was noted as professionally competent and faithful, financially responsible and liberal, socially genial and witty, personally solid and reliable. Calkins and his wife Lucinda had two daughters. These girls had no uncles, aunts or cousins.

From the Midland Times,
5 January 2001, and reprinted with permission.
Dr. M. H. Calkins J. A. Day, dealer in coal Henry Aldrich, retired veteran insurance agent
Residence of Dr. Calkins F. L. Hodgeman, sec. Wyoming cemetery ass'n B. H. Chamberlain, physician
German Lutheran church Rev. Paul Clemen, pastor German Lutheran church E. N. Stoffel, D.D.S.
R. Fishwild, clothing, boots and shoes H. N. Fordham, The Corner Store J. W. Waite, dry goods and groceries
E. M. Babcock, druggist and jeweler Residence of A. F. Dellit
Residence of S. F. Schaefer W. H. Tourtellot, special insurance agent
W. S. Garrison, insurance and real estate Geo. W. Evans, J.P., insurance agent Geo. W. Fields, insurance agent and auctioneer Rev. C. F. Hoffman, pastor United Presbyterian church Rev. A. D. Stevens, pastor Methodist Episcopal church
Rev. Dillon Bronson United Presbyterian church Methodist Episcopal church
W. J. Beckwith, furniture and undertaking J. S. Brownell, mayor, president of Civic League E. S. Saunders, ex-mayor, jeweler and optician Dr. A. W. Hepler, dentist, member of city council Jerry Woodyard, member of city council
Storefront of H. W. Kettlesen Schefer's meat market. Franks' Restaurant Mrs. M. H. Calkins, wife of Dr. Martin H. Calkins Miss Hattie Eichhorn, operator Wyoming Telephone Co. and first cousin twice removed of Sharon Lindbloom. F. E. Hopkins, photographer
W. O. Shaffer, clothing, boots and shoes A. L. Potter, Sleepy Hollow Canning Factory A. A. Vaughn, cashier, First National Bank P. S. Jansen, cashier, Citizens Bank Chas. C. Hahn, blacksmith
B. Tourtellot, hardware Aileen B. Corbit, M.D. W. W. Bronson, M.D.C. Residence of P. S. Jansen
Residence of Capt. A. M. Loomis R. H. Spence, M.D. J. H. Guthrie, M.D. J. S. Robertson, assistant postmaster
Residence of A. A. Vaughn Residence of W. I. Chamberlain S. F. Schaefer, City Meat Market
J. N, Swordes, agent C.M.&ST.P. railway R. M. Corbit, lawyer Residence of James Inglis Clifford B. Paul, county superintendent
Public school building B. H. Thornton, blacksmith E. N. Wilcox, carriages, buggies and harness Chas. B. Larkey, horse buyer
James A. McQuown W. R. Brown, barber and optition Eldon C. DeWitt John L. Franks, Franks' Restaurant George M. Hogeboom, West End Restaurant
Hotel Williams, Emma J. Hazlet, landlady Opera House Block
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