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Hubert Blayney

Becky Dirks Haugsted provided the images and Janet A. Brandt transcribed the text.

Hubert Blayney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Blayney of Olin was one of the first to enlist after the declaration of war, he having volunteered as a member of the Tipton Machine Gun Co. which was a part of the old First Iowa and went overseas as the 168th Regiment of the Rainbow Division. He was wounded early in the conflict and was later fatally injured and died on July 2, 1918. He was the first Olin boy to give his life in line of action in France. Hubert was a general favorite in his home town and in the county of his birth, having spent his entire life in Jones County until he accepted the call of his country in the World War. The people of Olin held appropriate memorial services in honor of the departed hero. More imposing ceremonies will be held when the government has carried out the plan to bring the body home for burial in his native city. Olin has been highly honored by the fine body of young men sent to the service from that vicinity, but none more than by Private Hubert Blayney.
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