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The Jones County Genealogical Society has provided this Index to the Jones County GAR Posts' Membership Cards. In some cases the cards have much more information: birthdates, birthplaces, obituaries, 50th anniversary celebrations, and, of course, the units that the soldiers served in during the Civil War. They will be happy to copy the information for an individual soldier for $2. Send the name you are interested in and an SASE to: Jones County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 174, Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Relative Last NameRelative First NameSoldierPost
RambergJ (Mrs)Peter OmmenMonticello
RankinAbigail David F MageeMonticello
RankinW S (Mrs)Lucius F RenneOlin
ReadCarolineOliver P HolmesOlin
ReadNancy BHenry F PaulWyoming
ReadingMaryGeo Wash Alex CookAnamosa
ReardonM J (Mrs)Gustavus A HastingsOxford Jct.
RearickHenryHenry RearickMonticello
RearickWilliamWilliam RearickMonticello
RearickWm PWilliam T PayneMonticello
ReedGeorge (Mrs)Fredric LawrenceMonticello
ReedJ W Samuel W ReedOlin
ReedJames CommodoreSamuel W ReedOlin
ReedMary JanettaSamuel W ReedOlin
ReedNancy AJohn Phillip ChopperAnamosa
ReedSamuel WSamuel W ReedOlin
ReichartLenaMichael BreenMonticello
ReichertJohnSamuel EbyMonticello
ReichertLucySamuel EbyMonticello
ReitzErnest (Mrs)George Washington JamesWyoming
RenneJuneLucius F RenneOlin
RenneLucius FLucius F RenneOlin
ReymoreJennie Frank ChapmanAnamosa
ReynoldsMinnieJohn H BodenhofferWyoming
RhodeR P (Mrs)Elijah G DruryWyoming
RiceElizabeth JaneManley E RiceMonticello
RiceFrankManley E RiceMonticello
RiceLeonaManley E RiceMonticello
RiceManley EManley E RiceMonticello
RiceWalterManley E RiceMonticello
RichardsonJohn LJohn L RichardsonWyoming
RichardsonMary DFrank A WhittemoreMonticello
RichardsonPhoebeGeorge Washington JamesWyoming
RichmondMiles WMiles W RichmondMonticello
RiderCharles JCharles J RiderMonticello
RigbyElizabethJohn Benjamin JarrettMonticello
RiggersW L (Mrs)Lucius F RenneOlin
RiggsJoseph GJoseph G RiggsAnamosa
RingerLew (Mrs)William Miles BrownAnamosa
RobertsonLucyJared W LansingWyoming
RobinsonEdithWilliam H IllsleyWyoming
RobinsonHenryHenry RobinsonOxford Jct.
RobinsonWilliam AWilliam A RobinsonOxford Jct.
RoesenJohn (Mrs) Oliver BrundageAnamosa
RogersDianaHenry RearickMonticello
RohwedderHans HHans H RohwedderWyoming
RohwedderHenryHans H RohwedderWyoming
RohwedderJohnHans H RohwedderWyoming
RohwedderLouisHans H RohwedderWyoming
RohwedderMatilda Hans H RohwedderWyoming
RohwedderMaxHans H RohwedderWyoming
RonenAnnaJohn RonenAnamosa
RonenCarrie LouiseJohn RonenAnamosa
RonenCharles MartinJohn RonenAnamosa
RonenJohnJohn RonenAnamosa
RonenJohn MosesJohn RonenAnamosa
RonenWalter CJohn RonenAnamosa
RonenWilliamJohn RonenAnamosa
RootLouisa MDavid A ClayWyoming
RosencransLouiseLouis RosencransAnamosa
RosencransWilliamWilliam RosencransAnamosa
RosenpranseRoseJesse StickleyAnamosa
RossAlice (Dr)Walter J RossAnamosa
RossJ JWalter J RossAnamosa
RossW WWalter J RossAnamosa
RossWalter JWalter J RossAnamosa
RueJaneGideon JacobyOlin
RuegerJacob JJohn C RuegerMonticello
RuegerJohn CJohn C RuegerMonticello
RuegerMaryJohn C RuegerMonticello
RuhlEdwardWilliam Griffith RuhlAnamosa
RuhlJohn HWilliam Griffith RuhlAnamosa
RuhlSethWilliam Griffith RuhlAnamosa
RuhlW GWilliam Griffith RuhlAnamosa
RuhlWilliam GriffithWilliam Griffith RuhlAnamosa
RummelD S (Mrs)Lucius F RenneOlin
RummelDavid E David E RummelOlin
RummelJennie MEdmund R SeallsOlin
RumpleElias MElias M RumpleAnamosa
RumpleFrankElias M RumpleAnamosa
RumpleGeorgeElias M RumpleAnamosa
RumpleHarry Elias M RumpleAnamosa
RumpleJ WElias M RumpleAnamosa
RundalCharles (Mrs)John AdamsAnamosa
RundalJohn (Mrs)John AdamsAnamosa
RushfordLawrenceLawrence RushfordAnamosa
RusselDaniel Daniel RussellAnamosa
RussellJohn Han John Han RussellWyoming
RyanLymanLyman RyanAnamosa
RyersonEvaJames McClure JohnstonAnamosa

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