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Oxford Junction Men Serve in Civil War
Janet A. Brandt transcribed this article from The Midland Times, January 6, 2012, Page 7.

The Civil War, which began when Fort Sumter was attacked in April, 1861, continued into 1862, 150 years ago. On January 31, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln, issued General War Order No. 1 calling for all United States naval and land forces to being a general advance by February 22.
In February, 1862, General Ulysses S. Grant captured Fort Henry and then Fort Donelson.
March 8 and 9 saw the change in naval warfare when the Confederate ironclad "Merrimac" sank two wooden Union ships and then battled the Union ironclad "Monitor" to a draw.
The Battle of Shiloh, 2nd Battle of Bull Run, Antietam and Fredericksburg were in the future. At this time the Union Army was 90,000 strong, but more were needed.
C. D. Tucker, joined the Vermont Volunteers to fight in the War of the Rebellion. He suffered a serious injury to his hand in the battle of Gettysburg, which entitled him to a pension. "On coming to Oxford Junction and finding no G.A.R. Organization he joined the Ben Paul Post of Wyoming". According to his obituary in the February 11, 1909 Oxford Mirror, "During his enlistment he showed his independent spirit by insubordination to a very unpopular colonel, who had him court marshaled and imprisoned, but not for long because his comrades raised such a hue and cry in behalf of their favorite that he was released, but always enjoyed telling how he had to go to prison in war time".
Ralph F. Sykes was born in Connecticut and enlisted in Co. E. of the 96th Ohio regiment in 1862. He and his family came to Oxford Mills in 1875. His obituary on July 11, 1900 states that he served his country faithfully and well for three years. It continues, "While in the army he experienced religion".
Joseph Pavelka enlisted in the Civil War, enrolling on August 15, 1862 for a period of three years. He joined the 26th Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which fought in numerous battles, including the March to the Sea. He was honorably discharged having had his ankle crushed by an ambulance while being moved from one hospital to another owing to the serious outbreak of typhoid fever. On his return, he farmed in Oxford Township until moving to town fifteen years before his death.
Headlines of the June 28, 1928 Oxford Mirror reads. "Isaac Schnepp, G.A.R. Veteran Passed Away". When the Civil War broke out, Schnepp attempted to enlist but his parents objected. The opportunity came to return to Indiana for a visit and he enlisted while there. He was sent to the Shenandoah Valley before his parents knew of the enlistment. He came to Oxford Township as a young pioneer and returned following the war to farm. His life was spent in the development of this community.
Lorenzo D. Carlton came to Iowa and located at Oxford Township about 1858. He enlisted in Company B 9th Iowa Infantry in August, 1861. The 9th Infantry was organized at Dubuque and engaged in the Siege of Vicksburg and the March to the Sea. He was discharged on account of sickness after serving about eighteen months. The final sentence of his obituary in the February 8, 1906 Oxford Mirror states, "Followed by a large concourse of friends, among whom were a number of his old comrades in arms, his remains were laid to rest in the Oxford Cemetery."
E. M. Handy of Oxford Mills also enlisted in the 9th Iowa Infantry. In 1862 he was made First Lieutenant of Co. G. 21st Iowa. He died in October, 1885, spending his last years in the Soldier's Home in Milwaukee.
Dr. Anthony Henak died in March, 1890 at the age of 47. He was born in Bohemia and came to Oxford Junction in 1871, several years after the conclusion of the Civil War. There is no mention of his being in the Civil War in his obituary, but a stone in the Mayflower Cemetery testifies to his service during that war.
A Union soldier during the terrible battle of Fredericksburg stated, "We might as well have tried to take hell". These battles continued throughout 1862, with more local pioneers joining to protect the Union.
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