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Order of the Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women may belong. Worldwide, there are approximately 1 million members under the General Grand Chapter.

Eastern Star is a social order comprised of persons with spiritual values but it is not a religion. It is open to all faiths, except no faith.

The stated purposes of the organization are charitable, educational, fraternal and scientific. Dr. Rob Morris, the Poet Laureate of Masonry, founded the Order using biblical stories of heroic conduct and moral values. These portray the principles that members live by. The names "Martha," "Esther," "Adah," "Ruth" and Electa," refer to these stories. (More Information.)

The Grand Lodge of Iowa can be reached at:

[space]The Iowa Masonic Library
[space]813 First Avenue SE
[space]P.O. Box 279
[space]Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-0279
[space]Phone: (319) 365-1438
[space]Fax: (319) 365-1439
[space]Library Information, Bill Kruger, Iowa Masonic Librarian

Mt. Moriah Chapter, No. 16
Photo from Picturesque Anamosa, compiled and published by W. Leon Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ca. 1900. Submitted by Lois O'Donnell. Click on any person for a larger version.
First Row:
Mrs. E. L. Atkinson
Miss Jennie Soper
Mrs. Blanche Beems
Miss Nellie Atkinson
Mrs. H. Symons
Second Row:
E. L. Atkinson
Mrs. J. B. McQueen
L. Schoonover
Mrs. Mary Scott
Mrs. H. A. Ercanbrack
Third Row:
H. H. Monroe
Mrs. A. H. Printop
[space]& G. Monroe
Mrs. Jennette Waite
Mrs. Miles Cook
Mrs. L. A. Peet
Mrs. E. J. Wood
Fourth Row:
Mrs. Harriette Hitchcock
Mrs. Ella Keeler
Mrs. M. P. Sigworth
Miss Grace Sherman
Mrs. H. W. Sigworth

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