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Central Community School, Monticello, 1961

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Top row: Zana Herren, Susan Covington, Harlan Hanken, Rolie Harr, Galen Behrends, Daniel Specht, Peggy Cooper, Jane Heiken, _____ _____

Second row: Mary Ann Holub, Donna Hugh, Connie Hubbard, Brenda Smith, Sandra Schafer, _____ Roglein, Cindy Buol, Charlotte Tobiason

Third row: Mrs. Myers, Don Hass, Connie Picray, Steve Hanken, David Bohlken, James Hogan, Richard Herren, Steve Otten

This class photo was my class in 1961 who, because of rural school closings, had been forced into town. Unfortunately, we were the left overs who didn't get in to a regular school and ended up under the Masonic Temple in Monticello. In and of itself it wasn't that bad of a deal, however, they used the first floor for the cafeteria for the High School and our digs were right under the kitchen. Believe me when I say when those things needed cleaning you don't want to be having class underneath them! It reaked!
Steve Hanken

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