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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is a fraternal organization dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of heroes who fought and worked to save the Union. Organized in 1881 and chartered by Congress in 1954, they are the legal successor to the Grand Army of the Republic. You can learn more at their website.

From Picturesque Anamosa, compiled and published by W. Leon Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ca. 1900. Submitted by Lois O'Donnell. Click on any person for a larger version.

1. F. J. Fisher, Capt.
2. L. J. Fisher
3. Harry W. Sigworth
4. J. C. Hartman
5. Horton Stickel
6. C. J. Cash
7. Chester B. Wilson, 2nd Lieut.
8. J. L. Silker, 1st Lieut.
9. Frank Lamb
10. Fred B. Sigworth
11. D. B. Sigworth
12. J. C. Bishop
13. G. H. Bennett

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