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Catholic Order of Foresters
Columbia Court No. 855

On 24 May 1883, a number of Catholics of Chicago, Illinois, organized as the Catholic Order of Foresters of Illinois. A flat all-around death assessment of one dollar was adopted, and men of all ages were admitted to membership at the same rate. The word Illinois in the original title of the organization was dropped in 1888, as the membership had then extended beyond that State. It had in April, 1909, 1600 courts and a membership of 136,212 distributed over 26 states and Canada. The main offices were at Chicago, Illinois. The official organ, The Catholic Forester, was published at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is presently headquartered in Naperville, Illinois.

From Picturesque Anamosa, compiled and published by W. Leon Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ca. 1900. Submitted by Lois O'Donnell. Click on any person for a larger version.

Back Row:
C. J. Cash
J. W. Conmay
Jno. Gorman
T. L. Connery

William Wallace
Ben Waterback
T. L. Power
James Ford
Center Row:
S. T. McLaughlin
Jno. Neville
Jno. Gorman
Dr. T. C. Gorman
Chas Waterback
Jno. Morrison
Front Row:
Wm. McCarty
J. S. Gable
Jno. Flarerty

There are a number of problems with this photo:
There are nine gentlemen standing in the back row, but only eight of them are named. Can anyone help match the names with the pictures?
The second person from the left in the back row is labeled "J. W. Conmay." I'm sure this should be "J. W. Conmey." Here is his picture compared to another one on the site.

From the photo above. From Souvenir of Anamosa, 1907
"Foresters" is misspelled.
Jno "Flarerty," in the front row on the right, should most likely be "Flaherty."
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