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Monticello Graded School, 1911

This card was mailed on August 30, 1911 in Monticello to "Miss Ruth Christy, 935 E. 55th St., Chicago, Ill." The message reads: "Dear Ruth, This is the school I am going to. Papa and I will be in Chicago Saturday. I will see you then. Tell the kids to look for me. Yours truly, Pearl Huene."

Steve Hanken writes: "This school building is no longer standing, however the clock that is in the bell tower now is in the cupola of the Monticello Community Building that was built on the site of the old elementary school many years ago. That clock is still hand-wound and strikes the hour every hour just like it has since it was made in the 1870's with few exceptions. The back side of the building that you can't see is first street in Monticello. The downstairs area of the school was an opera house that was used by the community. To the right of the building and forward was the old high school that I discussed previously. The only thing that remains of the school is the retaining wall that runs along the street to the west of the building (to the left of the post card)."

A new Monticello School History has been written for both the Sacred Heart and Monticello Public Schools and is available through the Monticello Express (111 E. Grand St. P.O. Box 191, Monticello, Iowa 52310, 319/465-3555) for $15.00. It features photos, history, rural schools, alumni and faculty listings. It is called "Seeds of Empowerment."


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