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World War I Draftees
29 July 1918

"My grandfather, Louis Ortgies, is third from the right side, front row. He never made it to France, but came down with the swine flu and was completely out of it for three months; he didn't know where he was when he finally came to in a hospital in Georgia. His wife had not heard from him or anything about him for three months while she tended to the farm all alone. My grandmother said she felt that the flu weakened my grandfather and it was a long time before he was able to do much. He died in 1948 so I never met him. I know that there is a Fairbanks among the draftees, but that is it for who they are." Steve Hanken

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24 August 1918
ANAMOSA, Iowa, Aug. 24—There are various items of interest from the Jones county boys who are at the front or in various camps: Paul Sherman who was wounded in the head by a bit of shrapnel and was in the hospital where he met Francis Flaherty, who had been gassed, writes of meeting a Cedar Rapids nurse, Miss Belle Starke who has often been in Anamosa, and made him feel almost as if he were at home.
Edgar Schuchman, who was sent to Ft. Bliss, Texas, is working at his trade of horseshoeing: he took part in a recent contest between 100 men in that branch of the service and won fourth place. Earl Royer who was rejected on physical examination at Camp Gordon, refused to be rejected and got a position as motorman at Camp McClellan, Ala., and is driving a truck.
Earl Barker who is in the engineer corps somewhere in France, writes that he is engaged in laying out prison camps for the Huns.
Leo Byerly and Lee Sanner are in the Officers' Training camp, machine gun division at Camp Hancock, Ga., and making good progress toward receiving commissions. Hubert McGuire is in training at Camp McClellan, Ala., in the automobile mechanics. Grover Underwood is in the army radio school in North Carolina and at present is assisting in farm work. Ray Mills, who is now a lieutenant, is handling a bunch of colored men, but he says they are easy to manage and make good soldiers. Lorenz Lorenson, who is now in training at the University of Texas, thinks Iowa has that country beat, says any little town in Iowa is ahead of Austin, and all the towns are way behind the times. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gavin have three boys in the service, another waiting for his call and the fifth will come under the next draft.
From The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, Saturday, August 24, 1918, and submitted by Sharon Oltmanns.

5 September 1918

Part from the 1918 CLASS

To Be Entertained By Townsfolk on Evening Before Their Departure
ANAMOSA, Ia.,—Aug. 31—In the call for 8,000 men from Iowa to go into training at Camp Dodge, Jones county has to furnish sixty-six men, of which 15 are of the old class one and fifty-one are from the class of 1918. There will be demonstration in the afternoon and evening of September 4 and the band will accompany them to the train the next morning.
The following will go:
1917 CLASS
No.  NameNo.  NameNo.  Name
285  W. F. Bates1629  William Moran1665  Leroy Jauque
417  Newton E. Ireland1640  Earnest Smith1668  Bernard Heiken
628  Clayton Countryman1642  George Moenk1669  Cecil James
849  Henry Patrick Hughes1645  Henry Mere1670  Leon Hanson
1063  William Mead1648  John Caspers1671  Leonard Ahrendson
1918 CLASS
No.  NameNo.  NameNo.  Name
2  Arthur Wilcox32  Leo Loster68  Herman Egger
3  Nial Paul33  James O'Shea70  Edward Frasher
5  William Walters34  Henry Benhart73  Thomas Eichorn
8  John Dieteker36  Louis Sazma74  Harold Yount
9  Max Sievers41  George Rynerson75  Arnold Fred Storm
10  Harm Folkers42  Charles Gardner76  Floyd Propst
13  Edward Zimmerman46  Edward Buresh77  Elmer Meineke
14  Ralph Otten48  Clare Aitchison78  Harold Klahm
15  Earl McLaughlin52  William Larson79  Louis Benischek
16  Edward Paulson55  John Husmann80  Otto Powlishta
17  Glen Lynch56  Frank Lassak83  George Schafer
19  John Fechtman57  Gerhard Brockholm87  John Weers
21  Adlebert Blood60  Edward Brady88  Fred Bolken
25  George Yarolem61  Herman Hotz90  Basil Gavin
26  Andrew Steiner62  Palmer Vaughn91  Harold L. Young
28  Melvin Dolphin63  Lacy Coker96  John Gesie
30  John Kray65  Henry Henrichs      
From The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, Saturday, August 31, 1918, and submitted by Sharon Oltmanns who says: "The only one I can match the name to is my grandfather George Moenk. He is in the second row, 10th from the left."
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