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Bowens Prairie School, 1910

This post card was never mailed, but on the back is written "June 13th 1910," in the message area and "Beulah Rynerson, Monticello, Iowa," in the address area.

Nedra Hanken writes: "Regarding the 1910 picture of teacher and pupils of a rural school with only the name Beulah Rynerson on the back with the date. I believe that is a picture of the teacher and pupils of the rural school that used to be across the gravel road from the Bowens Prairie cemetery. My mother, Else Mathilde Behrends is the girl on the teacher's immediate left with her hand near her face, she would have been 11 years old in 1910. Her younger sister, Alma is in the back row second from the teacher's right. Her brother Willie (William R.) may be the boy on the far right of the picture and her younger brother Elwill may be the smallest boy in the picture. Her family lived on a farm across the road from the Aitchison farm. The farmstead was demolished to make way for a 4-lane 151. I remember her mentioning Eileen Aitchison as a schoolmate and also some Schneiters."


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