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Cottonwood Country School 1923
Jim Christianson writes: "Cottonwood School was originally called Wagoner No. 7 in Jackson Twp. on an 1877 map. The correct spelling should be "Waggoner" as Barnhart Waggoner sold the land for the school. The school still exists as a garage and I will work on getting you a current picture."

From Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom:
"This photo was taken at the Cottonwood Country School. My mother, Frances Gerdes, is in this photo that was taken in 1923 when she was in the fourth grade.
"The ones that are identified are her sister Gertrude Gerdes (Gertie); Grace Andreesen, my mother's aunt; Alfred (Al) Gerdes, Frances' brother; Lydia Andreesen, younger sister of Grace and another aunt); and Frances Gerdes (Fran).
"The other children in the school are not identified and I do not know if the teacher is one of the older people in the back row.
"In the 1925 Iowa State Census the Gerdes family was living in Jackson Twp, so maybe the Cottonwood Country School was located in Jackson Twp. But I'm not sure about that, as they also lived in Cass Twp. for a time.
"Just thought this picture was interesting with so many of her family all attending the little country school."

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